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With the biofuel industry reeling from global outcries of humanitarian and environmental havoc, individual companies are trying desperately to make it clear that their biofuels are, in fact, green. To that end, Swedish ethanol producer and distributor Sekab claims to be the world’s first maker of […] Read more »

Floatavoltaics in Napa Valley: In a Dionysian cleantech maneuver, Napa Valley winery Far Niente has installed 1,000 floating solar panels on its irrigation pond and has enough solar power to run the entire winery – SFGate. Governmental Cleantech Grant Roundup: The folks over at Cleantech have […] Read more »

In Silicon Valley, creating a thin-film solar startup requires a thorough business plan, years of testing and countless meetings to raise a few million dollars for your venture. But if you’re the oil-rich emirate of Abu Dhabi it just takes a couple billion and you can […] Read more »

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The small-scale solar thermal startup Sopogy that we reported was in the process of raising a $9 million round last October, has closed that round from investors including the investment vehicle of eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, Ohana Holdings. The folks at New Energy Finance reported the […] Read more »

San Diego-based startup Sapphire Energy said yesterday that it has squeezed ASTM-certifiable 91 octane gasoline — the premium stuff at the pump — from algae. That is to say, high-octane gasoline from pond scum. Founded a year ago this month, Sapphire has already raised $50 million […] Read more »

For a few days there, things were starting to look up for Pacific Ethanol (PEIX). Corn costs are surging. Demand is slack. And biofuels are being blamed for everything from toxic sludge to movie-ticket inflation. Pacific Ethanol, which recently suspended plans to build a new California […] Read more »

Car makers are facing newer and stricter emissions regulations all over the world. In Europe, the debate over proposals to curb carbon dioxide emissions for new cars is getting fiercer. This week six Greenpeace activist dressed up as Flintstones characters were arrested in Brussels, Belgium, as […] Read more »

Q-Cells Going South of the Border: The German thin film solar company is expanding into the 10,000 acre Silicon Border Science Park, in Mexicali, Baja California; it’s a two-hour drive from San Diego, and a three-hour to both Los Angeles and Phoenix — release. GE Dives […] Read more »

“Plug and play” is a term often used in the infotech world to describe a technology that a consumer can purchase and easily use out of the box — like that new mouse you bought at Best Buy, the one with little setup and software installation. […] Read more »

Ever since the Department of Energy cut its support of the FutureGen project, the fossil fuel-based energy industry, so dependent on effective carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology for the future of their business, has been rather directionless in its approach to CCS. The latest attempt […] Read more »

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The ever-evolving saga of the electric car company ZAP Motors has added a new chapter today. The maker of the three-wheeled, all-electric Xebra, has appointed Eqbal Al Yousuf as Chairman of the Board. Al Yousuf is President of Dubai’s Al Yousuf Group, a business conglomerate based […] Read more »

There’s a quiet race going on to be the first in the U.S. to turn the country’s waste and biomass into next-generation ethanol at a large scale; as companies make progress it’s getting louder. Ethanol producer Verenium said today it has officially opened a demonstration facility […] Read more »

We told you a few weeks ago that was looking for video submissions of you all telling Google how much you wanted a plug-in electric vehicle (PHEV). Google has now officially sent out their call for videos and unveiled they’re grander PHEV scheme. and […] Read more »

First we had Texas utility Oncor sign a $690 million deal for smart meters and now North Carolina-based Duke Energy has announced ambitious plans to build a statewide smart grid network. Starting in Indiana, the proposal would include more than 800,000 new digital “smart meters” — […] Read more »

World Bank to Put Up $5.5B for Cleantech: The World Bank plans to set up funds this July — both a $5 billion cleantech fund and a $500 million R&D fund — and hope to start raising cash by the end of the year – VentureBeat. […] Read more »

After being named to the Department of Energy’s list of Solar America Cities last summer, Austin today unveiled some of its plans to make good on its local utility’s goal of getting 30 percent of its energy from renewable resources by 2020. About 100 megawatts will […] Read more »

The UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), a system whereby developed nations can earn certified carbon offset credits (CERs) by funding clean energy projects in the developing world, has come under fire again, this time from two separate reports. Both accuse the CDM of not adequately verifying […] Read more »

Following SunEdison’s announcement last week that it will build what it claims will be, at the time of construction, the largest photovoltaic farm in the U.S., the company now says it’s getting more cash to fuel its ambitious plans. The Beltsville, Md.-headquartered solar service operator says […] Read more »

Sometimes we get wrapped up in detailing bleeding-edge innovations that startups are developing to help monitor home energy use. But, first and foremost, cutting home power requires a huge investment from your utility, and usually a well-established company to sell and install all those necessary smart […] Read more »

A few startups are just beginning to sell solar-powered backup chargers for our gadgets and cell phones, but none of the big consumer electronics makers has yet embraced embedded solar power as a viable option for mainstream devices. Well, according to a patent application picked up […] Read more »

America’s favorite pastime has got to stay current with the times, especially going into a summer with projections of record-high gas prices. Major League Baseball is working to green its image. The Seattle Mariners opened their season with the first fully carbon offset baseball game. The […] Read more »

Another week, another set of big cleantech deals. Mucho dinero could be moving soon from Spanish Iberdrola to American renewable energy projects to the tune of $8 billion. On a smaller scale, a number of cleantech startups have gotten funds and been making deals too. In […] Read more »

With over 70 percent of the earth’s surface covered in water, a number that is likely to only increase in the coming years, it makes sense for cleantech entrepreneurs to head out to sea to collect energy in and on our oceans. Putting expensive energy generation […] Read more »

Startup Transonic Combustion has been quietly working on its efficient fuel-injection technology, which the company says can deliver 100 mpg for an internal combustion engine vehicle. At the FiRe conference this week, Transonic Combustion’s VP of business development, Mike Rocke, showed us this image of Transonic’s […] Read more »

We’re knee-deep in the summer movie season, but your blockbusters could cost you a bit more this year. Nikki Finke over at Deadline Hollywood Daily had an interesting tid-bit about how the price of corn connects to the price of your ticket. In an article predicting […] Read more »

Looks like the Wall Street Journal is going have to write a flaming op-ed about the research firm New Energy Finance now, too. While earlier this week the WSJ lambasted Vinod Khosla for down-playing the role of ethanol in the food crisis (we reprinted Khosla’s rebuttal […] Read more »

A lot of people have been wondering what Martin Tobias has been up to since he left Imperium Renewables, a startup he led to become one of the largest biodiesel producers in the U.S., last December. Well, surfing, for one; he runs a surf camp in […] Read more »

For those of you who already own your own hybrid, and weren’t tempted by these 6 electric cars you can buy right now, we’ve gotta tip for you. Give your old hybrid a plug. While getting 50 miles per gallon in your Toyota Prius surely feels […] Read more »

Last August SmarthSynch CEO Stephen Johnston told us the company would likely be looking to raise more funds in 6-12 months. Right on schedule, his smart metering startup has raised $20 million in a round of funding led by a new huge investor, Credit Suisse. This […] Read more »

Air Force Takes Synthetic Fuel Super Sonic: In a flight test, a B-1 stealth bomber, code-named Dark 33, successfully broke the sound barrier flying on synthetic jet fuel, the first time such fuel had gone Mach 1. Do you feel the need for speed? – Wall […] Read more »

The Wall Street Journal published an editorial this week in which it took offense to comments made by Vinod Khosla that have downplayed ethanol’s contribution to the food crisis. The WSJ said: “As long as he’s on the federal dole, perhaps Mr. Khosla should take a […] Read more »

It should come as no surprise that the Bay Area, a national hub of cleantech enterprise and environmental policy, has become the first in the country to pass a tax on carbon emissions. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District‘s board of directors voted 15-1 yesterday […] Read more »

The PayPal-founder-turned-green-entrepreneur, Elon Musk predicts that in 30 years solar will be the single largest source of power in the U.S., and possibly the world. Musk made the prediction at the Future in Review (FiRe) conference in Coronado, Calif., this week, where thought leaders met to […] Read more »

A deal between solar producer SunEdison and power company Duke Energy could produce the largest solar photovoltaic farm in the United States. Built and operated by SunEdison, the farm will be located in Davidson County, N.C., and, at 21.5 megawatts, is likely to be the largest […] Read more »

Startups looking to sell the next generation of batteries for our electric and hybrid vehicles will have to grow big fast to grab lucrative deals with the automakers. While A123 Systems is preparing an IPO to bring in funds for growth, a startup called International Battery, […] Read more »

It’s a green marketing blitz from Hewlett Packard today. Amid announcements of greener packaging, labeling, manufacturing and energy managment there are some interesting bits — and some disappointing things. Among the interesting is HP’s goal of greening its printers, both improving the overall energy efficiency of […] Read more »

Vinod Khosla vs. WSJ – Biofuel Battle: In an interview last week Vinod Khosla said Big Oil was helping run a smear campaign against biofuels. WSJ took offense, calling Khosla on the claim. Strong words were exchanged – VentureBeat. NorCal Signs on for $520M of Geothermal […] Read more »

Today, scientists working at the French equivalent of the Atomic Energy Commission said they have created a backup hydrogen fuel cell for powering cell phones. According to Agence France-Presse, the device is being developed by Bic, the French company more familiar as a maker of pens […] Read more »

“Don’t let invasive biofuel crops attack your country” was the warning delivered by concerned scientists yesterday at a UN meeting in Germany. Scientists from the Global Invasive Species Program (GISP), the Nature Conservancy and the International Union for Conservation of Nature all warned that bioenergy crops […] Read more »

After a rocky start, Solarfun may finally be winning the respect of investors. Its stock is up 8 percent in Wednesday trading after delivering earnings that showed revenue in the first quarter of 2008 had grown six-fold from the same period a year ago. Net profit […] Read more »

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