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AT&T is now selling the Moto X online and in retail stores, beating other carriers to the punch. That’s about to change. According to Punit Soni, VP, Product Management at Motorola Mobility, other carrier devices will roll out in days, per his Google+ account. And, for those waiting to get an unlocked, unsubsidized Moto X, Soni says that Dev Editions are also coming just as quickly. No word on a Google Experience Moto X through the Google Play store just yet, but for those that don’t want a contract and are willing to give up customization options, the wait won’t be long.

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Before the Moto X actually launched, I suggested that the phone would be a sort of iPhone for Android: A device that’s designed to be better of the sum of its parts. My review touched upon that aspect as well. Computerworld’s JR Raphael puts a different spin on the same theme that’s well worth the read today; particularly since the handset is now available at AT&T stores.

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Nexus 7

Android tablets are finally seeing an influx of high-quality, tablet-optimized apps, but it’s still a pain to find them. Until Google creates a separate section for tablet-optimized apps, here are the best ways to discover what’s out there. Read more »

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Although I haven’t experienced this problem with the Nexus 7 I bought, some users have complained about multitouch issues on their new Google tablet. I’ve read about “ghost taps,” double-presses on the keyboard and other problems when using the small slate, causing some to return their purchase. Droid Life notes that a new software update is rolling out to address the issue on new Nexus 7 devices. Those who have received it chimed in on the official Google Product Forums to say it has fixed the problem. Glad to hear it was a software issue and not a hardware problem!

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GigaOM’s Mobilize conference in October will examine how mobile will evolve beyond the smartphone to include an array of new devices, services and technologies. Executives from Google Ventures, Netbiscuits and Open Garden will join us to share their views on where mobile is headed. Read more »

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For some time now, Foursquare has been fighting its critics by arguing that it is building the “location layer for the internet.” It has followed through on some of that claim by integrating itself into Instagram and other services, but now it could be on the verge of something much bigger: sources tell BuzzFeed it is close to signing a significant data deal with Yahoo.

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google keep reminder

Google Keep is a nice little catch-all app to jot down thoughts, lists, and save pictures, but it’s about to get a little nicer. On Wednesday, Google announced the addition of reminders in Keep; these can be time-based or location-based, helping to turn Keep into a mini to-do list app. Keep will even suggest nearby locations for when to nudge you. The updated app is rolling out over the next few days in Google Play and is already available in the online version at

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