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Maybe it’s really old media of me to say this, but if the New York Times says you’re the “Oscars of the Internet,” that’s probably what you are. (Of course, the NYT can afford to pay the Webbys submission fee, so they’re perhaps a little biased.) […] Read more »

Veronica Belmont will cohost Revision3′s Tekzilla, the company announced today. Belmont had last week announced she was leaving Mahalo, where she was the host of Mahalo Daily. Commenters had speculated she would join an existing tech show like Tekzilla or TWiT. Revision3′s shows are mostly technology-oriented, […] Read more »

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Live mobile video startup Qik has raised $3 million, as VentureBeat reported earlier this week. The company called us yesterday to explain where it’s going and provide some additional details about the round. The $3 million in Series B founding came from Marc Benioff (Salesforce), Arjun […] Read more »

Fyreball Lets You Forward Media; startup wants you to assemble pages of media rather than emailing when sending to friends. (VentureBeat) YouTube a Headache for Unlimited Mobile Plans? All-you-can-watch video could tax mobile data networks. (GigaOM) Lip Dub Genesis Revealed; CollegeHumor posts vid showing the making […] Read more »

A posted video of six teenage girls viciously beating a classmate has once again thrust YouTube into the center of a debate pitting technology against free speech. Of course, there are cries for YouTube to proactively monitor content and remove fight videos, but the video-sharing company […] Read more »

Adobe today launches its Adobe Media Player, a product we’ve been following closely. AMP channels RSS feeds for streaming and download of online video from partners such as MTV and CBS. The Adobe Air-based software has a simple UI that feels a bit like a file […] Read more »

Today I stopped in on the ambitiously named “1st Annual Video Search Summit.” I was somewhat surprised to find just sixty or so people tucked away in one of the most drab hotel conference rooms in San Francisco. I mean, I wasn’t expecting the hottest ticket […] Read more »

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It’s hard to imagine how this election cycle might have played out without the influence of online video — especially for Hillary Clinton. Whether or not you support the senator from New York, web video has offered us a chance to call media bias into question […] Read more »

Flickr fanatics can now upload and share video alongside their photos, but those clips will have to be short. The long-awaited Flickr video feature isn’t intended to be a YouTube (or even a Yahoo Video) killer, instead, Flickr is trying to make its video offering an […] Read more »

Add Funkmaster Flex to the list of hip-hop stars moving from the rap game to potential web fame. The popular New York hip-hop DJ and car enthusiast is partnering with Ripe Digital to create Funk Flex TV for On Demand and broadband. Launching at midnight tonight […] Read more »

Corporate blogs don’t have to be all self-promotion and pointless. Major League Baseball averted a full-blown catastrophe last week by using its blog to communicate service issues with disgruntled customers. And as a reporter, I increasingly prefer the straightforward blog language to the migraine-inducing hyperbole of […] Read more »

SiBEAM Raises $40 Million; wireless HD company gets third round from New Enterprise, Foundation Capital and U.S. Venture Partners. (GigaOM) AOL Scores ESPN Content; first time the sports network is releasing its video to a third-party portal. (AdWeek) Studios Fire Warning Shot to Actors; letter from […] Read more »

Last week, NBC announced an arrangement with DirecTV to keep the critically-adored but seldom-watched Friday Night Lights alive. The satellite company will help foot the bill for production in exchange for the exclusive first-run rights of the show. The New York Times writes that Comcast is […] Read more »

Something we heavy online video watchers could really use right now is a good web-based video aggregator where we could lean back to keep track of our favorites and find new gems. And if all goes well, we won’t be the only wackos who prefer this […] Read more »

The magical combination of amiable rabbits, chipmunk voices, and social commentary has won a major sponsorship. Nicholas Quixote let us know last week that he’d sold a non-exclusive sponsorship for his web show Rabbit Bites to Purina. When we spoke with him Monday, Quixote said even […] Read more »

Today, we present the first installment of a feature devoted to predicting the future of new shorts with viral potential. For sometimes it’s hard to tell what will or won’t go viral. But other times, it’s all too easy. Will It Spread? SNL Digital Short: Laser […] Read more »

Pickle, the video- and photo-sharing startup bought by Scripps last year, is shutting down its site on May 15. The service, which had a strong mobile component, is now being used to power Scripps web sites, according to a letter sent to former users. Scripps had […] Read more »

With the proliferation of companies in the online video space tripping over themselves to cater to young men, it’s nice to see someone other than Oprah or iVillage targeting female audiences. SheZoom is a new video site that’s angling to be an “upbeat and engaging community […] Read more »

You might be surprised that I’m admitting this, but sometimes, the best way to get your pure, unfiltered message out there is to put out a press release. That’s what video guide startup MeeVee did today, asking all interested acquirers to please send it an email. […] Read more »

“Hockey is very popular at the local level, but what we’re trying to do is build a bigger national footprint,” the NHL’s Andre Mika told us this morning. Without extensive national television coverage, he said, “We tend to think that digital is our front door.” Enter […] Read more »

Qik to Get Cash Fix?; parent company Visivo raises $3 million in Series B round; could be used to bolster the live mobile streaming service. (VentureBeat) Babelgum to Plunk Down Six Figures on Oil Doc; feature length Oil Sands to be the first project from the […] Read more »

Notoriously snobby music blog Pitchfork launched its video service today, and while we’re still a little skeptical about how big Pitchfork’s audience will ever become, this new addition to the site is actually pretty cool. Pitchfork would probably give it a 6. Unlike YouTube, Pitchfork isn’t […] Read more »

Vimeo says that it received more than 70,000 video uploads during the month of March. Of those, 9,200 were HD (that’s just a hair over 13 percent). While standard def uploads definitely hold the lion’s share, Vimeo’s first quarter has seen a steady increase in the […] Read more »

Hollywood has been stepping up its demands for ISP-based P2P filters in recent weeks, with the MPAA suggesting that such filters would help unclog the Internet’s tubes. But how well do P2P-filtering appliances really work? The French music industry association SNEP recently teamed up with Internet […] Read more »

Apple sold each movie in its library about 10,000 times last year, and each TV show in its library 160,000 times. Both figures showed decreases from their 2006 equivalents: 13,000 movies sold, and 200,000 episodes of television sold, according to analysis by Convergence Consulting. iTunes video […] Read more »

The number of people watching full episodes of broadcast and cable shows will continue to rise, but it will be inhibited by growth in DVRs and improvements to on-demand video services, according to Convergence Consulting. The research firm estimates that 23 percent of U.S. TV watchers […] Read more »

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