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It’s a bit of an oxymoron, but hunters can actually be outspoken environmental stewards. And now those green Elmer Fudds can zip about the wilderness in search of game in all-electric style. Electric vehicle startup RTEV officially launched yesterday and is marketing its Ruff & Tuff […] Read more »

Those still hoping clean coal will become a reality can take comfort in the knowledge that tax dollars are still funding carbon capture and sequestration endeavors. Making good on its promise to fund a number of smaller, distributed projects to test the capture and storage of […] Read more »

The Energy Biosciences Institute, a first-of-its-kind, half-a-billion-dollar partnership between energy giant BP and the labs of UC Berkeley, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Lawrence Berkeley National, has published its list of the first 49 projects it will fund to the tune of $20 million. […] Read more »

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While U.S. ethanol producers are like teenagers in the global biofuels market, Brazil is like a mature adult, approaching middle age. The Brazilian government began investing heavily in ethanol infrastructure and R&D more than 30 years ago. Now the country, which produces 45 percent of its […] Read more »

HelioVolt Building Deals: Austin-based thin film solar startup HelioVolt announced a deal with Architectural Glass & Aluminum Co. to work on building-integrated photovoltaic products. We can’t wait for solar-embedded walls! — release. Food Prices Up, Washington Ethanol Support Down: McCain and Republican senators are calling for […] Read more »

Gordon Murray, former Formula One race car designer, is working on a city car based on lightweight materials that could come in hybrid, all-electric and gas versions. While the Surrey, UK-based venture, Gordon Murray Designs, has been pretty stealthy over the past year, the Wall Street […] Read more »

While young cellulosic startups like Mascoma and Coskata are pulling in funding this year, in 2007, investments into alternative fuels were down significantly, according to a new report out this morning from PricewaterhouseCoopers. The difficult economics and increasing public backlash against corn-based ethanol, combined with the […] Read more »

Record high oil prices aren’t enough to keep ethanol plants from getting the ax. POET Energy, an ethanol plant developer, has canceled plans for a plant in Glenville, Minn. (hat tip Greentech Media) POET says it pulled the plug on the plant due to permitting problems. […] Read more »

On the heels of the news of its partnership with auto giant General Motors, cellulosic-biofuel startup Mascoma has added Big Oil to its growing list of investors. The Boston-headquartered company says this week that it has raised $61 million in a third round of financing that […] Read more »

Demand management firm EnerNOC, following its successful IPO last year, has been buying up firms to help its growth. The Boston-headquartered company said Monday that it has acquired Baltimore-based energy procurement services provider South River Consulting, which serves as a clearinghouse for the increasingly complex and […] Read more »

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Exxon Plays the Waiting Game: Green business guru Joel Makower writes a smart post on how Exxon is mistakenly waiting for a breakthrough in renewable energy technology before investing more in the sector. — Two Steps Forward. Triodos Plans to Raise Public Fund: A so-called “ethical […] Read more »

Hey Israel’s green-leaning innovators, Israel Cleantech Ventures, a firm focused on funding green technology innovations in Israel, said this morning that it’s closed $75 million for its debut fund. The firm has been around since 2006 and has already made seven investments, many of which we’ve […] Read more »

Being an Internet millionaire doesn’t mean you’re only interested in creating businesses that make huge profits — though our list of 25 that ditched infotech for cleantech are certainly still trying. Estonian entrepreneurs Ahti Heinla, a Skype guru, and Rainer Nolvak, founder of MicroLink and Delfi, […] Read more »

Although plants and bacteria get most of the biofuel research dollars and media column inches, fungus, a kingdom of organisms that excels at breaking down fibrous cellulose, could provide some innovation for cheap and easy cellulosic biofuel production. Researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory and the […] Read more »

Firefly Energy, a company developing cutting-edge lead-acid battery technology that we profiled last week, has raised $15 million in new venture funding. The financing was part of a Series C round that brought on Khosla Ventures and Infield Capital as new investors, PEHub reports. The Peoria, […] Read more »

With their dotcom and broadband-based winnings in tow, serial entrepreneurs of the information technology age have been taking the plunge into the energy and cleantech markets, looking to recreate their e-successes. Some are finding more success than others, and some are, frankly, finding no success at […] Read more »

It was an exciting week with lots of Q1 reports coming out and a late week partnership between auto giant GM and biofuel startup Mascoma. In case you missed some of the ups and downs in the cleantech world this week we’ve gathered the top news […] Read more »

Oil giant Shell’s decision to pull out of the world’s biggest planned offshore wind farm to be built in Britain resulted in a storm of criticism last week. Politicians and environmentalists accused Shell of being “greedy” and “irresponsible” in the British media. Many also believe that […] Read more »

There’s a massive 2.5GW of solar thermal projects planned for the California and Arizona deserts, and with construction starting to get underway on a good number of them, there’s bound to be a variety of hurdles. But what are some of the lesser-known obstacles when you […] Read more »

Fuel cell maker MTI Micro is showing off a prototype of a GPS system with an embedded fuel cell at a fuel cell conference in Atlanta this morning. The company, which is based in Albany, New York, says its fuel cell-connected GPS system can provide 60 […] Read more »

Most solar companies use silicon to turn solar energy into electrical energy, but researchers at the University of Tel Aviv have recently moved to go green in more of a literal sense. Rather than silicon, they’re using bio-engineered plant proteins to build their PV base. This […] Read more »

The CEO of General Motors, Rick Wagoner, says that, when it comes to the large-scale manufacture of electric vehicles, GM will ultimately beat out the dozens of electric-vehicle startups that have recently started racing to sell green cars. This is a high-volume, tough game to compete […] Read more »

Is First Solar headed higher, or lower? Judging from the volatility of the stock, there is no clear consensus among investors. Even the analysts who spend their days scrutinizing solar companies can’t agree. Yesterday, Craig Rubens wrote about the 8 percent rise in First Solar’s stock […] Read more »

DOE to Put $60 Million into Solar Thermal: The U.S. Department of Energy plans to invest the money over five years in 10 to 25 low-cost solar concentrating projects. The DOE is interested in thermal storage and heat transfer fluids – Cleantech. Waste Management and Linde […] Read more »

If we could create 100 percent efficiencies in our machines, we could solve many of our energy woes — but damn those pesky laws of thermodynamics that are holding us back. Enter startup Kalex Systems, which is rethinking thermodynamics in the hopes of capturing some of […] Read more »

Looks like Coskata will have to share its automotive sugar daddy with another biofuel firm. General Motors announced a new strategic relationship with ethanol startup Mascoma, along with an undisclosed equity investment in the company, this morning. GM’s partnership and investment could help Mascoma get closer […] Read more »

Former Vice President and climate change crusader Al Gore has found himself with access to a massive $1.88 billion earmarked for cleantech investments, spread across three separate funds and two investment firms — Kleiner Perkins and Climate Solutions Fund. Two of the funds recently closed their […] Read more »

The idea of a “smart grid” involves a lot more players than its simple name suggests. That’s why Silver Spring Networks has launched its Technology Alliance Program, which includes an impressive partner list of big energy vets, tech giants and cleantech startups alike. Silver Spring’s open […] Read more »

On the heels of A123System’s plug-in hybrid conversion company Hymotion finally offering its kit to consumers, words is out that the lithium ion battery company is very close to filing its IPO, according to Scott Kirsner via Kirsner says A123Systems will likely file next month […] Read more »

DIY Solar Electric Car: Between the financial strain of high gas prices and seven children it’s no wonder Brent Hatch decided to build a solar-pedal powered hybrid to schlep to and from the middle school – CBS News via Autoblog Green. LDK CEO Founds New Thin-Film […] Read more »

Today’s data centers consume 0.5 percent of the world’s energy but are about as energy efficient as a poorly maintained Hummer is fuel efficient. But getting data centers to run more like a Prius is going to take a lot of work in areas that range […] Read more »

The U.S. economy may be sputtering, but there was some good news coming out of the cleantech world this morning. First Solar, the poster child of cleantech IPOs and the so-called “Google of solar,” reported a sharp rise in its profit and revenue for the latest […] Read more »

Can Twitter help you turn your lights off? IBM’s “Master Inventor” Andy Stanford-Clark has rigged up his home to twitter its energy use, and if you follow the tweets you can see in real time when Stanford-Clark has turned his lights and fountain off or on […] Read more »

The CEO of California utility PG&E, Peter Darbee, recently caught our attention in a big way when he said that he’d like to use PG&E’s deep pockets to buy and own solar thermal plants. Turns out that’s just the beginning of the things he’d like to […] Read more »

Oil giants like BP and Shell often groom themselves through marketing campaigns as being very interested in alternative energies like biofuels, solar and wind power. And they are investing in these areas. But when earnings time comes around, it becomes clear just how puny these initiatives […] Read more »

X Prize Foundation Puts $100M Up for Cleantech: In its largest prize to date, the X Prize Foundation will award $100 million for breakthroughs in biofuels, energy storage, power generation for developing nations, and other categories – Business Week. “Q&A: Wave Power”: With everyone from San […] Read more »

TechnoSpin, a New York-headquartered small-scale wind turbine maker with big-time plans, has raised $8 million in a Series A financing that was led by 21 Ventures. The company says it has designed its small-scale turbines to operate in low-wind situations, allowing for wider adoption, and is […] Read more »

Russell Read, the exec who leads investment strategy for the California Public Employees’ Retirement System’s $244 billion pension fund — the largest in the country — said today that he plans to launch his own private equity fund devoted to clean energy after he steps down […] Read more »

A solar startup building solar concentrating systems is coming out of stealth in time for the National Energy Marketers Association convention today and claiming some really incredible figures. Los Angeles-based newcomer Sunrgi says it can use lenses to concentrate sunlight by more than 1,600 times to […] Read more »

We just checked in on Khosla Ventures’ portfolio on its web site and we noticed four startups we haven’t looked into before that could deliver some interesting innovation to the electric car space: Sakti3, Firefly Energy, Ramu and Tula. As Khosla’s more than a dozen biofuel […] Read more »

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