Stories for Apr. 1, 2014

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Apache Tajo, a relational database warehouse system for Hadoop, has graduated to to-level status within the Apache Software Foundation. It might be easy to overlook Tajo because its creators, committers and users are largely based in Korea — and because there’s a whole lot of similar technologies, including one developed at Facebook — but the project could be a dark horse in the race for mass adoption. Among Tajo’s lead contributors are an engineer from LinkedIn and members of the Hortonworks technical team, which suggests those companies see some value in it even among the myriad other options.

In Brief

Beleaguered biofuel maker Kior has managed to close the financing it was hoping from investor Vinod Khosla, which will keep the company from temporarily defaulting on its loans and filing for bankruptcy. In a filing, Kior says it will be getting monthly installments of $5 million (via a note purchase agreement) for up to $25 million. This could keep Kior afloat for a few months, but the company will need to raise much more project financing to move toward commercialization again. Kior’s stock is up over 50 percent on the news to $0.90 per share in morning trading. Check out my recent piece on the story of Kior.


As billions more devices get connected to the internet, there will be a huge infrastructure transformation on the backend. Cloud computing will play a major role in how the world takes advantage of that device-driven data explosion. Read more »

Stories for Mar. 31, 2014
In Brief

Fans of Google+ can now see how far their content has traveled on the social networking site, as the company announced on Monday that all users will now get a number of “total views” alongside their profile. According to the announcement, that figure represents “the sum of your profile, post and photo views since October 2012.” The feature won’t necessarily mean much to individual users, but it’s an interesting way for brands to see how their content has reached others — analytics on Google+ are relatively fuzzy, so this might be a small step towards a deeper analytics platform for brands.

Source: Nvidia
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GPU maker Nvidia is hoping to ride the wave of artificial intelligence. The company is already powering machine learning workloads within data centers of large companies, but now it’s targeting individuals with a cheap-but-powerful development kit targeted at robotics and the internet of things. Read more »

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