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Digital First Media CEO John Paton has just launched a company-wide effort called Project Unbolt that is aimed at detaching digital from the newspaper chain’s dying legacy print operations — but there is a long road between that and becoming truly digital Read more »

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Comcast  is preparing to launch its cloud DVR in the Boston market “very soon,” according to a FierceCable report. The company’s SVP and GM of Video Services Matt Strauss told FierceCbale that the new network DVR, which will store customers’ recordings in the cloud, will be rolled out market by market this year. The cloud DVR will only be made available to subscribers who also have Comcast’s new X1 set-top box, which was also rolled out in Boston first.

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Los Angeles-based music marketing and merchandise sales startup Topspin Media laid of a significant number of its staff Wednesday. Music blog hypebot first reported the news, calling it “major layoffs,” and laid off employees said on Twitter that “half“or even “the majority” of the company’s staff was let go. Topspin acknowledged that there have been layoffs when contacted by Gigaom, but declined to comment further on the matter. The company recently teamed up with Spotify to offer artists a way to directly sell merchandise through its service, and it is also slated to power a similar integration for the recently-launched Beats Music service.

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently said that it wants to do away from the one-price-fits-all model and introduce three pricing tiers for new members. Why three? The Atlantic looks at the behavioral psychology of pricing, and explains why the Goldilocks effect is always making us go for the middle tier, regardless of how expensive it is.

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Netflix is trying to lock down content rights ahead of its planned expansion to Europe later this year, according to the Wall Street Journal. The paper is reporting, as we did just last week, that Netflix is eyeing Germany and France in particular – but there are some hurdles with regards to regulations in France, and a bunch of competitors already in place in Germany.

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Pioneering digital music site just launched a radio product powered by YouTube videos that will help to keep the music streaming, without adding to’s music licensing bill, according to hypebot. was one of the first sites to analyze listeners’ music collections and generate personalized radio streams, but the site has been on a steady decline ever since CBS bought it for $280 million in 2007.

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