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Three of the big four carriers have already started beaming their cellular signals into the depths of New York City’s subway system as part of the Transit Wireless project. Soon they’ll be joined by Verizon Wireless, which said on Tuesday it will install its base station gear in the 36 stations Transit currently covers. Transit’s ultimate goal is to bring mobile connectivity to all of the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s 277 underground stations by 2016.

In Brief

Wacom stylus iPad

Drawing on the iPad is possible with a stylus, but Apple’s tablet doesn’t support pressure sensitivity. Wacom has a new $99 stylus to fix that problem: The new Intuos Creative Stylus measures the pressure you put on it and supports up to 2,048 levels. Swipe the stylus lightly on an iPad to get a thin line; pressing the pen harder on the screen creates thicker lines. The Bluetooth 4.0 accessory is a clever way to add a hardware feature to a tablet without actually adding anything to the tablet.

On The Web

Sync your Mailbox iOS app with your Dropbox account (to do this, go to “Settings” in the Mailbox app and tap “Dropbox”) and you’ll immediately get 1 free GB of extra storage space in your Dropbox account, The Next Web found. I tried it, and it works. Dropbox acquired Mailbox in March (Mailbox Co-Founder Gentry Underwood will be speaking at our RoadMap conference).

In Brief

Google’s Chrome Canary, a very experimental version of the browser, is getting a supervised profile feature that will add localized security, reports the BrowserFame site. I’ve seen the same function, albeit in a very limited fashion, in the developer channel of Chrome OS on my Chromebook Pixel. The functionality looks similar to managed users on desktop platforms such as Windows 8 and OS X, which shouldn’t be a total surprise: Google is quietly building Chrome to rival desktop platforms through the browser, which can boost engagement on the web.

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