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The creators of lonelygirl15 and KateModern — some of the best examples of entertainment that truly uses the web — have formed a company, EQAL (pronounced “equal”) and raised a Series A round of $5 million led by Spark Capital and including Conrad Riggs, Ron Conway, […] Read more »

MySpace is launching a fictional British series called Beyond the Rave tonight. I’m not trying to be a slacker here, but I’ve already written a lot this evening, so here are the basic details, borrowed heavily from a PR email. The trailer is embedded above. – […] Read more »

Brightcove is discontinuing an option to have customers pay to rent or buy video, and will tell its publishers about the change on Wednesday. All paid video options will be zapped from Brightcove publishers’ offerings on July 31. The company explained in an email that less […] Read more »

YouTube wrote in to let us know that our back-of-the-envelope math on its partner program had a fatal flaw, because the site pays different partners different CPMs. We had used one partner’s example of making $1600 for about 2 million views to assume that YouTube’s just-announced […] Read more »

Not to say I’m a sucker for fast talkers, but Jason Kirk spills new media gospel so fast you can tell he’s not making it up. Still, as the vice president of MySpaceTV, the best example of Kirk’s work is the schlocky web show Roommates. It’s […] Read more »

MTV Networks’ strategy of splintering properties into separate verticals seems to be paying off for Comedy Central Digital, which says it pulled in 35 million video plays in March, an increase of 60 percent over the same time last year. Brands under the Comedy Central Digital […] Read more »

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After an acrimonious and public split from Apple last year, NBC says it wants to put its TV content back on iTunes — but the peacock wants anti-piracy measures and flexibility over pricing first. Speaking at the ad:tech conference in San Francisco, NBC Chief Digital Officer […] Read more »

YouTube said today it has paid out more than $1 million to its user partners through its partner program. The figure came as part of an announcement that YouTube is expanding the program to users in Japan, Australia and Ireland (it was previously only available in […] Read more »

Some of the worst decisions people make involve when, where and why they take off their clothes. But that doesn’t seem to be a huge concern for YouTube user Chris3ff and the vloggers participating in his Naked Vlog Campaign: As of writing, Chris3ff has located at […] Read more »

comScore today said it measured an increase in U.S. video views and video viewers for February, up 3 percent from January but not quite back to the record highs of December. For a little more context, though, comScore noted the 10.1 billion videos viewed was a […] Read more »

SAG Head Ready for a Fight; Alan Rosenberg has called the producers’ recent deals with directors and writers unsatisfactory for his union. (The New York Times) Starbucks Expands Pick of the Week to Music Videos; coffee chain to offer free music vids via iTunes. (MarketWatch) Channel […] Read more »

Pope Benedict XVI arrived in the U.S. yesterday, but if you can’t make it out to Washington D.C. or New York to catch a glimpse of the pontiff, you can catch up with what’s happening online as news outlets are readying a multiplatform media blitz. […] Read more »

Digital Fountain, a video infrastructure company that’s been demoing a high-quality video CDN and software package for a while now, has signed its first customer, the auto-racing channel SPEEDtv. Fremont, California-based Digital Fountain’s new DF Splash is an end-to-end video streaming product. On the consumer side […] Read more »

PluggedIn, a startup backed by actor and rapper Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment that’s aiming to be an online hub for music videos, will launch tomorrow, according to the New York Times. For once, this celebrity-backed video venture has chosen a worthwhile project, because there really isn’t […] Read more »

Since Veronica Belmont said “aloha” to her Mahalo Daily podcast, the company wants to say “aloha” to a new host, and it’s looking on YouTube to find one (you see, it works because “aloha” means hello and good-bye…). But sorry guys, only wahines (women) need apply. […] Read more »

Comcast said today it plans to create a “P2P Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” in cooperation with P2P companies and other ISPs. The bill proposal is being co-spearheaded by Pando Networks, a company that recently made waves with its efforts to help ISPs with the impact […] Read more »

Raising the price of HD movies on VOD and releasing them the same day they come out on DVD would be a boon to the industry, according to a new survey from consulting firm Oliver Wyman. The company found that consumers would be willing to spend […] Read more »

There are starting to be some figures coming out that support the idea that mobile TV will be a big money-spinner in the future — although… Read more »

This morning I scanned the program for the upcoming Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco for sessions I should cover for NewTeeVee. It turns out there’s not a single online video panel or speech on the agenda, with the exception of a 10-minute talk by Current […] Read more »

By the look of things, you’d think U.S. consumers were demanding ways to watch TV on their mobile phones. But studies show, again and again, they’re not. But a few equipment vendors in the WiMax space are throwing the facts under a truck and rolling out […] Read more »

Visible World and PermissionTV Get Money; video ad company Visible World secures $25 million in Series C round; online video services company PermissionTV takes $3 million in venture debt. (Visible World: MediaPost; PermissionTV: paidContent) The Filter Wants to Recommend Media; Peter Gabriel-backed company follows the music, […] Read more »

Google Maps now offers embeddable videos from YouTube, giving local businesses a new way to show off their goods. Companies listed in Google’s Local Business Center can upload a video to YouTube and have it associated with their expanded listing in Google Maps. Now, local businesses […] Read more »

Looking for a place to show off your homemade music video or a your best bike trick? A place that isn’t YouTube or Facebook? Or an existing competitive social network like iBeatYou (our coverage)? Well, we have just the thing: Strutta, launching in beta on Tuesday […] Read more »

Shopflick is a new video marketplace catering to independent boutiques. Sellers can upload video of their wares (and themselves) for buyers to peruse and purchase — kind of like a video version of eBay. The site is focused on the independent and the entrepreneurial. It wants […] Read more »

MobiTV has hit the 4-million subscriber mark, adding a million subscribers in the last six months as well as the six months before that, rep… Read more »

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