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Another day, another survey on the popularity of mobile TV. This article is pitched in a positive “interest is rising” sort of a way, but wi… Read more »

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Mobile operator Swisscom Mobile has expanded its range of mobile TV services to include replays of certain TV shows. The service, dubbed Rep… Read more »

That’s an interesting question posed after a visit to an IIC (International Institute Of Communications) event last week. I’m used to hearin… Read more »

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“The findings of a survey of 1,500 entertainment consumers in Britain by Entertainment Media Research (EMR) deflates some of the hype about… Read more »

National Basketball Association will provide basketball fans in Japan with daily video highlights to their mobile phones, and says this is t… Read more »

Newsweek has a piece on the latest content offerings by the big US carriers who love the trend towards multimedia content “because it means… Read more »

Music videos have found new life in the past year on the Internet, mobile phones and DVDs, and are helping rescue the ailing music industry,… Read more »

MTV Networks and Warner Music Group will make content from the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards available to mobile users across Europe from Fri… Read more »

Another DVB-H trial is underway, this time in Switzerland…the trial is intended to ascertain the technical requirements of launching a DVB… Read more »

Nokia has predicted the DVB-H mobile broadcast TV technology will be rolled out in some markets by mid-2006, which is a fairly standard perc… Read more »

“Nearly 10 percent of U.S. wireless users said they likely would watch mobile TV in the next year, according to the most recent study from M… Read more »

NBC’s flagship late night show, the “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, will begin making video excerpts of the show available for download by… Read more »

Ghost House Pictures — makers of such horror movies as The Grudge and the upcoming Rise — has launched a mobile service just in time for H… Read more »

Following on from vague predictions yesterday that Vodafone would launch a mobile TV service The Register reports that the company has signe… Read more »

Nokia has launched a commercial service management solution for DVB-H services, the Nokia Mobile Broadcast Solution (MBS) 3.0. It’s based on… Read more »

According to this article Vodafone could announce a UK launch date for its mobile TV service in the coming week…which is a safe statement,… Read more »

The New York Times has a fairly philosophical piece on advances in television, from super-sized high-definition screen to the tiny mobile on… Read more »

Red tape is threatening to bog down the introduction in Hong Kong of mobile TV services after broadcast regulators say the legal framework m… Read more »

“South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung announced this week that 200,200 subscribers have signed up for mobile TV services based on i… Read more »

Speaking at the US Telecom Association’s TELECOM ’05 convention in Las Vegas, Starz Entertainment Group (SEG) President and CEO Robert B. Cl… Read more »

Turner International India Pvt. Ltd, which owns channels like Cartoon Network and Pogo, has entered into a strategic tie-up with Mobile2win… Read more »

Swiss content security firm Kudelski is teaming up with T-Mobile to deliver a DVB-H-based mobile TV service in the Czech Republic…T-Mobile… Read more »

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