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Ever since battery maker A123 Systems bought plug-in hybrid converter company Hymotion last year, everyone’s been waiting for the time when consumers would be able to get their hands on the conversion kits. This weekend A123 Systems emailed us to let us know that they have […] Read more »

So this concludes another Earth Week. Earth Day was on Tuesday and in case you were too busy hugging all those trees to catch the cleantech news we’ve gathered the most important headlines from the week for your here. Pictures of Dell’s Eco Bamboo Computer: After […] Read more »

IBM, the granddaddy of computing, uses 5 billion kilowatt hours to power its data center operations each year. But over the next three years, Big Blue is attempting to double its compute capability without budging the needle on its power consumption. It’s already well on its […] Read more »

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Verdiem, a Seattle, Wash.-based startup that makes power management software for office PCs, told us back in February it was in the process of raising “a substantial” round. Well, the company confirms with us this morning (hat tip Venture Wire) that it has closed that round […] Read more »

In the world of electric cars, punctuality is a foreign concept. Venturi, a Monaco-based electric car startup, has pushed back delivery of its unfortunately named Fetish. While many are reporting that this postponement is part of the company’s last-minute upgrades, we see this news as further […] Read more »

Kleiner Perkins, the green-leaning venture capital firm, is reportedly raising a “green growth” fund of more than $400 million for investment in later-stage, less risky cleantech startups, says (full story on The firm has already allocated a good third of its $600 million main […] Read more »

Coskata, the startup with plans to produce $1 a gallon cellulosic ethanol, has announced the location of its 40,000 gallon a year pilot plant: Madison, Penn., just northeast of Pittsburgh. The $25 million project will be built with newly revealed technology partner Westinghouse Plasma. Coskata says […] Read more »

MIT Boosting Its Boutique Solar Biz: With a $10 million gift from the Chesonis Family Foundation, MIT is launching the Solar Revolution Project which will research new materials and systems to accelerate the adoption of solar – MIT News. “Bring on the Right Biofuels”: In an […] Read more »

Electric vehicle startup Fisker Automotive has officially responded to the lawsuit that competitor Tesla Motors has filed against it for allegedly stealing its design ideas and trade secrets. Kleiner Perkins partner and Fisker investor Ray Lane already called the lawsuit “ridiculous” at a conference this week, […] Read more »

In a recent post on the company blog, Nanosolar CEO Martin Roscheisen hinted at “near-term” plans for residential solar from the thin-film startup (hat tip to CNET): To all those of you who are disappointed that our first product is not for residential homeowners, we can […] Read more »

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Unmanned war machines are out in force in the war on terror. Last year there were 5,000 military robots deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, up from 162 in 2004. And these semi-autonomous robo-warriors aren’t just your terrestrial terminators — they’re taking flight with the help of […] Read more »

BP is looking to go “beyond petroleum” via Brazilian ethanol, with an investment it calls the “largest made by an international oil company in the Brazilian ethanol industry.” This morning the British oil giant said it intends to pay about $60 million to take a 50 […] Read more »

Handsets on handlebars are bringing pedal-powered mobile call shops to rural Nicaragua. By souping up an old pedal-powered ice cream cart with a car battery, an alternator, a fixed cellular unit and three pay phones, mobile communications can travel outside the Nicaraguan cities via cellular cycle. […] Read more »

The biggest barrier to building all these solar thermal power plants in the Mojave desert is, unsurprisingly, cost. At this week’s Fortune Green conference the CEO of California utility PG&E, Peter Darbee, said he’s had discussions about using PG&E’s deep pockets to buy their own solar […] Read more »

Farming – The Ultimate Green Collar Job: Amid the chaos that has been the Pennsylvania primary, both candidates have been pushing “green-collar jobs” but have failed to address the greenest job out there – farming – Grist. Li-Ion Batteries Now With Less Fire: The technologies of […] Read more »

Just in time for Earth Day, the Department of Transportation said it couldn’t wait until 2020 for the increase in the national fuel efficiency that was approved by Congress to take effect. In January, as part of the Energy Bill, Congress voted to raise the corporate […] Read more »

Craig Venter’s Synthetic Genomics, a startup that is looking to do no less than overthrow the petrol industry and create an artificial life form, is in the process of raising another round of funding in the “$100 million to $200 million range,” the company’s Chief Financial […] Read more »

The automotive aftermarket mostly caters to gearheads pimping their rides with nitrous, cold air intake and turbos to better burn the competition. But a new spark plug alternative could help better burn your gasoline. Enerpulse’s Pulstar pulse plug works in place of a standard spark plug […] Read more »

Before the sun sets on another Earth Day (or at least before the clock strikes midnight) IBM has squeezed in its announcement of some very cool servers designed for cloud computing. No, they’re actually cool: The iDataPlex servers run at room temperature, which means they require […] Read more »

JIC Tech Invests $207M in Wind, Cellulosic Ethanol: Hong Kong’s J.I.C. Technology, an LCD maker, says it will invest over $200 million in two wind farms and $2.2 million in a pilot cellulosic ethanol plant all in China – Cleantech Media. Reports: Pollution Kills Flower’s Scent, […] Read more »

We just listened in on Dell CEO Michael Dell’s speech at the Fortune Green conference, during which he showed off a “never before seen” eco-inspired computer with a bamboo casing. Dell said the computer is 81 percent smaller than a standard desktop, uses 70 percent less […] Read more »

Earth Day is starting to feel like just another holiday created to sell a lot of stuff. Our email inboxes have been bombarded over the past month with announcements from traditional tech companies touting their eco moves. As the coordinator of the first Earth Day, Denis […] Read more »

California’s Mojave desert sure is getting crowded as more and more companies are raising money in an effort to build large solar power plants to harness the sun’s heat. Yesterday, eSolar said it had raised a massive $130 million from the likes of Google and Idealab […] Read more »

OK, so, I telecommute, although I’ve always thought of it as working from home. I get that I’m lucky, but around Earth Day or every time some corporate entity either offers or rescinds its work-at-home programs, I get frustrated by the environmental pass telecommuting gives corporations […] Read more »

It’s odd to think that the genesis of Fisker Automotive, maker of one of the sleekest looking plug-in hybrids around, was a chance meeting in a Range Rover showroom. Alan Niedzwiecki, president and CEO of Fisker partner and drivetrain maker Quantum Technologies, told us outside the […] Read more »

There were plenty of yuks today at the AlwaysOn Nordic Green Conference at the expense of reindeer, unpronounceable Scandinavian companies, and the worthless U.S. dollar. Somewhere in that mix were Sand Hill Road VCs looking for new opportunities and Nordic startups looking to defrost with some […] Read more »

Scottish and Southern Energy Makes Another Fuel Cell Play: On the heals of last month’s investment in fuel cell maker Intelligent Energy, SSE has paid £375,000 to acquire a 21 percent stake in the Logan Energy, a fuel cell installation and maintenance company – Cleantech Media. […] Read more »

Shai Agassi, who turned 40 this weekend, gave some new details about his plans to build infrastructure for the world’s electric vehicles at the Fortune Green conference on Monday. He detailed his startup’s subscription plans, which will mirror cell phone services (noting MetroPCS, prepaid plans, and […] Read more »

“Ridiculous” is the way Kleiner Perkins VC and Fisker Automotive investor Ray Lane described the lawsuit filed against the car maker last week by competitor Tesla Automotive. Tesla is accusing Fisker of stealing design ideas and trade secrets, but Lane says Tesla’s just trying to generate […] Read more »

Cleantech investors Kleiner Perkins and RockPort Capital Partners are thinking U.S. consumers will be interested in a mainstream electric vehicle that is cheaper than the Prius. The duo announced today that they have decided to create a joint venture with one of their investments, Norwegian company […] Read more »

eSolar, a startup building solar thermal power plants that was one of the first cleantech startups backed by Google, has pulled in $130 million, the company says this morning; the funding comes from, Bill Gross’ Idealab, Oak Investment Partners and other investors. The company also […] Read more »

Widespread adoption of solar is dependent on lowering the cost of installation, which can account for half of the total cost of residential solar. Sungevity, a new startup out of Berkeley, Calif., is using the Internet and satellite imagery to bring down the overall cost of […] Read more »

Written by Brian McConnell, founder of the Worldwide Lexicon project and Der Mundo and a regular guest columnist on GigaOM. He retrofitted his pre-WWII San Francisco home in San Francisco with a 2.5kW net metered solar array. If you live in San Francisco and would like […] Read more »

It was a litigious week in the Valley for cleantech. The electric car industry is straining between lawsuits, technical snafus, and corporate creativity. Right now the light at the end of the tunnel is the delivery of the next 299 Teslas by the end of the […] Read more »

Startups like GridPoint, eMeter and Silver Spring Networks are all pulling in funding to make the power grid smarter. But tech institutions, like computer giant IBM, think there’s money to be made in improving our power infrastructure, too. IBM Global Energy and Utilities Industry is heading […] Read more »

For the first quarter of the year, clean investing continued to decline, from a high of $885 million invested in the third quarter of 2007. In the first quarter of 2008, venture capitalists put $625 million into 44 clean technology firms, according the MoneyTree Report from […] Read more »

With so few traditional public offering exits in cleantech, we get really excited when a company starts making moves with the SEC to prepare for an IPO. Yesterday the residential solar installer Real Goods Solar updated its SEC filings with price information for its IPO, valuing […] Read more »

Size matters when it comes to renewable power generation. (Or, perhaps better put, scale.) And the wind industry has seen turbines grow to enormous proportions. Now there is a new king among the the giant pinwheels: Named “The Britannia” (we guess “The Titanic” was already taken), […] Read more »

Worrying about your household’s carbon emissions is so last month ago– have you given any thought to your avatar’s carbon footprint? That’s actually a serious question: the larger virtual worlds and MMOs require thousands of servers to run, and that expends enormous amounts of electricity. I […] Read more »

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