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Online video content startup Tinselvision has inked a deal with UTV, by virtue of which it gets access to UTVs theatrical titles like Life I… Read more »

Well, for those of you wondering which small provider would provide the hardware for Netflix’s digital download service, the suspense is finally over. It’s Roku, a startup better-known for making streaming music hardware. Founder Anthony Wood went over to Netflix last year to help build the […] Read more »

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Senator Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.) believes the latest safe harbor for terrorisms is…YouTube. The senator fired off a letter (and a press release) to Google CEO Eric Schmidt calling on YouTube to pull all content produced by terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda. From his letter: In other […] Read more »

Apparently searching video is really hard, as market leader Truveo today declared a competition to help it find new video search applications. And the prize? $100,000 in cold, hard cash. The problem with video search is not just difficult technology, but usage habits — or more […] Read more »

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull whips its way into theaters this weekend, and much like his archaeologist hero, Spielberg is still a big believer in the importance of relics. Jones has his crystal skulls, Spielberg clings to his beloved film stock. While […] Read more »

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Cultural transposition is always a bit…weird…and the accessibility the Internet provides doesn’t really change that. Case in point: Remember how one of the alternative revenue streams for Vuguru’s Prom Queen was to come from licensing the show in Japan and France? Well, the Japanese version has […] Read more »

Congdon Comes Full Circle; with big media behind her, she’s back to video blogging, her new show Sometimes Daily launches today in partnership with Media Rights Capital. (, NY Times feature) Sweeps Kinda Suck for Networks; despite new episodes of popular shows, audiences dropped by 10 […] Read more »

Web TV company Joost has made two hires to help where it is sorely lacking — content. Danny Passman is the company’s new global head of programming strategy and John Schultz is now the director of programming strategy. Both were previously at vid sharing site Dailymotion. […] Read more »

Kids these days are wielding more power over how video and televised entertainment are being pumped into their homes, according to new research from Motorola. The company studied the influence and behaviors of the Millennial generation (young adults ages 16 – 27), and the results are […] Read more »

Over the past six months, some quality online videos devoted to Barack Obama have come out, but how many of them featured the senator from Illinois in a “political horror rock musical”? Answer, none. Until, that is, the release last February of Barackula: The Musical. Written […] Read more »

GridNetworks, a peer-to-peer television distribution company, has revealed that it has taken investment from Comcast Interactive Capital. The funding was part of a previously announced $9.5 million Series A round whose participants have trickled out over time. Comcast isn’t GridNetworks’ only strategic investor; it also took […] Read more »

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) isn’t budging in its negotiations with the Hollywood studios over the use of clips online. In a video posted on its web site, Doug Allen, SAG national executive director and chief negotiator reaffirmed the guild’s belief that an actor must give […] Read more »

This week, Fox announced plans at the upfronts to emphasize “Remote-Free TV” — which Chris redubbed “More-like-the-Web TV”. But, since the only commercials I really tolerate anymore are online video pre-rolls, perhaps TV trying to more closely emulate the web with its advertising schemes is a […] Read more »

Interactive television company ICTV (previous coverage) is officially changing its name to ActiveVideo Networks, a move aimed at reflecting the ways in which video distribution is evolving. Ed Forman, ActiveVideo Networks’ executive vice president of strategy and corporate development and its chief strategy officer, told NewTeeVee: […] Read more »

Two mild-mannered dudes from Tennessee think they’ve come up with a cool way to add collaboration to the movie-making process. Their site, Rootclip, aims to rev up audience participation by letting users determine where the story goes. It works like this: Rootclip creates a one-minute short […] Read more »

Larry Strong and Kevin Arbouet, who directed the first few Obama Girl shorts for Barely Political, are shifting gears this summer — the two have tipped NewTeeVee that they’ll be producing a feature film tentatively starring DJ Qualls (Road Trip, Hustle and Flow) and Jerry Stiller […] Read more »

Rape Victim Posts Plea to YouTube; young girl part of a growing trend of victims reaching out for help online. (CNN) Dish Wins (but Kinda Loses) Five-Year-Long Piracy Case; jury finds DirecTV and NDS Group did steal satellite signals and engage in piracy — but only […] Read more »

Fox has announced that its upcoming shows Dollhouse and Fringe will air with reduced commercial breaks. Each break will be shorter and feature fewer advertisers, bringing the total amount of national commercial time for each program to just five minutes. But while Fox is calling the […] Read more »

Seems like anyone with a green screen and a sarcastic demeanor is starting up their own news show, especially tech news shows, which is why I was hesitant to check out MOJO’s The Circuit. But it’s actually pretty good. The topics are your basic tech/geek fare […] Read more »

We are inching close to ourStructure08 conference and are trying hard to round out the speaker list and the agenda. Our friends at Techcrunch wrote nice things about the upcoming conference on their blog today. I have been spending a lot of time researching the topics […] Read more »

Everyone’s weighed in on CBS’ $1.8 billion acquisition of CNET, but no one’s really talking about how the deal impacts their web video efforts. Liz thinks CBS is hipper than CNET when it comes to web video, but how will the two companies join forces? We […] Read more »

While the ISP part of Cox Communications is busy interfering with its customers’ BitTorrent traffic, the cable part of the company is trying to improve its customers’ experience. The country’s third-largest cable operator tapped NDS Group earlier this week to revamp its user interface. Not only […] Read more »

Remember that web-based tool to test whether your ISP is blocking BitTorrent that we linked to a couple weeks back? Thousands of broadband users around the world have tried it in the last couple of weeks. Well the results are in, and guess what? Comcast isn’t […] Read more »

Undaunted by the comedy competition from all sides, upstart funny site launched three new web series this week, Glitch in the System, Do Unto Others and Incognegro. Created by Variety writer Ben Fritz, Glitch in System is a light-hearted look at video games and game […] Read more »

Jaman Launches Ad-Supported Streaming Movies; 100 of its indie and world films will be available for high-definition streaming for free, no download required. (Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal) Amazon Takes Stake in Animoto; photos-into-music-videos company (and Amazon Web Services customer), gets undisclosed sum from the retail […] Read more »

Streaming web video is great and all, but every once in a while you find something that you just want to save and cherish for always. If your home Internet connection is as unreliable as mine you’ll understand what I mean. There are a bunch of […] Read more »

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