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Nero announced the availability of their new mobile device media player, Nero ShowTime Mobile, and it looks to be a promising cross-platform player.  NSM will be available for the Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and Symbian platforms.  The coolest innovation in the player is the support for […] Read more »

Christopher James of tc-one-thousand has been playing with the new hp4200 convertible Tablet PC and has published an extensive review with tons of photos.  The hp4200 is hp’s first convertible Tablet and has been anxiously awaited since its announcement a few weeks ago.  Christopher has really […] Read more »

This edition of the techADDICTION Show is all about mobile technology and productivity and listeners should have no problem finding topics of particular interest. Kevin Tofel and I discuss everything from ebook readers to the iPod Shuffle in the ranging discussion of mobile goodness. We hope […] Read more »

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I received a press release about the Threedef Music Player and have been checking this unique audio player out.  It uses an interesting interface that makes it very easy to browse the music library using a 9-key pad such as those on cell phones.  It’s easy […] Read more »

Read this slowly to make sure it sinks in- the Samsung SCH-V770 is a camera phone with a removal optical zoom lens that gives you 7 megapixels.  Be sure and remove the lens before answering the phone, you could really be hurt if you don’t. (via […] Read more »

The entire South by Southwest 2005 Music Festival is available for download thanks to CitizenPod and is available in two sizes.  The full song version is 2.6 Gigs and contains the entire showcase of free music that is totally legal for personal use.  The small version […] Read more »

Taiwanese OEM Tatung is showing a new Tablet PC at CeBIT that is running the newest Intel processor, the Sonoma.  The Tablet PC has a 12.1 inch screen and has WiFi (a/b/g) and Gigabit Ethernet integrated.  It also looks like it might have a biometric fingerprint […] Read more »

Take a Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000, remove the 4 GB hard drive, and you have what Sharp is calling the SL-C1000.  No word on pricing and it should only be available in Japan, of course. (via engadget) Read more »

From The Tablet Show blog: First of all I would like to thank all the listeners from the first show for their comments and suggestions. This show is your show and I am listening to the feedback to make changes as we go that will help […] Read more »

The great French website Akihabara News is one of the best sources of news of new gadgets coming out of Japan.  They always seem to get wind of the latest Japanese gizmo long before anyone else and I have longed for an English version of the […] Read more »

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Microsoft has recently released version 3.8 of ActiveSync for Pocket PC owners.  As usual Microsoft gives no indication what is new in this latest release so if you are not having problems with AS then you probably don’t need to update. Read more »

The excellent web site for Pocket PC information, CEWindows.NET, has been renamed to Pocket PC FAQ.  The site is run by Windows CE expert Chris de Herrera and is the best site for information about the Pocket PC. (via Pocket PC Addict) Read more »

Written from the ground up for the Tablet PC. An addictive game based on the classic falling-brick game. Designed for Tablet PC, this innovative game can be controlled entirely with a stylus. But the innovation doesn’t stop there… The game features multiple bricks falling at the […] Read more »

Gary Krakow of MSNBC loves his OQO, that much is apparent from his glowing review of the ultra-portable computer.  He has very little negative to say about his OQO and finds it meets his needs very well.  If you are curious about this tiny computer then […] Read more »

Fictionwise is a good source of ebooks that are available in several different device formats and they have just informed me of a surprising offering they are making to customers.  They have released a dedicated electronic ebook reader that is available for purchase on the Fictionwise […] Read more »

I have often wished the Tablet PC text input panel (TIP) could be made semi-transparent so I could still see what’s in the windows underneath.  While this is simply for convenience sake it is a very handy thing if you ink a lot.  I did a […] Read more »

PhatWare has announced a utility to make it easier to control your Tablet PC using just the pen and ink.  Pen Commander lets you assign scripts and macros that are called up simply by inking the command name in the ink pad.  PhatWare has even included […] Read more »

Notebook computers generate a lot of heat and if you’ve ever worked with one on your lap for any length of time at all you know how hot they can get.  Most people work with them on a desk or flat surface because of that and […] Read more »

Paul Thurrott of the SuperSite for Windows has published an article that discusses the next version of Microsoft Office and what it might bring to end-users.  There’s not a lot of detail in there but he does a good job of laying out the areas in […] Read more »

Chris Pratley is Mr. OneNote at Microsoft and every article he writes about it is a must read for all those interested in OneNote as a productivity tool.  His latest article is an impressive discourse with examples and tips for showing the benefits of OneNote to […] Read more »

Bibhu Choudhary and Suvarna Singh have written an article in Pocket PC Magazine that gives a good look at the future of mobile computing.  The article concentrates on new technology that is either just appearing presently or on the horizon and they provide a thorough overview […] Read more »

From MVP Rob Bushway: I just launched a new website dedicated to hosting plugins for the yet released GoBinder 2006: . Think of it as a for GoBinder plugins. This site will be a one-stop shop for plugins that developers have written to extend […] Read more »

GMail has quietly released a "plain HTML" version of the web interface for working with GMail accounts from PDAs that cannot handle the full HTML version of the GMail site.  The GMail Help Center has the following to say about using the plain version of the […] Read more »

Windows CE programmers are currently working on getting the Minimo browser running on CE devices and Asa Dotzler of adot’s notblog has posted a picture of a cell phone running Minimo.  The people working on the port are calling for Windows CE programmers to help with […] Read more »

Rumors are starting to float all over the web of a secret Apple product in development that runs a bare version of OSX and comes with Apple’s as yet unused Inkwell technology.  The mini laptop is reported to be a clamshell device that will fit in […] Read more »

Googgy Software is a relative newcomer to the world of Tablet PC software development but they have wasted no time in producing some wonderful programs for the Tablet PC.  Googgy is comprised of the following team members: Renee Ballmer, Liam King, Sarah Bergren and Iggy Kin.  […] Read more »

The EverNote folks have informed me they have released another beta update to the EverNote program.  EverNote is a complete note taking/ organizing application and the developers just keep making it better and better.  Key improvements in this release: Back & Forward Buttons: Fully implemented the […] Read more »

Good friend Marc Orchant has just announced he will be editing the upcoming book from Robert Scoble and Shel Israel.  The book project has generated a lot of interest since the authors have been blogging the entire book project on The Red Couch blog.  Marc will […] Read more »

Bluetooth is one of those technologies that promised the moon and then took a long time to get its act together.  It took several versions and iterations before it began to seriously provide the benefits that supporters promised but it finally has reached the point where […] Read more »

David Rothman at TeleRead has an article asking why Microsoft won’t port the ebook Reader application to the Smartphone.  I am not a fan of the DRM that Microsoft employs with protected ebooks but as David points out the Reader application itself is pretty nice.  It […] Read more »

Life on the Wicked Stage points us to a program launcher for Tablet PCs that offers full task and program controls using just the pen.  Tablet PC Launcher runs on the desktop and lets you start programs, search the web and open documents all using just […] Read more »

Chinese OEM Book Digital Company has produced a unique Windows CE handheld, the SmartBook G168A.  The SmartBook has a 7 inch touchscreen running at 800×480 and has integrated WiFi.  This PDA is a full Windows CE tablet and I would love to see this beauty in […] Read more »

Paul Thurrott has a complete set of instructions on his SuperSite for Windows for creating a set of Windows XP installation CDs that includes Service Pack 2.  Creating a set of slipstreamed CDs allows you to reinstall Windows XP that includes all the updates with SP2 […] Read more »

Road warriors will tell you they are only as productive as their access to power allows them to be.  Dead batteries on your laptop, PDA or cell phone mean no production if you have no access to a power outlet.  Socket has recently introduced the Mobile […] Read more »

Jybe is a free (beta) add-in for Internet Explorer and Firefox that lets Jybe users jointly surf the web.  This concept is not a new one but the fact that Jybe works on either browser is really cool meaning that two co-workers can browse the same […] Read more »

Pocket Informant is a great PIM application for the Pocket PC and the developers make the program even better with every release. WebIS has been hard at work on the next version and as usual have crammed a lot of new stuff in the public beta […] Read more »

The abletfactory has released an interesting program for the medical field that is based on the Tablet PC and Microsoft OneNote: The OneNote EMR Toolkit is for physicians with a Tablet computer who are dissatisfied with current EMR solutions and want a portable and productive solution […] Read more »

Neowin maintains an extensive list of free programs and utilities that is a good place to start when looking for a free program to do a specific function. There are also a lot of programming utilities listed for you developers.  Windows OS only. Read more »

A couple of days ago doing something simple I hurt my back.  Unfortunately I have the "bad back" gene and back problems have plagued me my entire adult life.  Twice over the years I had to have back surgery to remove my lowest disc when those […] Read more »

If you are looking for a media card reader that can not only handle 21 different media card formats but also store those cards for you then Brando has a small gadget for you.  The 21 in 1 Card Reader looks a bit like a GameBoy […] Read more »

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