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I don’t know what Steve Bryant was talking about, the Burp Castle was an awesome place to have a New York Meetup. Lots of video folk trudged out to the East Village to drink some really tasty beer and get “shhhh!’d” by the (fantastic) bartender who […] Read more »

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It’s the Super Bowl for wannabe Pauline Kaels and Mr. Blackwells, when every frustrated film student and amateur thespian sharpens their witty bon mots to a gleaming edge. It’s the 2008 Academy Awards ceremony! And as ultimately pointless and bloatedly self-indulgent as the Hollywood royalty on […] Read more »

Broadcasters will be able to choose between the federally mandated guidelines or those set forth by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) for informing the public about the upcoming transition from analog to digital signals, according to an FCC report due to be released as early […] Read more »

CBS Sends Out Old Shows Too; like NBC did earlier this week, CBS opens up its archive in hopes of snaring a long tail. (release) Variety, B&C, Others for Sale; Reed Elsevier selling its magazine publishing business; The Hollywood Reporter may be up for grabs too. […] Read more »

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It’s always fun to talk to hobbyists who retrofit online video technology to address their own particular wants and needs. Like Paul Yanez, the prolific maker of web versions of desktop TV interfaces. This week we talked to Gerald Zuckerwar, who’s compiled RSS feeds for live […] Read more »

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is upset about Adobe’s efforts to add digital rights management to its extremely popular Flash video format. Since the Digital Millennium Copyright Law (DMCA) forbids circumventing DRM, this could make mashups and downloads of Flash videos illegal. DRM, by restricting the remixing […] Read more »

We were a bit ahead of the Google AdSense for video story when we published last night, and some more important details have emerged this morning. Publishers who want to participate must serve at least 1 million video streams per month, be based in the U.S., […] Read more »

FOX to NBC: We Already Do Year-Round Programming; FOX’s chief scheduler chides Zucker’s “new” plan for a 52-week programming schedule. (TV Decoder) WGA Deal Explained; entertainment lawyer breaks down the writers’ deal point by point. (The Huffington Post) Newsclipper Aggregates News Video; side project by Norwegian […] Read more »

Online video is perfectly suited for investigative journalism pieces. It’s just as easy to go out into the field with camera in hand as it is with a tape recorder, and now the final product is no longer limited to the written word but can hit […] Read more »

Hey New York NewTeeVee Readers! Don’t forget there’s a meetup in your fair city tonight for like-minded, fun-lovin’ people just like you. Here are the details: NEWTEEVEE’S NEW YORK MEETUP When? Thursday, February 21 Where? Burp Castle, 41 East 7th St. (Jackson says this is a […] Read more »

Remember back in the day when you gasped “$1.6 billion for YouTube!?!” “Where’s the AdSense of audio and video?” was what I wanted to know in October 2006, the week after Google bought YouTube. A year and a half later Google is taking the obvious and […] Read more »

BBC’s iPlayer is seeing about one-tenth of the broadcast audience, with half a million viewers tuning in on the busiest days, according to a piece reported by Chris Williams at The Register that cites Anthony Rose, the Beeb’s head of media technology and Ashley Highfield, its […] Read more »

The one thing that’s certain about advertisement engagement is that…nothing is certain. That’s the big takeaway from today’s VideoEgg Engagement Debate ’08, where marketing folk gathered to discuss the topic. There were four panels, the members of which tried to define engagement, determine effective environments for […] Read more »

Now that Revver has been sold to LiveUniverse, and LiveVideo has been officially launched, what’s the future for Revver’s business model? After all, it was just a few months ago that Revver revealed they’d paid $1 million to content creators since opening their doors to the […] Read more »

Bitsie Tulloch plays Dylan, the star and the narrator of web drama quarterlife. We interviewed Tulloch, a Harvard-educated actress that also had a guest role on lonelygirl15 last season, in anticipation of the premiere of quarterlife on NBC next week. In the lightly edited interview below, […] Read more »

NBC has announced it’s going to stream full episodes of “classic” TV shows like The A-Team, Buck Rogers, Miami Vice and more on its site. The content will also be available through, which will syndicate it through its partner network. This is a natural progression […] Read more »

VideoEgg Goes for Engagement with AdFrames; new ad units move away from CPMs, allowing advertisers to negotiate price per engagement, Microsoft on board to use the new format. (release) TVCatchup Halts Services; UK-based ad-supported broadband service that lets you record programs to watch later, online, suspends […] Read more »

In anticipation of the web show quarterlife‘s debut on NBC (premiere episode on Tuesday, Feb. 26 10/9c; Sundays 9/8c from March 2) and MTV (premiere on the afternoon of the 26th), we interviewed series creator Marshall Herskovitz and star Bitsie Tulloch. NewTeeVee writers have been critical […] Read more »

Covering a Bill Gates lecture for GigaOM this afternoon, I took note of this comment: “Today there’s a few million people who are getting their TV through Internet feeds. It’s just a spectrum of content. Many of the things that will be available in TV in […] Read more »

Remember all those stories and reports about how the writers’ strike was driving TV viewers over to the Internet? Limelight Networks wants you to forget them. After posting a larger-than-expected loss for its most recent quarter, Limelight says the current quarter won’t be much better. Why? […] Read more »

The European Union has invested 19 14 million euros in a research project aimed at using P2P for Internet television. The project, called P2P Next, is a cooperation among almost two dozen European academic institutions, broadcasters and electronics makers. The BBC, the European Broadcasting Union and […] Read more »

Americans’ love affair with HD TV hit an all-time high this Christmas season, thanks to bigger, crisper screens at affordable prices. So it came as no surprise that they started calling their cable companies, satellite providers and IPTV operators, screaming for set-top boxes that would allow […] Read more »

We’re noting news of three more digital media companies raising funding today. Interestingly, considering current economic fears, none of these are advertising plays. Not to say other business models are recession-proof! Invodo is yet another white-label video provider, but focused specifically on retailers and manufacturers. The […] Read more »

American Idol, BBC, Madonna & iTunes; audio and video versions of Idol performances now available to buy through the Apple service. Meanwhile, the BBC plans to start selling some TV shows through iTunes and and Madonna may release Filth and Wisdom, which she directed, through the […] Read more »

The Internet has been rife with skirmishes recently. And the battles have run the gamut, from the physical (those mysteriously slashed cables in Middle Eastern seas) to the theoretical (proposed Net Neutrality legislation on Capitol Hill) to the political (viral presidential propaganda). But the most significant […] Read more »

With the battle over high-definition DVDs now decided, the HD debate shifts back to the web, where once again we ask if HD online matters. Re-igniting the discussion is Dailymotion‘s announcement today that all HD content uploaded to the video-sharing site will be automatically re-encoded for […] Read more »

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