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The Federal Trade Commission has opened hearings on green marketing, looking into the credibility of the increasingly eco-chic business of carbon offsetting. Poorly understood and with little verification, carbon offsetting became a hot ticket item in 2007. Everyone from the Academy Awards to Google is trying […] Read more »

Canada to Get Tidal Power: A $12 million project is looking to install three tidal turbines in the Bay of Fundy, famous for its huge tides. This would be the first tidal power in North America – ADM, Bayer, Daimler Explore Jatropha Biodiesel: In a […] Read more »

The Chinese government says it is banning shops from handing out the ultra-thin plastic bags that have become a global mainstay in grocery stores. The ban includes supermarkets, department stores and shops from giving the bags away for free. The bags may be sold to customers […] Read more »

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BlueFire Ethanol has closed $15.5 million in financing from Quercus Trust via a securities purchase agreement. The Irvine, Calif.-based ethanol producer is one of numerous companies in the race to master and scale cellulosic ethanol, specifically from municipal and green waste. BlueFire wants to build ethanol […] Read more »

A speech from General Motor’s Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner at the Consumer Electronics Show on Tuesday night was the first keynote from a car maker at CES in 41 years. We chatted with GM’s VP of R&D, Lawrence D. Burns, on Monday, and we just […] Read more »

V2Green, a startup that bridges the broadband, energy and automotive industries, needs a leader that can seal the necessary business deals — with utilities, car companies, and even telecom providers. To succeed at that tech intersection the Seattle-based company, which makes software and hardware to help […] Read more »

Biofuel plants have been put on hold faster than your phone company’s tech support line. With corn and soy prices hitting record high prices and an ethanol glut flooding the market, ethanol’s profit margin per gallon has dropped to a meager 25 cents from $2. That’s […] Read more »

Even though the U.S. has taken a more capitalist approach to e-cycling, that doesn’t stop the Environmental Protection Agency from trying. Today the EPA announced a new recycling awareness campaign aimed at reclaiming retired cell phones. The news follow two other e-cycling announcements at CES, the […] Read more »

Top 10 To-Dos For You Electric Car Company: Go overseas, give it three wheels, make it sexy, or just buy someone else’s – Autoblog Green. Better BioDiesel to Acquire GeoAlgae: The biodiesel processor intends to buy the energy technology company which makes biodiesel feedstock from from […] Read more »

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Waste to energy company EnerTech Environmental has closed a second round of financing, for $42 million, that was co-led by Citi’s Sustainable Development Investments unit and Masdar Clean Tech Fund. Atlanta-based EnerTech will use the funds to develop its sludge-slurping technology, “SlurryCarb,” which takes watery biosolid […] Read more »

While Europeans are using the legal system to enforce e-cycling of consumer electronics, the U.S. has taken a decidedly more capitalist approach. This week at CES, the largest extended-warranty provider in the country, National Electronics Warranty (NEW), said that it will try and solve the problem […] Read more »

On the eve of General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner’s keynote address at CES, we got a chance to talk about the car company’s plans for green vehicle technology with Lawrence D. Burns, VP of R&D for GM’s research and development center. Burns has worked […] Read more »

Portable fuel cells capture the imagination of just about all laptop warriors with their promise of unending off-grid power on the go. But they remain just a dream. As part of the new eco-focus at CES, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, headquartered in Singapore, is showing off […] Read more »

GE Funds Commercial SunPower Installations: GE is acquiring a majority interest in 8 MW worth of solar installations, including a 2.3 MW system for Toyota Motor Sales’ Parts Center in Ontario, Calif., which is said will be the largest single-roof solar installation in the U.S. – […] Read more »

Oil recently touched that cleantech milestone of $100 a barrel, sending pundits to speculate if the price would go up or down in 2008. Apparently the speculation among those with the most to win (or lose) is to the upside. According to Bloomberg, traders are starting […] Read more »

Green Plug wants to smarten up your devices’ power consumption. Nearly every gizmo you buy comes with its own power cord and AC adapter, but the San Ramon, Calif.-based startup is offering a way to make your electricity thirsty gadgets sip power more efficiently by using […] Read more »

While we’re really excited to see the greener gadgets coming out of a supposedly greener CES, it’s good to see big electronic makers making sure their old products get a green post-consumer life as well. The North American divisions of Panasonic and Toshiba, along with Sharp […] Read more »

Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is the great hope of the fossil fuel industry. What if, instead of figuring out more efficient wind or solar energy we could just cleanup our existing addiction to coal? The problem is that capturing carbon coming out of coal plants […] Read more »

There are reasons to both love and hate the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas — it showcases practically every gadget due to come out in the year ahead (nice!), it has a football stadium’s worth of corporate And booths (yuck), and media events are […] Read more »

The confetti’s been swept up, and we are now officially in the midst of the 2008 primary season. While 2007 was a great year for the emerging cleantech world. Let’s relook at what the beginning of 2008 had in store: Earth2Tech’s Predictions for 2008: Want to […] Read more »

Battery energy storage startup Deeya Energy has raised $15 million in a Series B funding. The Fremont, Calif-based company confirmed the funding with us, which was reported by VentureWire and noted by The round was led by New Enterprise Associates and included previous investors Draper […] Read more »

Toyota CEO Katsuaki Watanabe, in a speech ringing in the New Year, unveiled the auto giant’s plans for a greener global automotive fleet: in a word, hybrids, and lots of them. Each Toyota model will have a hybrid powertrain available, according to AutoblogGreen. The moves are […] Read more »

Shares of GreenHunter Energy, the Grapevine, Texas-based owner of the world’s largest biodiesel refinery, debuted on the AMEX this week to a warm reception from investors, who pushed the company’s stock up from its $12 opening level to $15.10. What started as a wind farm company, […] Read more »

Akeena and Suntech Make a Deal: Solar installer Akeena Solar (AKNS) says some of its solar panel technology will be distributed in Europe, Japan and Australia under a license agreement with Suntech Power Holdings — release. LDK Gives Guidance: Chinese Solar manufacturer LDK Solar (LDK) gives […] Read more »

Happy New Year. As you may have noticed, my byline hasn’t been up for a few days. That’s because the holidays weren’t exactly my most jolly. I had a heart attack on Dec. 28. I was able to walk into the hospital for treatment that night […] Read more »

General Motor’s Bob Lutz, the exec that helped lead GM while it was being vilified in “Who Killed the Electric Car,” is now being lauded for leading production of GM’s Chevy Volt, a plug-in electric car due out in 2010. Newsweek writes a standard turn-around story […] Read more »

After word got out a couple weeks ago that the CEO of biodiesel producer Imperium Renewables, Martin Tobias, had left the company, we were wondering about the status of the company’s planned IPO. While a company spokesperson refused, at that point, to comment, Imperium has now […] Read more »

Venture capitalists have plugged a massive $45 million into a Westborough, Mass.-based battery maker Boston-Power. The three-year-old startup’s rechargeable lithium ion batteries for laptops take an energy-efficient, traditional stance on being greener — the company says that compared to traditional batteries, which keep their full power […] Read more »

Aerospace company Hamilton Sundstrand, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp., today announced the formation of a new solar thermal venture, SolarReserve. Hamilton Sundstrand is working with private equity management company U.S. Renewables Group to use a molten salt heat storage technology developed by Rocketdyne, which United […] Read more »

The news broke earlier this week that Khosla Ventures had placed another chip on the biofuels roulette table, this time betting on the Cambridge startup Ethos, which aims to become a player in Latin American ethanol production. The investment follows more than 10 other bets that […] Read more »

Clean Energy Investing Rose by a Third: The team at New Energy Finance says that investment in global clean energy rose by a third in 2007 to $117 billion. Giggity, giggity — Reuters. Cali Sues EPA Over Vehicle Emissions: Guess the Governator’s threat to sue over […] Read more »

Well, it finally happened. The price of crude oil touched $100 a barrel in New York Mercantile Exchange trading today. And while there is a lot of debate as to what extent cleantech and oil prices are linked, the spike will likely bring even more interest […] Read more »

Given the amount of time immigration, Iraq, and national security have been getting on the political punditry airwaves, there has been precious little left over for devilish details like energy. As Iowa gets its caucus on, let’s revisit our coverage of the candidates and see where […] Read more »

Japan is often a few years ahead of much of the world when it comes to implementing advanced technology — mobile, computing, robotics, etc. The same can be said for Japan’s solar initiatives, and according to Kyodo News, the country is aiming for 30 percent of […] Read more »

The editors of Scientific American, in the January issue, lay out an ambitious solar scheme that any cleantech fan would love. According to the magazine’s solar manifesto, for a cost of $420 billion, we could cover 46,000 square miles of land in the U.S. Southwest with […] Read more »

We’ve spent some time looking back to 2007, so now it’s time to look ahead to 2008. Below are our predictions for the new year. (Also check out some excellent predictions from Clean Break). Greentech Investment to Rise in 2008 — But So Will Valuations: Even […] Read more »

After posting our coal plant deathwatch map last week, several readers have emailed us about various climate change maps that they’ve seen around the web. A comprehensive one comes from several University of Kansas professors along with the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), called NatCarb: A […] Read more »

Solar panel production is the “world’s fastest-growing energy source,” according to the Earth Policy Institute. Now that’s a bright thought. Kick-started by climate change concerns, electricity price worries, the hip-to-be-green consensus, and pro-solar regulations, solar PV production has been doubling every two years, growing to 3,800 […] Read more »

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