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Todd Cochrane is the brain behind the Geek News Central blog, a nice site with tech news of the day.  He has been producing a Podcast two or three times a week and it is pretty good. Todd also recently became a paid blogger in the […] Read more »

According to NeoWin Bill Gates may unveil the upcoming Windows Mobile update codenamed Magneto at the CES this week in Las Vegas.  They have an exclusive look at Magneto on their web site and for me, the best news yet is updated versions of Pocket Word […] Read more »

The quality of the work exhibited by The Student Tablet PC is first rate and they have published an overview of MindManager by MindJet that is a must read for anyone curious about what this program and mind mapping can do for you.  By far the […] Read more »

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I don’t know how I missed this review as I have been waiting and waiting for it but I guess the holidays got in the way and it just slipped by me.  PDA Buyers Guide is always on top with early reviews of units that are […] Read more »

I have been a champion of VGA Pocket PCs for a long time and always like to see good reviews of these devices.  PDA Buyers Guide has reviewed the Asus A730W with its 3.7" VGA screen, 128 MB RAM/ 48 MB ROM and integrated Bluetooth and […] Read more »

Smallware:  those little utilities that do one thing (maybe two) but do them very well.  They typically have no installation- just a EXE file that you put where you want and execute from there.  They are always free, always small and written to accomplish a specific […] Read more »

SBC will offer a set-top entertainment box in mid 2005 that brings Internet downloads, music and photos to the TV screen for subscribers.  The box will offer extended functionality to SBC’s high-speed internet customers and will enable recording and viewing TV shows, as well as accessing […] Read more »

Ultranote has a great article that compares the features and size of the OQO and Sony U ultra-portable computers.  There are a lot of photos which drives home how small these two jewels are.  The author also compares the two devices feature for feature which should […] Read more »

You are running Outlook and you exit the program.  Later you try to run Outlook again and nothing happens because Outlook has a nasty habit of not shutting down when you close the program.  It’s a real pain and you wish there was something that could […] Read more »

We are big coffee drinkers in our house, it is probably how we keep going on so little sleep.  :)  We go through a coffemaker about once a year since our water is so "heavy" the water pumps burn out so quickly.  We have tried just […] Read more »

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Lockergnome has long been both a source of tremendous value and a thriving community for gnomies who crave tech.  I have been happily contributing to Lockergnome for some months now and really enjoy working with Chris Pirillo and the other LG folks.  Last week Lockergnome opened […] Read more »

I have to admit that I am clueless when it comes to HDTV and understanding all the options and choices that confront consumers who embark on the big screen purchase path.  There are so many choices, plasma, LCD, DLP, LCoS, what does it all mean?  Fortunately, […] Read more »

When it comes to notebook computers most people are in two camps- the "put everything in it so I can toss my desktop" camp or the "I want the thinnest and lightest notebook possible" camp.  The Samsung Q30 fits squarely in the latter category and is […] Read more »

MobileRead has a two part article that details the thought processes and actions the author used when converting from a Palm PDA to a Toshiba e405 Pocket PC.  The article is a good read for anyone considering a switch and will likely prevent a few hard […] Read more »

I get a lot of comments from laptop users who don’t use one of the best convenience features in Windows XP.  Microsoft has included Standby and Hibernate options in the Shutdown menu for quite some time but since early implementations did not work very well people […] Read more »

We head into the new year following a pretty good year in mobile tech with a lot of advancement in many areas.  The first of any year is a good time to reflect on things I would like to see happen in 2005 in the area […] Read more »

Most users are like me when it comes to always being on the lookout for good free programs for their Pocket PC or Palm OS PDA.  Two of the best web sites for keeping an eye out for these types of programs are FreewarePPC and FreewarePalm.  […] Read more »

Transform your PC monitor into a HDTV with the Sigma Bluebox HD II receiver.  FeaturesLow cost HDTV converterPlug & play (No software required)Portable size (easy to carry)Compatible with display devicesATSC support (1080p/i/720p/480p)NTSC support (analog TV)Digital audio support (SPDIF)Multi aspect ratio(16:9/4:3/letterbox)RGB or DVI-out port High color on […] Read more »

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year from me to you.  As you take the time to reflect back on the past year and look forward to the new, may you remember fondly those who have shown acts of kindness toward you, have […] Read more »

Laptop computers have been available with specs that can enable them to be desktop replacements for a couple of years now. Even casual gamers can pick up a notebook with components that will handle most video intensive games on the market today without having to resort […] Read more »

I would like to thank ABC News for naming me a Person of the Year.  That’s right, ABC News ran a segment a few minutes ago on the nightly news naming me, along with all the other bloggers in the world, as Person of the Year.  […] Read more »

The article I posted a few days ago about the Acecad DigiMemo digital writing tablet has sparked a lot of interest from people who cannot afford a Tablet PC.  Tony of EverNote, the company behind the riteMail program, says that later versions of riteMail (version 2.5.59 […] Read more »

Most web sites track a variety of statistics about the visitors that access the site and one of the most discussed statistics is browser share.  Firefox has taken the world by storm with like a bazillion downloads since version 1.0 was released.  A lot of discussion […] Read more »

I am going to start a new feature for jkOnTheRun called Freeware of the Moment (OK, I am fickle) and from time to time I will post a short item on a free utility or program that I feel is worth far more than the price.  […] Read more »

New Zealand is a cool place, nice scenery, great people, and a very tech-enabled society.  And now it’s even better as they have a fruit ripeness sensor that tells shoppers how ripe the fruit is before they buy it.  The ripeSense is a sticker on the […] Read more »

Imagine pulling out your cellphone and projecting photos onto the nearest wall.  Or projecting the screen of your PDA as a hologram in the thin air.  Scientists are now telling us this scenario is not only possible but likely in the near future.  Cambridge University scientists […] Read more »

I haven’t mentioned the terrible disaster in Southeast Asia but it has been on my mind as it has so many others.  There is a site that has collected links from many of the relief organizations that are collecting donations to help the poor folks in […] Read more »

Every time I have been waiting for a shipment from UPS I have wondered why you cannot track through a RSS feed.  This would make it simple to add to the feed reader and provide a status update upon demand.  An enterprising .NET developer named Jason […] Read more »

Marc Orchant of The Tablet PC Weblog has a great article explaining why Microsoft OneNote is the note-taking program he keeps coming back to for daily use with his Tablet PC.  Many Tablet owners are trying to decide if other note-taking programs would better serve their […] Read more »

Trevor of The Student Tablet PC has written an interesting article that discusses using Infopath with the Tablet PC in a real world application.  Infopath is a Microsoft tool for deploying enterprise-wide forms for collecting standardized data.  In his example Trevor shows how Infopath coupled with […] Read more »

SBSH, the producers of the great Pocket PC program Pocket Breeze, have just released an enhanced calendar program for Windows Mobile based Smartphones.   Papyrus looks really nice and the screenshots show it to be a useful calendar replacement. The release is a public beta so Papyrus […] Read more »

Anyone who has read my published stuff for any length of time at all knows I am extremely passionate about mobile technology.  I have been trying, using and lugging mobile devices around for more time than I care to admit.  It is this obsession with mobile […] Read more »

Audible announced today they are now supporting the Creative MuVo TX, MuVo TX FM, MuVo Micro, and MuVo Slim portable digital audio players.  Owners of the Creative audio players can go to the Audible web site and download a firmware upgrade for the MuVo that enables […] Read more »

Tablet PCs are perfect for viewing electronic magazines and I am always on the lookout for good alternatives for reading material.  I stumbled upon Home Computer Magazine completely by accident and I have to recommend it as a good read.  The magazine is already on its […] Read more »

Kaplan has long been known as the authority when it comes to preparing college-bound kids for the dreaded SAT/ACT tests.  Recently they announced with Handmark the availability of Kaplan Mobile SAT/PSAT-ACT 2005.  The program contains over 1200 questions and tips to help prepare for these all […] Read more »

I get a lot of email from people wanting the ability to take notes that can be captured digitally into a computer.  These requests are mostly from students who can see the benefits of a Tablet PC but don’t have the financial means to get one.  […] Read more »

Seagate has always been associated with hard drives as one of the longest running manufacturers in the business.  They have a 5 GB portable drive called the Pocket Drive that is perfect for portable use.  The drive even has a 4 inch USB cable that retracts […] Read more »

Better jump fast as today’s Woot! is the HP iPod with 40 GB drive for just $319.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. Read more »

I am a firm believer in using any tool that helps accomplish a certain goal or that helps me be more productive and efficient in my work routine.  I use a LOT of different utilities to accomplish this, some that serve a stand-alone function and others […] Read more »

Walter Hutchens has uncovered a couple of cheap innovative cases for the Sony U computer.  Lots of photos of both cases and links to purchase on his blog.  My favorite is this one: Read more »

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