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ipod touch v iphone 6

How much more power will the battery have in Apple’s iPhone 6? About 45 percent more capacity than the power pack in the iPhone 5s suggests analyst Sung Chang Xu, who expects a 2100 mAh battery in Apple’s next phone notes GforGames. This rumor contradicts earlier reports of an 1810 mAh battery in the phone that’s expected to debut at a reported September 9 Apple press event. Considering I’m not familiar with this particular analyst — nor her supply chain sources — I’m not betting money on the 2100 mAh figure just yet. I’m also wondering if the battery capacity is actually for a larger, 5.5-inch edition of the iPhone 6. Either way, don’t equate 45 percent capacity with 45 percent more run-time on a charge: It’s going to take more power to light those pixels on a bigger screen.

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A wildlife photographer’s request to have his image of a monkey removed from Wikimedia’s open-source library was denied because the organization argued the photographer doesn’t own the copyright to the picture — and legally speaking, Wikimedia is probably in the right Read more »

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Splice Machine, a San Francisco-based startup promising to turn HBase into a relational database that can even handle transactional workloads, has added $3 million to its series B round of venture capital. Correlation Ventures led the latest cash infusion, which is in addition to the $15 million that Interwest Partners and Mohr Davidow Ventures invested into Splice Machine in February. The SQL-on-Hadoop space hasn’t been too good to startups (see, e.g., the fates of Hadapt, Drawn to Scale and even Karmasphere) but perhaps Splice Machine, which has the advantage operating in a more-mature Hadoop market, will be an exception.

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Days after China removed foreign security vendors from its procurement lists for government departments, it has reportedly done the same with Apple products. According to anonymous sources quoted by Bloomberg, iPads and MacBooks were on a June procurement list, but not on the final version in July. Chinese state TV had previously attacked the security of iPhones — the procurement lists don’t cover smartphones, though — and everyone from Microsoft to IBM has also come in for official criticism as China and the U.S. spar over hacking and spying. That said, the procurement lists still include HP and Dell devices.

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