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The GeekPod 100 is an external battery for the iPod that not only delivers a whopping 100+ hours of batter life but also charges the iPod when connected.  My original post about the GeekPod was picked up by many websites which shows the interest iPod owners […] Read more »

First Dell made an announcement they would be teaming up with Verizon Wireless to include EVDO capability in their notebook computers.  Then Levovo jumped into the fray followed shortly by HP.  All three companies will embed EVDO technology into their notebook lines to provide high-speed connectivity […] Read more »

The one day free Opera promotion a few weeks ago was so successful the company has released it for free.  The program now has all ads and banners removed from the browser and can be downloaded from the Opera site.  How are they going to make […] Read more »

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I was rambling around the Web today and came across a really cool site that lets you build a totally customizable start page.  Netvibes is very simple to configure and use and tracks your Gmail account, local weather, Web search (Google, Yahoo, MSN search, Wikipedia), as […] Read more »

ActiveWords is one of those programs that you just can’t live without once you get it configured exactly like you want it.  The unique shortcut / launching / scripting program is hard to describe but easy to get hooked on.  I have been using a beta […] Read more »

VITO Technology unveils its new voice management application for Pocket PC Novosibirsk, Russia, September 12 – VITO Technology is pleased to announce its new product, VITO Voice2Go, that allows performing absolutely any actions on Pocket PC with voice only. Unlike some analogs that already exist on […] Read more »

Eric Mack has an excellent post on his blog he wrote in response to a question from a friend.  It has me really thinking so I thought I’d pose it to the readers here. If you are in a phone call and you need to make […] Read more »

Mobile professionals on the go constantly may want to look at a new service that sends your emails to your phone.  email2phone converts incoming emails to voice using a “high quality human voice” which you can then listen to on your cell phone.  You can reply […] Read more »

An interesting list of bad products are chronicled in this CNET article about the ten worst products of the decade.  Topping the list is Microsoft Bob– you remember Bob, don’t you?  Most people would rather forget so shame on you CNET for reminding us.  Also on […] Read more »

Acronis, the producer of the backup program True Image, announced recently they have become an authorized silver-level ISV for Motion Computing.  Acronis has integrated ink input to its Acronis True Image program making it a good backup solution for owners of Motion’s Tablet PCs.  A quick […] Read more »

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The techADDICTION Show #22 (MP3 – 15.8MB – 46min) LISTEN HERE Welcome back to techADDICTION #22- Kevin and I talk about mobile goodness from all walks of the tech world. This show had a TA first with a correction for something we said in error on […] Read more »

In a press conference in Greece Acer announced the new TravelMate C200 Tablet PC which uses a sliding mechanism to convert from notebook configuration to slate.  The C200 eschews the rotating screen that is normally used in convertible Tablet PCs and uses an innovative sliding pop-up […] Read more »

I do a lot of writing and am always excited to find blogs that are produced by professional writers, especially those that share the author’s experiences and advice to other writers.  One of the best I have found and that I visit regularly is Angela Booth’s […] Read more »

The Tablet PC Show #24 (MP3 – 13.2MB – 38min)LISTEN HERE Intro- Marc Orchant & James Kendrick Marc and I sat down with Mike Jetter, the founder and CTO of Mindjet, the company who, as Marc put it, produces the best mind mapping program on the […] Read more »

Linda Epstein of Tablet PC2 got a good look and some photos of the Fujitsu P1500 at the PDC.  The Fuji she saw was running the beta of Windows Vista with the Tablet PC bits installed and it’s safe to say it made a good impression […] Read more »

IBM, like parents and companies in technical sectors, is worried that the US is not as competitive as it should be with educating our kids in the sciences.  The large company is taking an innovative step by financially backing employees who leave the company to become […] Read more »

The excellent text entry program for touch screen and Tablet PC devices by IBM that was previously known as SHARK is now called ShapeWriter.  I am not sure why IBM decided to change the name but it certainly sounds more commercial, doesn’t it?  ShapeWriter is the […] Read more »

Memorex announced the smallest 4 GB USB drive available currently– the Mega TravelDrive.  The tiny hard drive measures just 1.75 x 1.96 x .56 inches and features a pivoting USB connector that gets out of your way for transport.  MSRP $149 available in October. (press release) Read more »

You know you want wireless headphones to go with your MP3 player of choice (nano nano) but you just can’t put up with looking dorky.  Enter the Saitek A-350 Wireless Headphones that look to fit both those criteria.  The A-350 are black and in ear speakers […] Read more »

A CNET article published today discusses the handwriting “personalization” feature in Windows Vista that aims to improve handwriting recognition even further.  The author describes the process that personalization will entail and mentions new gestures for navigating through web pages, send email and other common tasks with […] Read more »

Those folks at are at it again and have just announced the new GeekPod 100.  The GeekPod is an external LiON battery pack the size of a deck of cards that will run your iPod for over 100 hours.  The little battery pack is only […] Read more »

Sanyo has announced the W31SA II OCR phone that is designed to let you snap a photo of a document and then OCR it for uploading to your word processor.  This is cool technology that I wrote about quite some time ago and it is good […] Read more »

It is no secret I am a huge fan of OneNote– I live in the program almost all day long.  It is an incredibly powerful note-taking and organization program but as with all programs there is always room for improvement.  Microsoft Product Manager Chris Pratley has […] Read more »

I’ll let you in on a little not-so-well-kept secret– Tablet PC Show co-host Marc Orchant and I are big fans of MindManager.  It is simply the best mind mapping program on the planet, and when you throw in the outstanding ink support and Tablet PC interface […] Read more »

Last week I mentioned my wife’s hit and run accident and how the police used the impression from the offender’s front license plate to make a positive ID on the car.  Today my wife went to the body shop that is repairing her car and snapped […] Read more »

Apple Insider reported today that Apple has made two filings to tradmark the term “iPodcast”.  This might be carrying the trademark / patent thing too far since Apple only recently jumped on the podcast bandwagon but we’ll see.  The really cheeky part of the filings are […] Read more »

MikeWo’s Musings has the cool 8.4” Motion LS800 Tablet PC and has written a detailed review of the little Tablet.  His review is very objective and he takes care to indicate both what he likes and dislikes about the LS800 and anyone interested in this device […] Read more »

I am a Verizon customer on their CDMA network so I don’t have the advantage of having a phone with a SIM card that can be shuffled from phone to phone.  The rest of the world does have one though and if anything ever happens to […] Read more »

The newly announced user interface in the upcoming Office 12 has generated a lot of oohs and aahs from many, and a few groans from those who don’t like it when an interface changes.  I am usually in the latter category but after watching the Channel […] Read more »

Yesterday’s news of touch screen devices soon to be available with the Tablet Edition 2005 installed led me to immediately think of the Fujitsu P1500.  The P1500 is a sub-notebook with a convertible touch screen that Fujitsu originally shipped with plain old Windows XP.  Lora Heiny […] Read more »

James asked me to introduce myself. I’m Bill Sodeman, the "new guy" at jkontherun, and I teach information systems courses for a university in Honolulu. I use a variety of mobile devices every day while I run my classes and manage the graduate program. My posts […] Read more »

Microsoft has set up a forum to address questions and issues that developers have concerning Mobile PC and Tablet PC development.  There’s not much content up yet but that is sure to change soon. Read more »

Steve Makofsky (the furrygoat experience) is a Microsoft employee and general nice guy as he sent me my very first Moleskine notebook.  He’s also blogged that he has been hard at work on something that was rumored to have been dropped from Windows Vista– the Sidebar.  […] Read more »

Hilton Locke of Microsoft gives some details about the announcement at PDC today that OEMs will be allowed to ship touch screen devices with the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005.  This gets me very excited because I know first-hand how useful touch screen devices can […] Read more »

New features in Microsoft Office 12 are being revealed at PDC today and some additional details and screenshots have been published on the Microsoft PressPass site. The main part of the user experience is code-named the “ribbon.” It’s the one place you go to find the […] Read more »

You may remember my call for contributors for jkOTR a few weeks back and have been wondering whatever happened with that.  I have been corresponding with a few individuals who are interested in contributing posts to the site and am happy to announce the first volunteer.  […] Read more »

A jkOnTheRun reader, Nick Hatcher, sent me this tip.  Mob5 is a webpage creation tool and host that provides tools for creating mobile homepages complete with images, links and anything else you want to put there.  The cool part is the Mobile Editing Tool which allows the user […] Read more »

The Fujitsu T4010 is a high quality convertible Tablet PC that is well constructed and very functional.  It appears to be a good balance between weight and power which we’ve come to expect from Fujitsu Tablet PCs.  Laptop Notebook Review has published a detailed review of […] Read more »

Marc Orchant and I had a wonderful time visiting with Tracy Hooten on the last Tablet PC Show but the next day Tracy blogs about a broken backpack and her Tablet PC crashing to the floor.  Yep, screen is broken.  Fortunately she got the additional warranty […] Read more »

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