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Skype is still taking the VoIP world by storm and hardware that makes using the free service is appearing regularly it seems.  Actiontec has introduced the Internet Phone Wizard with Skype (IPWS) that makes it possible to use your standard land line phone with Skype.  The […] Read more »

I have written about the old Screen Savers Show before, that great show on the old TechTV that starred Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton.  The show went away and all of the old regulars went their separate ways and are doing other things.  The only cast […] Read more »

Lora points out that the Fujitisu LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC is now available with a SXGA (1400×1050) screen for only $50 extra.  This is good news for those who feel that 1024×768 doesn’t provide enough screen real estate and now have an alternative to the Toshiba […] Read more »

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Nightline ran a great story last night that was right on time for St. Patrick’s Day today.  Certainly that was no coincidence.  The show was a great one that chronicled how Ireland has gone from a country in great turmoil 30 years ago to the Ireland […] Read more »

So you have this expensive iPod and you want, no you need to get the best sound quality possible from your little white jewel.  What to do?  Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an amp with tubes, the way amps are supposed to be?  Well, […] Read more »

Samsung recently announced a line of LCD monitors that will be released in the first half of the year that is aimed at users who are color blind.  The monitors, called Magic Vision, allow users with dyschromatopsia to adjust the red, green and blue settings individually […] Read more »

The Virtual Keyboard has been in the news many times over the last year but the company had so many problems bringing it to market it seemed it would never ship.  It is shipping now and CNET has reviewed the laser keyboard with several PDAs and […] Read more »

Eric Mack needed a new computer unexpectedly and unlike many knew exactly what he wanted- a tricked out Toshiba M200 Tablet PC.  Seems he had been sold on the device by several famous Tablet advocates so he phoned up Toshiba directly to order his computer.  Since […] Read more »

Jeff van West uses his Tablet PC as his primary computer as many Tablet owners do which provides a good basis for leveraging your Tablet during trips.  Jeff has written an article that covers his strategy for road use from backups to WiFi hotspots and it’s […] Read more »

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I received an email from Tom Clarkson of OrangeGuava informing me that the version of OrangeGuava that incorporates ActiveWords hooks is now available.  He also pointed out that the video demo I mentioned yesterday was not from the DEMO conference, but he did exhibit there.  This […] Read more »

Ken Camp is the author of a really good book about VoIP, IP Telephony Demystified, and his blog is a must read for me.  He recently wrote an excellent article about the current state of VoIP and who is actually benefiting the most from the non-telco […] Read more »

A lot has been written about employers giving their workers cell phones with GPS-enabled geo-locator services that lets them keep track of the whereabouts of the workers at all times through the cell phone.  These services work with phones with GPS integrated into the device and […] Read more »

Card Guard and Samsung are exhibiting at the CTIA in New Orleans their joint effort to supply the healthcare industry with remote patient monitoring. Card Guard’s PMP4 healthcare monitors measure and transmit medical data via a Bluetooth card inserted into the SDIO slot of the Samsung […] Read more »

Gizmodo found the MDA IV at CeBIT and snapped a photo of it on display.  The MDA IV is manufactured by HTC and takes the Pocket PC to another level with the integrated phone functions and the nicely usable keyboard.  The keyboard coupled with the VGA […] Read more »

Russell Beattie has a nice post on his blog that analyzes the various form factors that different mobile devices need to accomplish different tasks and he simplifies this overview with a wonderful abstract graphic of the different forms currently available.  The main point of his article […] Read more »

Lora Heiny points out that Googgy Software has a blog covering their Tablet-GTD program.  Tablet-GTD is a nice application for Getting Things Done users who need a good way to work the system using a Tablet.  Marc Orchant and I discussed this program on the latest […] Read more »

Kevin Tofel just called my attention to the new link on the google home page (just below the search buttons): Speculation has been widespread recently that GMail is about to go gold and this is the first I’ve seen of Google soliciting new GMail users without […] Read more »

Google recently put up a web page that explains all the mobile search features available to mobile users from their cell phones.  They have provided a lot of useful information to help users maximize the benefits of using Google from a mobile device and it’s worth […] Read more »

OrangeGuava is one of the coolest applications available for the TabletPC but if it has one problem it is that the program is so hard to describe to those who haven’t tried it.  Developer Tom Clarkson realizes this and he recently demonstrated the program at the […] Read more »

I had a lot of fun recording this edition of The Tablet PC Show with special guest co-host Marc Orchant. Marc and I discuss everything from Googgy Software to detachable screens and a range of topics in between. We hope you enjoy this show and please […] Read more »

I am always on the lookout for good games that play well using just the stylus.  These games are perfect for playing on the Sony U750 ultra-portable and on Tablet PCs.  I found a new one today that plays wonderfully on the Sony and is a […] Read more »

Keep your podcatcher warmed up this week as there are a couple of fun things in store for you listeners. The next full TabletPC Show with guest co-host Marc Orchant is in post production and should be out in the next day or two. Marc and […] Read more »

Those clever BlackBerry folks at RIM have announced a couple of new rollouts that will delight fans of the mobile workhorse.  The BlackBerry will soon support AIM, ICQ, and AOL Mail right on the device that so many mobile professionals swear by.  The other rollout surprises […] Read more »

Bitstream has announced the availability of ThunderHawk 2.0 for both the Pocket PC and Smartphone.  ThunderHawk is a web browser and service that provides the best browsing experience for mobile device with small screens.  Version 2.0 provides the following features: Effortless scrolling. Fast, fluid Web page […] Read more »

If you are in the market for a new portable computer whether it be a notebook, Tablet PC or ultra-portable, there are a lot of things you should consider to make sure you get the one that will work best for you.  Connected Home Media has […] Read more »

Information has been appearing about the CommWarrior.A virus that spreads on Symbian mobile phones via MMS messages.  The virus is particularly nasty because it spreads through photos and sounds and can attack any Symbian phone anywhere in the world. The Commwarrior.A virus tries to replicate itself […] Read more »

Nero announced the availability of their new mobile device media player, Nero ShowTime Mobile, and it looks to be a promising cross-platform player.  NSM will be available for the Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and Symbian platforms.  The coolest innovation in the player is the support for […] Read more »

Christopher James of tc-one-thousand has been playing with the new hp4200 convertible Tablet PC and has published an extensive review with tons of photos.  The hp4200 is hp’s first convertible Tablet and has been anxiously awaited since its announcement a few weeks ago.  Christopher has really […] Read more »

This edition of the techADDICTION Show is all about mobile technology and productivity and listeners should have no problem finding topics of particular interest. Kevin Tofel and I discuss everything from ebook readers to the iPod Shuffle in the ranging discussion of mobile goodness. We hope […] Read more »

I received a press release about the Threedef Music Player and have been checking this unique audio player out.  It uses an interesting interface that makes it very easy to browse the music library using a 9-key pad such as those on cell phones.  It’s easy […] Read more »

Read this slowly to make sure it sinks in- the Samsung SCH-V770 is a camera phone with a removal optical zoom lens that gives you 7 megapixels.  Be sure and remove the lens before answering the phone, you could really be hurt if you don’t. (via […] Read more »

The entire South by Southwest 2005 Music Festival is available for download thanks to CitizenPod and is available in two sizes.  The full song version is 2.6 Gigs and contains the entire showcase of free music that is totally legal for personal use.  The small version […] Read more »

Taiwanese OEM Tatung is showing a new Tablet PC at CeBIT that is running the newest Intel processor, the Sonoma.  The Tablet PC has a 12.1 inch screen and has WiFi (a/b/g) and Gigabit Ethernet integrated.  It also looks like it might have a biometric fingerprint […] Read more »

Take a Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000, remove the 4 GB hard drive, and you have what Sharp is calling the SL-C1000.  No word on pricing and it should only be available in Japan, of course. (via engadget) Read more »

From The Tablet Show blog: First of all I would like to thank all the listeners from the first show for their comments and suggestions. This show is your show and I am listening to the feedback to make changes as we go that will help […] Read more »

The great French website Akihabara News is one of the best sources of news of new gadgets coming out of Japan.  They always seem to get wind of the latest Japanese gizmo long before anyone else and I have longed for an English version of the […] Read more »

Microsoft has recently released version 3.8 of ActiveSync for Pocket PC owners.  As usual Microsoft gives no indication what is new in this latest release so if you are not having problems with AS then you probably don’t need to update. Read more »

The excellent web site for Pocket PC information, CEWindows.NET, has been renamed to Pocket PC FAQ.  The site is run by Windows CE expert Chris de Herrera and is the best site for information about the Pocket PC. (via Pocket PC Addict) Read more »

Written from the ground up for the Tablet PC. An addictive game based on the classic falling-brick game. Designed for Tablet PC, this innovative game can be controlled entirely with a stylus. But the innovation doesn’t stop there… The game features multiple bricks falling at the […] Read more »

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