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Available at just a fraction of American gas stations, ethanol has a long way to go before it can power the country’s love affair with the internal combustion engine. Meanwhile Brazil, which gets 30 percent of its automobile fuel from ethanol, is getting tired of waiting […] Read more »

When it comes to greentech investments, Canada’s no slouch. With vast natural resources, a government that encourages research, and its proximity to the U.S., investors have lots of opportunities. We sat down with David Berkowitz, who leads cleantech investment for Canadian VC firm Ventures West, to […] Read more »

The most recent issue of The Economist features a grizzly ex-Soviet Winnie the Pooh licking sweet crude off his oily paw. Beyond the bearish petrophilic cover, there is an article inside exploring the venture capital of cleantech. Similar in tone to the New York Times’ golly-gee […] Read more »

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In was quite a conference-heavy week here in San Francisco. There was the Cleantech Forum XVI up on Nob Hill, Carbon Forum America at the Moscone Center and the Carbon Footprint Consumer Products Summit over on Van Ness Avenue. We were posting up a storm and […] Read more »

2007 may be remembered as the year when venture capitalists went green. At least that’s the idea you get looking at data from Dow Jones VentureSource, which surveyed and interviewed VCs to find out that 221 companies worldwide received $3 billion in venture financing last year, […] Read more »

In the great civil tradition of taking pen to paper, 176 organizations — corporate, environmental, consumer, faith-based, energy policy research and others — sent a letter to senators today via the Sustainable Energy Network, urging them to join the Senate Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE/EE) […] Read more »

For all the chatter about Chinese solar stocks, Japan has long been the world’s leading producer of photovoltaics. Of course, given the number of investments Chinese companies are making in capacity, they are likely to overtake Japan in a few years. But for now, Japan has […] Read more »

If you read our write-up about four wee wind startups making turbines for the small-scale wind power market and are looking for a weekend project, there are a few things you should check out before climbing onto the roof with a pinwheel. Read more »

There’s a lot of silicon in the world. It’s the second most-abundant element on Earth. But pure silicon — the kind you can use in microchips and solar cells — is hard to come by. Back in July of last year, we reported that silicon purification […] Read more »

House Passes Bill to Tax Oil and Fund Renewables: The House of Representatives has passed HR 5351, “The Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2008,” which repeals subsidies from the oil and gas industry and subsidizes renewable energy. Now it will head to the […] Read more »

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Intel will surpass Sony and the Air Force this year to become the largest purchaser of renewable energy in the U.S. So what’s next for the greener chipmaker? We sat down with Dave Stangis, Intel’s director of corporate responsibility, when he was in San Francisco to […] Read more »

Investors in green stocks are getting harder to please. And this week, those invested in EnerNOC are downright displeased. EnerNOC doesn’t offer an alternative energy to oil. Instead, it helps companies reduce their energy costs by managing their usage more efficiently. At a time when oil […] Read more »

Less than a week after the New York Times celebrated Texas’ dominant position in wind power, a cool, still day dawned. The cold weather drove residents to crank up the heat, but the lack of wind to turn turbines pushed the state’s electric grid into emergency […] Read more »

Mascoma, the Cambridge, Mass.-based cellulosic ethanol company, has raised $50 million in Series C funding, PEHub reports. This round was led by General Catalyst Partners, and included return investors Khosla Ventures, Atlas Venture, Flagship Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Pinnacle Ventures and VantagePoint Venture Partners. The round consisted […] Read more »

Can squeaky-clean (and squeaky-green) Barack Obama turn the dreaded “earmark” into a good thing? The Washington Post recently chided the Clinton camp for attacking Obama as a man of words instead of action by comparing his voting record this Congressional session to that of Hilary Clinton’s. […] Read more »

For a while, Tesla’s Roadster was pretty much the only really sleek electric sports car making the rounds in the Valley. That ended when Henrik Fisker’s Fisker Automotive unveiled the Karma, a swanky electric sedan with an $80,000 price tag, and said the company had received […] Read more »

Sen. Boxer: EPA “Is In Crisis”: Sen. Barbara Boxer said that EPA’s decision to deny California’s waiver application has caused a huge amount of drama in the agency – Cleantech Media. Also check out Environmental Capital’s take of the “brouhaha” and “intrigue” – WSJ. GM Having […] Read more »

Sand Hill Road and Capitol Hill have joined forces to spin businesses out of three of the DOE’s National Laboratories. Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Alexander Karsner unveiled the three venture firms selected to participate in the newly established Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) […] Read more »

The next great cleantech company could currently be an underfunded research project in a lab somewhere, likely on a university campus. If it’s somewhere at Stanford, Luis Mejia would love to hear about it. Mejia is a senior associate at Stanford’s office of technology licensing, the […] Read more »

The Department of Energy has said it will invest up to $33.8 million in four separate cellulosic biofuel research projects, money that will be matched by industry partners to total some $70 million. This investment is part of the nearly $1 billion the government plans to […] Read more »

Using software to make computers and networks more energy efficient just doesn’t have the cool factor of solar panels or biofuels. That’s because it is wholly sensible and can predictably both save companies money and reduce carbon emissions. What’s the fun if there’s no big risk? […] Read more »

Investments in Indian cleantech companies increased a dramatic 58 percent in 2007, growing to $210 million from $133 million in 2006. The numbers are part of the Cleantech Group’s new report, “Cleantech India Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment,” and were announced today at the Cleantech […] Read more »

Carbon is not a driving force of technological innovation, Mark Trexler, the managing director of EcoSecurities’ Global Consulting Services, told the audience at the Carbon Forum America on Tuesday. Well, that’s no surprise, considering that carbon still has no cost here in the States. But even […] Read more »

Goldman Invests $14M In Carbon Credit Certifier: Goldman Sachs must think carbon trading is good business as it just put $14 million into APX, a Silicon Valley carbon and emission offsets certifier. VentureBeat’s got the whole scoop – VentureBeat. Renewable Energy Bill Heading for Vote: The […] Read more »

J. Craig Venter may be known for splicing genes, but he’s not one to mince words. Speaking in San Francisco last night as part of the Long Now Foundation’s lecture series, Venter implored members of the audience to not let the failures of first-generation biofuels shake […] Read more »

Wal-Mart wants to hear from the ecopreneur crowd. Last November, the superstore giant said it was working on a web portal in partnership with the Clean Tech Forum that would allow companies and individuals to pitch their ideas as to how Wal-Mart could decrease its carbon […] Read more »

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is looking to join the ranks of local leaders who are working to implement a carbon tax. At the Cleantech Forum in downtown San Francisco Tuesday morning, Newsom said he hopes to get authorization by the end of the year for […] Read more »

Right on the heels of The New York Times’ gushing piece on the Texas wind bonanza, a video started circulating on the Internet showing a far more dramatic portrait of wind power. The clip, which has already racked up hundreds of thousands of views, shows a […] Read more »

We all know that corn-based ethanol isn’t the route of choice to a sustainable future, but what if corn wasn’t really corn at all? Researchers at Iowa State have pieced together the genome of maize and will announce it Thursday at the oh-so thrilling-sounding Annual Maize […] Read more »

Lotus Creates EV/Hybrid Research Group: Following the buzz around the Tesla Roadster and a new deal with ZAP, Lotus has seen the signs and has created a research and development group dedicated to electric and hybrid vehicles – Green Car Congress. GM Vice Chair Doesn’t Believe […] Read more »

The New York Times got all excited about Texas wind power this weekend. The piece stood in stark contrast to a Wall Street Journal article last year that noted some of the contentious issues and rampant speculation surrounding the building of 20-story turbines in the middle […] Read more »

Recent research into capturing and storing carbon, that elusive silver bullet that could cure our coal-powered woes, is inching closer to reality. On the carbon capture side, researchers at UCLA have developed a new material that can replace the toxic substances used to filter CO2 out […] Read more »

Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic conducted the first flight of a commercial aircraft with some jet biofuel in the 747’s tank. You can basically call it ‘J05′ as the biofuel represented a mere 5 percent of the total fuel mix — three of the plane’s four tanks […] Read more »

If you’re wondering where the cleantech hot spots are around the globe, then we have the ultimate map for you: Earth2Tech’s 101 Cleantech Startups, where you can see how cleantech companies are sprouting up all over the place. The different sectors — like solar, energy storage, […] Read more »

It was a short week with President’s Day, and with all of those car dealership sales that are a requisite part of President’s Day you might have missed some of the news this week. Not to worry, we gathered all of the pertinent headlines here for […] Read more »

When we heard that the seventh annual Ecocity World Summit was being held in our own San Francisco, we knew we had to get involved somehow. The 5-day event, which has previously taken place in in India, China, Brazil and Australia, takes a sweeping look at […] Read more »

Nature creates the most efficient designs, which is why a whole industry has been spawned around biomimicry, or using nature as a model for innovation. PAX Streamline, a San Rafael, Calif.-based startup funded by Khosla Ventures and spun out of PAX Scientific, has been creating mechanical […] Read more »

Just last week ocean seeding company Planktos was found dead in the water, a victim of what it claimed was a band of “anti-offset crusaders” with a “highly effective disinformation campaign” that it said had curbed its ability to raise funding. Hmmm, the offset-haters don’t seem […] Read more »

While venture capital has shone on solar panels, the components that make up solar systems, like inverters that convert DC to AC, have received notably less attention from the Valley. But inverter designer 1-Solar has been getting a warmer response, as founder Tranh Nguyen told the […] Read more »

“Sort of a Regulated e-Bay for…Emissions Permits”: World Green Exchange launched on Wednesday and will be selling greenhouse-gas emissions via auction, the hope being that by cutting out hte middleman will provide a more efficient result – WSJ Environmental Capital. DOE Juices Grid With Superconducting Wire: […] Read more »

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