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Carlo Longino asks the question: “Can mobile content ever go beyond repurposed existing content without meaningful carrier support?” He goes… Read more »

Amp’d, the youth-oriented MVNO scheduled to launch later this year, has signed a content deal with publisher Primedia. In keeping with its extreme sports focus Amp’d will run content (live video feeds, unique ringtones, photographs and editorial content) from sports brands such as Snowboarder, Surfer, Skateboarder, […] Read more »

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The BBC advances the concept of podcasting a notch by incorporating RSS downloads into the “Beethoven Exeperience” — and irks a few folks i… Read more »

A nice roundup story on how airlines, restaurants and cafes are beginning to use digital media as a lure to get customers in.
Also read her… Read more »

Index Corp, one of the biggest mobile content companies in Japan (who owns a bunch of smaller companies in U.S. and Europe) has sold a 4.69… Read more »

Scripps may lead the pack when it comes to adding commercial broadband layers to existing content. The latest effort is, a new br… Read more »

Are any of our readers going to the Mobile Entertainment Market Conference in London next month? I’ll be there, covering it in usual detail.… Read more »

Between music, games and its streaming media software, Real pushed its way back into profit for the 1st quarter. The company is looking for… Read more »

The first stamps sporting images created with camera phones and submitted via MMS have been announced, out of 3,300 entries. “The four MMS p… Read more »

Melodeo has signed a deal with EMI to ” make 200,000 full music track downloads available to mobile phone users in Europe”. The deal increas… Read more »

Mforma has made three executive team appointments to help manage its growing worldwide operations: John Rousseau, former divisional presiden… Read more »

The Siemens MicroMovie competition was run at the St Kilda Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia last week, with the audience voting on 12 f… Read more »

I know, I know, storage is boring…but important given the increasing amount of content people wish (or are expected to wish in the future)… Read more »

– IPTV: DOA In Texas?
— Knight Ridder Launch fr*ee Online Merchandise Classifieds; Other Changes
— Strategy Going Forward
–… Read more »

This is an unexpected development…The Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) has released a code which “prohibits mobile content classifi… Read more »

Mobile content software developer Digit Wireless announced recently that Mark Connon has been elevated from COO to CEO. Founder David Levy,… Read more »

An interview with Mforma CEO Daniel Kranzler on the company’s recent focus on media companies, moving beyond entertainment. “The way people… Read more »

Verizon Wireless and Clear Channel have teamed to bring live concert video, via a newly launched channel, exclusively to Verizon’s video cas… Read more »

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