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For a while there has been a differentiation in the press between “online music” and “mobile music”, a distinction which is becoming more an… Read more »

3UK has launched a moblogging service in partnership with Yospace, which announced the launch of its service a few weeks ago. This is not th… Read more »

Fun Little Movies is launching its newest outlet with SmartVideo Technologies, which will carry its short videos in an FLM channel. “The add… Read more »

: Usually, most of the campaigning at Cannes Film Festival is for awards but actor/producer Morgan Freeman, his Revalations Entertainment pa… Read more »

In general, people are having a very hard time with the announcement of Google’s personalized home page — either overestimating the importa… Read more »

Tons of copy still coming in about yesterday’s Google Factory Tour and the products discussed or launched during the dog-and-pony show. Not… Read more »

– Interview: Peter Horan, President/CEO,
— New Personalized Google Home Page
— Paid Content Not In Google’s Plans … For Now
-… Read more »

Orange will launch its mobile TV service — Orange TV — next week on its 3G network. “To use the service, customers need to download the TV… Read more »

Howard Reingold has interviewed Jeff Axup, a PhD student working in a project funded by the Australasian CRC for Interaction Design (ACID).… Read more »

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