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EQAL, the new startup formed by the creators of lonelygirl15, is following up on its promise to expand the LG15 “universe” to other countries. The company told NewTeeVee today it had signed a deal with M.A.D. Entertainment to create a localized sister series in Italy. The […] Read more »

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While more people visited during the 2007-2008 television season, they spent more time on, according to new numbers from Hitwise. ABC eked out a narrow victory, capturing 27.14 percent of U.S. visits compared to NBC’s 27.01 percent in a custom category defined by Hitwise. […] Read more »

We’d thought the days of big investor reups for video portals were coming to an end, but someone new has stepped up to pay Veoh‘s bandwidth bills as it figures out its business. The Internet video portal and software maker is announcing today it has raised […] Read more »

YouTube’s head of monetization, Shashi Seth, let us know this morning that he left the company to become the chief revenue officer of startup Cooliris. Seth will be working on a business and advertising model for the Menlo Park, Calif.-based immersive browsing toolmaker, which has raised […] Read more »

Nielsen and NBC Team Up for Multiplatform Metrics; collaboration will examine data across TV and online streaming to find connections in consumer buying habits. (paidContent) Big Stage Raises More Money; video avatar company extends first round of venture funding with undisclosed new sum. Big Stage previously […] Read more »

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When it rains, it pours. A host of new online original series were announced in the past 24 hours, most of which are professionally produced content featuring semi-famous people — or the siblings of semi-famous people. Lloyd Braun, the former Yahoo exec who was supposed to […] Read more »

Azuki Systems, a company promising to ease the mobile video experience on any phone, is coming out of stealth today. We spoke to the 18-month-old company, formerly known as Peermeta, this week about its middleware system, which it hopes to sell as software-as-a-service to media companies. […] Read more »

Ecoutez, et repetez. eduFire is a new startup that promises to teach you a language through live online video chat tutorials. The service, which officially launched last week, has more than 500 teachers instructing in over 30 different languages. A visitor to eduFire can either jump […] Read more »

As expected, CBS officially announced updates for its video player today, providing many of the features we outlined last night. The company says it will roll out true HD-quality streaming, full-screen viewing, and embedding capabilities across and the CBS Audience Network over the coming months. […] Read more »

LiveU, a mobile live broadcasting system, has raised $9 million in Series B funding, according to Globes Online. We first covered the company in our “One to Watch” feature in February. The Kfar Saba, Israel-based startup has built a piece of hardware meant to displace television […] Read more »

Hey, remember laughing at Miss Teen USA South Carolina being an idiot on national television, and then feeling a bit guilty about making fun of someone having a really bad day? Well, this weekend at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, 13-year-old Sameer Mishra won the grand […] Read more »

Time Warner Cable will offer subscribers “a new wireless cable modem that will allow you to network everything in your house,” CEO Glenn Britt said at an investor conference on Friday, as Reuters reported. “Right now it’s pretty hard to get Internet stuff on your TV,” […] Read more »

Time Warner Cable CEO on Internet Video; Britt says networks shouldn’t expect his company to pay higher fees if they’re going to put content online for free at the same time. (The Wall Street Journal) Funding Roundup; Tremor Media raises undisclosed sum from European Founders Fund; […] Read more »

After seeing Britney’s comeback fiasco turn into server-melting gold, MTV intentionally created a viral clip for its Movie Awards last night, with surprisingly funny results. In it, Ben Stiller tries to corral Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. into making a viral video to pimp their […] Read more »

CBS will reportedly announce a new video player tomorrow, featuring a raft of new features including new ad targeting, content sharing and augmented social capabilities. AdAge writes that the player will use a content and advertising engine CBS picked up in its acquisition of The […] Read more »

Video-sharing startup Veoh has blocked visitors from all but 33 countries from accessing its site, a spokesperson confirmed to NewTeeVee today. Veoh’s Gaude Paez told NewTeeVee, “The markets we are exiting collectively represent less than 10 percent of our viewer base.” She maintained that the decision […] Read more »

For many filmmakers, the festival circuit is the first, last and only place their work is ever shown. But a new endeavor from Cinetic (rhymes with “kinetic”) Rights Management wants to prove there’s a digital life for all the films that don’t land theatrical distribution deals. […] Read more »

Last month I suggested that Blockbuster buy Redbox to help usher brick-and-mortar DVD renters into their digital future through automated kiosks. While they didn’t buy Redbox, this week Blockbuster announced plans to roll out…kiosks! But the big boxes will only be used to download content to […] Read more »

The WB private-beta-launched its anticipated new portal of old shows tonight, and I just had a chance to take a look around. The site looks nice enough and promises some interesting features, but there’s a lot left unfinished — like the original online shows we’d been […] Read more »

The denial-of-service attack against online video distributor Revision3 continues to make waves. Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback revealed yesterday that his company had identified the anti-piracy outlet Mediadefender as the source of a massive flood of messages that brought Revision3′s infrastructure to its knees.The incident is one […] Read more »

Watercooler, which makes fan community applications for social networks like Facebook and MySpace, has some 22 million registered users talking about their favorite TV shows and sports team, playing trivia games and sharing information. What it didn’t have until this week was the actual video content […] Read more »

Prince is once again battling the YouTube masses over videos from a recent performance being posted online — only this time the copyright question is a little more complex. During the recent Coachella music festival, the Purple One covered Radiohead’s Creep (ed. note: awesome). Stoked fans […] Read more »

Comcast Hack Not Related to BitTorrent; two guys who took over the cable company’s homepage were just mad at the company, got in over their heads. (Threat Level) Turner to Air Two-Minute Show-mercials; Commuter Confidential will be a Revlon and microseries that will tell a […] Read more »

Dear Comcast, Thank you for spoiling last night’s season finale of Lost. Because of the key queuing issue with your set top boxes, two separate plot points from the show were ruined. It’s the same problem we’ve written about before, and it’s getting worse. I pushed […] Read more »

EatLime, a personal video-sharing startup, is moving at warp speed. In November its two young founders, then operating a general file-sharing site in Toronto called YouSwap, visited the Bay Area. In January, they moved to Sunnyvale. In April, they launched their current site, honing in on […] Read more »

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