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Unless you want an all white or an all black Moto X handset, there’s no need to visit an AT&T retail store. On Tuesday, Motorola announced an upgrade to its Moto Maker site, allowing customers to customize and order a phone online. The site will check your AT&T eligibility for upgrade pricing or you can order a no-contract Moto X at $579 or $629 depending on the storage choice.

I’ve already tested the process and it correctly verified my upgrade eligibility, just as Apple’s online iPhone store would. A free Motorola Skip accessory is also included for a limited time.

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Whenever a company is party to a big M&A deal, layoffs always follow. Sprint confirmed with Bloomberg on Tuesday that it is cutting 800 jobs, but claimed that this doesn’t have anything to do with redundancies produced by its massive three-way tie up with SoftBank and Clearwire. Sprint told Bloomeberg it’s trimming its customer service workforce because it’s getting fewer complaints into its call centers. A big reason for the drop off could be the shutdown of its Nextel iDEN network last quarter, which likely generated calls from millions of customers about to lose service.

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With Android being so customizable, some enthusiasts figured it’s pretty easy to replicate the unique features found on Motorola’s Moto X smartphone. That’s not the case at all, however, as Russell Holly proves over at Holly tried various third-party apps advertised as offering similar features but found that none provide the same functions, are as stable or as battery efficient as the Moto X.

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