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The EU’s new proposed emissions plan is out, and it’s a good deal for European biofuel producers. The EU is looking to pass laws ensuring that biofuels for transportation emit 35 percent less carbon than fossil fuels. That’s perfect for the European biofuel industry: It already […] Read more »

It seems like everyone’s bullish on Cree’s light-emitting diode (LED) business these days. Shares of the company’s stock rose as much as 16 percent in morning trading Wednesday after it reported second-quarter profit above Wall Street’s expectations and the Durham, N.C.-based company said it sees third-quarter […] Read more »

The European Union is set to unveil its plan to guide its 27 member states towards a greener future. The proposal from the European Commission, the EU’s governing body, will look to reduce the community’s greenhouse gas emissions by a fifth below 1990 levels by 2020. […] Read more »

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Solar monitoring technology doesn’t sound as whiz-bang as say methane-powered vehicles, or biofuels made from old tires. But bringing transparency to the rapidly growing solar industry, can deliver the wowee-factor, at least for investors. On Wednesday Fat Spaniel, which sells a monitoring software and service for […] Read more »

Prince Beams in to Save Climate: Prince Charles appeared before 2,500 delegates at the World Future energy summit via life-sized hologram and invoked the name of “our creator” in an effort to spur leaders to reduce emissions – Guardian Unlimited. Chevron Partners with Solazyme for Algae […] Read more »

There’s a heated race taking place in the U.S. Southwest to build the next generation of solar thermal power plants — massive solar power systems that use the sun’s heat to generate power — and the finish line could be as close as 2009, when the […] Read more »

A breakthrough in fuel cell technology, which seems to be perpetually “just a few years away,” means there’s still a lot of room for startups to help bring this complex technology to market. We recently read in Israel’s Globes, via a blog post from Israel Cleantech […] Read more »

Germany’s SkySails has said bon voyage to the first kite-powered ship traveling from Germany to Venezuela. Actually the kite only helps propel the boat, but is estimated to cut from 10 percent to 35 percent of the ship’s diesel fuel costs. The kites, which fly about […] Read more »

A team of scientists have announced the discovery of a new material consisting of “nanoscopic cages” that are particularly good at trapping and storing methane. The research, published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, suggests that the compound has a 28 percent better ability […] Read more »

As gas prices rise and greening your corporate fleet can offer both a marketing move and a budget plan, it was only a matter of time before biofuels started filling more company’s fuel tanks. Hot on the heels of GM’s recently unveiled investment in Coskata, Virgin […] Read more »

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Shai Agassi’s electric vehicle infrastructure venture Project Better Place announced on Monday that it will build its first pilot electric battery rechargeable grid system in Israel, and has partnered with the Renault-Nissan Alliance on the project’s electric vehicles. There were some rumors about the deal being […] Read more »

It was a week of big, overblown and “greener” conventions. The North American International Auto Show tried to prove that American automakers are hip and eco-friendly, while MacWorld produced a laptop with a mercury-free display, but not a user replaceable battery. To the entrepreneurs out there […] Read more »

Google (GOOG), the search giant turned green energy disruptor, has announced the winner in their fatalistically named “Innovate or Die Pedal-Powered Machine Challenge,” which we wrote about back in September. Co-sponsored with bicycle-maker Specialized, the contest asked cycling grease monkeys to make “clean” pedal power work […] Read more »

Raser Technologies, a technology licensing company working in geothermal and electric motor efficiency, has inked an agreement with Merrill Lynch that will see the investment bank finance up to 155 megawatts of Raser’s geothermal power plants. Merrill Lynch has committed $44 million to fund the construction […] Read more »

With its purportedly aggressive plans for the Volt and the Coskata biofuels deal, these days we find ourselves in the somewhat awkward position of rooting for GM. The company has yet to return to profitability, but sees new signs of hope on the horizon amidst its […] Read more »

During Wednesday night’s Democratic debate in Las Vegas, John Edwards took his strongest stand yet against dirty coal power. In a moment of political transcendence, Edwards took a question about Yucca Mountain NIMBYism and turned it into a talking point about national energy and climate policy, […] Read more »

Nanoptek Gets $4.7M For Solar Hydrogen Generator: Nanoptek Corporation has closed a Series A round of funding for its work using sunlight and its proprietary photocatalyst to create hydrogen from water – Nanoptek. Norway Aiming For Carbon Neutrality by 2030: Norway has announced a new carbon […] Read more »

The cleantech investor that’s been spreading his chips across a dozen or so biofuel startups over the past year, Vinod Khosla, has lately been focused on those aimed at making traditional engines more efficient — with or without alternative fuels. Earlier this week it was efficient […] Read more »

Back in November, the Google guys said they planned to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on renewable energy projects, but offered few details as to where the funds would go. Then today, Google’s philanthropic arm, which will put 1 percent of the company’s equity […] Read more »

The annual cleantech investing numbers are out from the good folks at the Cleantech Group, and gosh darnit they’re just as high as you’d expect. For 2007 cleantech investment in North America and Europe rose to $5.18 billion. Geez — that’s up from $3.6 billion in […] Read more »

Zap (ZAAP) rolled into the MacWorld exhibitor’s hall with a souped up version of its all-electric three-wheeled Xebra, complete with helicopter rotor, flux capacitor, and iPod dock. Zap has announced that they will soon be making all of their electric cars iPod and iPhone compatible. This […] Read more »

It’s not enough to focus only on those creating cleantech startups; equally important are the buyers of all these clean technologies. So I decided to talk to one right here in my hometown of Austin, Texas: John Baker, chief of strategy at Austin Energy. Baker’s been […] Read more »

German Biodiesel Production Collapses: Output has dropped to 10 percent of capacity from 20 percent after a tax increase on January 1. Europe is trying to increase the use of biofuels but Germany says it can’t give up the revenue from fuel taxes – Reuters. Xethanol […] Read more »

Here’s an investing thesis that’s conceptually easy to grasp: India needs to spend $500 billion by 2012 building power plants and infrastructure to deliver power to its citizens, so invest in Indian power plant builders. On the strength and clarity of this seemingly sure winner, investors […] Read more »

You can thank this blog post for even more carbon emissions in the atmosphere. That’s because web hosting is largely powered by fossil fuel power plants and computers run on electricity. To help bring a little carbon transparency to web sites, including those in our good […] Read more »

We’ve seen solar stocks take a hit so far this year. SunPower’s shares have slumped 20 percent since the first trading day of 2008, and Chinese solar companies Trina Solar, Yingli Green Energy and Solarfun Power Holdings have all seen their stocks fall as well. But […] Read more »

Demand management, the business of intelligently managing power use, especially during peak energy-use hours, can pay for itself in a matter of months. But now with some utilities offering incentives to commercial and industrial power users, demand management systems can give a return on investment almost […] Read more »

The EPA said on Tuesday that the number of Energy Star qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) sold in 2007 was more than twice the amount sold in 2006. The Energy Star qualified CFL share of the lighting market rose to 20 percent in 2007, according […] Read more »

VeraSun as a Commodity Lesson in Crush Spread: The profitability of ethanol production should be a simple result of the crush spread – “the difference between the value of the ethanol (2.8 gallons worth) that can be extracted from a bushel of corn and the cost […] Read more »

After a delay and ongoing controversy, the Minerals Management Service, part of the Department of the Interior, has released a draft environmental impact statement that gives a green light to the Cape Wind project, pending public comment. Sited for the Nantucket Sound, 4.7 miles off the […] Read more »

Investment bank Morgan Stanley apparently doesn’t just see profits in solar technology installations or electric vehicle infrastructure startups; the firm has also decided to take a minority stake in cleantech venture firm NGEN Partners. Morgan Stanley calls its investment “the first by a major Wall Street […] Read more »

There’s been days of rumors about the MacBook Air, Apple’s big announcement at MacWorld in San Francisco on Tuesday. But we just heard from the show floor, where NewTeeVee editor Liz is representing the GigaOM crew, that not only is Apple claiming that MacBook Air is […] Read more »

The funds of massive power companies and the minds of academia have been collaborating on the world’s energy problems for years. Here’s an impressive collaboration centered on solar and clean energy R&D that was announced on Tuesday: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Italian oil and […] Read more »

There are huge volumes of product data in the affiliate marketing data on the Internet. Now eco-rating site Evo wants to use this information to do for green what Zillow did for real estate. When sellers want to promote their product on the Internet, they often […] Read more »

Tesla Raising Millions Amid Bloodbath: Once Tesla Motors wraps this $40 million internal round of funding it will be seeking even more – CNET. GE to Raise $6B for Renewable Energy by 2010: GE Energy Financial Services has raised its renewable energy investing target by 50 […] Read more »

Many shades of green can be found at the 2008 North American International Auto Show, more commonly known as the Detroit Auto Show. From GM’s oxymoronic “green” Hummer to Toyota’s eco plug-in hybrid to small startups helping to build the backbone of clean vehicle tech, everyone’s […] Read more »

As Silicon Valley’s original eco sports car company, Tesla, leaves customers twiddling their thumbs, another venture-backed green sports car startup is rising to the occasion, backed by venture firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. KPCB partner Al Gore even gave some advice on the deal, according […] Read more »

We just wrote about a Khosla-backed alternative vehicle company making noise at the Detroit Auto Show (Coskata). And now here’s another one: Khosla Ventures announced it has invested in EcoMotors, a startup building more efficient engines, in particular a diesel engine that can do 100 mpg […] Read more »

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