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Saving the world can be a messy business, and brewing biofuels is far from a waste-free endeavor, as Cargill learned today. A lawsuit filed Monday claims that Cargill failed to pre-treat sludge from its Iowa Falls biodiesel plant before sending it to the municipal water treatment […] Read more »

New Transmission Lines Coming for Renewables: Southern California Edison has started work on a $1.8 billion expansion of its transmission lines geared specifically to accommodate renewable energy projects – Cleantech Media. 100 Ways to Improve Your Mileage: For those of you unfamiliar with the competitive sport […] Read more »

Suntech Power is dipping its bucket into the credit markets, hoping to raise between $425 million and $500 million to buy polysilicon and fund the expansion of its capacity. This would normally be seen as a positive move, but the news led to a nearly 5 […] Read more »

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Clean Edge has just released their Clean Energy Trends 2008 report, a 22-page document that outlines the areas of cleantech that saw the most growth in 2007 as well as the hurdles ahead in 2008. Our buddy and author of the report, Joel Makower, singles out […] Read more »

Even though ethanol maker Coskata is backed by some of the biggest names in cleantech — Khosla, General Motors — and had one of the splashiest company launches in the industry, the team was reluctant to provide details about their latest funding round. Well, that’s why […] Read more »

While we’re still waiting for fuel cells to power our gadgets, the technology is starting to make headway towards powering our homes — at least in some markets. UK-based utility Scottish and Southern Energy and fuel cell designer Intelligent Design recently unveiled a new joint venture […] Read more »

Like most conferences that have a hip image to uphold this year, South by Southwest is making a concerted effort to cast an eco-friendly light on their 2008 technology, music and film festival. The organizers are purchasing renewable energy credits from the city of Austin, and […] Read more »

Silicon Valley startup APX, maker of a trading platform that certifies carbon and emissions offsets, said on Monday that Carol Browner, former EPA administrator in the Clinton Administration, will be joining its board. Browner brings with her some high-level — and particularly appropriate — credentials. During […] Read more »

Zap Selling Plug-In Hybrid Kit: In collaboration with Hybrid Plus, electric-car maker Zap will be selling kits to convert your Toyota Prius or Highlander into a plug-in hybrid. Prices range from $24,000 to $36,000 and Zap estimates it’ll boost city driving mileage to 120 mpg – […] Read more »

Researchers at Swansea University are developing solar cells that can be painted right onto your roof, Science Daily reports. The photovoltaic paint is being designed to coat the steel exterior cladding, making bulky panels unnecessary. Dave Worsley, of the Materials Research Centre at the University’s School […] Read more »

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Iberdrola Renewables, a Spanish utility giant and the world’s largest operator of renewable energy, is testing a wave energy system that could be first wave energy installation in Europe. For now the utility is testing the unit, called Power Take Off, on land, but it could […] Read more »

If you cursed daylight savings time for throwing a wrench in your schedule this weekend, you have Congress to thank. It extended daylight savings time last year by four weeks, citing claims of reduced crime, fewer automobile accidents, more light for summer activities, and the kicker, […] Read more »

Much like the nagging sustainability issues that are plaguing biofuel production, making solar panels has a dark undercurrent as well. This weekend the Washington Post published an investigative piece looking into Chinese polysilicon manufacturing companies accused of dumping a toxic byproduct, silicon tetrachloride, into local villages. […] Read more »

John Doerr, Kleiner Perkins super VC, told a group of students, investors and entrepreneurs at the Berkeley Energy Symposium on Friday that “it’s almost criminal that we’re not investing more in energy R&D.” And Doerr, who’s firm has already put almost $300 million into clean technologies, […] Read more »

Another week goes by and it doesn’t look like we’re any closer to finishing the Democratic Primary. In case you were too busy watching the Texas and Ohio results roll in, we’ve compiled Earth2Tech’s top headlines from last week for easy access to what went down […] Read more »

With the recent demise of the FutureGen project, and the feds and banks alike distancing themselves from the future risk of carbon intensive coal, carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) has been having a hard time lately. A panel discussion at Friday’s Berkeley Energy Symposium asked flatly […] Read more »

What do Russian rocket scientists know about wind power? A lot, at least according to entrepreneur Rick Halstead, who is creating a wind turbine design company with a group of Russian engineers that previously built submarine-launched intercontinental ballistic missiles. Not exactly the most common resume bullet […] Read more »

Our favorite genomics guru and cleantech entrepreneur Craig Venter gave a thorough talk on digitizing biology, designing and synthesizing life, and creating “fourth-generation biofuels” (WTF are those by the way?) at the recent TED conference. TED organizers just put the clip up on the site. (TED’s […] Read more »

“Green-collar jobs” has entered the zeitgeist with the help of political promises and media infatuation. Most recently the EPA has put $2.5 million into the Brownfields environmental job training program, one of the government’s oldest efforts to train a greener workforce. The most outspoken, and well-spoken, […] Read more »

Hardware to Microsoft: Green Yourself: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spoke on the software giant’s green efforts but many still criticize the company for making power hungry software – ZDNet. Cleantech Gadgets that Save You Green: Do ionic clothes washing systems, LED lamps and a stackable worm […] Read more »

Cleantech America, a San Francisco-based solar developer, says it has received an investment from Wafer Works Corp., a Taiwan-based electronic materials supplier of silicon wafers. The size of the investment was not disclosed, although Cleantech America CEO Bill Barnes did tell us that it will close […] Read more »

Our coal deathwatch list just keeps on growing. At the behest of the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, a major loan program for new rural coal power plants has been suspended. The Rural Utilities Service, a branch of the Department of Agriculture, says the […] Read more »

When we talked with Mike Gering, CEO of thin-film solar company Global Solar back in January, he said the company would start manufacturing at a plant in Tucson, Arizona, near the end of March. Well, this morning Global Solar put out a press release officially announcing […] Read more »

A member of the cleantech elite, Tesla Chairman Elon Musk, has backed Climos, a San Francisco startup that plans to seed the ocean with iron in order to capture carbon. So what does Musk see in the controversial technology, given that other startups that worked on […] Read more »

It’s lobby week on The Hill and Congresspersons will be meeting with representatives from a variety of industries lobbying for their causes. The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has organized a whole day of events, meetings and lobbying to educate Congress on the business of wind. […] Read more »

What bad luck for U.S. ethanol makers. The very day when oil hits a record high, even when adjusted for inflation, corn also hits a record high. High oil should make ethanol more desirable, but the high corn prices are more than offsetting any benefits from […] Read more »

“Why Wind Needs Feed-In Tariffs”: Wind energy is almost cost-competitive with fossil fuel sources and a feed-in tariff could be the most effective way to tip the scales in wind’s favor – The Oil Drum. Applied Materials to Sell $1.9B of Solar Equipment: The world’s largest […] Read more »

What’s the best way for the global community to speed up the dissemination of clean technologies? The first step is good policy, the likes of which can be shaped by a gathering such as this week’s Washington International Renewable Energy Conference (WIREC). If all goes well, […] Read more »

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom says that — no matter what — he is going to find a way to make tidal power happen in the Bay, SFGate reports today. The Mayor’s comments come in response to a study commissioned by the San Francisco Public Utilities […] Read more »

VeraSun Energy is putting a lot of effort into getting the word out about its branded biofuel. The ethanol maker has teamed up with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to put its “VE85″ blend into the tanks of Enterprise’s “VE85/FlexFuel” rental cars in Sioux Falls, S.D.; it will also […] Read more »

While GE usually saves its green dollars for renewable energy like solar and wind, the company said this morning that it’s making two investments in the electric vehicle space. The first is Norwegian electric vehicle maker Think Global, in which GE says it has invested $4 […] Read more »

We brought you the news in late February that the ocean seeding startup Climos had raised its first funds, just a week after another controversial ocean seeding company Planktos had drowned under “anti-offset crusaders”. Well, on Tuesday Climos named its investors, which are none other than […] Read more »

“The Never-Ending Story”: A New York Times journalist blogs his ongoing struggle in trying to report the climate crisis and climate critics. The post is full of links to his articles and has over a hundred interesting comments – NYTimes. Cellulosic Ethanol May Never Be Viable: […] Read more »

Have biofuels been around long enough for there to be four generations of them? Those in the biofuel industry think so. Scientists at the University of Essex have discovered a new mechanism that regulates the process of carbon fixation in plants. The research, to be published […] Read more »

Now that we’re well into 2008, researchers have had ample time to look back to 2007 and determine which venture and private equity firms were responsible for the most clean energy investments. Numbers from New Energy Finance found that venture and private equity investments in clean […] Read more »

Not many venture capitalists have yet tried to catch the small but growing trend of funding wave-powered startups. Part of that is because the technology is still in the works, as became clear when publicly traded wave company Finavera saw its test buoy sink. But Venrock, […] Read more »

Day4 Energy joined the public solar company flock at the end of 2007. Although it raised C$100 million ($101 million), as we pointed out, the company had yet to turn a profit. But we keep receiving monthly press releases from the little Canadian solar company telling […] Read more »

It’s been over a year since California utility PG&E announced that it would add the always-fun-to-talk about “cow power” to its sustainable energy options. Now this morning, the utility says that the manure-powered pipeline project from waste-to-energy company BioEnergy Solutions has officially been turned on, and […] Read more »

EPA Adds Water to Energy Star Program: Aiming to increase the energy efficiency of America’s water works, the EPA now allows water utilities to track water energy use with their Enhancements to Portfolio Manager, an energy tracking tool for commercial facilities – EPA. Suzlon to Spend […] Read more »

Altair Nanotechnologies, maker of nano-sized materials used in energy storage applications, said late Friday that Alan Gotcher has agreed to step down as Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Terry Copeland, formerly VP of operations, has been named interim CEO while the board hunts for a replacement. According […] Read more »

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