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The Shared Spaces weblog is an incredible source of information that gives a lot of useful information to help anyone achieve greater productivity, particularly in the area of computing technology.  Michael Sampson is the productivity guru behind Shared Spaces and is an expert on team collaboration […] Read more »

Checking through the RSS feeds this morning I found something that shows how hard it is to predict the future of a given technology: TechWeb:  Tablet PC Faces Uncertain Future, Analyst Says The article quotes the In-Stat report that has been mentioned this week on numerous […] Read more »

The techADDICTION Show #17 (MP3 – 16.1MB – 47min) LISTEN HERE You are looking at techADDICTION #17, the show for those who can’t get enough of gadgets and mobile devices. Kevin and I have a good conversation about mobile power options, Internet appliances, Bluetooth stereo headsets […] Read more »

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PC World is reporting that Fujitsu has confirmed the launch of the LifeBook P1510 in August.  The P1510 is the mini-convertible with a 8.9 inch passive digitizer screen that can be used as a tiny notebook or as a slate with the screen swiveled around.  The […] Read more »

I knew putting a shout out to the user community to come up with a fix for the ugly Outlook interface under the Energy Blue theme for the Tablet PC would yield results and jkOnTheRun reader and The Tablet PC Show listener Kunal Kundaje has come […] Read more »

I already mentioned the free Education Pack Microsoft released today but Josh Einstein points us to a very good video demo that shows off the Tablet PC and the Education Pack for students.  Best demo of the Tablet for students I have seen yet. Read more »

TeleRead is a great source for ebook information and I check their site often since I read everything electronically on my Tablet PC.  They point out in a recent article that some ebook readers allow configuration for double columns which makes reading on a large screen […] Read more »

I have written about a bunch of products that come in a stick form, after all what is more mobile than something the size of a stick?  The Computer-On-a-Stick from Fingergear carries the tradition forward by putting an onboard operating system and a full suite of […] Read more »

Road warriors, or those I prefer to call "mobile professionals", who need a good external battery pack fix to provide some long hours of battery power should have a look at the Tekkeon MyPower ALL battery pack.  The MyPower ALL uses a Lithium Polymer battery that […] Read more »

Everyone is talking about the Yahoo acquisition of Pixoria, the company who has given us Konfabulator.  Yahoo is now distributing Konfabulator for free so everyone should go get it now.  The entire Konfabulator Widgets library has already appeared on the Yahoo Widgets site.  Free is always […] Read more »

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Following on the heels of the successful Experience Pack, Microsoft today released the Education Pack which is a collection of programs aimed at students and educators, although many Tablet PC owners will find some of the utilities quite useful.  The Education Pack consists of the following […] Read more »

This is for those of you who have your own web sites and would like to make it much easier to view on mobile devices like phones, smartphones and PDAs.  Mike Davidson has written a very nice article that web site developers should read that shows […] Read more »

Reason is a complete music creation and mixing application that uses realistic looking components that can be controlled just like the real world equivalents.  There are sliders, knobs, wires and other switches that can be combined in any way the user wants to control their custom […] Read more »

The Tablet PC Show #17 (MP3 – 19.5MB – 56min)LISTEN HERE Marc Orchant and I sat down to produce another show for your listening pleasure and had a blast. In this episode we ripped on Robert Scoble a little and relished in our new title of […] Read more »

Dave’s iPAQ is the best resource for iPAQ related information and one of their members is using a Spectec MiniSD WiFi card in the HP hw6500.  The hw6500 is a sweet Pocket PC Phone Edition but it lacks integrated WiFi but as this article shows it […] Read more »

Frequent jkOnTheRun poster Craig Pringle has recently received from his employer (can I work there?) an HP tc1100 Tablet PC and is going through the process we all do with a new device.  He is blogging his set up experience on his blog and listing in […] Read more »

I’m not going to step into the p****ng contest that Robert Scoble is having with Mac enthusiasts but as a result of that affair Marc Orchant and I are more famous than we were yesterday.  If only Scoble could remember our names .   :) You should […] Read more »

I hate the garish Luna theme that Windows XP uses as standard so when the Energy Blue theme was released as part of the Experience Pack for the Tablet PC I jumped on it right away.  I love the Energy Blue theme, it looks elegant and […] Read more »

I oversee projects being conducted at various contractors and get a lot of one or two page handouts with maps or other information that I want to capture into my OneNote filing system.  Some people just don’t do digital files so I get stuck with paper […] Read more »

Martin Shoemaker is a UML instructor who also writes software for the Tablet PC.  He has written an excellent article for software developers who are curious about developing programs for the Tablet PC that describes just how easy it can be given the available tools.  This […] Read more »

Paul Mooney thinks that collaboration is the killer app on a Tablet PC. A SharePoint Portal configured with Tablet friendly Web-parts and a wireless Wi-fi connection is the alignment that constitutes the sweet-spot for Tablet PC  adoption. I think Paul is on to something with this […] Read more »

Acer has been producing some nice notebooks and Tablet PCs and they have recently released the C310 Tablet PC.  The new Acer sports a 14.1" screen running at XGA (1024 x 768) so everything on the screen will be nice and big.  Huge, actually.  May be […] Read more »

Microsoft announced the official name of the next version of the Windows operating system, WindowsVista.  Here’s the video of the announcement: Watch the WindowsVista naming announcement. Read more »

Nottes Korea has published information about a new mini-notebook PC from Fujitsu that looks very close to an ideal form, if only it had an active digitizer and the Tablet OS.  Fujitsu has snuck up on everyone who follows mobile gadgets with the announcement of the […] Read more »

I am basically ripping this off from kct’s digital world on the off-chance that Kevin Tofel will forgive me since it’s for a good cause.  Well, that and I wanted to get the word out but don’t have time to research like Kevin did.  Here’s how […] Read more »

Palm users can now bask in the "all you can eat" subscription plans from Rhapsody, Napster and Yahoo.  All of these services use Windows Media 10 DRM and the newly released Pocket Tunes 3.1 from Normsoft brings that capability to the Palm community.  The software will […] Read more »

Josh Bancroft of TinyScreenfuls mentioned on his latest TinyPodcast that he is trying to convince his wife they need a Tablet PC for her to use in an upcoming calligraphy class.  Very clever.  Let us know if it works, Josh.  :) Read more »

Bev Howard is a Microsoft Mobile Devices MVP and a long time Pocket PC enthusiast.  He has taken the art of traveling light with a Pocket PC to a fine art and has written an excellent article- The Minimalist Road Warrior’s Guide to "Traveling Light" using […] Read more »

Our Freeware of the Moment today is the answer to your audio (and video) format conversion prayers.  It seems everyone is doing so much with media files these days, especially with the growing popularity of podcasts and the various audio formats in which those are now […] Read more »

The ability to collect information from a variety of sources is one of the greatest benefits I get from using OneNote. I regularly send information  from emails, PDFs, web pages, and virtually printed documents directly into OneNote. The drawback to the latter is that documents sent […] Read more »

I love how MSN Desktop Search includes PowerPoint presentations in the searches.  I am constantly searching for a term for work and MSN Search not only scans inside presentations for the term but it returns the entire presentation in the preview window which can be viewed […] Read more »

I was wondering why Pocket PC Addict has been down for a few days and I just got the dirt from site owner Brad Isaac.  PPCA was hacked and the vandals did some serious damage to the server and Brad is trying to get it all […] Read more »

Plantronics has announced a new Bluetooth stereo headset that can be switched from stereo music listening mode to mobile phone operation with the touch of a button.  The Pulsar 590 uses the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile and should retail for about $150 upon availability this fall.  […] Read more » is reporting that an anonymous source claims Sony is working on an updated version of the Sony U series ultra-portable computer.  The source also claims the new device has a swivel screen indicating a convertible type form factor is being designed.  As with all rumors […] Read more »

Jenni is in the market for a Tablet PC and needs some advice and recommendations. She has a list of her requirements of a new Tablet so take a look and add your POV on her blog. Read more »

Sheri and SuZan’s Real Women Show #005 is now available for your listening pleasure.   And a real pleasure it is as the ladies are getting really good at this podcasting stuff so check it out if you’re of a mind to. That’s a nice Southern phrase, […] Read more »

A lot of web sites are buzzing about an innovative keyboard designed by a firm in Russia that uses an interesting approach to providing programmable keys.  The Optimus keyboard uses little OLED displays on every key to allow the keyboard to be configured in a number […] Read more »

There is now a simple and elegant solution to the tangled headphone cord problem and it is called the Cordster.  According to the Cordster web site it works with all portable cords and snaps on and off easily using a "Velcro-like fastener".  The Cordster comes in […] Read more »

The techADDICTION Show #16 (MP3 – 15.2MB – 44min) LISTEN HERE Welcome to techADDICTION Show #16! Kevin and I had just started recording the show when I noticed Josh Bancroft of Tinyscreenfuls fame was online on Skype and he graciously agreed to come on the show […] Read more »

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