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Some heavy-hitters have had their say on where the mobile content market is going…it’s well worth a read. The outline seems to be that eve… Read more »

“Virgin Mobile is planning to launch a television service that will allow customers to watch a range of digital channels and even record pro… Read more »

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“Boston Communications Group Inc. (bcgi) has agreed to pay $5.8 million in cash to acquire PureSight Inc. of California and its Israeli subs… Read more »

South Korea’s SK Telecom has announced plans to buy into a record label to obtain the rights to distribute the music. “SK announced Friday i… Read more »

Will the current launch of mobile TV services hinder the uptake when the carriers launch the full service? The Register thinks so. “Despite… Read more »

We won’t be at any conferences next week. No, seriously, we won’t….also, no newsletter Monday due to Memorial Day holiday…
That said, th… Read more »

NewsCom is a leading digital rights management company for text and photo licensing located in Washington, D.C. It is operated jointly by K… Read more »

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United Press International has done a pretty good job of covering the ringtone market in the US…covering just about every angle. The artic… Read more »

SmartVideo, which seems to continually announce new additions to its mobile video channel, has come out with something new. It’s partnered w… Read more »

There’s an Australian mobile content website designed especially for women…it was launched in January but escaped my attention until now.… Read more »

This is an interesting article about what the author sees as two distinct groups of mobile content buyers — referred to as ‘passive’ and ‘a… Read more »

Microsoft enters the second-largest internet market with the Chinese-language MSN China, content provided by Chinese partners. The portal wi… Read more »

Four Japanese TV networks are considering “a combined equity investment of more than 10 billion yen in Index Corp” according to sources. The… Read more »

Philips has released a couple of technologies which it says will allow 3D mobile screens. “The 3D display effect is created using a combinat… Read more »

We’ve been following Salon’s mixed approach with interest. Adam Penenberg does some updating on how the choice between the $35 subscription… Read more »

Lots of energy is being dispelled on forming business models for blog advertising and the like with very little real knowledge of the size o… Read more »

The theme of Leslie Walker’s piece from D: seems to be newspapers are still cleaning up the mess they made when they put content on the web… Read more »

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