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A deal like this makes a lot of sense in a market like Korea: Major League Baseball has tied up with Korean mobile TV provider TU Media (whi… Read more »

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Sorrent (which recently bought Macrospace) has decided to combine and rebrand both companies as Glu Mobile, in the hope that it will “create… Read more »

The 1Q05 online ad spend increased to $1.9 billion, up 8.2 percent over the first quarter of 2004. That represents 5.7 percent of the total… Read more »

To the Wall Street Journal, the launch of “highlights how the booming online ad market has revived the fortunes of once-downtrodden W… Read more »

Cringe at the blatant commercialism if you will, but the Korean’s are ahead of most of the world on most mobile content matters, and I belie… Read more »

Downloads from Verizon’s ‘Get It Now’ service will push past 200 million by month’s end, fueled by the recent launch of 3D games for its V C… Read more »

Forbes has an article on ringtones, which is mostly based on an old survey. There are some interesting stats though: “So far, it’s mostly yo… Read more » has pointed to an article about a device to backup information on mobile phones. “The device contains a memory chip on which c… Read more »

–MS’s IPTV Strategy In Tatters
–Host Of Changes At Real; John Giamatteo, New EVP, Worldwide
–Failed TV Show Shows Up As Yahoo Webcast
–B… Read more »

CNET Networks has made further forays into digital lifestyle: it has formally launched, a TV shows information website. The company b… Read more »

IGN, the online gaming media company, has bought out, a male lifestyle portal. The financial terms were not diclosed.… Read more »

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