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Tucker v. Apple Computer is a class action suit alleging monopolistic practices in breach of the Sherman Anti-trust act and California state fair competition laws, according to a report filed by Apple with the SEC on Friday. It’s only one of a number of new suits […] Read more »

File sharing is what the Internet is for. Whole reason it exists. What it’s been doing successfully since it started. But in 2006, some of the spotlight fell on the simple act of file-sharing, or more specifically, sharing files with others that might not necessarily be […] Read more »

A good story on, about Sprint Nextel’s production efforts for its mobile video and TV service…the production facilities are bei… Read more »

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Co-written with Paul Kapustka. Bonjour, madames et monsieurs. Would you like a look at our menu of online video for the next 12 months? You may choose prix fixe or a la carte, whatever you wish. It’s a mixed-metaphor extravaganza! Read more »

One interesting phenomenon in 2006 was the emergence of user-generated commercial contests, such as those for Firefox and Converse. In 2007, the stakes will be raised significantly, with fan commercials being shown during the broadcasts of the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards. Read more »

While John Edwards’ pre-announcement of his candidacy on YouTube Wednesday night has online video enthusiasts excited, vloggers are learning today what newsy bloggers have come to expect — when you scoop the mainstream media, don’t expect them to recognize the feat. Perhaps it’s a bit of […] Read more »

Video search startup Dabble is branching out into providing conversation tools for groups, including corporate sponsors. The company plans to beta-launch a new product, Dabble Groups, in January. This is a deviation from Dabble’s strategy to date, which has been building an audience for video search […] Read more »

It was only ever a matter of time — while difficult to confirm, it looks like the AACS DRM meant to protect HD-DVDs (and Blu-Ray disks) from unlicensed copying has been cracked. The tale of Muslix64 is particularly entertaining, as is the rockin’ YouTube movie demonstrating […] Read more »

Besides being one of the providers selling BCS games as part of Fox’s announcement, online video distributor CinemaNow announced last week an agreement to sell Showtime and A&E programming at the popular price point of $1.99 an episode. But according to Forbes Magazine, Cinemanow only enjoys […] Read more »

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As blogosphere watchers already knew, John Edwards is making no small plans to conduct a lot of his expected 2008 campaign for President online. But in what is undeniably a first, Edwards pre-announced his announcement (hey, did he once work for Microsoft, or what?) in a […] Read more »

Lou Cabron of 10 Zen Monkeys offers a list of the five worst vlogs of 2006. The choices are all over the map, with gratuitous swipes at Rocketboom hosts past and present. It’s deliciously harsh. Amanda Congdon’s new show is the equivalent of deciding that Lite […] Read more »

Fox Sports will begin offering full video downloads of their Bowl Championship Series coverage on Thursday, December 28, 2006, the company announced today. Starting at $1.99 for individual preview shows and highlight videos to $19.99 for a full package of all game coverage, Fox promises to […] Read more »

Converting, transcoding, re-encoding — these are just some of the words to learn when it comes to collecting and viewing your favorite videos. Want a YouTube clip on your Xbox? Convert and re-encode. How about DVD video on an iPod? Convert and transcode. Or is it […] Read more »

Retail stores are where you sell things, right? Not in this century, they’re not! Verizon has opened two mall-front properties to showcase its FiOS IPTV offering “with little advertisement or fanfare,” says this AP story. FiOS is the fiber-to-the-home service Om reported on yesterday, saying its […] Read more »

Three months ago in San Francisco, Steve Jobs did his “One last thing…” trick and the prototype Apple has codenamed the iTV emerged from behind the curtain. The world was assured they could get their grubby hands on them in the first quarter of 2007. Well, […] Read more »

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: online video discovery can be a challenge. Now, in the vein of Digg, StumbleUpon, and newcomers like Viral Video Chart, memetracking sites Megite and Tailrank are adding video sections. Both sites portray online conversations by clustering related […] Read more »

TU Media’s S-DMB mobile TV service in Sth Korea crept past the 1 million mark on the day before Christmas. However, the company had targeted… Read more »

Is building better video backbone technology a story that will play on Wall Street? That’s what BigBand Networks hopes, as the company filed for an IPO on Dec. 22. Previous reporting from Light Reading said BigBand may seek to raise $120 million or so; according to […] Read more »

James Brown’s signature funk is so ubiquitous that the scent will likely linger on the winds of the collective consciousness forever. Enabled by mass media, he became the root rhythm of remixer turntablists and samplers. One of the great cultural capitalists, he’s produced a grossly outsized […] Read more »

Rocketboom founder Andrew Michael Baron has posted another proclamation regarding his new Abbey Corps studio network project, which we mentioned last week. Baron says he thinks the networks like PodShow and PodTech are too focused on the business side of things, at the expense of creative […] Read more »

Betting that the backbone is a business that’s going to get better, Level 3 added to its ante by purchasing the content delivery network business from Savvis today, for $135 million in cash. Om has more details and analysis on the GigaOM site. Whether or not […] Read more »

Tom McInerney, one of the co-founders and chief executive officer of GUBA, a San Francisco-based online video sharing and download service, has resigned and is leaving the company. Eric Lambrecht, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer of GUBA is going to take over as the CEO of […] Read more »

The holidays are a time of giving…the gift of self-promotion! In the unintentionally funny department, the Yahoo Publisher’s Group yodels to their customers, while Edutainment Media offers the gift of gratuitous green-screen graphics. Read more »

Rocketboom founder Andrew Michael Baron and VoIP entrepreneur Jeff Pulver are putting together a network studio called Abbey Corps. Hey, why let collaborator-turned-enemy Amanda Congdon have all the pre-Christmas weekend bucketloads of attention to herself today? Baron promises a slow reveal of the project on his […] Read more »

This week, online video has won attention from the Canadian police, the Swedish government, and a Texas judge. Only thing more legit than that is if we get a soundbite from George W. about watching clips on “the YouTube.” Or not… The Hamilton, Ontario police who […] Read more »

A browser-based interface for viewing YouTube and Revver clips on your television set is what SofaTube promises to deliver. The user experience is super-simple, with fonts big enough to read at a distance. It certainly shows that there’s still plenty of untapped potential for third-party interface […] Read more »

Update: Congdon’s first video is up on the new site. In it, she asks New Yorkers “Why do you think you’re Time Magazine’s Person of the Year?” Her conclusion comes in a voiceover; she’s taking “you” back. “Not everyone participated in the media revolution. Gosh, many […] Read more » is easily most mature online video site in terms of venture capital funding. According to PE Hub, the company has just raised its fifth round. The round, which came out through one of PE Week’s signature habit of rifling through regulatory files, is valued at […] Read more »

SK Telecom is reportedly keen to increase its stake in S-DMB broadcaster TU Media. SK Telecom currently has a 29.6 percent share of TU Media… Read more »

It’s that time of year again — time for Christmas television specials. And thankfully the tradition has carried on into cyberspace. The latest episode of “Will it Blend?” answers the age-old question of whether you can blend an entire Christmas dinner into a delicious milkshake. From […] Read more »

Web-made heroine Amanda Congdon will launch the next of her projects, a “a behind the scenes look at her life in L.A. as she juggles new projects in the traditional and new media,” tomorrow. The show, Starring Amanda Congdon, has already hooked up deals with a […] Read more »

Michael Calore of Wired News writes about a coworker who called their ISP, RCN, after having trouble sharing a file using BitTorrent. Instead of being told that RCN was blocking his ability to seed torrent transfers, he was scolded for being a copyright infringer. Most instructive […] Read more »

Lost Remote mentions a new category in Nielsen’s year-end statistics: top 10 time-shifted prime-time television shows. It’s dominated by NBC and CW, with a more-than-healthy dose of chick TV. And no American Idol, of course, by far the winner in primetime TV. Lost Remote writer Cory […] Read more »

Given their history of successes with Skype and Kazaa, it’s no wonder that there is plenty of anticipation about the online video startup coming from Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, the Venice Project. Thanks to some friends who have access, Om was able to get a […] Read more »

In a short item earlier this week, I linked to the announcement that the BBC would be distributing some of its shows through the new Azureus portal, Zudeo. The P2P Blog suggests correctly inferred that the shows will come with some form of DRM: I would […] Read more »

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