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USDA Reports Biofuels Fueled Record Farm Income: A report released today from the USDA’s Economic Research Service says that biofuels have helped push net U.S. farm incomes to an all-time high, bumping up $28.5 billion dollars to $87.5 billion – Bioact. Daimler Gets 1,000 Orders For […] Read more »

Folks, it’s getting to be that time again, when the New Year’s predictions start to roll in. An early, and unsurprisingly bullish one for the cleantech industry was released this morning, from the National Venture Capital Association. It says that the majority of NVCA venture capitalists […] Read more »

The McKinsey Quarterly is circulating a chart-filled newsletter this morning, highlighting four sticking points that will determine the future success or failure of the biofuel industry. The data is from a report the research firm released earlier this year, but it’s still timely, and we thought […] Read more »

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Solar and defense have a long history, as alternative energy sources can help out in remote locations. (Ironic when you think about securing nations with rich oil reserves.) And this morning a well-known Air Force Base, Nellis, in Nevada, is switching on what the Air Force […] Read more »

If granted patents are an indication of innovation in a sector, clean technology breakthroughs are up significantly over the past five years, but down slightly from 2006. In 2007 a little less than 900 patent applications were granted. That’s compared to 2002, when less than 750 […] Read more »

Our own Alexis Madrigal makes an interesting point in Wired from the recently released Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) from the Germanwatch policy group. He notes that while the ranking of developed countries has stayed relatively static, Mexico, with its infamously polluted capital city, has jumped […] Read more »

It was a sunny week in the world of cleantech with numerous announcements from solar companies. It was also an exciting week in the world of policy. The UN Convention on Climate Change is inching towards its conclusion. Domestically, the U.S. Senate passed a stripped down […] Read more »

The UN Convention on Climate Change has moved into overtime as delegates furiously work to mete out a resolution, with Yvo de Boer, the convention’s executive secretary, saying they are “on the brink of agreement,” though declining to offer any specifics, NYTimes reports. “It’s not actually […] Read more »

Plans for ethanol plants are dropping faster than the price of Christmas cards in January. Earlier this week, construction of the third plant in as many months was put on hold, with Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) (which was recently ditched by Bill Gates) suspending the building of […] Read more »

After failing to close debate on the Energy Bill, the Senate has passed the Bill by removing the renewable portfolio standard (RPS) and a keeping a $21 billion tax package that gives the oil industry billions in tax breaks. The newly trimmed bill will now head […] Read more »

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We definitely wouldn’t want the job of steering a massive power company that delivers 70 percent of its generation from dirty coal, making it one of the largest emitters of CO2 in the U.S. Not in this day and age of increasing attention to climate change […] Read more »

World’s Clean Energy Climbing Faster than 10 Percent per Year: According to a report from the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21), renewable energy use is growing faster than 10% per year globally — EERE release. Middle America’s Got GreenTech Too: “The IT […] Read more »

The clock is ticking as the UN Climate Change Conference in Bali enters its final hours. With the meeting due to wrap up tomorrow at noon (GMT +8), little progress has been made in outlining a follow-up strategy to the UN protocol. Let’s be clear: The […] Read more »

Ausra, the solar thermal startup backed by Kleiner and Khosla, said today it plans to build a 130,000-square-foot plant in Las Vegas that will manufacture and distribute solar thermal gear including reflectors, towers and absorber tubes. The company said the plant, which will employ 50 workers […] Read more »

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom unveiled a new solar energy plan this week aimed at boosting commercial and residential solar in the city. The package of proposals would offer direct financing as well as long-term loans that would be paid back as tax assessments. In 2000, […] Read more »

SunPower, the Silicon Valley-based solar manufacturer, said Thursday that it will buy Solar Solutions, a solar systems integrator based in Faenza, Italy. Solar Solutions is a division of Combigas, a petroleum products trading firm. No word on the amount of the purchase of the company and […] Read more »

You may be reading this blog in between pointing-and-clicking your way through your holiday shopping list; perhaps you’re even patting yourself on the back about all the fuel you’re saving by not driving around buying the gifts in person. But depending on where you live and […] Read more »

Using Helium Isotopes as a Geothermal Divining Rod: Detecting helium isotopes on the surface using mass spectrometry could be the key to easily finding sites for geothermal power plants – MIT Technology Review and Renewable Energy Access. Toshiba’s New Battery Charges in Five Minutes: Toshiba is […] Read more »

Energy & Power Solutions, which helps manufacturing businesses reduce their energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, said it has raised $20 million in a Series A funding. The Costa Mesa, Calif.-based company’s funding was provided by NGEN and Robeco Group. Investment bank Windstone Capital Partners put […] Read more »

The world’s two largest greenhouse gas emitters are waiting for the other one to back down first. Breaching the standoff, the U.S. and China have come together to renew two biofuels cooperation pacts. The Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Department of Energy (DOE), and China’s National […] Read more »

Nanosolar CEO Martin Roscheisen tells us this morning that the company has already started production of its thin-film solar panels. The company had set a goal to start production and shipping by the end of this year, and in our post “10 Questions for Nanosolar CEO […] Read more »

IBM today released greenhouse gas emissions-metering software called GreenCert. Made in collaboration with Enterprise Information Management Inc. and Evergreen Energy Inc., GreenCert takes data from a variety of emissions-monitoring sources and synthesizes it into Certified Carbon Emissions Reduction Credits (CCERC) that can be sold on the […] Read more »

Solar thermal power plants are a good candidate for everyone’s favorite clean technology of 2007. The technology to build massive solar installations in the desert that use sunlight to heat liquid that in turn power steam turbines has piqued the interest of such high profile investors […] Read more »

First BP quietly demoted its renewables division and decided to invest in dirty tar sands oil production. Now Shell has sold off the majority of its solar business. It’s almost like Big Oil, which has invested hundreds of billions of dollars in its infrastructure, doesn’t really […] Read more »

Dems Report on White House Climate Change Manipulation: The House Oversight and Reform Committee issued a report, which Republicans call a “partisan diatribe,” stating that the White House interference in climate change science was systematic – Yahoo. SUVs Gobble Corn: According to the Economist filling “up […] Read more »

Bioplastics manufacturer Cereplast said this week it will start operations at a facility in Seymour, Ind., that will produce half a billion pounds of bio-based plastics a year at full capacity. Founded in 2001, Cereplast is based in Hawthorne, Calif., where it already has a manufacturing […] Read more »

It looks like Citizenrē, the pie-in-sky solar-as-service provider that aspires to “silicon to service” vertical integration, now has some competition in the world of residential solar renters. Out of Minnesota comes another solar-as-service residential provider — Freener-g, which was just awarded $1.49 million from Xcel Energy […] Read more »

Although we’ll have to wait and see if consumers are willing to pay extra to put more eco-friendly consumer electronics under the tree this year, analysts are predicting it’ll be a growing trend. We agree, and in the new year — Feb. 1 — we’ll be […] Read more »

The construction wrap just went up around the future site of Silicon Valley-based electric sports car maker Tesla’s Los Angeles store. The LA site is on Santa Monica Blvd., just east of the 405, and a tipster sent in this nice photo. While no Tesla stores […] Read more »

Britain today unveiled plans to massively expand their offshore wind power generation capacity, with hopes for an installed capacity of 33 gigawatts by 2020, or enough to power all the homes in the UK. British Energy Secretary John Hutton made the announcement in Berlin, following the […] Read more »

Nanostellar is Golden: The Redwood City, Calif.-based developer of engineered nano-materials for emissions control, raised an undisclosed amount of funding from the World Gold Council, which says it invested in the company to “facilitate the commercialization and marketing of the gold-based technology that could increase industrial […] Read more »

Recurrent Energy of San Francisco announced today that Morgan Stanley has committed to provide $200 million to Recurrent’s fund that invests in solar projects. The funds will be split into two $100-million dollar chunks over the next two years as Recurrent works to get panels on […] Read more »

As an old high school teacher of mine always used to say, “Three trees make a row,” meaning it only takes three occurrences to equal a trend. Ethanol producer Pacific Ethanol said today it has suspended construction of its Imperial Valley plant near Calipatria, Calif. “until […] Read more »

We’ve been hearing bits and pieces about Draths Corp., a bio-chemical engineering startup, in various speeches from venture investor Vinod Khosla. He hasn’t divulged too much information about the company, only that it was in his portfolio and that it has applications for green materials. Well, […] Read more »

Solar stocks have been volatile, but mostly hot throughout 2007. Jefferies Company put out a notably positive note on a number of solar plays last week, including Suntech and Sunpower. But Day4 Energy’s Toronto Stock Exchange debut last Thursday received a somewhat chilly reception from investors. […] Read more »

The Earth2Tech crew spent last week chatting with VCs and cleantech execs at the ThinkGreen conference here in San Francisco. Perhaps you were busy at a conference, or shopping for the holidays, or just caught up in the Energy Bill brouhaha this week. Don’t worry, we’ve […] Read more »

Fun time quote of the week comes from the LA Times coverage of the House passing the Energy Bill: “The static electricity created by my shoes rubbing across this carpet creates more energy than the Democrats’ energy bill,” said Rep. George P. Radanovich (R-Mariposa) — LA […] Read more »

Minneapolis-based utility Xcel Energy said today it will distribute nearly $23 million from its Renewable Development Fund to 22 separate projects. As decided by an advisory board consisting of representatives from the company, its customers, environmental groups and the Prairie Island Indian Community, more than $8 […] Read more »

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