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I love my Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard and only two things stopped me from also getting their new Bluetooth mouse:  I wasn’t sure it worked well with Windows XP and it wasn’t available back when I got the keyboard.  Geekzone has written a review of the portable […] Read more »

Hot on the heels of the Tablet PC Buzz review, TabletPC2 has published a thorough review of the Electrovaya Scribbler SC2100 Tablet PC.  The impressive thing about all Electrovaya products is the long battery life and the reviewer got an amazing 5 hours 8 minutes with […] Read more »

If you are into car modding or home automation you might be interested in the Sumicom S625.  Sumicom makes full computers that are roughly the size of a CD drive provide the benefits of a full computer.  The S625 can handle either a Pentium M or […] Read more »

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I recently mentioned the Audiovox XV6600 because it is the first Pocket PC Phone Edition device that Verizon is releasing for its high speed EV-DO network.  Dave’s iPAQ has gotten their hands on the sweet device and have already published a thorough review.  Of particular note […] Read more »

Just saw this on KCTs Digital World- Outlook Skype is a utility that adds Skype functionality to Outlook so you can make Skype and SkypeOut calls directly from your contacts in Outlook.  Outlook Skype can also be set to automatically log your Skype calls to the […] Read more »

I am trying a task management system, The MasterList, that is project-centric.  My work revolves around specific projects more so than just isolated tasks and after reading about The MasterList on Tablet PC Buzz I decided to try it out.  It is a very interesting program, […] Read more »

I was checking out the SonyStyle site to see if they are listing any cool new accessories for the Sony U series and found a couple that look really nice. The first accessory is a carrying case that looks to be the perfect size to carry […] Read more »

SSEYO miniMIXA is a full-featured sound mixer for Windows Mobile smartphones and Pocket PCs.  The program has DJ mixing, sequencing, synthesis, visualisation and recording studio capability all rolled into one.  The neat thing you can do with miniMIXA is whip up your own ringtones and then […] Read more »

Pocket PC owners who have a WiFi-enabled device can easily check the availability of WiFi hotspots in the vicinity but for the Pocket PC challenged you can use a dedicated WiFi detector.  The Canary HS10 WiFi detector is the only detector that shows the Network ID, […] Read more »

A judge in Iowa awarded an ISP $1 billion in a lawsuit against several companies that used the ISP to send millions of spam emails.  Believed to be the biggest award ever in an anti-spam lawsuit, it is unlikely the award will ever be collected.  Iowa […] Read more »

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There are no shortage of options when it comes to portable speakers for your iPod.  PodWave is a small speaker set that runs off a single AA battery for 8 hours.  It doesn’t look like the output would blow you away but for a small portable […] Read more »

Hard drives can make all the difference in the world when it comes to providing snappy performance from your notebook computer.  Drive speed and capacity can not only affect the overall experience you get from your notebook but also play a big role in battery life.  […] Read more »

I have a Compaq laptop with a 15.4" widescreen.  This laptop is great for gaming and since getting the Sony U-70 it is all I use the laptop for.  I have encountered a weird problem that I think is related to Half Life 2 and I […] Read more »

WindowsITPro has published an article on Exchange Activesync that Pocket PC users should check out.  I have been using a hosted Exchange Server setup for a long time now and one of the great benefits this brings me is the ability to sync with my Exchange […] Read more »

All is well with the world as I am listening to the best guitar ever played in any song.  Lou Reed’s Rock n Roll Animal is a fantastic album that has stood the test of time very well and the cut Intro/ Sweet Jane is undoubtedly […] Read more »

You hear the phrase "gets it" a lot when people talk about Tablet PCs.  As in, so and so "gets it" when they say something profound about how inking and the Tablet make life easier.  I had this turned around on me today by my 82 […] Read more »

I knew it would not be long before someone set up a "Wiki" of a Podcast so anyone can contribute their own recordings to an open Podcast.  The folks at have now done it and anyone can contribute short segments (under 5 minutes is suggested) […] Read more »

Rob Bushway of Tablet PC Buzz reviewed the Electrovaya SC2100 and is impressed with the long battery life of the Tablet PC.  Electrovaya has long been producers of long life batteries and the SC2100 does not disappoint in that area as Rob got 6 1/2 hours […] Read more »

Eleksen is a firm that has previously released a fabric keyboard for an Orange phone and  for Palm handhelds.  The keyboard is made of force-sensing fabric and aims to provide a small and light mobile keyboard.  The firm is now set to release a Bluetooth fabric […] Read more »

Verizon is releasing a new Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition PDA in January and it looks like it can use the carrier’s new 3G high speed network, EV-DO.  The nice looking device is the XV6600 and boasts 128 MB of RAM, 64 MB of Flash […] Read more »

Yahoo now has up to the minute traffic maps accessible and The Furrygoat Experience shows how simple it is to search from within MSN Toolbar to get traffic information from any of the Yahoo covered areas. The Yahoo traffic maps are very useful if you live […] Read more »

I have been asked by several people in the past few weeks if I would be attending the CES in January.  I had intended to try to go but due to the situation I wrote about earlier I won’t be able to.  I was looking forward […] Read more »

Onfolio is a content collection program that now includes a news aggregator for grabbing and organizing all of those RSS feeds you track (like jkOTR).  They have just made the beta for version 2.0 available for download so if you need to file information you grab […] Read more »

I have been kicking around the notion of starting a jkOnTheRun Podcast with my good buddy Kevin Tofel and we are trying to come up with a format that listeners will find useful.  No point in making one just to make one, and unfortunately if you […] Read more »

You can hardly turn around on the Internet these days without bumping into a Podcast or even a PiMcast.  Something about pulling content when it is convenient for you and then being able to listen to that content when you want (and often while doing something […] Read more »

In case you missed it the first of next year Blockbuster will change the late fee structure they have been using.  The video rental giant will stop charging late fees but with a catch.  They will give customers a one week grace period after the normal […] Read more »

They are white to match your iPod.  They have real tubes.  They must sound good.  They output 190 watts.  Bling bling.  The Concertino speakers for the iPod.  When only the best most expensive will do.  What else would P Diddy use? Read more »

If you want to see a great way for two (or more) people to collaborate remotely using the Tablet PC then head over to the Incremental Blogger and see how it should be done.  Loren Heiny shows how using a Tablet PC, MSN Messenger, Skype and […] Read more »

Robert Scoble has been blogging for four years today so join me in wishing him a very Happy Blogday!  You can all sing "for he’s a jolly good fellow" now.  Congrats, Robert! Read more »

The FCC today approved high speed Internet services on commercial flights in the US.  The move is not surprising as business travelers have been clamoring for the service.  Of course, the success of any venture springing up out of this ruling will depend squarely on the […] Read more »

I just received word from the producers of HeadsetPresenter announcing the availability of this unique software solution for mobile users.  HeadsetPresenter turns your supported Bluetooth cellphone headset into a remote control for controlling PowerPoint presentations.  The program installs into the PowerPoint toolbar making the it accessible […] Read more »

I found this on the Microsoft Download Center- it is odd that neither Office Update nor Windows Update offers this update.  According to the MS information this update will improve ink recognition on the Tablet PC within all of the following applications: Microsoft Office 2003 Microsoft […] Read more »

I really did not want to do this but I have no choice.  You may not know but I have been an independent consultant for two years (not in the IT industry).  In 2003 and early 2004 I did a lot of work for a client […] Read more »

OK, I decided to wait until I had a chance to play with it for a day before posting about MSN Desktop Search, especially since it has been posted on about 10,000 web sites.  I loaded it up yesterday morning and let it set off indexing […] Read more »

The Bagger 288 is a machine used for strip mining, road destroying, and terrorizing innocent villagers.  It might be a stretch for a mobile tech blog but the Bagger is the largest mobile machine in the world (I believe it).  If you don’t believe how large […] Read more »

Google is going to scan hard to find books from five major libraries into their online search engine to create an online reading room.  The project will involve books from the New York Public Library System in addition to four other major libraries-  Harvard, Stanford, Michigan […] Read more »

Trust has a nice travel USB hub that is made of aluminum making it nice and light.  The four port hub is one of the thinnest hubs around that uses the USB 2.0 protocol and can be used either powered or unpowered.  The HU-3340M is Windows […] Read more »

WiFi card maker SyChip announced they have drivers for their SDIO based WiFi cards in beta. The new drivers should be ready in January and will work on the SD cards made by Socket and SanDisk.  These new drivers will not work on SD WiFi cards […] Read more »

Greenlight Wireless announced a free version of their Skweezer portal for PDA web browsing today.  Skweezer is perfect for browsing on PDAs and smartphones with limited screen real estate and the basic version of the service is now free.  Sign up is required. (via Pocket PC […] Read more »

It is not like we have a shortage of different formats for memory cards for mobile devices but Samsung just announced the tiniest one yet.  The form factor is so small it is surely intended for phones and the top capacity is 128 MB.  What is […] Read more »

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