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Another “Be Prepared” message for the mobile industry…videomail firm Mobeon is predicting that people at the World Cup will send over thre… Read more »

Four of the Wallabies (Australia’s national mens rugby union squad) will star in a mobile TV series called Wallaby TV. It will be on the Vod… Read more »

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MTV Networks International has announced the launch of its first animated series of made-for-mobile shorts, Wulffmorgenthaler. It’s based on… Read more »

TwoFour — an independent broadcast company in the UK — has launched a mobile division, TwoFour Mobile. “We are convinced that Mobile will… Read more »

Vimio, the mobile streaming and compression company based in Dublin, has licensed some streaming optimization technology from Microsoft’s ne… Read more »

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A report from Portio Research (New Mobile Services — Europe 2006) claims that half of the mobile users interviewed said “they were interest… Read more »

The Mobile Digital TV Alliance — set up to promote the DVB-H standard in the US — has gained some new members. Freescale Semiconductor, Ha… Read more »

These Korean TV-based phones may be coming into U.S., on Sprint, and also makes clear that Sprint will probably launch live TV on phones…S… Read more »

There’s a short piece here about a consortium being set up to launch a T-DMB service in India in October. “The MoTV Consortium led by ABSi c… Read more »

Samsung has hit Europe with the first mobile handset capable of tuning into DMB mobile TV broadcasts. “The DMB handset, the SGH-P900, will i… Read more »

Sling Media has extended its place-shifting beta trial…”The new version of the software enables Slingbox owners to watch and control thei… Read more »

The Wall Street Journal has a detailed account of the Italian mobile TV sector, with a suggestion that this could be a good model to follow… Read more »

BlogTV has won the “New Trend Leader” category in the global mobile content awards (GMCA) of Seoul Digital Forum 2006. BlogTV (which also wo… Read more »

There are some more (or new?) details on the 3G TV service Hong Kong CSL launched a couple of months ago.
“The service launched 20 real-tim… Read more »

Mobile TV shows about the World Cup starting in Germany next month are cropping up: among them, 3 UK has launched “Berlin or Bust”, which ai… Read more »

NYT has a 7-page article on mobile TV, focusing mostly on MTV and the question of whether it knows what young men want to watch on their mob… Read more »

Interesting…Richard Gale, marketing director at Playboy TV, has revealed that it now “shoots all its content in a fashion that is directly… Read more »

We’ve received a press release from MobiTV about its intentions in Latin America…apparently they were taken by surprise by Telcel’s mobile… Read more »

Both 3 Italia and Mediaset have vowed to have a DVB-H service operating in Italy in time for the FIFA World Cup, and to run content on the e… Read more »

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