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foursquare expertise

It’s no secret that the new Foursquare app has eliminated check-ins. But the company still needs users to leave reviews at local joints without getting that pat-on-the-back from badges. Enter: Expertise. People will earn “expertise,” and when they write tips that other users like or save, a little pink “expert” status bar will fill up. Eventually, you’ll be flagged in the reviews as an “expert” in “pizza places” or “sushi” or “dance clubs,” and the world shall know your power. Or something.

Gaming company Kabam, creator of such little known hits as “Kingdoms of Camelot” and “The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth,” has joined the elite-ish $1 billion valuation club following a sizable Series E from Alibaba. With a “diversify and prosper” strategy, Kabam hopes to avoid the rocky roads paved by Zynga and Candy Crush’s Read more »

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photo: Palantir

Palantir has a customer base that pays for results, but the company nonetheless attributes puts a lot of effort into user experience. In June, it re-architected its database simplicity in mind; on Thursday, it acquired a startup doing drag-and-drop mobile app development. Read more »

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Tesla factor floor, image courtesy of Tesla.

Tesla factor floor, image courtesy of Tesla.

In advance of Tesla’s earnings this afternoon, the electric car maker announced this morning that its deal with Japanese battery giant Panasonic is officially a go. Panasonic will invest in the battery-making equipment and occupy about half of the space, while Tesla will fund and manage the land, building and utilities and, along with other vendors, will occupy the other half of the building. Nikkei reported the news earlier this week, as well as more details on the financing. Tune in for Tesla’s earnings later this afternoon, and check out what I’m looking for from them.

In Brief

Revolv, whose home hub lets you control a variety of connected devices in one app, has finally released an Android version as well as added official support for the Nest thermostat. When I tested Revolv, I liked the hardware, but found the software only okay. I also couldn’t access the geo-fencing capabilities as an Android phone user (I used the app on my iPad). So this news has me wondering if should give the Revolv another test. Revolv also added support for multiple “authorized phones” so it no longer turns off that Nest if an authorized user is still home.

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