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Holy (expetive), the YouTube-for-the-religious site GodTube has raised $30 million, according to paidContent. The money came from hedge fund GLG Partners and the valuation for this round was approximately $150 million. GodTube had previously raised $2.5 million from private investors (see our previous coverage). This funding […] Read more »

Now here’s some unusual logic: ask people to pay $3.99 for online video they may be able to see free and ad-supported elsewhere. Charge them more — $5.99 for two to five people, $7.99 for six to ten — if they want to watch it simultaneously […] Read more »

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We’re at that point in the election cycle right now when the sheer mention of superdelegates makes me think about leaving the country. But like it or not, the 2008 Democratic primary will continue to dominate the online video world. If only because the Internet needs […] Read more »

YouTube, like the iPod, has become a cultural phenomenon and part of our online lives. From politicians to pointless singers, everyone knows and uses YouTube. And that is why when the largest online video site goes down, it is major news. Of course it results in […] Read more »

Remember Red Swoosh, the P2P company that was bought by Akamai for $18.7 million in April 2007? Red Swoosh used to be a competitor to Akamai, albeit on a much smaller scale, offering P2P-powered content delivery services to corporate customers. Shortly before the Akamai acquisition, the […] Read more »

Amanda Congdon, famous for hosting pioneering video show Rocketboom and then famous for making a big fuss about leaving Rocketboom, is coming back to online video on her own terms. She’s posted a teaser for what looks to be a new ensemble comedy show, Sometimesdaily. Introducing […] Read more »

Actors and the studios have agreed to extend their contract negotiations until May 6th, in what is being viewed as a positive (small) step towards averting another crippling strike in Hollywood. Formal negotiations were supposed to end today, but both sides agreed to continue talking after […] Read more »

Apple said yesterday it had finally scored deals to sell movies from almost every major studio on the same day they come out on DVD. What’s surprising is that the company will lose a dollar on every new release it sells, according to the Wall Street […] Read more »

Viacom to Shell Out $100 Million for New Pay Channel; company will be lead investor but not majority owner. (Multichannel News) 7 Million Downloads for South Park; animated franchise is MTV’s best-selling show on iTunes and Xbox. (Silicon Alley Insider) Silverman: OdTeeVee Will Be Event-Driven; NBC […] Read more »

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Rumors hit the web yesterday that Akimbo laid off nearly all of its staff, save for the executives. A spokesperson for the company has confirmed that there were layoffs, but could not provide specific numbers. The rep did say that the layoffs were focused on legacy […] Read more », the popular video-sharing site that was taken completely off the Internet after both being sued by Universal Music Group and seeing its planned acquisition by GoFish fall through, is back online. According to a source familiar with the events, Bolt’s former president, Lou Kerner, purchased […] Read more »

ABC will test inserting multiple commercials into ad breaks for primetime shows viewed through its broadband player next week, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The move would break the norm of having a single advertiser within a longform web vid and begin the downward spiral toward […] Read more »

In the pre-web days, Scientology had it easy — through lawsuits and copyright claims, it was able to keep some measure of control over its message and its portrayal in the media. But it’s no accident that with the Internet’s spread, more and more information about […] Read more »

When it comes to file-sharing, Usenet has long been considered an underground venue. Its odd archive formats and weird file extensions were just too complicated for the average user, and tasks like finding and merging 400 parts of a movie download seemed a little too laborious […] Read more »

Hulu, the network-approved and operated online video service, was conceived as a “YouTube killer” — a way for big media to go to the Internet on their own terms. But now things have come full circle. Hulu, the launch of which prompted its parent NBC to […] Read more »

Adobe Kicks Off Open Screen Project; initiative aims to make using Flash and AIR consistent across PCs, TVs and mobile. (Adobe) New Beta YouTube Player; features slimmer control panel with fewer buttons and smaller time counter. Check it out here (click on the “YouTube Player Beta” […] Read more »

Connecting your computer to your nice HD TV screen can get kludgy fast. A company called ZeeVee has an interesting solution that uses the existing cable wiring in your home to display what’s on your PC on an empty channel on your TV dial. Instead of […] Read more »

Apple said today that new movie releases from major studios can now be purchased through iTunes on the same day as the DVD release. The company said new releases and older titles will be available from 20th Century Fox, The Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Paramount […] Read more »

Though I am loathe to encourage any company to create yet another set-top box for my TV, Sezmi is hoping it has the right combination to replace at least a couple of devices connected to your TV. Sezmi (formerly Building B, and not to be confused […] Read more »

Online video editing startup One True Media caters primarily to MySpace kids and home-video making moms. It has 3 million registered users, 70,000 new videos per week, and 4 million video views per week. But after noticing an increasing number of businesses using its service to […] Read more »

Why do you subscribe to HBO or Showtime, is it for the movies or the original series? It’s a question that sprang to mind when Viacom, Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM announced they were creating a new pay TV network. There was a lot of hubbub over […] Read more »

Sonic Solutions Buys Simple Star; Sonic’s Roxio to incorporate platform that allows people to turn video clips into shows that are shareable to PCs, TVs and social networks. (VentureBeat) Comcast iGuide Time Shifts Itself; glitch made guide listings off by two and a half hours for […] Read more »

It’s all smoke and mirrors until the products launch, but Google CEO Eric Schmidt promised untold wonders of coming YouTube advertising innovations — “not just putting in-line ads in the things” — in an interview with CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo that will air at 4 p.m. ET […] Read more »

The big news coming out of Time Warner this morning was that the company is finally selling off its cable division, the second largest in the country (our pal Stacey at GigaOM says its the beginning of Time Warner’s death by 1,000 cuts). But the other, […] Read more »

Earlier this week we briefly mentioned that a new company called SaysMe had raised a first round of funding. The company helps regular people get their political ads on television, which sure sounds like an open can of worms to me! To find out more about […] Read more »

Transferring wireless, high-definition content is a puzzle that hardware vendors have long been trying to solve. It’s hard to cram that much data into a fast wireless stream using unlicensed spectrum such as Wi-Fi or Ultra-wideband, but plenty of companies are trying. However, for any technology […] Read more »

Kitschy 80s TV icon The People’s Court is being resurrected for the digital age. People’s Court Raw is throwing its robes into the UGC competition/argument space by letting people post video versions of their disputes online and letting the audience vote for who is right. As […] Read more »

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