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MtGox really is a gift that keeps on giving: now in the throes of bankruptcy, the audit-averse Bitcoin exchange said late Thursday that it has found 200,000 bitcoins in an “old-format” wallet it previously thought was empty. That means it has only lost 650,000 bitcoins – 550,000 of which belong to its customers — rather than the 850,000 it previously thought had been pilfered by thieves (“evidence” that MtGox still has almost a million bitcoins is deeply suspect, accompanied as it was by fraudulent malware). The re-found bitcoins are worth around $116 million, which will interest the courts handling MtGox’s bankruptcy in Japan and the U.S., and customers clamoring for their money back.

Stories for Mar. 20, 2014
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Symantec has terminated CEO Steve Bennett and named Michael Brown, a board member, as interim president and CEO, the company said Thursday afternoon. A special committee will start a search for a permanent replacement now. Chairman Dan Schulman said “this considered decision was the result of an ongoing deliberative process, and not precipitated by any event or impropriety.” Bennett’s immediate predecessor at the security vendor, Enrique Salem was dismissed in 2012 after poor earnings results.

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Feeling nostalgic? In honor of Twitter’s eighth birthday, the microblogging platform released a tool on Thursday that helps users relive their very first action on the site. The tool, called #FirstTweet, allows users to plug in any username and jump back automatically to the first tweet that person sent — perhaps even to a time before hashtags:

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