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Structure Big Data, March 23, 2011, New York City

Structure Big Data is a spin-off from GigaOM’s massively successful Structure conference, designed to dive into the subject of Big Data in-depth and provide the foundations for your future Big Data strategy.
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Green:Net, April 21, 2011, San Francisco

Green:Net examines how the tools created for the Internet, computing and IT revolutions will be critical for fighting climate change.
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Structure, June 22 and 23, 2011, San Francisco

Structure is GigaOM’s flagship conference on Cloud Computing and Internet Infrastructure, bringing together the most influential thinkers for two days.
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Mobilize, Sept. 28 & 29, 2011, San Francisco

The conjunction of mobile computing and cloud-based services will unleash an entirely new wave of product and market growth. At this year’s Mobilize 2011, we’ll show you how Cloud Computing and Mobile Web creates the beginning of further opportunity.
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New Tee Vee Live, Nov. 10, 2011, San Francisco

NewTeeVee Live, now in its fifth year, is the online video industry’s flagship event. Uniquely positioned with a strong editorial heritage, top-tier speakers and unparalleled atmosphere, NewTeeVee Live represents a must-attend event for all participants in the digital video industry.
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Net:Work, Dec., 2011, San Francisco

Ten years ago, working from an airport, a coffee shop or from home would have been unimaginable, both technically and culturally. Today, it’s commonplace. Businesses are embracing a 24/7 global workforce powered by technology. Join us at Net:Work to examine how collaboration technologies are re-shaping business.
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