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Engadget recently got to sit down with Microsoft’s Bill Gates and talk about a number of topics.  The interview was run on Engadget in two parts but for Tablet PC owners Part Two, which covered some Tablet PC ground, was the one we were waiting for.  […] Read more »

On a recent Tablet PC Show co-host Marc Orchant shared a trick he uses to keep his Tablet PC working in emergencies.  He discussed using Knoppix Live, a flavor of Linux designed to run directly from CD, to access his Tablet PC in the event some […] Read more »

If you are a student who doesn’t happen to be using OneNote on a notebook computer or a Tablet PC then you might find Lecture Recorder to be just what you are looking for.  Lecture Recorder makes it easy to record lectures (or meetings) using any […] Read more »

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I’m always looking for free ebooks and just ran across a nice one- How We Got Here: A Slightly Irreverent History of Technology and Markets by Andy Kessler.  How We Got Here takes a funny look at the evolution of both Silicon Valley and Wall Street […] Read more »

Kevin Tofel emailed me a link to EVDOinfo that gives the specs for a USB modem that has EVDO capability.  We talked about my desire for an EVDO modem on the last techADDICTION Show and at first blush the Samba 3G USB EVDO modem looks promising.  […] Read more »

A special show with a special guest, Marc Orchant and I had the pleasure to sit down (in three time zones) with a member of the First Family of the Tablet PC, Lora Heiny. Lora is well known to most everyone involved in the Tablet PC […] Read more »

TabletPC Corner is a French website that is dedicated to covering all things Tablet PC.  They just published the most exhaustive review I have ever seen of the Fujitsu Stylistic ST5022 Tablet PC.  The review is in French so you might want to translate the page […] Read more » has a refurbished Averatec AV3500T60-01R on sale for only $879!  The C3500 uses an Athlon XP-M 2200 processor and is a first generation Tablet PC meaning it does not have Tablet Edition 2005 installed on it.  The Averatec has decent hardware specs and comes with […] Read more »

The techADDICTION Show #008- 1st May 2005 (56min)MP3 – 19.7MB Kevin and I are happy to bring you this edition of the techADDICTION Show and feel this is our best show yet. Well, to tell you the truth our contract with The Podcast Network states we […] Read more »

Mobile professionals have so much invested in their Smartphones, PDAs, laptops and Tablet PCs that the devices can be a target for theft and the potential for the loss of a gadget while traveling is something to give one pause.  Take something that happened to me […] Read more »

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Skype recently announced a version of the great VoIP app for the Windows Mobile Smartphone which is a natural platform for the program.  What better way to use your Smartphone than use Skype when possible for free calling?  The answer is, unfortunately, not Skype as this […] Read more »

Marc Orchant of The Office Weblog and my podcast pal* has picked up a Treo 650 smartphone.  I am sure that Marc will love his Treo as it is a wonderful converged device that merges PDA and phone functions seamlessly.  I wonder if he’s going to […] Read more »

Chatsworth, California. — April. 4, 2005 – The UK based eXpansys Group today announced that they have acquired MobilePlanet Inc., the leading US multi-channel reseller of mobile computing and wireless products. MobilePlanet posted revenues of USD $21 million in 2004. The Acquisition will help to secure […] Read more »

Microsoft is putting touchscreen support in Longhorn to give Tablet PCs a dual mode screen for inking.  Tablets running Longhorn will have both active digitizers and touchscreens to offer the best of both worlds.  Microsoft demonstrated a Fujitsu Tablet PC running Longhorn with added touchscreen support […] Read more »

Lora Heiny was at the WinHEC demo and got to see some neat stuff along with the other attendees.  One device she has written about on her blog that has not gotten much mention anywhere (likely overshadowed by Bill Gates’ UMPC) was a working prototype of […] Read more »

If you are a former Palm owner and have been wanting to run your favorite Palm programs on your new Windows Mobile Pocket PC then StyleTap may be just the utility you were looking for.  StyleTap is an innovative program that converts Palm OS API calls […] Read more »

You can’t easily get a Sony Librie in the US so any mention you can get from someone who’s actually seen one of the ebook readers is worth passing on.  Jason Kottke got to see one and has written about it on his blog.  The Sony […] Read more »

Tablet PC Show co-host and good buddy Marc Orchant is everywhere.  He recently had a chance to sit down with my Lockergnome boss Chris Pirillo and get himself interviewed.  It’s a great show as you would expect when Chris and Marc get together so head on […] Read more »

Note taking programs are always interesting to try out because note taking is such a personal thing and every user is a little bit different in how they approach the task of writing notes.  My program of choice is OneNote but there are several other options […] Read more »

If you watched the video of Bill Gates demonstrating the Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) at the WinHEC keynote address like me you probably oohed and ahhed at the thought of such a mobile Tablet PC.  What is not clear from the demonstration (since his UMPC is […] Read more »

Back in January I told the story of how my dog Oreo ate my laptop.  Well, not really ate it but screwed it up royally.  It still needs repair but it’s out of warranty and I haven’t had the time nor spare change to get it […] Read more »

I posted about my high traffic causing pic loading problems on the blog and TypePad immediately came to the rescue.  I posted a help ticket item on the TypePad service, went away for a few minutes and when I came back two things happened above and […] Read more »

You have probably figured out that the site traffic has gone through the roof since getting Slashdotted yesterday.  This has resulted in pages intermittently failing to display some of the pics in the articles.  At least, I’m pretty sure this is the cause and I hope […] Read more »

Wired News has recently taken a look at gadgets and how they might help the blind in their daily lives.  Their conclusion, unfortunately correct, is that despite all the mobile technology that exists today as it is currently used it is of little use for the […] Read more »

I am always looking for mobile devices that look like they could improve my on the run experiences and the RadTech BT510 Bluetooth mouse could do that while looking really good.  The BT510 is a standard wireless mouse that comes in two colors and has an […] Read more »

You’ve got to love the FCC when you’re craving information for rumored devices and these pics found on the FCC site depict an IBM Thinkpad X41 Tablet PC.  No real surprises in these pics, the depicted Tablet looks just like a Thinkpad.  Looks like it has […] Read more »

The king of long battery life mobile devices, Electrovaya, has released the latest in their Scibbler line of Tablet PCs.  The SC-2200 1.1 WXA is a 12.1" slate Tablet that boasts 9 hours of run-time on a single charge!  Other new additions:  Wide viewing angle screen, […] Read more »

The BBC reports that "A device which allows people with diabetes to inhale, rather than inject, insulin could be licensed for use within a year". This is very good news for Type I diabetics in the UK as the powder based insulin has been given preliminary […] Read more »

Bill Gates’ keynote address where the direction of Windows will be outlined will be broadcast live on the web from 9:30 – 11:00 PDT.  I’m not going to miss this one with the talk of a mini-Tablet, new Acer Tablet, and other goodies likely to appear.  […] Read more »

Warner Crocker has apparently outgrown his MSN Spaces Life on the Wicked Stage blog and has moved to this new location.  Warner always has interesting things to say about Tablet PCs and I am sure he will be much happier in his new home.  Welcome to […] Read more »

Microsoft and Samsung are pitching a new hard drive technology that uses flash memory in conjunction with the HDD to provide intelligent caching, thus saving battery life and offering shorter boot times.  The new technology, dubbed hybrid hard drive (HHD), uses 1Gbit flash memory which prevents […] Read more »

CNET is reporting today that Microsoft’s Bill Gates will be showing a prototype Tablet with a 6 inch screen that could be available in a couple of years.  The mini Tablet was apparently commisioned by Microsoft and is as thin as "10 sheets of paper with […] Read more »

Wacom Japan has announced a new pen technology that reduces the minimum pen diameter from the current 5.5 mm to a super small 3.5 mm. According to this crudely translated web page Wacom says the new pen technology will allow cheaper and faster production to benefit […] Read more »

I ran across one of the coolest plugins I’ve seen yet for the Media Center PC that lets you check your Outlook information on your MCE .   My Outlook won’t let you create new items (yet) but it has some nice windows into your PIM data.  […] Read more »

Are you the type that needs reference information no matter where you are?  Do you absolutely love the Widipedia and wish you could tap that resource even when you are mobile and not connected to the Internet?  In that case you need to be aware that […] Read more »

Tom Clarkson is one of those developers who never seems to rest and the list  of new features and fixes in OrangeGuava version 1.2 is impressive: Transparent image backgrounds Areas redrawn during moving/sizing New Area move pen mode replaces area handles Thumbnail images used where available […] Read more »

Brad Isaac is the mastermind behind a great program for the Pocket PC that helps the user focus on all of the next actions needed to accomplish all of life’s goals.  AchieveIt! has just been updated to version 2.0 and is a solid performer in the […] Read more »

The Student Tablet PC has always been one of my favorite stops on the web with lots of good information about maximizing the Tablet experience from a student’s perspective.  They now have added a disscusion forum so head over and check it out.  There is already […] Read more »

Chris Pratley must be listening to The Tablet PC Show as Marc Orchant and I recently discussed the utility of using note flags in OneNote.  Chris has written a typically useful article on his blog that explains how to unleash the full power of flags and […] Read more »

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