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AT&T’s (NYSE: T) delayed mobile TV service using Qualcomm’s (NSDQ: QCOM) MediaFlo service has been delayed again. It was supposed to be laun… Read more »

This weekend I stumbled upon the freshly live site. While Chris has told us many times that there are just too many comedic web video portals on the Internet, this one’s pedigree and approach is at least worth noting. Founded by Dean Valentine, former CEO […] Read more »

This eulogy is going to be pretty short because, like many people, I didn’t really care about the high-definition DVD format wars. But according to Reuters and (somewhat less conclusively) Kyodo news (via Bloomberg), HD DVD developer Toshiba will give up its hundreds-of-million-dollar HD DVD player […] Read more »

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Johnson and Johnson launched an ad campaign aimed mothers this week, built around a series of animated webisodes for its pink Johnson’s baby lotion (we mentioned it in Vid-Biz). In an online world where most videos target 18- to 34-year-old males, this small, focused, maternal campaign […] Read more »

Are the (you know they’re intentional) “viral” ads surrounding the election helping or hurting the candidates? While the Yes We Can video is so hip it hurts, it has inspired some withering satire and unintentional self-parody. Hurt doesn’t begin to describe the damage wrought by the […] Read more »

Wal-Mart, the top U.S. DVD seller, is dropping the HD DVD format in favor of selling only Blu-ray, following Netflix and Best Buy this week, with the string of switches kicked off by Warner Home Video in January. The DVD format wars had been raging for […] Read more »

CBS to do Upfronts; network sticks with traditional format to launch shows to advertisers, NBC yet to announce their plans, ABC will still have “large-scale meeting.” (TVWeek UGC Hillary Vid Taking Heat; homemade musical tribute “Hillary4U&Me” was a passion project for Silicon Valley exec Gene Wang […] Read more »

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Now this is one place I’d prefer not to see video advertising: Google search results pages. But the New York Times Bits blog tells us the company started testing such ads this week. Google already sells video ads for other sites, including syndicated YouTube partner videos […] Read more »

Nielsen released new data today showing that DVRs are increasing the amount of television being watched, and that women are the real power users. Since 2005, DVRs have helped spur a 3 percent bump in TV viewing at 9 p.m. and a 5 percent boost between […] Read more »

comScore, in collaboration with the Havas-owned digital agency Media Contacts, took a step towards defining “heavy” and “light” online video watchers today, and in doing so showed how power users are skewing at least one stat. The two companies looked at the time people spent watching […] Read more »

Want to try out some fun products before they launch? You’ve come to the right place. Video recommendation service ffwd, which we wrote about when it was called Vadver, just released a version of its product for the Wii last night (like StumbleVideo for the Wii […] Read more »

Seesmic Releases Full Investor List; video conversation site closes the last of its $6 million Series A round, bulk of the money coming from Atomico. (Loic Le Meur’s blog) MTV to Promote NBC’s quarterlife; in a bid to attract younger viewers, web series to premiere on […] Read more »

YouTube threw a party for ad folks in New York last night to show off what’s coming down its online video pike. Nope, we weren’t invited, but luckily Ian Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus, was. Even better — he blogged about it. Here’s a recap: YouTube’s […] Read more »

We had such a blast with you New York folk at our NTV Pier Screening last year, we thought it’d be fun to hang out again. You up for a drink next week? I’ll be in New York moderating a panel at the VideoEgg Engagement Debate […] Read more »

Clickable video advertisement startup beta-launches today, bringing a slight twist to an online video sector that’s getting nearly as crowded as how-to videos and girl-reading-news shows. Ottawa-based (“cheesy infomercial” embedded above) makes a tool that helps users call attention to products within a video […] Read more »

Mobile live video is going to be very exciting. Even in our on-demand world, breaking news, sports and real-time interactions are best experienced without delay. We’ve reported on offerings from companies like Qik and Flixwagon that send up video from fancy cell phones. This only gets […] Read more »

In what sounds like the setup for a bad joke at the Improv, Nielsen Online released stats showing how men and women consume online video differently. Men are more into user-generated content while women prefer McDreamy network television. The Wall Street Journal writes that 18- to […] Read more »

According to a Hulu spokesperson, Hulu has not signed a deal with Time Warner. Reports earlier today said that the Time Warner deal was done and that Viacom was just around the corner. Hulu wants to be the first place you go for video, so obviously […] Read more »

This week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona hasn’t just been about battling mobile operating systems and the latest chips for cell phones, it’s also about content. For the first time ever, the GSM Association threw a party at the event focused solely on mobile entertainment, “Mobile […] Read more »

There’s a special place in hell for marketers who use Valentine’s day to guilt trip you into spending money, when the most heartfelt (and cheapest) thing you could do is send your sweetie a video. and blinkBox (among many others) will let you send a […] Read more »

Dispute Overt DTV Transition Study Goes On; as we reporter earlier, Centris and MSTV continue their debate over just how big a disruption to service there will be. (Broadcasting & Cable) CSTV Re-Branding Into CBS College Sports Network; changeover will take place in March, CBS to […] Read more »

With Comcast blocking BitTorrent (and staunchly defending its right to do so today), AT&T’s ideas about monitoring your traffic and a raft of other ISPs including provisions in their terms of service that allow anti-P2P measures, suddenly Net Neutrality is a hot topic again. Taking up […] Read more »

When it comes to producing online video content, it’s important to look to television for ideas and inspiration — there is a baby in that bathwater, and in most states, throwing it out would constitute child abuse. Whether it’s a pretty baby or an ugly baby, […] Read more »

Natali Del Conte’s new show Loaded is up and running over on CNET TV. And thank God, because if there’s one thing the Internet needs, it’s another show featuring a woman reading the news. Del Conte is certainly no talking head; she’s written for a number […] Read more »

The Writers Guild of America, having come to a resolution with the studios about digital revenue, has voted to end its 100-day strike. From the statement, as printed on United Hollywood: Writing can resume immediately. If you were employed when the strike began, you should plan […] Read more »

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