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If you use a Motion slate Tablet PC you should check out Rob Bushway’s review of the SlateGlove.  This unique product not only makes it easier to hold the slate in one hand but also to prop it up without a stand.  Rob does a very […] Read more »

Copernic has long been my favorite desktop search and the new beta version 1.5 that has just been released further cements that position.  There are so many new features that I will list them all after the jump but of significance for Thunderbird users Copernic will […] Read more »

The South Huntington Public Library in New York has come up with a novel way to both get young adults into the library and to get them to check out audio books.  They have a number of iPod Shuffles that have been filled with books and […] Read more »

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EdgeQ is a developer of several programs for mobile devices and they have recently released a beta version of ComicEdge.  ComicEdge is a program that is currently available for free (during the beta period) that downloads and manages comic strips for viewing on your Windows Mobile […] Read more »

Chris Pratley has written a great post on his blog that explains how OneNote session sharing works and gives a real world example on its uses and benefits.  Chris describes how a OneNote shared session is used by the OneNote development team to conduct their weekly […] Read more »

I just received the April issue of Pocket PC Magazine and found an excellent article by my good friend Don Sorcinelli of Boston Pocket PC that chronicles an experiment he recently conducted by using only his Pocket PC for 5 days at work.  Don’s article is […] Read more »

Road warriors are always concerned about remaining battery life when out and about.  Sure, you can always carry a second battery for your laptop, Tablet PC or UPC but there is another option for extended trips that provides 4 – 10 hours of additional battery life […] Read more »

What is New in Tablet PCs has posted on a subject that is often on the minds of Tablet PC and UPC owners.  Many owners of these devices have other computers, desktops or laptops that they also use and need to keep important files synchronized between […] Read more »

One last time- I don’t care if a celebrity’s phone or Sidekick gets hacked.   I really don’t. Read more »

This blows me away.  Just Googled for "mobile tech" which is a pretty generic term, right?  Google returned 23.7 million terms for mobile tech and look who’s at number 5: Read more »

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Japanese case maker Extreme Limit has two new cases for the Sony U750.  Crafted from black leather the two models are specially made for the Sony and both offer a flip up stand that props the U at an angle for working with the keyboard.  One […] Read more »

Brad Isaac of Pocket PC Addict has written a nice article explaining how to configure your Windows Mobile Pocket PC to handle your email attachments for syncing with your desktop.  Windows Mobile and ActiveSync is not intuitive at all for getting this configured correctly and Brad […] Read more »

ExplorerXP was a Freeware of the Moment selection last month and the free program has just gotten even better with the release of a new version.  A complete list of new features from the ExplorerXP forum after the jump. (via The Office Weblog) Read more »

Sharp has always been an innovator with the Zaurus line of PDAs and the newest member of that family is no exception.  The Zaurus SL-C3000 takes the utility of previous generations and extends it even further.  The C3000 is a clamshell device that resembles a miniature […] Read more »

Adina Levin and Chip Rosenthal have written about an omnibus telecom bill in Texas that proposes to not only prohibit the introduction of municipal wireless service but would also outlaw existing free WiFi networks that have already been established in various Texas locales.  The wording of […] Read more »

Archos recently announced a new Pocket Video Recorder, the AV4100, that contains a 100 GB hard drive.  The AV4100 will come with a cradle that connects to a video source, such as a television or set-top box, over a USB 2.0 cable. It will have an […] Read more »

Tablet PC Place has an article detailing a Tablet-based mobile desktop that includes an HP tc1100, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, GPRS connection and cellphone.  There’s a good photo of his setup and some screenshots that show what he does with his mobile desktop.  Good for anyone […] Read more »

Jeff Kirvin is like a lot of techno-geeks, he can’t settle on one PDA for very long.  I have followed his Writing on your Palm blog for years and watched him go from Palm to Windows Mobile to Palm to Zodiac and back to Palm.  He […] Read more »

When it comes to a laptop bag I opt to go as small and light as possible. My laptop already weighs over 6 pounds by itself and to add a lot of weight with a heavy case just doesn’t appeal to me. I may have to […] Read more »

Leave it to the innovative bunch at The Podcast Network to bring their latest podcast "Claybourne". “Claybourne” was a sci-fi / supernatural thriller / soap opera radio drama, recorded and broadcast nationwide in New Zealand in the late 1990s. A total of 96 shows were produced […] Read more »

Robert Scoble is pissed as well he should be when confronted with a marketing team that doesn’t have RSS feeds on their web site, doesn’t allow reader interaction and includes no permalinks so others can link to their web content.  And the marketing team in question […] Read more »

Onfolio recently released an updated preview version of the capable information manager and after seeing Marc Orchant’s good review of the utility I decided I had to try it for my own use.  The current version of Onfolio has incorporated an RSS feed aggregator into the […] Read more »

CNN has reported that a French firm has perfected an optical zoom for camera phones.  Varioptic has developed a liquid lens that can provide a 2.5 times zoom optically, which is much better than digital zooms.  The lens should be available by the end of the […] Read more »

The Office Weblog has mentioned that StarOffice version 8 was unveiled by Sun recently at Linux World.  StarOffice is a very full featured office suite and it sounds like version 8 will address the nagging migration problems that MS Office users face when trying to convert […] Read more »

Pocketnow had a good look at the latest version of Microsoft’s Voice Command for the Windows Mobile platform and have published a review on their site.  Voice Command is a program that lets you control your Windows Mobile device strictly by voice and is particularly useful […] Read more »

Mobile PC Magazine has laid it all out there with their list of the top 100 gadgets of all time.  I don’t agree with some of them (the Clapper?) but there are some very cool gadgets that made the list I had forgotten about, even though […] Read more »

Diabetics will tell you anything, ANYTHING that makes dealing with the chronic disease easier is a very good thing.  Glucon, a developer of glucose monitoring devices, has been granted a patent for a method of constant level monitoring using photoacoustic waves in blood vessels.  The flagship […] Read more »

Perhaps this is nothing new for you, the intelligent readership of The Apple Blog – but it was new to me… Ted over at PowerSDK posts about the death of his wife’s iPod. Sure, we’ve all heard about these things before, that’s nothing new – but […] Read more »

Good utilities that are self contained make the perfect tools for mobile computers.  I love these little programs that often have no install routine and don’t write to the registry.  A great place to find these programs is The Portable Freeware Collection, a site that has […] Read more »

Scott Hanselman has a great list of tools for your Tablet PC that every Tablet owner should have a look at.  Some of the programs I have written about here on jkOnTheRun but there are also others worth checking out.  Read more »

If you have teenagers with cell phones they are no doubt spending many, many hours a month texting their friends.  An entire language used in texting has evolved known as leetspeak (l33t in texting language), short for elite speak, which kids are using for texting quickly […] Read more »

It’s that time of the year when we’re looking to increase the size of our staff by 2 (doesn’t every company have that?). We’re in need of 2 writers who have the skills to pay the bills. Also, if you’ve got sweet graphic design skills, we’ve […] Read more »

CNN has published an interview with the CEO of LM Ericsson who proclaims that 2005 will be the year of mobile broadband.  "We are about to start a whole new stage in mobile communications — Mobile Triple Play — enabled by mobile broadband," said Chief Executive […] Read more »

Gear Live points to a great setup tip for Verizon Wireless customers which lets you use a proxy server to access the Internet from your Verizon phone without the $4.99 per month fee.  There are complete setup instructions for a number of different phones with all […] Read more »

Seems that someone at Apple slipped-up and sent a periodic email to consumers in Great Britian, and it included the box art/logo for the upcoming Tiger release. The inclusion was apparently a mistake, as subsequent emails featured different graphics, omitting the Tiger box. Basically, it looks […] Read more »

The standard Mail application is what many people use, but it’s far from perfect. We’re going to take a look at some of the more annoying features, or lack thereof. Read more »

Google has updated the beta version of their popular Toolbar and added some new features.  The coolest one for me is the addition of a spell check function that works on all text entry boxes on the current web page.  It works pretty well in my […] Read more »

Mega has released an MP3 player with some cool features, including Bluetooth for using with your cell phone.  The Mega Player 522BT is a flash memory based player that has an FM tuner and recording capability integrated into the small gadget.  The Bluetooth profiles supported are […] Read more »

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