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Many articles explaining what it’s like to switch from iOS to Android have been published, but Paul Stamatiou’s latest may be the best I’ve read yet. All of the right points are hit explaining the key differences between the two platforms, ranging from notifications, simple sharing methods, setting default apps and much more. To each his or her own when it comes to personal choice in mobile platforms; those on the fence, however — or those who want a modern refresher on Android’s maturity over time — should certainly give this a read.

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Skype can take better advantage of the Facetime HD camera in the newest iPad thanks to a software update released on Monday. Skype version 4.10 doesn’t add much more but it’s a welcome upgrade that will boost video quality on Apple’s iPad which supports 720p video calling already on Apple’s own Facetime app. Engadget notes the new software also improves call stability.

Apple on Friday celebrated a partial victory in its patent case against Samsung. The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) found Samsung guilty of infringing on two of Apple’s patents and ordered a ban on the import and sale of Samsung’s mobile devices named in the case. The ITC will allow Samsung […] Read more »

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Cyanogenmod developer Koushik Dutta managed to bring Chromecast support to any app that uses Android’s default media player. This hack could one day allow anyone running Cyanogenmod to beam any audio or video content to their TV — think AirPlay for Android. Check out a demo video on Dutta’s Google+ page. Somehow, I doubt this will find its way into the next version of Android. Google seems to be more keen on getting media app developers directly involved.

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