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Yuri Milner
photo: rsepulveda

There’s no doubt that is one of Russia’s most powerful internet players. It has gone from being a struggling web firm in the late 1… Read more »

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Siri on iPhone 4S
photo: Corbis / Joshua Sudock

LightReading has dug up some very interesting job postings on the Apple’s Website. Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is looking for telephony software engi… Read more »

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GigaOm Structure:Data 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

In the year since we launched our inaugural data event, big data has gone through major changes. Data science is no longer something mysteri… Read more »

New iPad
photo: Apple

UBS believes the new iPad will be the catalyst that drives consumers to connect their tablets to mobile broadband networks. In a new report,… Read more »

EditVideoClip1 copy

Animoto updated its iPhone app Wednesday, adding a much requested feature — the ability to add videos in addition to photos when creating video slideshows on their mobile devices. That puts its iPhone app more on par with competitors like Magisto and Vidify. Read more »

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