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YouTube will support live video before the end of this year, co-founder Steve Chen told Pop17 videoblogger Sarah Meyers. Check out the clip: The background party music is thumping, so here’s a transcript: Meyers: “When are you guys gonna do live video on YouTube?” Chen: “2008. […] Read more »

In what could prove a great test case of marketing effectiveness, the Obama campaign purchased premium ad space on 26 locally oriented web sites in Texas and Ohio ahead of the states’ primaries on March 4th. And in a first, the Flash-powered “sliding billboard” ads include […] Read more »

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In the last day we’ve heard of two more web video projects from established Hollywood talent. Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy is making a web show for Google, and actress Justine Bateman (Family Ties), writer and producer Jill Kushner (The Ellen DeGeneres Show), Peter Murrieta (Wizards […] Read more »

Conrad Riggs, a producer with Mark Burnett Productions (Survivor), did make a “small investment” in Lonelygirl15 before the series started striking brand integration deals, and LG15 studios rents office space from Riggs in Santa Monica. But that’s the extent of it. You can put away your […] Read more »

Web series quarterlife “bombed” in its debut on NBC, Marshall Herskovitz told us yesterday. Backpedaling on his candid in-person remarks, Herskovitz’ PR issued a statement today: “I am happy to say that the reports of quarterlife’s demise are exaggerated. We’re deeply grateful for NBC’s efforts to […] Read more »

Millions of dollars keep getting deposited into the bank accounts of video startups. Today didn’t bring any huge deals, but there were a few worth noting: Dragonfly, a video platform company focused on high-definition, has raised $3 million in funding from angels including former football star […] Read more »

Facebook Superpokes Filmmakers; company launches new fan page called “Facebook Film” to help filmmakers interact with members of the social network. (VentureBeat) China Central Television to Put Olympic Video on the Web; state-run television partnering with MySpace China and to stream video broadcasts of the […] Read more »

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Disney-ABC Television Group has officially taken the wraps off Stage 9 Digital Media, its short-form programing production company, with the premiere of Squeegees, a new broadband comedy series from online sketch comedy group Handsome Donkey. Stage 9 has a production slate of more than 20 programs […] Read more »

Butterknife is an episodic web series starring real-life couple Ronald and Mary Bronstein and featuring a cast of their real-life filmmaker friends. The series, a collaboration between Joe Swanberg and the Bronsteins, was commissioned by Spout to promote some of the creative personalities the site is […] Read more »

Perhaps to prove that they aren’t overpaid, pretty talking heads, network TV anchors are unshackling themselves from their studio sets and venturing out to do some video blogging. Before last night’s Democratic debate got underway, Brian Williams gave web audiences a little taste of the evening […] Read more »

Akimbo showed it’s continuing its quest for a successful strategy today with the unveiling of a new service that enables content providers to publish web video on their own sites. Akimbo says its new offering will take care of the content publishing, front-end navigation and monetization, […] Read more »

In a development that could kill the network dreams of other fledgling web series, quarterlife‘s premiere on NBC last night bombed. TV by the Numbers paints the not-so-pretty picture: quarterlife came in last place in its time slot, with a mere 3.86 million viewers. An ABC […] Read more »

The two no-fuss ways to monetize your web site are to add Google AdSense, which gives you a share of price-per-click, or Amazon affiliate ads, which give you a share of products bought through your links. Until just recently, there were no parallel options for monetizing […] Read more »

Warner Bros. TV President Bruce Rosenblum last week both forecasted the demise of network television and said that a distribution deal between his studio and Hulu was “imminent,” according to Communications Daily. Rosenblum’s perspective is self-serving, as his studio sells prime-time shows to other networks and […] Read more »

Panther Express Raises $15.75 Million; content delivery company’s Series B round was led by Index Ventures, with Gold Hill Capital and existing investor Greylock Partners also participating. (PE Hub) Hulu CEO: Keeps Video Ads Short; during IAB keynote speech, Jason Kilar urged advertisers to not recycle […] Read more »

YouTube will be adding recommendations based on users’ and their friends’ activity. Previously the social networking features of the site had been oriented to avid creators, but now video watchers will also get the benefits of being part of a network. A new personalized homepage layout […] Read more »

EveryZing, a search startup using speech-to-text to analyze what’s inside video, is launching a product to help media sites promote their video content. The company had switched to a business-to-business focus when it raised a $10 million Series B round last June, and new product “ezSEO” […] Read more »

As with most pop culture sensations, Lonelygirl15 spawned a spin-off, and some competition. Falling somewhere between direct offspring and competitor is REDEARTH88, a series that’s starting to build a serious fan base at a time when Lonelygirl’s audience is falling off from previous highs. If REDEARTH88‘s […] Read more »

After sparking a YouTube outage over the weekend, Pakistan has lifted its ban and restored service to the video-sharing site. The outage on Sunday resulted from an attempt to remove a video clip of a Dutch lawmaker explaining his plans to release an anti-Islamic movie. According […] Read more »

The Writers Guild of America this afternoon says the ballots are in and the winner is (drum roll)…the new contract! Of 4,060 members in New York and Los Angeles who participated, 3,802 (93.6 percent) voted ‘yea’ on the new deal, which runs through April of 2011, […] Read more » alums have raised $15 million from New Enterprise Associates and Valhalla Partners to launch an online video platform using premium television content called TidalTV (just a landing site for now, supposed to go into beta next month). The company is to run traditional channels as […] Read more »

Among the victims of Stage6′s imminent demise will be its CDN, Limelight Networks, according to CDN business insiders. There is speculation that it’s a big-ticket hit for Limelight. When contacted, a Limelight spokesperson said the Stage6 news was already factored into its results and directed us […] Read more »

While discussing CBS’s quarterly numbers with reporters, CEO Leslie “Les” Moonves suggested that the network will be tweaking its show development model due to the expense of producing pilots, according to a partial transcript posted to Silicon Alley Insider. Pilots are overated. Its all about episode […] Read more »

In an evening hour live on Ustream, Digg’s Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson answered questions from the audience. Fans looking for a live Diggnation might have been disappointed — Rose and Adelson didn’t start drinking beer until 17 minutes in. It was all business, and the […] Read more »

Our apologies to the thousands of you who came here seeking information about how to watch the Oscars online. While the Academy did live stream its nominations this year, there was no such love for the actual awards ceremony. On, you’ll find videos in these […] Read more »

The Pakistan YouTube Outage Explained; As we reported over the weekend, Pakistan Telecom broadcasted a false claim that it was correct route for address in YouTube’s network space. This type of problem actually occurs more than you’d think. (CNET) Digital Hoops News; gets NBA highlights […] Read more »

Before ABC launches its fast-forwardless VOD service to prevent people from skipping ads, it should check out new research from NBC on what types of commercials viewers retain — even at high speed. Turns out people are still engaged with the ads, even though they’re being […] Read more »

MySpace is launching its second original show, Special Delivery, after getting someone else to foot the bill upfront. Get a taste below of the premiere episode of the hidden-camera show, which features a Chinese food delivery man who is persuaded to pose provocatively for his customer’s […] Read more »

Listening to the FCC hearing today, which was called in response to Comcast throttling BitTorrent traffic on its network, it seemed like Chairman Kevin Martin may be rethinking his laissez-faire stance on Network Neutrality. Martin said that network management practices should be “open and transparent” to […] Read more »

Saturday Night Live’s first show back after the writers’ strike not only delivered its best ratings in 12 months, but it featured Obama Girl singing lip-synching her web phenom song. She didn’t, however, “Obamapologize” for not voting for her man on Super Tuesday. Read more »

It was one of the better jokes Jon Stewart told at the Academy Awards last night (though playing Wii tennis live at the Kodak Theater was probably my favorite). Holding an Apple iPhone, he told the audience he was watching David Lean’s ode to expansive landscapes, […] Read more »

DivX announced today that it’s shutting down Stage6 at the end of this month, putting an end to the video-sharing site’s short, expensive and litigious life. Stage6 was supposed to be a higher-quality YouTube, and while the site had decent traffic, it never caught fire. As […] Read more »

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