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Podcasting is exploding and the race has been on for a few months to discover a viable business model to exploit the new medium.  It seems a lot of people can’t stand to see something explode in popularity without cashing in but no model has successfully […] Read more »

A lot of people are looking into adding ink posting for blogs so bloggers can post articles directly in ink.  This is good for a couple of reasons, it adds another benefit to Tablet PC users and it is very personal (and cool).  One of the […] Read more »

When you think of Alienware you think of super fast gaming notebook computers.  You also think about how you can afford one, as they tend to run on the pricey side due to the top of the line components they cram in their notebooks.  Recently Alienware […] Read more »

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The Lenovo X41 Tablet PC is the convertible many people have been waiting for and since its release a lot of first looks have appeared on the web.  It is clear from these early reviews that the X41 is a true Thinkpad in every way making […] Read more »

Robert Scoble recommends memeorandum for following big news stories such as the tragedy in London.  The news aggregator pulls together mainstream media news items along with blog articles and the combination of the two types of information provides very good coverage of big stories.  Highly recommended. […] Read more »

Just found this on the Download Squad- yesterday Google added currency conversion to its integrated calculator.  This is just too cool and totally useful. Read more »

The Tablet PC community is buzzing about the new 8 inch Motion LS800 Tablet PC and rightly so.  The mini-Tablet PC is hopefully the first of many such devices to hit the market and it is apparent many consumers have an interest in a small Tablet […] Read more »

The techADDICTION Show #15 (MP3 – 21.5MB – 62min) LISTEN HERE Kevin and I used a completely different audio setup to record this show to go along with a different format to the show. Nothing like shaking it all up at once. This week we open […] Read more »

Google is rolling out the Toolbar for Firefox today and users all over the world rejoiced.  And it was good. (It’s not available yet as of the time of this writing). Read more »

We knew it was happening today and thanks to Rob Bushway we know it is official- Motion Computing has released the LS800.  The LS800 is a full slate Tablet PC, think LE1600, with an 8.4" screen.  This just might be the mini-Tablet PC I have been […] Read more »

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Opera is a solid web browser and a great mobile platform program.  The company keeps adding good features with each release and Gear Live is reporting that the next Technical Preview just out includes BitTorrent protocol support.  It makes so much sense to handle BitTorrent directly […] Read more »

Channel 9 has posted a video interview of Chris Pratley and Owen Braun, the two wizards behind Microsoft OneNote.  The interview gives a fascinating look into the process of brainstorming a new product and working it through production.  Highly recommended if you are a OneNote fan. Read more »

I have written about Outlook Skype in the past which integrates Skype calling with Outlook.  I have known for weeks that the Skype people noticed how useful this third party application was and they apparently bought it up from the developer for a future release.  Marc […] Read more »

Reuters is reporting today that South Korean electronics company LG Electronics has licensed the PalmSource software for "its most advanced cellphones".  Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Read more »

Cooking in my house is nothing if not adventurous.  No, I don’t mean trying out new and exotic dishes, I’m talking about smoke and fire and fear running rampant.  You may think I’m exaggerating but if you remember this from last year you see that I’m […] Read more »

The memory leak that forced users to reboot often to free up memory has been plugged with a hotfix released by Microsoft. I have been using it for a while and it works great so all Tablet 2005 owners should install it ASAP. Read more »

The conversation that Marc Orchant and I had with Josh Einstein on the current Tablet PC Show got me to thinking, which is always dangerous.  Things happen when I get to thinking, sometimes good, sometimes not, but always interesting.  Josh spent a lot of time talking […] Read more »

Electrovaya can be considered the leader in long life battery technology and the Scribbler line of Tablet PCs have always offered some of the longest runtimes.  The newly released Scribbler SC-3000 continues to add value to the product line and looks like a sweet slate.  The […] Read more »

I have been using the beta version of MixCast Live for months and it is still the best way I have found to record Skype calls for podcast interviews.  I have been waiting for word from TinyScience that the version 1.0 was released and the word […] Read more »

Microsoft MVP Rob Bushway brought our attention to a new review of the Toshiba R10 Tablet PC and since I try to follow all reviews of Tablets I headed over to to give it a read.  The reviewer is obviously trying to like the Tablet […] Read more »

The Tablet PC Show #15 (MP3 – 19.1MB – 55min)LISTEN HERE Welcome listeners joining us from the iTunes Podcast library! You’ll find a great source of information about the Tablet PC here on The Tablet PC Show on The Podcast Network. This is a very special […] Read more »

Looking for entertainment on your Tablet PC?  Maybe a challenging and beautifully rendered game that is written from the ground up to be played with just a pen?  Try the demo of Slate Labyrinth from Increment Software and you’ll be hooked.  Just look at this screenshot […] Read more »

Tablet PC Show co-host Marc Orchant has written a typically wonderful review of the complete skinning suite from Stardock, Object Desktop.  OD consists of a number of components that collectively let you change every aspect of the User Interface appearance.  You can make a Windows computer […] Read more »

You have probably noticed the sidebars on jkOnTheRun look different and no longer flow smoothly.  Sometime this morning Six Apart upgraded the TypePad sites and changed my template without notice.  I have to see what I need to do to get it back like it was […] Read more »

I use Skype.  A lot.  It’s a great way to speak with colleagues no matter where they might be in the world and the best part is it’s free. If there was one thing I would change about Skype it would be adding easy recording of […] Read more »

My affection for mind mapping is well documented and while I am happy with the program I use many readers have let me know they are happily using a free mind mapping program, FreeMind.  FreeMind is a totally free mind mapping program that is available for […] Read more »

I had a conversation with Eric Mack last night during which he mentioned he was looking for a good external battery solution to carry him through his day.  I sent him word about the PowerPad 300 because as external batteries go you just can’t get any […] Read more »

You are on your way home, hit the Mickey D drivethru with the good intention of waiting until you get home to dive into the bag.  Traffic’s slow, nothing to do, and finally the aroma of those golden fries wafts up to your now very hungry […] Read more »

The techADDICTION Show #14 (MP3 – 21.1MB – 61min) LISTEN HERE Kevin and I are happy to present this 14th edition of techADDICTION, the podcast all about mobile gadgety techno-geek stuff. In today’s show we talk about the Handango Partner Summit I recently attended in Miami […] Read more »

We’ve all been there, fidgeting, bored, wondering when this presentation will ever end.  Very few people know how to use PowerPoint effectively so that the audience is engaged and actually listen to the presenter.  One person who does know how to do this is Michael Hyatt […] Read more »

Online PIMs have gained in popularity of late and of all the ones I have checked out Backpack looks to be the most useful, at least for me.  Backpack works a lot like Getting Things Done in that you keep all your items for a given […] Read more »

USB Micro Drives are starting to pop up all over but none with a more innovative form factor than the Imation USB Micros Hard Drive.  The USB cable folds over and plugs into the drive for storage, making it look like a little padlock.  Nice secure […] Read more »

You can find those little USB key chain drives everywhere and they have gotten so cheap, even free at tech trade shows, that I have accumulated a few of them at varying memory capacities.  I have mentioned in the past that some people use them as […] Read more »

You can’t turn anywhere on the web without reading about iTunes with the new podcast support.  I am using it and it works well, as you expect from Apple/ iTunes.  What you aren’t seeing mentioned much is the new updated iPod software to take advantage of […] Read more »

Biometric fingerprint readers are extremely useful security devices that still remain easy to use for the consumer.  Some security experts have been looking for an alternative since these readers use a single fingerprint that has proven to be spoofable (is that a word?).  Enter the BiometricPIN […] Read more »

The city of Houston has deployed parking meters near the downtown courhouse district that accepts credit cards and uses WiFi to verify parking customers’ charges.  The test is nearing completion and Houston’s CTO Richard Lewis will soon select the vendor for the meters and proceed with […] Read more »

Hewlett-Packard has granted $2.1 million to 25 schools as part of the HP Technology for Teaching Leadership grant program.  The program puts Tablet PCs, wireless projectors and cameras in the hands of teachers in the classrooms.  Carnegie Mellon University is one of the 25 schools and […] Read more »

I love using speech recognition and watching whole pages of text appear right from my mouth.  The speech recognition integrated into the Tablet PC is quite good but there are some simple steps you can take to get the highest accuracy possible so I am presenting […] Read more »

Thanks to Gnomedex rumors that Apple would be releasing iTunes 4.9 today users have been watching the iTunes download site to see if the new version is available.  Wait no longer, it’s out and downloadable for both the Mac and Windows platforms, although on the Windows […] Read more »

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