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I am not sure what I think of this but it goes to show you someone somewhere will think up an innovative solution to any common problem.  This is a simple product that will let you get in your car after you lock the keys inside.  […] Read more »

I mentioned a while back about a neat "real world" action figure, Geekman, and I am happy to say my very own Geekman has arrived.  He has settled in right next to my Sony U-70 and the only problem I’ve had with him is he keeps […] Read more »

I ran across this article recently and quickly realized this is probably the best article about battery technology as it pertains to mobile devices I have seen in a long time.  The article explains the different battery technologies used in devices today and has some excellent […] Read more »

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It is not surprising but the new beta tool Google Suggest does not yet work on the Smartphone browser.  It is unfortunate as mobile devices are always the ones that benefit most from auto-complete features so hopefully Google can find a way to make it work. […] Read more »

Just when everyone is getting on the bandwagon about Podcasting, the audio blogging that is pulled to your MP3 player (like an iPod) for listening at your convenience, a new form of information distribution is emerging for those with Personal Media Centers (PMC).  From VolkerW’s Weblog: […] Read more »

Chad Essley is an animator/ illustrator/ cartoonist who has discovered what a wonderful tool the Tablet PC can be for the artistically gifted.  He has written a nice review of his Motion M1300 Tablet with lots of photos and impressions.  When you have a look at […] Read more »

Anybody who is interested in print-on-demand publishing needs to check out this article on the Foner Books website.  I hear from a lot of people who are interested in publishing their masterpieces and print-on-demand publishing can be a cost effective method to do that.  This article […] Read more »

Outlook PST files quickly grow to epic proportions unless you take some actions to archive older emails.  Archiving saves the older emails but removes them from your main Outlook file and keeps your environment easier to manage and running very snappy.  Unfortunately the integrated archival in […] Read more »

A study by Forrester Research found that one in five Brits has purchased software from offers received in spam.  No wonder spammers won’t go away.  At least now we know who to blame. (via The Register) Read more »

engadget points out that cellphone and PDA manufacturer HTC wants to port Skype’s VoIP software to their next generation of Smartphones.  With WiFi appearing in Smartphones this is a natural fit and quite exciting when you figure that these future phones will likely have 3G capabilities.  […] Read more »

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I mentioned the tiny JVC Everio a while ago and the lucky folks at I4U have one in their hot little hands.  The Everio is a very small camcorder with a ton of features and I have been waiting to hear from someone who has one.  […] Read more »

Joseph DeRuvo was a man on a mission. The dyslexic wedding photographer is a long-time Mac OS X aficionado who spent years eyeing the utility of the Tablet PC.  He knew the form and function of a Tablet PC would make it much easier to do […] Read more »

It might not be too useful until they get a toll free phone number but Amabuddy is an interesting idea that sounds like a useful free service.  From the Amabuddy website: You are in a bookshop or a record shop. You found something that interests you.You […] Read more »

Users of the Fitaly text entry method will be happy to note a VGA version has been released.  The Fitaly 3.5 VGA for Windows Mobile 2003 SE Release Candidate 1 (I wonder how long it would take to enter that name using Fitaly). Read more »

Amorphous Media Design has released version 2.0 of their remote control software for the Pocket PC.  From their web site: PPC Tablet Remote Control Suite 2.0 is a Pocket PC software that uses a Pocket PC screen to emulate input devices such as keyboard, touchpad or […] Read more »

Entrepreneurs have outfitted recreational vehicles with state of the art dental clinics that travel to various casinos and provide basic dental care for the casino employees.  The mobile dental offices are pleasing both employers and employees.  The casinos are finding that employees take less time off […] Read more »

Some assorted Skype tidbits: Plantronics has begun pitching their line of computer headsets as Skype ready.  They offer a number of headsets that will work well with Skype and are available on the Plantronics web site. Marc Orchant of The Tablet PC Weblog has the perfect […] Read more »

This article in the Houston Chronicle caught my eye today.  Medical researchers in London have correlated a significant lowering of fertility in men that frequently work with their notebook computer in their laps.  Seems the temperature from the laptop raises the temperature of the bits of […] Read more »

A Lockergnome member and software engineer, Mary Barnes, wrote about an innovative keyboard/ mouse that has enabled her to use her computer despite painful arthritis in the hands.  The Touchstream Keyboard is certainly the most innovative keyboard I have ever seen and Mary says it best: […] Read more »

Toyota entered competition with the Segway earlier this year when it released info about the i-unit personal mobility vehicle (PMV).  The futuristic gizmo can be operated in either a low-speed mode which leaves the rider in an upright position or the high-speed mode which reclines the […] Read more »

Mozilla released the gold version of their email program Thunderbird this week.  Thunderbird is a free and open source program that offers high-end email handling features in a nice small package.  This version, 1.0, offers advanced spam filtering, RSS integration, message grouping and a whole lot […] Read more »

Amazon has a special deal on the Averatec AV3250H1-01 notebook computer that is a phenomenal deal for anyone looking for a cheap laptop.  The AV3250 sports an AMD Athlon XP-M 2200+, DVD/CD-RW, 512 MB of RAM, 60 GB hard drive and a 12.1" display.  This is […] Read more »

ZigBee is a wireless standard (802.15.4) that is being developed to provide home automation functions from mobile devices.  The ZigBee Alliance is a group of interested companies who are actively developing and promoting this protocol with the ultimate goal to produce products for the consumer market.  […] Read more »

Reuters reports that the sale of IBM’s personal computer division to China’s largest PC maker is official.  The deal ended up at $1.2 billion and creates the world’s third largest PC maker.  The Think line of trademarks all goes to Lenovo. Read more »

MSN Spaces created quite a stir with the Terms of Use that basically gives them ownership of anything you post on a blog on their new blogging service.  So many people have ranted about it that supposedly Microsoft is rewording the terms to something more in […] Read more »

A lot of gamers are eagerly awaiting the Sony Portable PlayStation (PSP) which promises to yield the PlayStation experience in a portable form factor.  Play-asia has paid dearly to get an early unit in their hands and have a very thorough review of the little game […] Read more »

Desk space is always at a premium for me and I recently ran across this product that is so simple yet very functional.  The Keyboard Organizer is a simple keyboard that hinges open to expose a storage area for all those items that are scattered all […] Read more »

Tablet PC 2 is a great site for Tablet PC information and they have published a wish list for Santa that is one of the best I have seen.  You will find cool Tablet PCs, gadgets, accessories and software in this comprehensive list all depicted with […] Read more »

Brad Isaac of Pocket PC Addict has published a review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 7 for the Pocket PC.  He provides a thorough look at the setup and training required on the desktop as well as the dictation on the Pocket PC.  I am a big […] Read more »

In "the Internet never ceases to amaze me" category I just found this today while searching on Yahoo’s network for Mobile Computing.  The cool thing is I did not ask to be listed, they just found me. Read more »

Laptop computers are everwhere with many companies providing them for employees and many other consumers opting for the mobile convenience of notebooks.  As notebook computers have become more prevalent than in years past unfortunately you can bet the undesirable element is not far behind.  Professional crooks […] Read more »

I normally do not write about pure blogging as there are dozens hundreds thousands of blogs writing about it.  But there are a lot of bloggers who are currently trying to figure out how to make a living from blogging and I felt like commenting about […] Read more »

The recent Skulls trojan that impacted Symbian phone users exposed the potential threat to cell phones and Smartphones.  The occurrence of SMS spam and viruses is likely to become more prevalent as the number of users increases.  Trend Micro has announced an anti-virus product aimed at […] Read more »

jkOnTheRun is always looking for news items about mobile technology so if you run across something you think would be interesting to jkOTR readers please submit it.  There is a Submit News link on the upper right sidebar of every page.  Thanks for your continued support! Read more »

"I am away from my computer right now.  Please leave a message after the beep and I will return your Skype as soon as possible".  This scenario is now a reality with the release of SAM- the Skype Answering Machine.  SAM is a totally free utility […] Read more »

Just in time for the holiday gift buying season the New York Times has published their "100 Notable Books of the Year" list to make your purchases easier.  I do not read paper books any more but use lists like this to pick out books I […] Read more »

There is a new online software store that brings some competition for Handango and Pocket Gear.  MobiHand has a big selection of software for devices that run Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Smartphone or Symbian OS.  The MobiHand site is designed to make purchasing and downloading mobile […] Read more »

Wired News has listed ten gadgets for those who need to buy gifts for techno-geeks.  One of the most interesting devices is the TrafficGauge which only does one thing but does it very well according to the article.  Geeks in the Orange County or Seattle areas […] Read more »

I am one of those people who no longer use a desktop computer and instead use a high-powered notebook for my main system.  If you are looking for a true desktop replacement then you should check out the ACI Edgenote.    The Edgenote has a 17" […] Read more »

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