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What’s everyone using for cleaning your Tablet screen?  I am getting very smudged and constantly cleaning the screen and am wondering if someone has a great cleaning solution to recommend . Read more »

I have been a fan of MindManager and mind mapping for some time but I have to admit I am just scratching the surface finding new uses for the great tool.  MindManager is so stimulating for the creative process and is even more so when used […] Read more »

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The Tablet PC Show #8 – 16 May 2005 (51 min)MP3 – 18.2MB The Tablet PC Show is back after a too long hiatus and Marc and I discuss the Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC powerhouse, the HP tc1100 workhorse and the Treo 650. OK, the […] Read more »

Michael of PigPog has owned a Toshiba M200 Tablet PC for a couple of weeks and has summarized his experience so far in an excellent article where he details all facets of his Tablet usage.  Read the entire article for a good overview of Tablet PC […] Read more »

A few days after I upgraded my Verizon data plan to EVDO Hispanic Business reports that Verizon has announced a new pricing plan for their older 1xRTT service.  The NationalAccess plan will now cost Verizon enterprise customers $59.99, a $20 rate decrease.  I am glad to […] Read more »

I told you about Tritton’s portable speakers and now it’s time to point you to the Tritton SEE2 USB 2.0 Video Adapter.  The SEE2 is an easy way to add a 2nd monitor to a PC or notebook using a USB 2.0 port. Not likely to […] Read more »

What’s better than a USB Bluetooth dongle?  The BlueWiFly, of course, which adds a WiFi receiver to the small dongle. I can see the BlueWiFly as the perfect way to add the faster 802.11g WiFi to a computer or notebook that only has the slower integrated […] Read more »

I was recording the latest Tablet PC Show with Marc Orchant this morning and he jogged my memory about a great article (often quoted) – The Tyranny of Email. The article by Ole Eichhorn addresses the pitfalls of handling email that most people fall into that […] Read more »

I have mentioned the 43 Folders wiki before and if you haven’t visited it already for great life hacks (and more) then you are missing a growing collection of tips that can make your life a little better.  Take the coffee hacks page for example.  Many […] Read more »

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Brad Isaac believes in setting goals and then defining what is needed to achieve them.  He also believes in using a fun and easy tool that makes it a snap to define your objectives and the tasks you need to complete to meet your goals.  He […] Read more »

Lisa Gade of MobileTechReviews has taken a long hands-on look at the Fujitsu Lifebook T4010 Tablet PC and has published a thorough review of the convertible.  The T4010 has a fast processor, big hard drive and a 12.1" screen.  How does the Fujitsu stand up? Internal […] Read more »

Now that I have been using the HP tc1100 for a few days I thought it time to share the details about the Tablet configuration I opted for and also some key accessories that I have incorporated into my daily work routine.  The tc1100 is extremely […] Read more »

If you happen to have a PC with no hard disk activity light you often are wondering what might be happening on your system, especially if your hard drive is very quiet.  The lack of an indicator light is the only beef I have with the […] Read more »

Steve Richards was a man on a mission- his daughter has a medical condition that makes her hands cold, stiff and generally makes it hard for her to haul her books around the school.  Steve knew that a Tablet PC with scanned textbooks would make it […] Read more »

I am sitting in a Chinese restaurant near my house, having just finished a very nice rendition of General Tso’s Chicken, and rocking along with email and web work at over 500 kbps.  No, the restaurant doesn’t have WiFi, there’s not even a network showing up […] Read more »

The cool onscreen keyboard for the Sony U that I reviewed a while ago has now been released.  UBoard is a user configurable keyboard that can be operated as an onscreen thumb board  ad the author has decided to make it available as donation ware. The […] Read more »

I received the following email from Ken Hong, a jkOnTheRun reader and podcast listener who has been working in Asia for the past few years. Ken wants to know where mobile technology is heading and why he does not see any Tablet PCs nor PDAs throughout […] Read more »

If you haven’t heard about Windows Mobile 5.0 yet you must be living under a rock, or offline for the past 24 hours.  Microsoft announced the release of the next version of the Windows Mobile operating system this week as Bill Gates gave a presentation showing […] Read more »

Sony has announced the release of a new ultra-portable notebook, the T350, that adds integrated high-speed EDGE connectivity to the standard WiFi and Bluetooth.  The EDGE capability makes it possible to have a genuine always connected experience at 3G speeds.  The T350 is expected to retail […] Read more »

Many Mac enthusiast web sites are buzzing over the posting of pictures of an Apple Tablet PC lifted from a patent application.  The news of this patent application is rather old as it first surfaced in the middle of last year but the pics are the […] Read more »

My quest for a Tablet PC to replace the Sony U750 has come to a close and I thought I should share the process I went through to make the decision.  As you know I am all about mobile devices and had a couple of criteria […] Read more »

The true road warrior often needs to carry a printer along for knocking out those hardcopy prints of documents or even photos and there are not that many printers to choose from that are truly light, small and capable.  PC World has published an article that […] Read more »

If you haven’t seen the funny ads for OneNote, part of the "stationery is bad" series, then head over and check them out.  Be sure and pay attention to all the office workers in the background, they are really funny. Read more »

Nick Bradbury (FeedDemon) posts about a visit to his doctor and the utility he saw using Tablet PCs.  It seems his doctor had Tablet PCs in all the rooms and did all patient documentation in real time on the Tablet screen.  The coolest part- his doctor […] Read more »

Ars Tecnica has a fascinating article covering the history of the Graphical User Interface (GUI), that part of the operating system that provides a large part of the user experience.  They cover the GUI from day one, which surprisingly was long before the computer was in […] Read more »

I run across a lot of people who are dual platform PC users- they either use Windows XP primarily and sometimes a Mac or vice versa.  Users like this usually end up missing some utility of one operating system that the other doesn’t have and look […] Read more »

I have been in correspondence with a company that has been working on getting a working version of Linux on the Sony U. The problem they immediately ran into was the lack of a Linux driver for the Sony touchscreen, so they did what true geeks […] Read more »

Buddy Marc Orchant is all aglow over his new Treo 650 which I have to admit is a very nice smartphone, even if it’s a Palm (ducking).  He’s posted his first impressions on his blog and describes how he’s set it up for maximum productivity.  One […] Read more »

Want to know what having a new Toshiba Portege M200 is like?  Check out PigPog’s post where he describes how he’s using his new Tablet PC and how it’s made a difference in his work.  It’s amazing how new Tablet owners are affected by the addition […] Read more »

I have been watching the countdown as Tablet PC Post has approached the 100,000 download mark and want to wish Loren, Lora and Layne congratulations for passing that tremendous milestone.  Tablet PC Post is the best source for Tablet PC software and to have so many […] Read more »

Frequent visitors to jkOnTheRun are aware that I recently have received the honor of an MVP award from Microsoft in the Tablet PC category.  The award is greatly appreciated and one I take very seriously, in the spirit in which it was given.  Receiving MVP status […] Read more »

Steve Gillmor has come back to the Tablet and he’s loving it: The most striking aspect of the Tablet 2005 is the speed with which I can move through information. GMail and Rojo still take as much time as before, but I’m absorbing a lot more […] Read more »

Red of The Red Ferret Journal found a cool Java bandwidth speed test that shows your internet upload and download speeds graphically and gives you some indication about how good your connection really is.  The graph is updated even when the test is running which is […] Read more »

MiniMage has a nice blog that discusses all sorts of IT topics and she gives particular attention in her posts about her Tablet PC and how it helps her in her work.  There is a great post on her blog about using Agilix GoBinder in her […] Read more »

Engadget recently got to sit down with Microsoft’s Bill Gates and talk about a number of topics.  The interview was run on Engadget in two parts but for Tablet PC owners Part Two, which covered some Tablet PC ground, was the one we were waiting for.  […] Read more »

On a recent Tablet PC Show co-host Marc Orchant shared a trick he uses to keep his Tablet PC working in emergencies.  He discussed using Knoppix Live, a flavor of Linux designed to run directly from CD, to access his Tablet PC in the event some […] Read more »

If you are a student who doesn’t happen to be using OneNote on a notebook computer or a Tablet PC then you might find Lecture Recorder to be just what you are looking for.  Lecture Recorder makes it easy to record lectures (or meetings) using any […] Read more »

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