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C/NET has a nice look back at new products demonstrated at the CES and has picked "the next big thing" in a number of product categories.  Their pick for the "Cellphones and Handhelds" category is the sweet Samsung i730 Pocket PC Phone Edition .  The i730 […] Read more »

PC Cards are the workhorses of the mobile professional using a laptop, offering ways to do such diverse things as add a cellular modem, add WiFi or Bluetooth, and a host of other things.  The standard has evolved over the years to become a rock solid […] Read more »

Mobile professionals in the US who have international connections should be aware that Verizon is blocking the IP addresses of a number of British and European ISPs.  The company claims they are blocking the ISPs due to a heavy volume of spam but no US customers […] Read more »

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A study by the University of California in Berkeley found that paper consumption in offices has gone up 43% since 1999.  The study looked at paper consumption in 2002 and the amazing statistic for me is the average office worker used 200 sheets of paper a […] Read more »

There are no shortage of innovative text input devices for road warriors but the FrogPad is certainly one of the most unusual you will see.  Designed to be highly portable the small keyboard is used with only one hand by chording keys to get the desired […] Read more »

PC Laptops today announced their new K2 PCL987 desktop replacement computer.  The K2 is a whopping 12.5 pounds with the battery in place but has a full set of features for the power user.  A 17" screen (either WSXGA or WUXGA) is driven by the nVidia […] Read more »

Most Tablet PC owners should really appreciate this article I found on Hot Links this morning.  A Brief History of Writing Instruments looks at writing implements from cave man’s sharpened stone (for etching drawings on walls) to the modern fountain pen.  While the article doesn’t carry […] Read more »

I am happy to say that jkOnTheRun continues to grow at a good pace thanks to all the great readers that frequent the site.  It is very rewarding to me to provide information that so many people find useful, amusing and noteworthy.  The costs associated with […] Read more »

Microsoft has updated the Voice Command program to version 1.5.  The new version adds a number of new features including spoken caller ID and support for Windows Media Player 10.  The update is free for registered users of earlier versions and you will find complete program […] Read more »

Scott Hanselman of Computer Zen has published his list of "must have" Tablet PC software and it is a good one.  You will find all the expected programs there (ArtRage, OneNote) but also some lesser known utilities that make working with the Tablet PC even more […] Read more »

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Many people are happily using a wireless access point or router in the home or office that lets you tap into your broadband internet connection and serve it up for multiple users at your location.  WiFi allows high speed internet sharing while offering firewall protection at […] Read more »

Terri just got a Sony Vaio U750P and has written a nice article about her newest gadget.  She has chronicled it with some good photos of the Sony and some of the peripherals she is using.  Worth a read if you are considering one of these, […] Read more »

One of the most useful link blogs I have been checking daily for well over a year is Hot Links, a blog that posts a lot of links to interesting articles and web sites.  Hot Links is the fruit of Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny François Hodierne and […] Read more »

Bienvenidos todo los visitantes que viene por el site PcDeMano!  Disfrute el tiempo buscando aqui en jkOnTheRun y no olvidar a revisar el archivo por muchos mas articulos de mobile tech. Disculpe mi espanol malo que tengo mucho tiempo sin practica hablando espanol.  :) Read more »

You have an old laptop that finally died on you so do you just junk it?  Kevin Tofel says "no way!" and gives step by step instructions for removing the hard drive and putting it into a USB drive enclosure.  It’s a win-win situation as you […] Read more »

Redsky Mobile is taking preorders for their new and innovative GPS solution for the Gameboy Advance and Advance SP.   The GPS receiver plugs into the GBA and provides a CF slot for storing maps.  $249. Specifications: 12-channel GPS receiver Battery back-up for fast reacquisition Module dimensions: […] Read more »

The start of another year has rolled around and a lot of attention is focussed on setting goals.  A lot of us do this every year but how many of us follow through in achieving those goals?  Not very many, I’m afraid.  A large part of […] Read more »

Friend and fellow blogger Jeremy Wright was fired this week for blogging about stuff that happened at work.  I won’t go into the details here, if you are interested you can get them from his web site or read an article in InformationWeek that covers it […] Read more »

I was wandering around the Microsoft web sites today and ran across an article I had not seen before.  The "Top tips for OneNote" is an excellent source of how-to and tricks for making the most use of your experience with OneNote.  This article is highly […] Read more »

Hot on the heels of last year’s success with the inMotion iM3 (I love mine) Altec Lansing has unveiled the next generation iM4 in Las Vegas.  The iM4 is intended to work with all audio players (including the iPod) through the headphone jack and has a […] Read more »

We are beginning to see smaller PCs like the Sony U  that have integrated CF slots but no PCMCIA capability due to the small size of these devices.  Many owners of Sony Us would kill to be able to use their Sierra AirCard to provide wireless […] Read more »

You hear a lot about the mobile population always looking for WiFi hotspots while on the road so they can do their internet work and email.  What you don’t hear much about is how the same workers are also looking for power.  Yes, they need electrical […] Read more »

Archos preannounced the Personal Media Assistant (PMA430) at the CeBIT last year (called the AV500) and is finally showing the real thing at the CES.  This gadget is very interesting as it is a Linux based personal media center that does double duty as a Linux […] Read more »

One of the coolest things coming out of the CES so far is the multi-purpose SD/USB card from SanDisk.  This SD card has 512 MB of memory in the SD format but flips open to expose a USB connector on the other side of the card.  […] Read more »

Microsoft has quietly released version 3.8 of the ActiveSync program that provides PPC connectivity to PCs and Exchange Servers.  There is not much information available about what this update addresses or adds.  This from the MS site: "Microsoft ActiveSync 3.8 is the latest synchronization software for […] Read more »

Dedicated ebook readers have been around for years but never seem to catch on.  Maybe it’s the price, maybe it’s the proprietary formats they use, or maybe because they don’t work well in the john?  TeleRead addresses the latter in their review of the eBookwise ebook […] Read more »

Marc Orchant started it by posting the score he got on this Nerd test.  Then Greg Hughes continued it by posting his score from this "Digital IQ" (geek) test.  So I had to take both of the tests and got these scores: Now that I know […] Read more »

Chris Pirillo is going to be doing some live shows from the CES in Las Vegas and the first one starts in just a few minutes.  He will be talking about some neat stuff and interviewing key people in the consumer electronics industry so if you […] Read more »

Speculation about the often discussed Sony U750P UPC is ramping up again as the U has totally been removed from the SonyStyle US website.  The ultra-portable was there last week when I checked along with a lot of accessories available for purchase.  Today the U is […] Read more »

Today’s Freeware of the Moment comes to us by way of Marc Orchant of The Office Weblog fame (among others), a never-ending fount of productivity-enhancing knowledge.  I am constantly wanting to do minor edits to images before posting them on jkOTR and the MS Paint program […] Read more »

Microsoft has released a beta version of their new AntiSpyware software and it is available for download at this link.  Paul Thurrot’s SuperSite for Windows has a detailed overview of this program and the technology used behind the scenes.  I installed AntiSpyware this morning and had […] Read more »

Toshiba has announced a new Tablet PC that is aimed at consumers who want a giant screen.  The Toshiba Satellite R15-S822 (who thinks up these model numbers?) is a convertible Tablet PC that has a full integrated keyboard for traditional laptop use with a screen that […] Read more »

jkOnTheRun is a tech blog so I try to avoid a lot of discussion about blogging since so many (millions?) other sites do enough of that but a recent event is serious enough that I want to give a warning to all bloggers and web site […] Read more »

Geekzone has reported on a new service from Microsoft available today that promises to provide downloadable video for PlaysForSure qualified devices.  The MSN Video Downloads service will offer a one-year premium membership for a flat fee of $19.95 that gets you access to all content on […] Read more »

A company I have never heard of from Singapore has announced a Tablet-like computer that runs Windows XP.  The Tronic Portable Multimedia Gadget (PMG) is an interesting device with an 8.4" screen and is intended to appeal to the PDA and PMC crowd.  I think Tronic […] Read more »

eweek is reporting that Skype is currently testing voicemail for expected roll-out in the first half of the year.  Skype has previously said that voicemail service would likely be a paid premium service.  An integrated voicemail solution would be perfect for Skype but there is a […] Read more »

The Loox T70 is a great ultra-portable notebook with great specs and a small size built for travel.  According to Akihabara News Fujitsu has added a TV tuner to the diminutive notebook with full video recording capability.  Talk about a great idea for road warriors!  The […] Read more »

I/O Magic has been making portable storage devices for some time and today announced their latest HDD the GigaBank Elite 40.  The 1.8" 40 GB hard drive features a single-touch data backup function and is powered through the computer’s USB connection.  The USB cable stores inside […] Read more »

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