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MTV Expands Mobility with Mywaves; marks the first time video from the Viacom brand will be available on the free, ad-supported mobile site. (Hollywood Reporter) iCarly a Hit Both Offline and On; show about a tween who creates her own web show accounted for 20 percent […] Read more »

Just as we were starting to pick up the oldteevee pieces in the wake of the crippling writers’ strike, the actors guilds have started contract negotiations with Hollywood studios. If they go on strike, what will that mean for web video? Honestly, probably not much. The […] Read more »

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vtap, a video search service for mobile phone, is doing something a little crazy. It’s taking an app it designed for mobile phones to the web — usually things go the other direction. The company, which first launched for the iPhone and Windows Mobile last fall, […] Read more »

The Safran Digital Group will produce scripted short-form content for the Xbox, according to reports. We’ll have more tomorrow, but for now the basics: Safran represents clients like the actor and producer Sean Combs, Nia Vardalos, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, but major movie stars are […] Read more »

Being able to pick and choose which cable channels you want instead of having them all bundled into one package would bring “economic ruin,” according to recent research from Yankee Group. But as online video grows, the point may already be moot. “A la carte” pricing […] Read more »

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She’s the insanely successful, Kids Choice Award winning singing/acting daughter of famed mullet-rocking one-hit wonder Billy Ray Cyrus. Her Hannah Montana 3D concert film is almost solely responsible for a 3 percent increase at the overall box office for 2008 thus far. And, of course, she […] Read more »

Good PSAs, with their short runtime and punchy conclusions, have always done well in the online video world. This week, an assortment of odd clips came together with nothing in common other than a desire to educate people on serious (and not-so-serious) matters. Public Service Announcement: […] Read more »

As we noted earlier, CBS is testing an HD version of its video player. This caught our eye since CBS Interactive president Quincy Smith was pretty anti-HD just a few months ago. So we fired off a quick note to Smith, who was ready for us. […] Read more »

For Your Imagination, a New York-based online video production and distribution shop, has raised $1 million in seed funding from ConsensusOne Ventures, in addition to the $1 million it raised from the same firm last year. The startup, which produces shows like Break a Leg and […] Read more »

Apparently in Hindi, “badmash” roughly translates into “naughty,” while “dishoom” is the onomatopoeic equivalent to “pow” or “bang.” This dose of cross-cultural understanding comes thanks to a new campaign for the (non-existent) job of America’s Prime Minister by Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan. With a team spread […] Read more »

CBS Launches HD Player; network hops on the high-def bandwagon by streaming in H.264/AVC format at 480p (720p and 1080p on the way). (TechCrunch) FCC Lets Satellite Providers Phase In HD; DirecTV and Dish don’t have to carry every TV station’s local HD signal immediately after […] Read more »

If researchers are correct, 2012 promises to be a banner year for HD, DVRs and IPTV. That is, if the apocalypse doesn’t get in the way. With 2007 over, research firms can safely predict five years out. Unfortunately those just may be our last five years […] Read more »

Entertainment gossip site TMZ is expanding into the mobile space with an ad-supported, cross-carrier, standalone WAP site (screenshot shown… Read more »

Since Lost is a repeat tonight, you can fill that vacant hour over on YouTube, where Showtime has put up the entire first episode of season 2 of The Tudors. Well, almost the full episode. Not one to give its cash cow away, Showtime has edited […] Read more »

In recent months, DVD-by-mail darling Netflix has been re-branding itself as a video-on-demand service with a strong broadband component, and judging by a recent user survey conducted by the company, they’re contemplating a push into the next-gen game console space as well. According to Reuters, Netflix […] Read more »

This year at Sundance, indie filmmaker Brody Baker took advantage of the fact that a large quantity of interesting actors were gathered together in a small snow-bound community, and used them to shoot a series of improvised shorts at a small Utah motel. These shorts, dubbed […] Read more »

Though the DirecTV VOD service doesn’t officially launch until the second quarter, it’s been available for beta testing for some time already. As we’ve written before, because of satellite’s one-way-only transmission, DirecTV will be using a combination of pre-selected movies beamed directly to set-top box hard […] Read more »

Hulu Adds NBA and NHL; you can’t watch live games, but you can catch highlights and best-of-basketball and -hockey moments. (Hulu Blog) The Hills Are Alive Online; first episode of bonus season generates 1.8 million streams in one day. (The New York Times) Alltel and Transpera […] Read more »

Joost has hired Jason Gaedtke as chief architect, the company tells us this morning. Gaedtke will not serve as CTO, as Multichannel News claims, but rather will report to Joost SVP of Engineering Matt Zelesko. Gaedtke was previously chief scientist at CableLabs; before that, he was […] Read more »

Comcast and BitTorrent Inc. have announced they’ll work together to ensure the popular file-sharing format works more smoothly over Comcast’s network. The cable company has been embroiled in a public controversy over its policy of throttling BitTorrent files as a means of shaping its network traffic. […] Read more »

YouTube tonight launches an analytics feature called Insight for its video uploaders and advertisers. Users will be able to see the relative popularity of their videos versus other videos in a certain time period, as well as drill down on the geographic regions where their viewers […] Read more »

Nielsen, which along with comScore had counted a drop in U.S. video traffic in January, says the sector recovered last month, with some 115.8 million viewers watching 6.3 billion streams. That’s 54.7 streams and 131 minutes per viewer. It’s in one way a decrease from December […] Read more »

Verizon knows that breaking up with your cable operator can be tough, so the company has asked the FCC for permission to do it for you. The FiOS TV provider is petitioning the commission to make switching your TV service similar to switching phone companies. Presumably […] Read more »

When John Crye isn’t busy with his day job as director of acquisitions and development for Newmarket Films (Memento, Donnie Darko), he and five of his movie studio executive friends make short horror films as part of a collective called FEWDIO. The group’s first film, The […] Read more »

WePlay Shoots for Young Athletes; new social networking site features videos of LeBron James and Peyton Manning as youths, encourages other aspiring athletes to share videos of games. (The New York Times) SpotRunner Running for Election Dollars; ad agency’s new program lets candidates at all levels […] Read more »

Dish Network’s recent purchase of wireless spectrum suggests the satellite TV company is positioning itself to offer on-demand content, but exactly how remains to be seen. The Wall Street Journal writes that the 168 licenses on the E-Block spectrum that Dish paid $711 million for could […] Read more »

John Edwards, CEO of Move Networks, which powers streaming for, and, told us today people are spending more than an hour per session watching content Move provides. He also said that the company has crossed the 34 million viewer mark. This is an […] Read more »

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