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NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” is now available on the VCast service… at least, clip of it are. “From the streets of L.A. in “Jayw… Read more »

Again, hyperbole…HBO will start offering some video clips of its shows on Cingular, a news which I skewered a few months ago. There will b… Read more »

Nielson is in the process of expanding its measurements to take into account TV shows played on mobile phones and video iPods, as well as th… Read more »

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Amp’d Mobile has signed a deal with broadcasters CBS and UPN to provide content related to TV shows to Amp’ds customers… “Under the agreem… Read more »

MobiTV has launched an advertising platform that will allow advertisers to “repurpose TV spots to insert into the “local avail” advertising… Read more »

This is a funny way to approach the story — the way Michael Kanellos writes it Royal Philips Electronics is the driving force behind mobile… Read more »

“Brainpool’s e-TV boss Frederic Komp believes the key to future success on the platform will come from enhancing strong TV brands, rather th… Read more »

Verizon has signed a deal with CBS to put some hit shows from the network onto the operators V cast service. Starting this month, VCast will… Read more »

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Ed: Our “MoComment” section has guest essays and commentary from industry players. If you’re interested in writing about an issue related to… Read more »

Vodafone has announced the launch of its global Mobile TV channels, which will be widely available across Vodafone markets from this month.… Read more »

Despite a mobile phone penetration of 110% and 3G network coverage of 98% of the country, mobile (broadcast) TV is not a clear-cut case in S… Read more »

Weathernews has launched a new service called Weathernews Network, billed in the press release as “the first and only cellular Java applicat… Read more »

ROK Entertainment has announced a joint venture in Taiwan with Catalyst Logic, in order to market and promote Rok’s mobile TV service as wel… Read more »

Norwegian broadcaster NRK and Swedish wireless equipment maker LM Ericsson are conducting what they say is the world’s first test of interac… Read more »

Now that mobile TV is actually arriving in markets in Europe and the US some of the players are beginning to pull back from hyping the servi… Read more »

South Korea has become the first country in the world to launch terrestrial digital broadcasting for mobile phones, laptops and other portab… Read more »

Farringdon Road Films, a British independent film company, has announced plans for a new teenager-targeted mobile soap opera named Brick-it.… Read more »

Advertising and media executives at the Reuters Advertising and Media Summit all seem to be fairly confident that the market for television… Read more »

TV is moving to an on-demand format, different media and different formats… and now even the most cautious players are finally getting on… Read more »

3 Italia has delayed its IPO in order to buy a television station, regional broadcaster Canale 7. The station owns a digital TV licence and… Read more »

Fox — using its site — has plans to sell mobile TV in Mexico and throughout Latin America with the motto “La tv que sigue”, “the… Read more »

Mobile TV is still the talk of the town, although there’s still a fair way to go before we have flawless commercial services — outside of J… Read more »

Roobarb & Custard (a 70s cartoon show, pictured right) is moving to mobile following a successful relaunch on Roobarb & Custard Too on Five’… Read more »

The Korean State Broadcaster — KBS — will launch mobile TV services on December 1 using terrestrial DMB technology. It’s touted as “the wo… Read more »

This article is about the Video iPod but a lot of it relates to real mobile video… The question asked is how advertisers/sponsors take adv… Read more »

Qualcomm is ready to rol the dice in mobile TV standards war…it is MediaFlo vs DVB-H, and effectively, Qcom vs Nokia. Rob Chandhok , VP of… Read more »

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