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The Tablet PC can fill many roles within the workplace, many of which are not always obvious.  Patrick Mayfield has written an article that details how he used his Tablet PC and MindManager to manage a large meeting.  It’s a must read for Tablet owners wanting […] Read more »

The folks at MindJet, the developers of the great mind mapping program MindManager, have a blog that is chock full of useful information about the program.  A recent blog entry detailed how to make a visual RSS reader so you can work with your RSS feeds […] Read more »

The I-VO is a VoIP phone that works with Skype and other VoIP services that is definitely the coolest looking phone I have seen.  There is nothing special about the features, it just looks stylish.  If that’s important to you then this might be your phone.  […] Read more »

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It’s that time of year again so all you iPod lovers rejoice- the new ipodlounge Buyers Guide 2005 is now available for free download on their web site.  The Buyers Guide is the most comprehensive collection of iPod accessories and it comes along with tips and […] Read more »

EMERYVILLE, Calif., March 29, 2005 – Orb Networks, Inc., a developer of streaming media software and services, today announced the company’s groundbreaking streaming media software, Orb Media, will now be FREE to all users. Orb’s software and service gives consumers the ability to spontaneously access their […] Read more »

There have been notebook stands around for a while that provide a docking solution while propping the notebook up so a more ergonomic placement is possible.  These stands allow you to dock the notebook so it can be used with USB peripherals such as mice and […] Read more »

The techADDICTION Show #004- 31st March 2005 (43min 19sec)MP3 – 16MB Welcome back to The techADDICTION Show! Kevin and I had a great time making this show and brought in special guest Dave Ciccone from Dave’s iPAQ, one of the longest running Pocket PC and iPAQ […] Read more »

I had a summons to jury duty yesterday and it was a day of such ranging emotions and experiences that I thought I would share the experience, even though it’s not tech related.  I live in Houston which is in Harris County and my summons was […] Read more »

Steve Richards of Adventures in Home Working has written an article detailing how he has incorporated Skype into his home office and how it as improved his productivity.  Steve discusses using SkypeIn and SkypeOut on his home network and details the hardware he as assembled to […] Read more »

CIO Insight has published a very interesting article that examines how doctors are using handhelds in the practice of medicine.  I am surprised at their findings- physicians in the US are five times as likely to use handhelds as their non-physician counterparts but they do not […] Read more »

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If you are a Mac enthusiast or one of those who just got a Mac Mini you should be aware of a great collection of online resources for the Mac OS.  Things MacOS X has collected a page of links containing all sorts of resources for […] Read more »

Pocket PC and Sony U owners who are looking for a CF based GSM solution for internet connectivity should take note of the Enfora GSM0110 CF card.  The Enfora is a quad band card (850/900/1800/1900MHz) that ships with both Pocket PC and Windows 2000/XP drivers.  There […] Read more »

This spring you will be able to turn air into water with the Dolphin 2 by Air2Water.  Picture a water dispenser that requires no bottleS and no pipes and you have the Dolphin 2 which not only converts air into potable water but serves it up […] Read more »

The Universal Desktop Station (UDS) provides a way to make sure you use all those cell phone minutes you pay for but never use.  Simply plug your cell phone into the UDS and use your cell phone with the convenience of a desktop phone.  You can […] Read more »

It may not have the fastest processor but the Sharp Muramasa is a full notebook in a package just slightly bigger than a PDA.  The great geek site Akihabara News has reviewed this little jewel and have lots of photos and information about the Sharp.  The […] Read more »

Jeff Borlik had a vision- wouldn’t it be useful if you could import your PowerPoint presentations into OneNote so you could add notes and easily distribute them?  He did something about that vision and produced PP2One, a utility that does exactly that.  I have used PP2One […] Read more »

Keep an eye out for techADDICTION #4 as Kevin and I sat down with Dave Ciccone of Dave’s iPAQ and discussed PDAs, smartphones and Tablet PCs. It’s a great conversation between 3 people who have been involved in the mobile tech segment for a long time […] Read more »

Are you looking for video clips with news, sports, entertainment, business, fashion, games and movies?  RooMobile is a new streaming video service for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones that will stream video clips specially formatted for the small screen.  The service is free and a […] Read more »

Egress is a full featured RSS Reader for the Pocket PC that has been recently updated with a host of new capabilities.  Egress will work with all standard RSS formats and also work directly with podcasts and Bloglines feeds.  Here’s a complete feature list from our […] Read more »

The XV6600 being sold by Verizon is a full featured Windows Mobile Phone Edition that supports Verizon’s high speed EVDO network.  Pocket PC Louisville has a dual reviewer look at the XV6600 and really liked this capable phone/ Pocket PC.  Anyone looking for a Pocket PC […] Read more »

Take a monster hard drive (400 GB), give it both USB and Firewire connectivity, and then add an extra USB port for attaching another peripheral and you would have one useful hard drive.  The IO Data Device UDH-UEH400 has been released in Japan and maybe just […] Read more »

As seen in many places Skype has released version 1.2 of their VoIP application that has become almost mainstream with millions of users happily chatting with each other.  This version adds some new features and better support for SkypeIn, SkypeOut and VM.  The best new feature […] Read more »

I just ran across this article in Technology Review magazine from last year that covers Microsoft’s research into the Magic Pen.  Jian Wang of the Microsoft Research Asia lab in Beijing is developing a pen that takes lets you write on paper and captures it digitally […] Read more »

Rob Bushway of Tablet PC Buzz had the opportunity to interview Ben Thacker, HP’s Manager of the Specialized Products and Options Group.  His interview sheds light on HP’s plans for the future of the Tablet PC and is a good insight into HP’s philosophy regarding the […] Read more »

Microsoft has updated their popular ebook Reader program for the Pocket PC.  The new version is 2.4 and contains bug fixes and adds two new features: Pan and zoom capabilities Screen rotation The Microsoft Reader web page has this to say to owners of pre-Windows Mobile […] Read more »

WebIS has announced the release of a new version of their powerful Mail application.  WebIS Mail 2.1 adds a number of new features as outlined in their newsletter: Mail 2.1 has been released after a very long beta test starting in December of 2004. We’ve added […] Read more »

Wacom Japan has announced the Wacom Favo A5 sized tablet that connectes wirelessly via Bluetooth.  The graphics tablet can be used up to 10 m. away from the computer and runs for 25 hours on a single charge. (PhotographyBLOG via engadget) Read more »

Software companies often have a difficult time providing good customer service and a recent experience points out how not to support your program by alienating an entire platform to save spending a couple of thousand bucks on a Tablet PC.  The following is an exchange I […] Read more »

I have mentioned OrangeGuava a lot both on this blog and on The Tablet PC Show because it is a unique program that adds a lot of utility to the Tablet PC.  Trying to describe what the program does is difficult, it is one of those […] Read more »

I spend a lot of time thinking about mobile technology and how it can be leveraged to help me in my life.  I am fortunate in that I get to see and try many different devices, computers and tools that might take my productivity and enjoyment […] Read more »

IBM has decided to take an interesting tactic in the fight against spam and this week unveiled a new anti-spam service called FairUCE.  IBM’s new service uses a giant database to identify computers that are sending spam and uses that information to fight back.  Emails that […] Read more »

I mentioned a few weeks back that VoIP providers like Vonage are not providing typical 911 service for customers who go with this service in the home.  Emergency 911 enhanced service, which is the service that provides the operator with the location of the caller, is […] Read more »

Windows XP embedded supports a feature that is extremely user for mobile computers that use this mobile version of Windows called appropriately Hibernate once/ resume many (HORM).  Every mobile user knows that hibernation on Windows XP based computers is extremely important for helping maximize battery life […] Read more »

Dennis Kennedy is a lawyer who writes about technology issues and he recently decided to try a Tablet PC for an upcoming article on   His blog tells us he’s loving it, especially the combination of the Tablet PC and OneNote. I’ve changed a lot of […] Read more »

I have written many times about early mobile devices and my experiences with them.  The evolution of mobile gadgets and notebook computers is an amazing one considering where they started when you look at what we have available today.  Marc Orchant pointed me to a new […] Read more »

James Kendrick and Marc Orchant sit down for a solid hour and discuss a wide range of Tablet PC related topics in The Tablet PC Show #3. Join us as we cover everything from an Apple iTablet to the Tablet PC goes to the rodeo. We […] Read more »

eReader Pro has long been my favorite ebook reader application and podcast mate Kevin Tofel points out they are touting a new version for Symbian phones.  The Symbian version looks to provide all the features from the other eReader versions and is a welcome addition to […] Read more »

Other Tablet PCs have been getting all the press recently but Fujitsu was showing the Stylistic ST5022 at CeBIT and infoSync World has publish a preview with nice photos.  The ST5022 is a 12.1" Tablet PC with a lot of nice features and the article covers […] Read more »

Sony U owners who are willing to pay to be stylish and want a wireless keyboard and mouse to use with your docked UPC should have a look at the Vaio VGP-WKB1.  The Sony keyboard and mouse not only looks good but has a couple of […] Read more »

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