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The Apple Blog has its own IRC channel! Join us in #theappleblog on If you are unfamiliar with IRC, click here for a short introduction. If you are in need of an IRC program, check out Colloquy for Mac, and mIRC for Windows. Read more »

I have commented recently about the big push Opera Software is making into the mobile gadget sector and it seems they are still hard at work.  This important news from MobileRead Networks: Opera Software is pitching a new idea that promises to put and end to […] Read more »

It looks as if Apple might finally be entering the blogosphere. Apple has set up what it is calling a “student weblog”. Their plan is to feature new bloggers every month. Oddly enough though, the only blogger as of this posting is a recent graduate of […] Read more »

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According to Needham & Co. analyst Charles Wolf, it is expected that Apple will sell 13.3 million iPods in 2005, 23.5 million in 2006 and that more than 100 million Windows users will own iPods by 2008. 100 million Windows users eh? As much as Windows […] Read more »

I recently discovered a neat little website that has a ton of useful little programs.  TinyApps is a collecting point for dozens of little programs that have almost no memory footprint but do a lot of very useful things.  The programs are categorized for easy browsing […] Read more »

We all have family members or friends who are complete computerphobes who do not have any desire to join the electronically gifted.  I am always looking for good ideas for gifts during the holiday season that can help ease these folks into the electronic world without […] Read more »

Electrovaya has long been the leader in extended life battery technology with their super long life PowerPads and the Scribbler line of Tablet PCs.  Recently Electrovaya took the next logical step and introduced a notebook computer with that same battery technology, the Lithium Li-3312.  The Li-3312 […] Read more »

If you love mobile technology like I do do not miss the December issue of Mobile PC Magazine. I rarely pick up print magazines since so much good information is available online but circumstances had me grabbing the December issue and it is an excellent read.  […] Read more »

In an apparent effort to address the storage card market comprised of those not enamored with the Memory Stick format Sony has announced two new MicroDrives that deliver a 97.9 Mbps data transfer rate.  The two drives offer 2GB and 4GB capacities and will work in […] Read more »

It certainly is not the most mobile notebook you can find but the Sony VGN-190 fills the other end of that spectrum quite well.  Those who want a full desktop replacement in their laptop computer will not be disappointed with this system that can function as […] Read more »

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jkOnTheRun is back online and I am beginning to go through the ton of email, RSS feeds and comments that have accumulated over the past week.  I would like to thank everyone for their patience during this trying time and want everyone to know how much […] Read more »

My father was one of those people who understood that to achieve greatness could only be done through maintaining strength of character in all that you do.  He instilled in his children the unerring credo that you must always do the right thing.  It doesn’t matter […] Read more »

I will not be making any posts for a few days as my father passed away this morning.  I’m still in shock at the news even though he has led a full life and just turned 88 a couple of weeks ago.  I just didn’t want […] Read more »

I am a huge fan of eReader and have been using their reader for years.  I use it on both my Sony U-70 and my Toshiba e800 Pocket PC and I haven’t found a reader that I like better.  I also feel that eReader’s DRM scheme […] Read more »

43 Folders is a nice blog that is dedicated to all things related to the Getting Things Done organizational method that is a popular way to help you maximize your time doing the things that need to get done.  The person behind this blog is a […] Read more »

The University of California at Santa Barbera has been conducting research to produce a GPS system that can guide blind users using a unique spatialized audio system.  The specialized GPS system incorporates a compass so the user always knows what direction they are facing.  The research […] Read more »

Techno-geeks may not realize it but there are a lot of people that are overwhelmed and intimidated by technology.  Cellphones are particularly bewildering to neophytes, especially now that most phones can do email, IM and even play MP3 music files.  To help ease these users into […] Read more »

A gadget that might appeal to frequent international travellers the ECTACO SpeechGuard TL-4 can translate over 4,200 phrases into seven popular European and Asian languages.  What makes this gadget so potentially useful is its ability to translate spoken phrases into those other languages.  It sells for […] Read more »

Rich Hall has written an excellent article about maximizing the use and enjoyment of your Windows Mobile Pocket PC.  Rich is the editor of Pocket PC Magazine and his article covers a lot of ground from protecting your investment to fine tuning your Pocket PC.  If […] Read more »

Keith Amodt is the product manager for the Vulcan FlipStart, an innovative ultra-portable due out next year.  Keith has started a blog with user commentary on Handtops so if you have an interest in this tiny computer check out what Keith has to say. Read more »

Slashdot has evolved into such an influential web site that it has spawned a verb- slashdotted.  When someone publishes an article on their web site and it gets posted to the front page of Slashdot it can generate tens of thousands of visitors in just a […] Read more »

From a company I have never heard of comes an interesting gadget based on Windows CE .NET 4.2.  Ziga’s Media Tablet is a slate gadget with a 8.4" screen running at 800×600 and since it has an integrated DVD player is intended as a portable media […] Read more »

So much discussion about the Wendland / Dvorak articles has flown around the Tablet PC community that it has me thinking about what a Tablet PC really is.  And once I get started thinking, well, here it goes again.  Mike Wendland has been chided because he […] Read more »

David Hewson is at it again with some advice for people that do a lot of research and need to collect the information.  I recently told you how I use OneNote for collecting and organizing the research I do for writing but David’s needs are more […] Read more »

When it was first introduced in 1999 the Data Evolution Clio was a media darling sparked by the innovative swiveling screen.  It never achieved good sales numbers so it was discontinued a few years ago.  Apparently the company feels the market has changed and have announced […] Read more »

Pocket PC Passion was such a mainstay in the Pocket PC community that it reverberated like a shot when the site went down a few months back.  Dale Coffing put the passion in the Pocket PC and many people have been waiting for Dale to bring […] Read more »

French website Akihabara News has published a mini-review of the Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000.  The C3000 is the first PDA to be shipped with a 4 GB internal hard drive and runs under Linux.  The reviewer has mostly good things to say about the little clamshell device […] Read more »

I took an unintended trip down memory lane last night.  It started innocently enough (as they usually do) when I was going through the The Great Software List.  There are so many great programs in this comprehensive list and I was scanning them when something caught […] Read more »

Business travelers who do a lot of presentations have been stuck when it comes to projectors.  With just a few exceptions the projectors small and light enough to offer convenient travel are usually low lumen (around 1100 lumens) projectors that don’t provide bright presentations.  Projectors with […] Read more »

QRS Diagnostic makes a software based medical device that when connected to a computer turns it into a electrocardiogram machine.   Universal ECG is a software-based diagnostic electrocardiograph device that connects to computers via USB, PC Card and serial ports. It is designed primarily for use with […] Read more »

Telling someone who has recently gotten a Tablet PC to "think ink" may sound obvious but as someone who has only been using a Tablet for a few months I can tell you it isn’t.  When I first got the Tablet I was a fanatic about […] Read more »

TechRepublic has a letter from CNET editor Robert Vamosi telling Internet Explorer goodbye.  Clever read and right on factually. Dear Internet Explorer: It’s over. Our relationship just hasn’t been working for a while, and now, this is it. I’m leaving you for another browser. I know […] Read more »

In what is surely the most bizarre use of technology I have heard  of to date, a rancher in my home state of Texas has invested $10,000 to build a platform for a rifle and camera that can be remotely aimed and fired on his 330-acre […] Read more »

Personal video players are everywhere these days and OEMs seem to be scrambling for ways to make their gadgets different from the competition.  SIGMAtek’s two new players have a couple of features that make them stand out from the rest.  The DX720 (20GB) and DX740 (40GB) […] Read more »

The past few days have been busy ones and that has resulted in my neglecting to mention something sooner.  There are two people who have supported jkOnTheRun very vocally and whose efforts on their own blogs no doubt helped jkOTR have such a great showing in […] Read more »

The Freecom USB Card Pro has been upgraded to provide 1 GB of storage and still fit in your wallet.  The USB Card Pro is the size of a credit card and attaches to your computer’s USB port by way of a clever plug that pops […] Read more »

Marc Orchant is a good friend and a great source of information that he shares through is blogs: The Office Weblog, The Tablet PCs Weblog, and Marc’s Outlook on Productivity.  He is always talking about tools that can help improve my productivity and make things easier […] Read more »

Sony selects EverNote Corp. software for new Vaio U Ultra Personal Computer Sunnyvale, CA – Nov. 16, 2004 – EverNote(tm) Corporation today announced that Sony Corporation is using EverNote Corp.’s ritePen® advanced handwriting recognition software with its Vaio® U Ultra Personal PC. The Vaio U is […] Read more »

Ultra-portable computers like the OQO and Sony U-70 are beginning to bridge the gap between laptop and PDA due to the small form factor.  It is becoming easy to carry your entire computer with you almost everywhere you go.  One of the obstacles that prevents some […] Read more »

A lot of Tablet PC enthusiasts are up in arms today over an article in the Detroit Free Press by columnist Mike Wendland.  It seems Wendland tried out a Tablet PC and liked it except for the size and weight.  What has the enthusiasts in a […] Read more »

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