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District Heating: Olivier Barbaroux poses that “district energy”–systems of heating and cooling networks–is a realistic solution to many of today’s environmental concerns— IBM’s Server Savings: Big Blue will transfer its current computing load, now on 3,900 servers, onto about 30 System z mainframes running Linux. The […] Read more »

University researchers are tinkering over hydrogen and clean cooking fuel this week. Here’s three examples of the latest green research taking place on campus labs around the world: Hydrogen Storage: An international team of researchers working out of the University of the Basque Country in northern […] Read more »

There are countless startups like Zondu and Verdiem that are devoted to selling energy saving technology for the office. But saving power doesn’t always need high-tech intervention — why not just turn off lights and computers at the office? According to a new survey, though, that’s […] Read more »

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Everyone’s favorite eco website TreeHugger is being sold to Discovery Communications, the companies announced this morning. The New York Post, which first wrote about the deal, puts the acquisition at $10 million, and the release says that the site will become part of Discovery’s ‘Planet Green’ […] Read more »

Prius-owner ‘Dave’ recently had his car converted to a plug-in and is documenting his mileage and gas usage (pointed out by Calcars). He drives over 60 miles a day, and just drove 1,307 miles on his last tank of gas. Whoa! And he only needs 9.578 […] Read more »

We just got a heads up on an announcement that the X Prize Foundation plans to put out a release tomorrow about its Automotive X Prize, which will award cash to a team that has developed a super-efficient vehicle. The non-profit prize institute is planning to […] Read more »

SolFocus, a Mountain View, Calif. based startup that develops solar concentrator technology will announce tomorrow that it has acquired Madrid-based solar tracking company InSpira. The companies wouldn’t release the financial details of the deal, but said that Inspira will continue to market its trackers under its […] Read more »

Crude close to $78: “Prices have risen more than 20% in the past two months” — Wall Street Journal. Solar cell record: Researchers at the University of Delaware have developed hardware that can convert 42.8 percent of light that hits it into electricity — CNET. Chat […] Read more »

Green development projects in China will get a boost from a new partnership with U.S. organizations. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and non-profit U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Development signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” to work together on eco-friendly development projects in China. The U.S. agencies […] Read more »

Clean tech business competitions are actually a great way for startups to find funding, industry interest and media attention. So we are excited to see that the California Clean Tech Open competition has announced its 50 finalists that will be vying for $600,000 worth of prizes. […] Read more »

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The site says its downloadable power-saving software has helped its users save over a million KWh. How so? It’s an application created by Malta-based software company Uniblue Systems, which optimizes your PC’s power consumption through what it says is a “more effective” power saving mode. […] Read more »

Mo money for the clean tech venture world. Palo Alto-based Technology Partners says it has formed ‘Fund VIII’ with $300 million for cleantech and life science investments. The VC partnership, in a press release says it has already used the fund for several investments including Tesla […] Read more »

Solar One’s $$$: Acciona Energy has closed on a $266 million project for Nevada Solar Ones’ 64 megawatt Concentrated Solar Power Plant—United Press International. Virtualization’s Hot: Desktone gets $17M in first-round funding as VMWare’s IPO looms—The Alarm Clock. Driving Fjord: Norwegian electric-car maker Think Nordic gives […] Read more »

Another thin film solar startup is giving it a go. Sierra Solar Power, a 5-month-old Sunnyvale-based solar startup, recently raised $6.86 million in a series A round led by GSR Ventures according to PE HUB. Sierra founder and CEO Zhang Xu told us in a phone […] Read more »

While we can ponder whether “clean coal” is an oxymoron, the carbon capture technologies that some power companies are starting to consider are very expensive. The Oil Drum quotes an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change carbon capture and storage report that says carbon capture technology can […] Read more »

The Khosla-backed biofuel company LS9 is opening up the kimono a bit today. Grist and the Wall Street Journal say the company has developed a biofuel that use traditional feedstocks used for ethanol, but will contain “50% more energetic content and is made via a process […] Read more »

Martin Roscheisen, CEO of thin film solar company Nanosolar, founded the startup five years ago when solar was nowhere near the hot topic it is today. He managed to fund the company with at least $100 million from venture firms like Benchmark Capital and Mohr Davidow […] Read more »

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the controversial 2007 Farm Bill on Friday. The five-year farm bill, which is projected to cost over $280 billion, includes $2.4 billion set aside for clean energy, which is allocated for wind and solar power, energy efficiency, and biofuels. There […] Read more »

Making power hungry data centers more energy efficient is a big business and Cisco knows it. On Friday Cisco said it will purchase $150 million of the virtualization company VMware’s Class A common shares from VMware’s parent company EMC. Cisco says it will work on developing […] Read more »

Magnetically Levitated Wind Turbine: The company Maglev Wind Turbine Technologies just started operating and already writes that its strategic vision is to “generate 25% of the U.S. and world’s power needs by 2020.” Whoa there — TreeHugger, release. Barometer of EU Biofuels: A report says that […] Read more »

The skeptic’s view of cleaner coal is summed up nicely by one of our commenters when he writes: “clean coal isn’t.” Still, power companies aren’t stopping building new coal plants and some are looking at the latest methods to make coal cleaner by capturing and storing […] Read more »

Website hosting is a power hungry business, and is often responsible for carbon emissions, depending on how your data center is powered. Yep, we’re guilty too and our hosting company says its local power is mainly coal. Solar-powered web hosting startup Greenest Host, launching next Wednesday, […] Read more »

Written by John Hornig, who helped start a biodiesel outlet in the U.K, and currently works for Blooming Futures, a non-profit COOP that converts diesel cars so they can use plant oil for fuel. The big news in the UK at the moment (at least for […] Read more »

The Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies just released a 58-page report posing the question “Where Does the Nano Go?” The report, sponsored by The Pew Charitable Trusts and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, urges the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to make regulations specifically for the […] Read more »

The Internet may be bringing us all closer together, but the companies powering it are as fractured as ever. There are hundreds of utilities in the U.S., both public and privately owned, overseeing an aging power grid. And each is run differently, even in data hungry […] Read more »

What does a virtual world have to do with making a real world businesses more eco-friendly? Potentially a lot. Here’s a cheat sheet on noteworthy green development projects in Second Life, the user-created world I’ve been writing about over the last four years on my blog […] Read more »

Nuclear Power Debates: R-Squared blogger Robert Rapier talks about the democratic candidates’ views on nuclear power and discusses why he thinks nuclear will be needed in the long run — R-Squared Blog. “Green” UFO: Researchers at the Deift University of Technology in the Netherlands have started […] Read more »

After yesterday’s power outage in San Francisco’s SOMA District shut down data center 365 Main, we weren’t the only ones wondering what sent the operations of the data center screeching to a halt. (We doubt it was caused by a drunk employee.) 365 Main, the data […] Read more »

Israeli solar thermal company Solel just scored a deal with PG&E to build an estimated $2 billion massive solar thermal plant in California’s Mohave Desert. Not a lot of people have heard of the 250-person company, or even really solar thermal technology for that matter. So […] Read more »

Last night we got an alert from PG&E telling us that they were going to make a “solar energy announcement of international significance,” Wednesday morning in downtown San Francisco. No explanation from them yet on the blackouts that plagued San Francisco yesterday, but they always seem […] Read more »

How long till your Prius is sold with a plug? Toyota says that it has developed a plug-in hybrid car, which it will test on roads in Japan. Like the Prius, the “Toyota Plug-in HV” has a gas-powered engine and an electric motor, but can also […] Read more »

Voluntary carbon markets – no standards but growing: A report says that the voluntary carbon market grew by 200 percent last year and will keep growing in 2007, but also urged for standards and certification processes — GreenBiz. HP’s thin client buy an eco-move?: “It will […] Read more »

Finding a carpool commuting buddy is easier today than it was a decade ago thanks to the web. There’s no small amount of web sites hoping to match up local commuters and help reduce the number of cars on the road. And that’s a good thing […] Read more »

Plato Networks, a fabless semiconductor company that designs chips for energy-efficient datacenters, snagged $20 million from Granite Ventures, STIC International, and Crosslink Capital. The Santa Clara-based company says it will use the funds to “accelerate development of its ultra low-power 10Gbps Ethernet products”. Founded in 2004, […] Read more »

The “fuel vs food” debate over corn-based ethanol has been heating up over the past months as presidential candidates have been backing the biofuel (John Stossel alert.) One thing’s for sure, some popcorn makers aren’t happy about a rise in the price of corn and the […] Read more »

AMD released its seventh annual “Global Climate Protection Plan” today, highlighting the chip maker’s latest work to reduce the amount of energy required to run its processors, as well as its other energy-saving initiatives. The company’s concentration on energy-saving has been a PR boon for the […] Read more »

Lumbering conglomerate General Electric might have critics pressing it to sell off pieces and boost its stock, but it’s eco products are bringing in pretty significant revenues according to the New York Times. The article focuses on a kindler, gentler GE era led by CEO Jeffrey […] Read more »

VeraSun’s $725M ethanol purchase: Rising corn prices didn’t deter VeraSun Energy Corp from buying three ethanol plants, in route to to produce one billion gallons by the end of 2008 — Reuters. Oil prices, no relief in sight: Oil will keep rising throughout 2007, according to […] Read more »

Venture capitalists are pouring money into alternative fuels and new sources of energy to power our gasoline-guzzling automobiles. But what about a technology that could remake the good old internal combustion engine? Inventor Nik Shkolnik and his son, MIT grad student Alexander Shkolnik, are developing technology […] Read more »

We’ve been checking out the 5th annual Dow Jones VentureOne report and we thought it was interesting to see that it attributes emerging sectors like cleantech as one of the factors that made venture investment in 2006 the highest level since 2001. OK, so it’s still […] Read more »

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