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If the market opportunity for non-food cellulosic biofuels is really in the tens of billions it’s no surprise that increasingly bigger companies are coming to play where the startups have been working. Today, DuPont and Genencor, a division of Danisco A/S, have announced the formation of […] Read more »

BrightSource Energy, the solar thermal startup that scored one of the industry’s biggest solar power plant deals in April, has just raised a massive $115 million in Series C funding and has added some big new names to its list of investors including, BP Alternative […] Read more »

With the presumptive Republican nominee stumping at a wind turbine facility on climate change policy, we think it’s time to better acquaint ourselves with Sen. John McCain’s energy plan. McCain is trying to use a stance of “slightly to the right of center in the environmental […] Read more »

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Electrovaya Says Electric Car to Be Available in 5 Months: The Toronto-based lithium-ion battery startup says they could begin sales of their neighborhood electric vehicle, the Maya-300, as soon as July – Greentech Media. Israeli Startups Locked Out of Israeli Solar Bid: The Israeli Ministry of […] Read more »

This morning, Hoku Scientific posted its results for the March quarter and then saw its stock tumble. It followed a pattern set by shares of JA Solar on Monday and LDK today, as well as other solar companies in recent weeks. Each company’s stock slid for […] Read more »

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is in talks with electric vehicle startup Project Better Place about building the infrastructure for a fleet of plug-in cars in the city, including parking meter charging stations and battery replacement stations. Newsom traveled to Israel last week to meet with […] Read more »

Silicon Valley’s green car fisticuffs is going into round two this week. According to CNET, electric vehicle company Fisker Automotive, maker of the Karma, plans to file for arbitration today in an attempt to derail the suit filed by competitor Tesla, which accuses Fisker of stealing […] Read more »

While wind power has been growing by leaps and bounds — a record 45 percent last year — and is on track to set a new record this year with 1,400 megawatts of capacity installed in the first quarter, the Department of Energy thinks we can […] Read more »

The future of biofuels belongs to biology, and startups are getting more and more funding to engineer alternative fuels. Synthetic biofuel startup Gevo has raised another $17 million in a Series C funding according to Existing investors Khosla Ventures and Virgin Green Fund participated, as […] Read more »

Chinese solar cell wafer maker LDK Solar posted what appeared to be a pretty strong first quarter earnings report on Monday: a net income of $49.8 million, compared with $21.6 million from a year ago reports Reuters, and a raised revenue outlook for the year. But […] Read more »

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SF Green Cleantech Meeting Tonight: If you’re in the San Francisco area this evening you should swing by the SF Green event where the big shot cleantech entrepreneurs and VCs will be on hand, showing off their companies, their wares and their thoughts – VentureBeat. The […] Read more »

The Silicon Valley electric car startup Project Better Place showed off a prototype for its electric vehicle in Israel this weekend, and said partner Renault-Nissan (Renault is building the cars while Nissan, via an agreement with NEC Corp., is supplying the swappable batteries) would likely spend […] Read more »

The holy grail of building-integrated solar might be paint-on solar, but in the meantime there is a peel-n-stick option. The Lumeta Power-Ply 380 panel uses adhesive to stick 8’x4′ panels to your roof in a matter of minutes without any racking or mounting systems — and […] Read more »

The debate between massive solar thermal plants and distributed roof top solar projects continues to get more interesting every day. Duke Energy’s CEO Jim Rogers says the utility will build and operate solar power, and plans to invest $100 million in solar rooftops, both commercial and […] Read more »

PowerGenix, an eight-year-old startup based in San Diego, Calif., will be showing off its nickel-zinc battery in a retrofitted Prius this week at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference. Yeah, that’s nickel-zinc, not the nickel metal hydride battery that the Prius has already made famous. But the […] Read more »

While we’ve been waiting for HelioVolt, the Austin, Texas-based thin film solar company to start selling its product, the startup said on Monday that it has produced solar cells that are 12.2 percent efficient — and manufactured them in under 6 minutes. That’s one of the […] Read more »

We often cover semiconductors that require less energy, but we rarely talk to the companies behind those chips to find out what else they might be doing to reduce their power consumption. However, Norm Fjeldheim, chief information officer for Qualcomm, recently shared a few tidbits about […] Read more »

This week saw a number of partnerships as big oil reached out to biofuels and solar installers started to team up. In case you missed any of the important headlines, we’ve gathered the top news from the week here for you. So, after you go out […] Read more »

While the voluntary carbon trading economy is booming (it tripled in 2007 to $331 million) the power of free-market economics has yet to directly connect our own personal actions with carbon emissions. This week, the UK nixed plans to get people to reduce their emissions via […] Read more »

We talk a lot about new energy opportunities and technology breakthroughs here on Earth2Tech, and less about the high risks involved in developing new cleantech markets and commercializing unproven technologies. But at the Berkeley-Stanford CleanTech Conference this week, there was a lot of discussion over the […] Read more »

Although a public offering from a solar installer met a chilly response on the Street this week, one of cleantech’s most mature industries, wind energy, might have an IPO of its own soon. Riding high on record wind installations, Noble Environmental Power, a developer and operator […] Read more »

Following yesterday’s cloudy performance by solar stocks, this morning some solar players announced a deal that could help them weather the storm. Residential solar designer and installer Akeena is teaming up with residential solar financier Sun Run. The partnership will connect Akeena’s “LEGO-like” Andalay panel system […] Read more »

As the debate over whether countries should mandate more or less biofuels rages on, Finland’s diesel car drivers — at least in the Helsinki area — now have a chance to fill up their tanks with a new diesel fuel blend whose biodiesel content is at […] Read more »

“Another Sunny Year for Solar Power”: A new report from the Worldwatch Institute estimates that global production of PV cells grew by 51 percent last year to 3,733 megawatts – Worldwatch Institute. Beijing Olympics “Basically” Carbon Neutral: China’s Technology Minister Wan Gang said the country will […] Read more »

The economic slowdown continued to cloud the solar stock market today. Akeena Solar (AKNS) released its first-quarter results, reporting a widened loss of $4.6 million, or 16 cents a share, and warned that it sees softening demand for the remainder of the year. Meanwhile shares of […] Read more »

It’s time to see how our favorite gadget makers and Internet search engines fare when it comes to their commitment to fighting climate change. While Greenpeace has its green electronics guide, the non-profit Climate Counts released a new scorecard on companies this week, which includes a […] Read more »

While many cleantech startups are working on making cleaner burning fuels for our cars, a biotech firm Down Under is engineering cleaner digesting grasses for our cows. Gramina, a joint venture between Australian Molecular Plant Breeding and Kiwi PGG Wrightson Genomics, is genetically engineering pasture grass […] Read more »

If you’ve got a YouTube account, a camera, and a deep-seated yearning to get behind the wheel of a plug-in hybrid, Google wants to hear about it.’s RechargeIT program is hosting a contest soliciting videos from wannabe plug-in drivers, as well as testimonials from proud […] Read more »

Utilities plan to use solar power from both the massive solar plants that are being built in the California Mojave desert, as well as large scale distributed rooftop solar projects, like the one Southern California Edison is planning. So which technology is better? Centralized solar systems […] Read more »

EnerNOC delivered first-quarter earnings Wednesday that were a mixed bag. The company beat Wall Street estimates, which is always nice; but its operating loss nearly tripled from the previous year to $11.7 million, which is not so nice. The net loss of 57 cents a share […] Read more »

Record Windy Year: The American Wind Energy Association says the if the pace of wind installations keeps going like it did in the first quarter of 2008, there will be a record 5,600 megawatts of power installed this year — MarketWatch. Poulsen Hybrid an Auto X-Prize […] Read more »

As global food prices rise and food riots rock the developing world, grain-based biofuels are coming under heavy fire. But a new grain-based ethanol startup has just secured $300 million for barley-based fuel and it claims its methods won’t impact food supplies — one, because the […] Read more »

It’s a bit of an oxymoron, but hunters can actually be outspoken environmental stewards. And now those green Elmer Fudds can zip about the wilderness in search of game in all-electric style. Electric vehicle startup RTEV officially launched yesterday and is marketing its Ruff & Tuff […] Read more »

Those still hoping clean coal will become a reality can take comfort in the knowledge that tax dollars are still funding carbon capture and sequestration endeavors. Making good on its promise to fund a number of smaller, distributed projects to test the capture and storage of […] Read more »

The Energy Biosciences Institute, a first-of-its-kind, half-a-billion-dollar partnership between energy giant BP and the labs of UC Berkeley, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Lawrence Berkeley National, has published its list of the first 49 projects it will fund to the tune of $20 million. […] Read more »

While U.S. ethanol producers are like teenagers in the global biofuels market, Brazil is like a mature adult, approaching middle age. The Brazilian government began investing heavily in ethanol infrastructure and R&D more than 30 years ago. Now the country, which produces 45 percent of its […] Read more »

HelioVolt Building Deals: Austin-based thin film solar startup HelioVolt announced a deal with Architectural Glass & Aluminum Co. to work on building-integrated photovoltaic products. We can’t wait for solar-embedded walls! — release. Food Prices Up, Washington Ethanol Support Down: McCain and Republican senators are calling for […] Read more »

Gordon Murray, former Formula One race car designer, is working on a city car based on lightweight materials that could come in hybrid, all-electric and gas versions. While the Surrey, UK-based venture, Gordon Murray Designs, has been pretty stealthy over the past year, the Wall Street […] Read more »

While young cellulosic startups like Mascoma and Coskata are pulling in funding this year, in 2007, investments into alternative fuels were down significantly, according to a new report out this morning from PricewaterhouseCoopers. The difficult economics and increasing public backlash against corn-based ethanol, combined with the […] Read more »

Record high oil prices aren’t enough to keep ethanol plants from getting the ax. POET Energy, an ethanol plant developer, has canceled plans for a plant in Glenville, Minn. (hat tip Greentech Media) POET says it pulled the plug on the plant due to permitting problems. […] Read more »

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