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The Department of Energy and venture capital firms have something in common — they’re both looking for entrepreneurs to help commercialize early stage clean technology. And last month Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Alexander Karsner named three venture capital firms that were selected […] Read more »

True Value of Solar: UC Berkeley Haas School professor and director of the UC Energy Institute, Severin Borenstein — the one who said that people who install solar panels today are “throwing money away” — gave a thorough talk on Monday defending his calculations. — UC […] Read more »

The most low-tech of clean technologies, recycling, got a boost today. RecycleBank, a Philadelphia-based startup that runs incentive-based recycling programs, has raised $30 million in Series B funding led by the high-profile VCs at Kleiner Perkins, PEHub reports via VentureWire. RecycleBank’s round also included existing investors […] Read more »

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Screens, from your massive HDTV to your iPhone, are increasingly filling our lives with an omnipresent glow. There’s new technology in the pipeline that’s not only helping screens get better and brighter but more energy efficient. And venture capitalists are throwing lots of money into this […] Read more »

When we interviewed Sanjiv Malhotra, CEO of fuel startup Oorja Protonics, last month, the company was still in stealth mode. Guess they decided St. Paddy’s Day should also be their coming out party — they just put out a press release declaring their public launch. Um, […] Read more »

High oil prices have driven investments into biofuels and alternatives to petroleum-based product options. Even though some of the efforts appear misguided from an environmental perspective, the influx of cash has allowed a variety of new ideas to receive funding. But dirty solutions to the price […] Read more »

Phoning into the conference call from Iqaluit, Nunavut, the northernmost Canadian territory, arctic explorer Will Steger stressed that we have the answer to global warming. “One of the most promising solutions is really in the transportation sector — and that’s the development of ethanol,” Steger said. […] Read more »

Is Nanosolar worth a whopping $2 billion? Nanosolar seems to think so, at least according to a rumor being reported by CNet. The article quotes sources saying Nanosolar is valuing itself in the $2 billion-range as they shop for more funding. We contacted the company and […] Read more »

The ides of March have brought a bounty of venture funding and conferences to the cleantech world. However, there was some news to beware of this week as the Washington Post exposed the dark side of solar. So, in case you missed the good and the […] Read more »

The world’s largest natural gas producer — and Russia’s biggest firm — is getting into the smart metering business. The UK subsidiary of natural gas giant Gazprom says it has taken an equity stake in UK smart metering company TruRead. TruRead’s technology enables the remote reading […] Read more »

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Now we have a better idea of why Suntech Power, with half a billion dollars in convertible notes on its books, wanted to make it an even billion. The Chinese solar company is buying a minority stake in Nitol Solar, a Russian polysilicon producer, for “up […] Read more »

It takes a lot of cash to build a next-generation ethanol plant. Range Fuels, the startup that is racing to be the first cellulosic ethanol producer in the U.S., has just raised a massive round of $100 million in funding, according to Venture Wire and […] Read more »

The Wall Street Journal is the midst of hosting their inaugural ECO:nomics conference down in sunny Santa Barbara. And while conference goers have already heard from Walmart CEO and president Lee Scott Jr., GE CEO Jeff Immelt and Duke Energy president and CEO Jim Rogers, there’s […] Read more »

The War on Terror is dirty business, but the Army is trying to turn some of that military excess into reclaimed power by deploying two trash-chomping biorefineries to Iraq, the AP reports. Called “tactical biorefineries” — because regular biorefineries clearly aren’t tactical enough — each unit […] Read more »

Boulder Getting Smart Grid: Power company Xcel Energy says it will turn Boulder, Colorado into the first “Smart Grid City” including advanced meters, substations, in home control devices, and infrastructure to support distributed energy generation — Clean Edge. Virgin Not the Only One with Biofuel Flight […] Read more »

New England-based demand-response company EnerNOC is heading into the Wild West of Texas! It has inked a deal with the state’s Electric Reliability Council to participate in a blackout prevention program that goes beyond large industrial users. As a Texas resident, I’m all for blackout reductions […] Read more »

The folks behind last months Greener Gadgets conference have put together an edited video clip of the panel Earth2Tech organized, which included execs of several startups that are selling mobile devices powered by alternative sources of energy. The panel included kinetic power startup M2E Power, hand-held […] Read more »

While the invisible carbon emissions coming from our tailpipes are a global concern, it’s the smoggy stuff that affects our health closer to home. To combat smog, the EPA announced new regulations last night that lower the allowable levels of ground-level ozone to 75 parts per […] Read more »

Now that Shai Agassi’s electric vehicle network startup Project Better Place has started to charge ahead in its first market, Israel, the company has begun to put the pieces in place to actually build the 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations. First off, the company has named […] Read more »

Following British Columbia’s novel carbon-tax, an imperfect but positive step in regulating carbon, Canada’s national environment minister, John Baird, unveiled a far less impressive attempt to clean up the nation’s most polluting industries, namely coal-fired power plants and the growing tar sand refineries of Western Canada. […] Read more »

Wall Street was expecting a net loss from VeraSun on Wednesday, but the ethanol company surprised with a profit of 4 cents. That was good enough news to lift its shares up 4 percent to close at $6.96. But that was about as good as the […] Read more »

Siemens and eMeter Partner to Smarten the Grid: Using eMeter’s EnergyIP meter data management software, Siemens will provide a distribution and support channel. A smarter grid will need a data management standard and EnergyIP could fit the bill – The Earth Times. Petrobras Signs Up with […] Read more »

When Google launched an online carbon footprint calculator in the UK back in October, we overlooked how interesting theopen platform behind the Google product was. It’s called AMEE — which stands for the unsubtle Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine, and its an API that aggregates the information […] Read more »

At the start of the 20th century, two German scientists revolutionized agriculture by making nitrogen cheaply available in fertilizers. Now two American companies are trying to make crops that don’t need as much nitrogen. Chemical giant DuPont and agricultural biotech company Arcadia Biosciences announced a partnership […] Read more »

If your cleantech company relies on green policies and is even remotely well-funded, chances are there’s a cleantech lobbyist on your payroll. Case in point: biofuel startup Virent Energy Systems, which as Forbes notes in a company profile has been regularly visiting the Hill to generally […] Read more »

Saving the world can be a messy business, and brewing biofuels is far from a waste-free endeavor, as Cargill learned today. A lawsuit filed Monday claims that Cargill failed to pre-treat sludge from its Iowa Falls biodiesel plant before sending it to the municipal water treatment […] Read more »

New Transmission Lines Coming for Renewables: Southern California Edison has started work on a $1.8 billion expansion of its transmission lines geared specifically to accommodate renewable energy projects – Cleantech Media. 100 Ways to Improve Your Mileage: For those of you unfamiliar with the competitive sport […] Read more »

Suntech Power is dipping its bucket into the credit markets, hoping to raise between $425 million and $500 million to buy polysilicon and fund the expansion of its capacity. This would normally be seen as a positive move, but the news led to a nearly 5 […] Read more »

Clean Edge has just released their Clean Energy Trends 2008 report, a 22-page document that outlines the areas of cleantech that saw the most growth in 2007 as well as the hurdles ahead in 2008. Our buddy and author of the report, Joel Makower, singles out […] Read more »

Even though ethanol maker Coskata is backed by some of the biggest names in cleantech — Khosla, General Motors — and had one of the splashiest company launches in the industry, the team was reluctant to provide details about their latest funding round. Well, that’s why […] Read more »

While we’re still waiting for fuel cells to power our gadgets, the technology is starting to make headway towards powering our homes — at least in some markets. UK-based utility Scottish and Southern Energy and fuel cell designer Intelligent Design recently unveiled a new joint venture […] Read more »

Like most conferences that have a hip image to uphold this year, South by Southwest is making a concerted effort to cast an eco-friendly light on their 2008 technology, music and film festival. The organizers are purchasing renewable energy credits from the city of Austin, and […] Read more »

Silicon Valley startup APX, maker of a trading platform that certifies carbon and emissions offsets, said on Monday that Carol Browner, former EPA administrator in the Clinton Administration, will be joining its board. Browner brings with her some high-level — and particularly appropriate — credentials. During […] Read more »

Zap Selling Plug-In Hybrid Kit: In collaboration with Hybrid Plus, electric-car maker Zap will be selling kits to convert your Toyota Prius or Highlander into a plug-in hybrid. Prices range from $24,000 to $36,000 and Zap estimates it’ll boost city driving mileage to 120 mpg – […] Read more »

Researchers at Swansea University are developing solar cells that can be painted right onto your roof, Science Daily reports. The photovoltaic paint is being designed to coat the steel exterior cladding, making bulky panels unnecessary. Dave Worsley, of the Materials Research Centre at the University’s School […] Read more »

Iberdrola Renewables, a Spanish utility giant and the world’s largest operator of renewable energy, is testing a wave energy system that could be first wave energy installation in Europe. For now the utility is testing the unit, called Power Take Off, on land, but it could […] Read more »

If you cursed daylight savings time for throwing a wrench in your schedule this weekend, you have Congress to thank. It extended daylight savings time last year by four weeks, citing claims of reduced crime, fewer automobile accidents, more light for summer activities, and the kicker, […] Read more »

Much like the nagging sustainability issues that are plaguing biofuel production, making solar panels has a dark undercurrent as well. This weekend the Washington Post published an investigative piece looking into Chinese polysilicon manufacturing companies accused of dumping a toxic byproduct, silicon tetrachloride, into local villages. […] Read more »

John Doerr, Kleiner Perkins super VC, told a group of students, investors and entrepreneurs at the Berkeley Energy Symposium on Friday that “it’s almost criminal that we’re not investing more in energy R&D.” And Doerr, who’s firm has already put almost $300 million into clean technologies, […] Read more »

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