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If you’ve ever used Skype, you know that part of its allure is that it is simple to use and it just works. Maybe that’s why there’s so much buzz building around the next moves from Skype (and Kazaa) developers Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, first […] Read more »

Between the wealth of motion picture and information technology talent in India, it’s no surprise that some smart projects are coming online. The web allows the Indian music, film and television industries to distribute to a worldwide audience of both Hindi and English speakers, to compliment […] Read more »

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Have you heard about the Get NewTeeVee on Your OldTeeVee contest yet? We’ve got five first-place prizes: invites to the Venice Project for the NTV team’s favorite PC-to-TV setups. These are the rules: send us a picture of on your television and tell us how […] Read more »

The hints have been dropped before, but next week expect to hear it loud and clear: The big U.S. television networks no longer fear the Web, but are embracing it as closely as they can, no longer worried whether digital dispersion will dilute their traditional broadcasting […] Read more »

Wallstrip, a three-month-old online videoblog about the stock market, has raised a little over a half a million dollars in funding, creator Howard Lindzon told NewTeeVee Thursday. Wallstrip takes a much more anecdotal than analytical approach, focusing each day on a single stock trading at an […] Read more »

Qflix, a new service from Sonic Solutions (of Roxio fame), has reportedly achieved a feat which, frankly, is a few years past its due: a simple service where you pay a fee, download a movie, burn it to a DVD and watch it on any standard […] Read more »

Across the pond, two members of the European Parliament have moved to amend the second Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive (IPRED2) in order to criminalize even small-scale, non-commercial use of protected intellectual property. French MEPs Nicole Fontaine and Janelly Fourtou simply want to strike the language specifying […] Read more »

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Yesterday it was discovered by a number of videobloggers that their content was appearing, without their consent and wrapped in copious advertising, on Shows like Geek Entertainment Television had been indexed by MyHeavy’s search, and the resulting pages had no link to the source of […] Read more »

Looks like the folks at Obvious Corp. have launched their next new toy, a Webcam video-sharing site called Hellodeo. Right now it seems filled with a bunch of hello world bad Webcam greetings, but we are sure to see a lonely girl or two before long. […] Read more »

A Brazilian court agreed yesterday that until YouTube completely removes a sex tape, it should be shut down, according to Reuters. The tape shows Daniela Cicarelli, a model and ex-wife of Ronaldo, having sex with her boyfriend at the beach. Cicarelli sued last year to get […] Read more »

NewTeeVee recently came across a stealthy newly funded video startup called Twistage, which aims to sell white-labeled video functionality for any Web site. It plans to officially launch next month. The company, dually based in San Francisco and New York, provides a customizable video platform, including […] Read more »

Looking to move into the market for digital distribution, copy protection and rights management heavyweight Macrovision has acquired media software developer Mediabolic for $43 million in cash. Mediabolic’s products drive the content navigation screens on PVRs, set-top boxes and other media hardware. The transaction is a […] Read more »

The Iraqi government has arrested the person who used his cellphone to videotape Saddam Hussein’s execution, reports the Associated Press. The man, whose film disturbed the world and instigated Sunni protests around Iraq, “was an official who supervised the execution and now he is under investigation,” […] Read more »

A niche video content company called Next New Networks (which crazily enough is already the top Google result for its incredibly generic name, sans quotations marks) has received $8 million in funding from digital media VC firm Spark Capital, according to various reports. The company, led […] Read more »

According to Greg Sandoval at CNet News, executives Roman Arzhintar and Bart Myers have left Guba — to found their own online video site. Upon his own departure from Guba less than two weeks ago, co-founder and former CEO Tom McInerney had warned of more losses […] Read more »

3UK has launched its first made-for-mobile channel, GeekTV. The channel (made by Player X and already available in the UK on O2′s i-mode ser… Read more »

Looking for a beta invite to the Venice Project? We’ve got a few handy. To make it interesting, we’re holding this site’s first contest: Get NewTeeVee on Your OldTeeVee. Here are the rules: send us a picture of on your television and tell us how […] Read more »

The “Month of Apple Bugs” project is pretty much what it sounds like — a month devoted to finding, proving and publishing the details of exploits in Apple hardware and software. Any coincidence that it’s scheduled for the same month as MacWorld can be chalked up […] Read more »

A core tenet of NewTeeVee is that video is an effective way to tell a story. That goes for everybody from big corporations like Starbucks on down, especially now that it’s so easy to make your film available to viewers using sites like YouTube. This morning, […] Read more »

Based on the Azureus 2.5 codebase, BitTyrant has one distinct feature — it’s designed to maximize the download speed of the user by only connecting to the fastest peers, and to choose peers that send more data than they receive. This means that an individual using […] Read more »

Further software testing might delay an early January launch of the iTV, according to unnamed sources who spoke with AppleInsider — though Steve Jobs is still scheduled to reveal more details soon, presumably at MacWorld. The AppleInsider report said the device should ship by mid-February. Another […] Read more »

Patents, the new business model? That’s what it feels like when you read about the latest technology lawsuit, from a failed business that is suing Apple, Google and Napster over the idea of distributing audio and video over the Internet. A New York Times story today […] Read more »

HBO is doing what it hasn’t done in U.S. yet, at least to this extent: it has tied up with SK Telecom for a mobile VOD venture, and is offer… Read more »

Vidmeter is a new tool for monitoring popular online video by aggregating the number of times a video is seen across 10 of the most popular video sites. It’s officially launching Wednesday. Vidmeter was created by one-man Website machine Bri Holt. Holt recently sold his Socialmeter […] Read more »

Web video site and social network Stickam made the New York Times today, though it’s not the kind of publicity the company might have liked. Stickam allows users to broadcast live Web cam feeds on their homepages, something that worries some child-protection advocates, the story says. […] Read more »

Something big must be brewing at Disney, given that the company scored back-to-back articles in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal concerning some much-needed upgrades coming to the site. The Times piece, published Sunday, delves more into the business problems Disney has […] Read more »

Former Cadence Design founder Joe Costello has taken over as CEO of place-shifting software startup Orb Networks, adding that title to the chairman role he had previously held. Costello, who helped found the Emeryville-based Orb three years ago, is apparently taking a stronger hand to help […] Read more »

Going to the Web for the uncensored version isn’t always a matter of off-color humor. This weekend, after Saddam Hussein was executed, a cellphone video that kept rolling after the former Iraqi dictator dropped from the gallows quickly became available online. In contrast, American television networks […] Read more »

User-generated content and citizen journalism, seen by some as the next potential wave in online video news reporting, has generated just a few small ripples for cable giant CNN and its five-month-old I-Report program. As the captured-by-phone videos of Saddam Hussein’s execution and Michael Richards’ rant […] Read more »

On Saturday, I took a look at last year’s P2P news. Today I’ll extrapolate from some of those trends to look at what they might mean for the next year. The common thread that jumps out is that the medium of distributing content in general, and […] Read more »

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