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I love Onfolio and have written so in glowing terms. The content management and capture tool has revolutionized the way I work the web and makes it easy to capture snippets of information that I need to keep for future writings.   I have recommended Onfolio to […] Read more »

Rob Bushway pointed us to the official ThinkPad Tablet web video that is up on the ThinkPad site.  I just watched it and the coolest thing is the X4 dock.  With an optical drive in the dock bay you can use the included InterVideo CD/ DVD […] Read more »

With Steve Jobs confirming today that Apple will switch from the IBM PowerPC to the Intel microprocessor over the next two years die-hard Apple fans are crying foul.   It’s almost as if Jobs has betrayed the faithful and it’s pretty amusing to watch the reaction across […] Read more »

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When it comes to Windows Mobile fanatics you won’t find anyone more fanatical than the "Pocket PC Pastor", Dale Coffing of mobilepassion. Dale has been using, writing about, and evangelizing the Windows Mobile platform longer than just about anyone on the planet but like any true […] Read more »

I have been contacted by a listener who is interested in how Tablets can be leveraged in the field by photographers.   It seems to me that Tablet PCs would be perfect as a photographer’s tool in the field and also a capable photo editing station due […] Read more »

Just look around the Internet and it is quickly apparent how big a deal it is when the first ThinkPad Tablet PC is announced.  The corporate world has been asking for one for some time and it is with great excitement this announcement today is being […] Read more »

Microsoft Answers Call From Businesses With Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0 New features in Exchange Server 2003 with Service Pack 2 deliver complete mobile messaging solution, draw industry support. ORLANDO, Fla. — June 6, 2005 — Today at Microsoft® Tech•Ed 2005, Microsoft […] Read more »

The rumors of a IBM Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet PC can now be put to bed with the announcement of the X41.  The X41 is the long awaited entry of IBM Lenovo into the Tablet PC market and the specs coupled with the ThinkPad brand should put […] Read more »

The Tablet PC Show #11 (MP3 – 19.5MB – 56min 42sec) LISTEN HERE  Marc Orchant is traveling this week and couldn’t do the show with me but have no fear he will be back soon. Today’s show is a special one as I welcome two attorneys […] Read more »

WNewquay, Tablet PC MVP and very insightful individual, has explained in his very easy to read way about the benefits that students can reap with the Tablet PC.  If you are a student or a parent about to send your young adult off to college in […] Read more »

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The techADDICTION Show #011 (MP3 – 16.7MB – 48min 42sec) LISTEN HERE Welcome to techADDICTION Show #11 where the tech talk flies fast and furious. Find out if Bluetooth is safe, how many gadgets can you put in your pants, how to get HDTV to go, […] Read more »

We have been following as Eric Mack has blogged about his new Toshiba Tecra M4 since he received it and have gathered a lot of good information about the newest Toshiba Tablet PC.  I have also been waiting for other reviews of the M4 to start […] Read more »

Linda Epstein always writes great reviews of Tablet PCs and the Tablet PC2 web site is the first place I look for in-depth reviews of any Tablet PC that interests me.  She has written a typically good review of the new Fujitsu T4010 convertible Tablet PC […] Read more »

With all the excitement about the Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC and the great interaction with Eric Mack during his big M4 unveiling it seems that Google has been paying attention. I should have snapped an image before Eric knocked jkOnTheRun out of the number one […] Read more »

Dale Coffing of mobilepassion always gets to look at cool Windows Mobile devices long before everyone else and he has published a detailed article about the exciting HTC Universal.  The HTC Universal is a clamshell Pocket PC that swivels into a slate form for standard PDA […] Read more »

C/NET is reporting that Apple will announce on Monday the severing of the long-term agreement with IBM and the move to the Intel microprocessor platform.  This rumor has been floating around for some time but the C/NET article states that Steve Jobs will make the announcement […] Read more »

New Scientist reports a major security flaw in current Bluetooth devices that can be exploited by a roving hacker.  The hacker can hijack your cell phone via Bluetooth and eavesdrop on conversations and even place calls using your phone. Cryptographers have discovered a way to hack […] Read more »

One thing I am asked frequently is to recommend a good portable webcam.  While I don’t use one myself I have heard very good things from those who use the Logitech QuickCam.  Designed to be used with notebook computers or Tablet PCs, the QuickCam clips onto […] Read more »

Microsoft announced the adoption of the open standard XML as the default file format for Office 12. Since there are already hundreds of news items about this I’m just providing a link to many of them: Office 12 XML news Read more »

Robert Scoble alerts us: Speaking of news, tomorrow the Microsoft Office team will announce something pretty important tomorrow. It’ll be up on Slashdot for sure. Come over to Channel 9 after 9 p.m. pacific time tonight. We have an interview with the team about the news […] Read more »

Open Source Region Stuttgart points us to a way to run (and test) Linux on your Windows PC without installing any to your computer.  The "Start Linux" runs totally over the web in your browser and will even run on Firefox.  Here’s the instructions from Open […] Read more »

Robert Heiny is the patriarch of the First Family of the Tablet PC and he has an excellent blog, The Tablet PC Education Blog, that covers, umm, Tablet PCs in education.  He has posted an amazing account of the First Family’s Treeing Walker Hound, AJ, that […] Read more »

Mike Beattie has a blog called debian/ rules where he posted a recent article describing how he installed Debian Linux on a new HP tc1100 Tablet PC.  It took Mike a while but he claims to have all the hardware bits fully supported including the Wacom […] Read more »

Intel has quietly added some type of DRM support into the Pentium D and 945 chipset combo that was recently released.  Not surprisingly, the chipmaker is not elaborating on the details of this support and have made very few comments about it.  Intel Australia’s Graham Tucker […] Read more »

The HTC Universal is shaping up to be a fine Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition and ePrice has some nice photos of the "mini-laptop" on their site.  The Universal is expected to ship with the new Windows Mobile 5.0, UMTS/ WCDMA, VGA screen, camera, a […] Read more »

Slashdot reports the availability of the first video plugin to be released to work with Skype for providing video calls over the popular VoIP service.  Dialcom’s video4skype ( clever, huh?) is available for free to be downloaded from their web site. Dialcom states they are working […] Read more »

The Microsoft Office suite is chock full of advanced features and it is easy to miss many of the things you can do with all of the programs.  There are so many options, toolbar features and productivity enhancers that it is very difficult to get your […] Read more »

Acer has announced their newest Tablet PC, the C310.  It definitely sounds like OEM market research is telling these companies that bigger is better.  The new Acer has some really solid specs: Intel® Centrino™ mobile technologies Intel® Pentium® M Processor 730/740/750/760/770 Intel® 915GM Express chipset (UMA […] Read more »

Itronix has long produced some of the best rugged notebooks and Tablets that stand up to the rigors of heavy use in the field.  They have just announced the new Duo-Touch Tablet PC which comes with a host of features for field usage.  The most interesting […] Read more »

I try to write most of my productivity articles by explaining how I have set up for a particular task, or how I do something in the real world.  This type of article allows readers to see how I go about a given task and from […] Read more »

Do you have a Tablet PC and would like to tell the world about it on your very own blog?  Or do you have your eye on a Tablet and looking for another good source of information about them?  The first family of the Tablet PC […] Read more »

I found this on Computer Geeks- refurbished Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 for $164.50!  The SL-5500 is the Linux based PDA from Sharp that has a sliding QWERTY keyboard for maximum portable use.  This is an excellent price for anyone wanting to play with the Zaurus line without […] Read more »

Forgotten processor manufacturer Via has announced the C7 "Esther" processor designed for mobile devices.  Via hopes the C7 will bridge the gap between their earlier offerings and the Pentium M while offering OEMs a cheaper alternative to the Pentium M.  The C7 sports a proprietary front-side […] Read more »

Looking for a good way to bring HDTV to your portable computer?  The FusionHDTV DVB-T USB converter fits in your hand and requires no external power adapter, drawing all its power from the USB bus on the computer.  Using the FusionHDTV you can record HDTV directly […] Read more »

I haven’t posted my desktop on the HP yet so here’s what it looks like (today): Read more »

The Tablet PC Show #10 (MP3 – 21.68 MB – 63min) LISTEN HERE Marc kicks off the show this week to a wide range of Tablet PC topics and even some pen gadgets hit the topic table. We give kudos to WNewquay and ramble all over […] Read more »

The techADDICTION Show #010- 29th May 2005 (46min 22sec)MP3 – 15.9Mb Show #10 is chock full of insightful commentary from our intrepid co-hosts James Kendrick and Kevin Tofel and you don’t want to miss it. Interesting topics from podcasts in iTunes to practicing safe computing are […] Read more »

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