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I have speculated about a rumored Google browser for months along with many other people who think it would be a natural fit for the search engine giant.  Apparently Google must think so too as they have hired the top programmer of Firefox.  Ben Goodger is […] Read more »

The JVC Mini Note notebook computer is bigger than the OQO or Sony U but is a nice sized compromise for mobile professionals who need a complete laptop yet still have it as small as possible.  The screen of the Mini Note is 8.9 inches that […] Read more »

Sony dropped the U series from the SonyStyle site last month which prompted speculation they were going to stop selling the UPC in the US.  Those rumors have been put to bed with the appearance of the little computer in retail outlets like CompUSA and Fry’s.  […] Read more »

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The Sony U is so small that it can be difficult to find a good protective case that is small enough to fit the little device.  Sony has a case with an integrated stand that is nice but it has to be carried inside another bag.  […] Read more »

I have written about the utility of the Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard many times and recommend it to anyone wanting a good wireless keyboard for their UPC or Pocket PC.  The keyboard has always been pricey at $150 and it has never been heavily discounted until now.  […] Read more »

The biggest pleasure I get from working on jkOnTheRun is meeting all the good people who stop by and share their views about mobile technology.  This is what makes it so much fun for me and I always look forward to hearing what each commenter has […] Read more »

I have been conversing with the Mindjet folks, producers of the great mind mapping program MindManager.  More specifically the discussion has been with the Manager of External Affairs, Hobie Swan, and covered the possiblity of doing a review of the software.  Hobie has been very good […] Read more »

Late night legend Johnny Carson passed away this morning at the age of 79.  He hadn’t been on TV for a few years but he will long be remembered by his fans.  He spent 30 years on "The Tonight Show" but in my household it was […] Read more »

I am a fan of freeware that serves a useful purpose and often find that these programs do a better job than some commercial alternatives.  I am always on the lookout for sites that promote these free programs and help give exposure to the authors.  There […] Read more »

Ultra-portable computers (UPCs) make it possible to carry a complete Windows XP computer in your hand, finally realizing the dream of ultimate mobility.  The ability to do anything on a UPC that you can do on any computer and still put it in a small bag […] Read more »

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iPod owners love their audio players and will do almost anything to customize and improve the iPod experience.  Some people are not happy with the maximum volume of the iPod and would like to boost that up to ear shattering levels.  Enter the Simpl Acousitcs A1, […] Read more »

The iPod Shuffle has been the hot topic of discussion since Steve Jobs announced it at MacWorld last week.  The littlest iPod is a flash memory based player that comes in two flavors, 512 MB and 1 GB.  Sandisk has long been the king of flash […] Read more »

I have a lot of computers, printers and PDAs on my home network and have been looking for a program with a good interface for interacting with that network.  It is hard enough keeping everything running as it is and a utility like this would make […] Read more »

The healthcare industry has the types of numbers that should attract Tablet PC OEMs but this article on Yahoo News shows that they have so far failed to do so.  PDA makers have done a better job penetrating this sector but are not very successful due […] Read more »

The four biggest consumer electronics companies have formed an alliance and agreed to make standardized DRM a reality.  Sony, Matsushita Electric (Panasonic), Samsung and Philips formed the alliance so licensed video and audio can be used on any device the four companies produce.  This should make […] Read more »

I find my creative thought process is much freer when using ink on a Tablet PC, as I’ve stated before.  I am better able to capture the thought in ink and then transform it into text later.  I ran across an interesting article on the collision […] Read more »

Well, the experiment with the jkOnTheRun Yahoo Group was not a success but it was worth the attempt.  I personally don’t like Yahoo Groups and a lot of you don’t either so I’m going to shut it down.  What would be great is setting up a […] Read more »

The best themes for the Pocket PC are the ones you find on the Pocket McDeb website.  Deb does beautiful work and in fact did the banner for jkOnTheRun.  She teamed up a good while ago with KAMware and they jointly released ThemeMaker McDeb which is […] Read more »

I have been Tablet-less for most of a week now and it is apparent to me how integrated the Tablet had become in my thought process while writing articles.  There is not another computing appliance that stimulates the creative process like the Tablet PC.  Sketching out […] Read more »

The University of Houston, my alma mater and hometown school, has deployed Windows Mobile Pocket PCs to its 5,000 faculty and staff members.  The University installed Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and gave Pocket PCs to the employees to provide reliable remote connections.  The benefits from the […] Read more »

The Sharp SL-C3000 is hard to define.  It runs Linux, has an internal 4 GB hard drive and keyboard so you could say it’s a UPC and not a PDA.  Every review I have seen of the C3000 gives the distinct impression that a road warrior […] Read more »

The folks at Paragon Software let me know that an updated version is available for their very complete dictionary program, SlovoEd English.  The new dictionary has an integrated thesaurus and will give both American and British explanations for searched words.  One of the nicest features of […] Read more »

MSN Music has put up an RSS feed that indicates the top music downloads.  Very cool idea and a good marketing ploy.  You can also sign up for three different feeds to keep informed of the top songs, artists and albums. Read more »

Netfront is the only real browser on the Pocket PC as far as I’m concerned and it was welcome news to see a press release from Access today that a new version has been released.  Netfront 3.3 has a lot of new and welcome features including […] Read more »

I remember when the Amiga was first introduced and how devoted owners evangelized the interesting new computer and its advanced operating system.  The Amiga OS was a multi-tasking workhorse with an advanced windowing system that put other operating systems at that time to shame.  It is […] Read more »

There have been no shortage of interesting mobile devices over the years, some of them successes and some less so.  If you want to take a trip down PDA memory lane then don’t miss the article on MLAgazine that lists the "Top Ten PDA Failures".  I […] Read more »

A great image manager just got better with the release of Google’s Picasa 2.  Picasa is still free and adds some cool features like burning image CDs and better image editing.  The Picasa timeline view is still one of the coolest features in any image manager.  […] Read more »

The prevalence of good information on the internet and how accessible this wealth of knowledge is to the end user makes a good information manager a very important tool.  I have written in the past of my method for using OneNote to capture information but there […] Read more »

Handango has a free download each week for registered members and the free app today is GeniusPro.  GeniusPro is a full featured unit conversion program that handles almost any units you can imagine.  And hey, it’s free.  To download just go to this page and login.  […] Read more »

Robert Scoble of Microsoft says Microsoft is NOT working on a Tablet PC as has been reported earlier. I immediately emailed a bunch of people inside Microsoft to check on this report. It is abjectly NOT TRUE. That’s straight from Peter Loforte, general manager on the […] Read more »

According to ActiveWin, Armin Cremerius-Gunther, Windows division head for Microsoft Germany, announced Tuesday that Microsoft intends to launch its own Tablet PC.  The article also states that Microsoft’s intention is to sell the Tablet PC for less than 1200 euros.  Microsoft realizes that the high costs […] Read more »

Toshiba has announced software that allows the user to remotely control a PC from a cell phone.  This interesting software, called the Ubiquitous Viewer, is installed on the cell phone and a PC and creates a virtual screen on the phone that shows the entire PC […] Read more »

Garmin have been producing PDAs with integrated GPS systems for a while and they have just announced the iQue 3600a.  Based on the Palm OS, the 3600a is obviously aimed at aviators who want to have a small GPS system available during flights.  In addition to […] Read more »

A few days ago I pointed you to an interesting flash animation that predicts the near future of the media, a future in which a "Google Grid" plays a major role. Just a few days later C/NET is reporting that Google is running help wanted ads […] Read more »

The DVD ripping utility DVD to PPC has always been a simple way to get those movies from DVD to the small screen of the Pocket PC and they recently released an updated version.  The PDA Guy has evaluated the new version and published a review […] Read more »

CNN has an insightful article where they have named the top 25 innovations of the last 25 years and it is a very interesting list.  It would be hard to argue with the importance of any of the items on this list and if you go […] Read more »

Rob Bushway is a Tablet PC MVP who owns Zoe Technologies and spends a lot of time on Tablet PC Buzz, one of the best websites around for Tablet PC info.  Rob also has a blog and he wrote something recently that fits in with what […] Read more »

jkOnTheRun is a TypePad blog which means it is on the network.  I don’t know how many blogs there are total on TypePad but from what I’ve seen it’s a whole lot of blogs.  I was messing around on Alexa today trying to see if […] Read more »

A Pocket PC enthusiast in Austria installed a VNC client on his PowerBook at home and his Loox 720 VGA Pocket PC and can now run his Mac OS X computer from anywhere in the world.  I don’t know how fast this is but it sure […] Read more »

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