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Tracy Hooten has written another good article explaining how she has configured GoBinder to make all the textbooks she has scanned into the program easily available for use in the classroom.  Tracy routinely scans her textbooks into GoBinder for easy searching, annotating and reference and students […] Read more »

Toshiba is showing a new portable LED projector at the IFA 2005 in Berlin that weighs just 565 grams and conects via USB.  Video resolution of the unnamed projector is SVGA (800×600) with a battery life of 2 hours.  Estimated price when it ships by year […] Read more »

Loren Heiny is teasing us again with his latest progress report of Ink Gestures in Word.  Loren shows us a couple of new features he’s added and the coolest one for me is the select function that lets you draw brackets around text in Word you […] Read more »

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On the Gateway support site the widescreen Tablet PC is called the M280 which PC Magazine reports is the consumer version of a new CX200 which is aimed at the business market.  The primary difference centers around the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which provides advanced security […] Read more »

Scott Guthrie has a 3 minute video that answers the question “why students need tablets”.  It’s a lot of fun and a good showcase of some Tablet PC programs.  Worth the 3 minutes, for sure. (via The Student Tablet PC) Read more »

My old Netgear Travel Router is getting a little long in the tooth and having to carry the adapter with me is a pain.  The relatively new Linksys WTR54GS solves this problem by integrating the adapter into the body of the router which is a very […] Read more »

It has been rumored for a while that Gateway was going to introduce a convertible Tablet PC and a sharp eyed Tablet PC Buzz member has spotted it on the Gateway support site, of all places.  The M280 looks to be the first widescreen Tablet PC […] Read more »

Linda Epstein of TabletPC2 tells us that TabletKiosk will be producing a special pink Sahara i215 Tablet PC in October which is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Portions of the proceeds from sales of the pink Tablet PCs will be donated to breast cancer research.  Linda will […] Read more »

Mindjet, the producers of the mind mapping tool par excellence MindManager, will be releasing a free map viewer tomorrow morning.  I have been testing it for a few weeks now and I must say it is excellent!  The viewer can be downloaded from the download site […] Read more »

Skype released a couple of new betas this past week that look very promising.  Skype 1.4 for Windows adds some nice new features and bug fixes: Improved call quality Call forwarding Personalized sounds, ringtones and pictures Improved search, adding contacts and finding contacts from Outlook, Outlook […] Read more »

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Blogger Crashless (don’t you just love the internet) has a new Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC and is blogging the first impressions of the beautiful device.  The review goes into great detail about the build quality, trackstick and other stuff such as the power management software […] Read more »

You read that correctly, Samsung announced a new desktop replacement notebook that has a 19 inch screen.  This is definitely aimed at the consumer looking to replace the desktop with a notebook because at that size you’re sure not going to be carrying this baby around […] Read more »

Opera is the most robust browser for mobile devices and it is good news indeed that T-Mobile has chose Opera for some of their upcoming cell phones.  The first device expected to appear with the Opera browser is T-Mobile’s SDA II Smartphone. Windows Mobile supporters should […] Read more »

People are getting more mobile than ever and software that can install on a USB flash drive or iPod is gaining in popularity. Where can you go for a comprehensive list of software you can download to build that flash drive just like you like it?  Nedwolf […] Read more »

Do you spend a lot of time in Google, or is Google your homepage? If so you may want to look at the Google Ultimate Interface, or as it is otherwise known, GUI. Read more »

Today is September 6th, a day that doesn’t mean that much to most people but one I celebrate every year as it is important to me.  Today is the fourth anniversary of my emergency open heart surgery that saved me even though at the time I […] Read more »

If you have been wanting to give Linspire a spin but have been put off by the price then now is your chance. Through September 6 you can download a full copy of the simplified Linux variant directly from the Linspire folks.  Sounds like one of […] Read more »

Tracy Hooten of The Student Tablet PC has received her brand spanking new Toshiba M200 Tablet PC and confirms the screen is indeed wide-angle!  To read the rest of her first impressions check out her article on her blog.  Another slate user goes to the other […] Read more »

OneNote is a very useful tool for not only taking notes (text, ink and audio) but also for providing advanced organization of those notes.  I hear from many new OneNote users who are rather overwhelmed with the initial organization of their notes, wanting to make sure […] Read more »

Epson has developed a prototype mini-projector using an LED light source that fits in the palm of the hand and weighs only 500 grams.  LED projectors have been touted as the next big thing in tiny projectors due to the brightness possible using the light source.  […] Read more »

Mike Cane informed me the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet has received FCC approval which is a prerequisite for sale in the US.  The Nokia 770 is one of the most innovative mobile devices to come out in recent memory and this from a cell phone company.  […] Read more »

Torrance, Calif. August 31, 2005 – TabletKiosk announces the much anticipated launch of their newest addition to the Sahara Brand Slate Tablet PC’s based on the Intel® Pentium® M and Intel Celeron technology. The Sahara i215 Pen Tablet PC and the Sahara i215 Touch-It Tablet PC […] Read more »

It didn’t take long to find the Atari ST version of the Sundog game I posted about yesterday.  Thanks to reader Charlene for the headsup on where to download Sundog.  This is the Atari version of Sundog that was originally released on both the Apple II […] Read more »

Anybody remember the game from the mid-80s called Sundog?  It was released on the Apple II and later on the Atari ST and was one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played on any platform.  It had two distinct modes, an overhead view when you […] Read more »

There are no better testimonials for any program than those from long time users who are passionate about the application. jkOTR reader Scott Frickman sent me an email about the interesting program RecallPlus.  Scott is an avid fan of the program and, oh, I’ll just let […] Read more »

I am one happy geek today.  Late last night I got fed up with Outlook crashing a few times a day and my HP tc1100 generally running slower and slower so I decided to rebuild the Tablet from scratch.  I figured it was also a good […] Read more »

I think the Nikon Coolpix S4 is the compact camera for me.  I need a camera small enough to carry around in my Booq bag but all the cameras of that size that I’ve looked at had a big failing.  Most of them only have a […] Read more »

I finally had time to look at the media that HP included with the tc1100 and found a DVD disk that claims to be a Windows Tablet Edition OS disk.  It also states that it contains the HP drivers and software on the DVD so I […] Read more »

Announcing the first Workshop on the Impact of Pen-based Technology on Education (WIPTE)!  Organized by representatives from DyKnow, Microsoft, HP, and several major universities, the workshop will be held April 6-7, 2006, at Purdue University.  WIPTE will bring together educators and technologists using Tablet PCs and […] Read more »

I first mentioned Network Magic a while back and it generated a lot of interest since it makes it very simple to interact with your entire network using a graphical interface.  I just got word from Pure Networks that a version 2.0 beta is available for […] Read more »

After a very brief beta period Microsoft has released the official version 1.0 of the nice utility, SyncToy.  I have been using SyncToy since the beta was released early this month and it works very well.  The SyncToy download page provides details on new features in […] Read more »

I am extremely pleased to see city officials opening the Houston Astrodome to house 25,000 evacuees from New Orleans.  The Astrodome, once named the 8th wonder of the world, has been vacant since a new football stadium was opened in Houston and is the perfect venue to […] Read more »

Hurricane Katrina has completely destroyed New Orleans.  With the failure of two of the three levees that kept water at bay virtually all of New Orleans is under as much as 15 feet of water.  I just watched a news report that had a helicopter flying […] Read more »

Lora Heiny points to David Coursey’s article “Tablet PC is Stronger than Predictions Suggest” and loves his statement “My expectation has been, and continues to be, that Tablet PC will only sell in large numbers when it becomes a no-brainer to buy”. This brings on the […] Read more »

What’s better than Gnomedex?  How about two Gnomedex conventions next year?  Chris Pirillo has stated that next year, possibly in April and September, they are planning on two separate Gnomedexes in locations as yet undecided.  The popularity of the uber-geek convention has grown phenomenally due to […] Read more »

Opera is a cool browser that normally costs $39 for the ad-free version but today only Opera software is giving the full version away for free!  All you gave to do is download Opera and then send an email to to obtain a registration code.  […] Read more »

I have been toying with the idea of adding another writer on jkOnTheRun to help bring more mobile tech news to site visitors.  I feel it will benefit readers to have more articles covering gadgets and mobile tech news and help build the site’s popularity even […] Read more »

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