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— Time Warner’s AOL Puzzle: Is There A Solution?
— Canadian… Read more »

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Sprint will offer full-music ringtones from hit shows on Broadway after recognizing that not everyone in the US is a fan of hip-hop…The ‘M… Read more »

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Moderati (which is owned by Japanese company Faith Inc) has signed a deal with Amp’d to provide ringtones and wallpaper to the ‘exteme content’ focussed MVNO…as well as infrastructure delivery services. Amp’d is expected to launch sometime in the third quarter of 2005 — so, pretty […] Read more »

Lifeblog, a life-caching product that collects text and picture messages and video clips you send and receive on your handset and organizes… Read more »

A deal like this makes a lot of sense in a market like Korea: Major League Baseball has tied up with Korean mobile TV provider TU Media (whi… Read more »

Sorrent (which recently bought Macrospace) has decided to combine and rebrand both companies as Glu Mobile, in the hope that it will “create… Read more »

The 1Q05 online ad spend increased to $1.9 billion, up 8.2 percent over the first quarter of 2004. That represents 5.7 percent of the total… Read more »

To the Wall Street Journal, the launch of “highlights how the booming online ad market has revived the fortunes of once-downtrodden W… Read more »

Cringe at the blatant commercialism if you will, but the Korean’s are ahead of most of the world on most mobile content matters, and I belie… Read more »

Downloads from Verizon’s ‘Get It Now’ service will push past 200 million by month’s end, fueled by the recent launch of 3D games for its V C… Read more »

Forbes has an article on ringtones, which is mostly based on an old survey. There are some interesting stats though: “So far, it’s mostly yo… Read more » has pointed to an article about a device to backup information on mobile phones. “The device contains a memory chip on which c… Read more »

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