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The dream of setting your mobile phone, PDA or other mobile device on a charging pad has been out there for years.  Imagine the freedom from power adapters and cords, just drop your phone on the pad and it will recharge the battery.  Splashpower demonstrated just […] Read more »

Akihabara News is reporting the release of three new Tablet PCs for the Japanese market that I hope come to the US.  The FMV-8210 is basically the P1510D (8.9” screen) sold in the US that runs the Tablet OS.  It is not clear from the Fujitsu […] Read more »

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Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said Thailand intends to put a laptop in the hands of every Thai student to boost education in that country.  The rationale is for “every child [to] be equipped with a laptop and have easy and affordable access to the world of […] Read more »

Lenovo has introduced a wireless projector, the ThinkVision C400, that for $2500 provides a complete projector solution sans wires.  The C400 runs natively in XGA and uses DLP technology at 2650 lumens.  It is not a light device at 7.5 lbs. but it is designed for […] Read more »

Excellent article today in the New York Times covering the current state of the Tablet PC today.  The author covers a number of Tablets: Motion LS800, Gateway CX200, HP tc4200, Lenovo ThinkPad X41, Toshiba M4 and the Fujitsu P1510D with the touchscreen.  It is nice to […] Read more »

Woot! has a one day special today offering a Linksys WiFi PCMCIA adaptor for $9.99.  If you are using an old notebook with no WiFi you won’t find a cheaper way to add it. Read more »

Yesterday was the “big day” for Apple to make some noise about it’s most recent contribution to tech with the video iPod, updated iMac’s, a remote control for Front Row and a new version of iTunes (primarily to support video content for the new iPod’s). For […] Read more »

Tracy Hooten is a lot more patient than I am, I think.  She’s been waiting for a month for Toshiba to repair her M200 Tablet PC and isn’t getting anywhere with them.  She’s blogged about how it took her days to get the fact she bought […] Read more »

A lot of people have been asking me "when are you going to do the next Tablet PC Show?".  The simple answer is- never.  Now, don’t get all excited, this is a good thing for listeners of the show.  Marc Orchant and I have decided it […] Read more »

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Teachers at Warrenwood Elementary in Fayetteville, NC have been using mind maps in class for two years and are seeing good results.  They are using the ability to include pictographs in mind maps to help children remember facts learned in class.  They find that younger children […] Read more »

I have been mentioning the Linux-based internet appliance for over a year but it looks like you will actually be able to walk into a best buy and pick one up.  The Pepper Pad has a 20 GB hard drive, 8.4 inch LCD, 256 MB of […] Read more »

Vince Anido is a Tablet PC user and OneNote lover who chronicles his tableteering on his blog, Crashless Aspirations.  Vince writes some excellent posts about the way he uses OneNote in his work and details how the Tablet/ OneNote combination has replaced his paper and highlighter […] Read more »

Tablet PC Talk reports that the Gateway CX200 Convertible Notebook is available at Best Buy as of yesterday in a preconfigured model.  The regular Best Buy price is $1399.99 with a $150 instant savings so you can take one home for $1249.99.  Note the CX200 is […] Read more »

You may have heard about the launch of Chris Pirillo’s new search service because it seems everyone is talking about it.  This is rightly so because in true Pirillo fashion is specifically designed to be easy to use on mobile devices like cell phones.  […] Read more »

Ugh, an annoyingly abysmal bandwidth weekend, I think I could tap out the bits with my pen faster than they were coming down the wire, which gives the wife more fuel for the no-Vonage fire.  Anyhoo, catching up with some thousand unread items in my aggregator […] Read more »

The More Space book– More Space – Nine Antidotes to Complacency in Business is a collection of nine business bloggers “writing in their own unique styles. Each author challenges the premise that places of business can only be cold and uninspiring. By sharing their own experiences […] Read more »

I am always looking for good free software to add to my arsenal (as if I needed more  ).  Most free software lists just give you a little blurb about the program and you have to decide if it’s what you are looking for with little […] Read more »

Xmultiple has announced a line of USB flash memory drives that can transfer data to other USB drives without the need for a computer.  The ShareDrives contain a tiny LiON battery that allows you to plug in another flash drive to the ShareDrive and exchange files.  […] Read more »

MSCONFIG is the Windows XP utility that if you use it you tend to use it a lot.  The program has been the same since the XP launch and adds many diagnostic tools that can be used for troubleshooting a problem XP installation.  One of the […] Read more »

Today I watched the Houston Astros defeat the Atlanta Braves in an 18 inning duel that was simply the best baseball game I’ve ever seen.  This game had everything if you like heart-wrenching, gut checking baseball.  The Atlanta Braves took a 5 – 1 lead early […] Read more »

Laptop Notebook Review has published the first review I have seen of the tiny Fujitsu P1510 with the Tablet Edition operating system installed since Microsoft announced they are licensing the OS for inclusion with devices with passive digitizers.  The P1510 is an interesting convertible device in […] Read more »

Moleskine journals were all the rage a few months ago but I don’t see as much on the Web as I used to.  There are many people who practice journaling and keeping up with their lives using paper bound solutions such as the Moleskine and if […] Read more »

Every time I find something new and cool and I go to blog about it thinking to myself I’ll beat Marc Orchant to the punch I fall short.  I think Marc has a neural pipe to the Web and never sleeps.    Texterity is one thing […] Read more »

techADDICTION buddy Kevin Tofel has interviewed Mark Cuban for HD Beat on Weblogs Inc./ AOL about his views on HDTV and where it’s headed.  Kevin got Mark to list the HDTV equipment he is currently using so for some serious gear lust check out the interview. Read more »

Fellow Tablet MVP Rob Bushway has a wonderful daughter named Maggie who is in the hospital having some pretty serious surgery due to brain cancer.  Maggie is a sweet and brave little girl who can use your help to get well.  The hospital in St. Louis […] Read more »

If you have been watching out for Pocket PCs Phone Edition with Windows Mobile 5.0 you have probably been checking out the I-mate K-JAM and the QTEK 9100 (aka HTC Wizard).  The Wizard is a sweet Pocket PC Phone Edition with both Bluetooth and WiFi and a […] Read more »

I just found out it’s official, Warner Crocker has been awarded MVP by Microsoft. Warner is a great source of news and enthusiasm for the Tablet PC and I am thrilled to see him get this official recognition. Welcome aboard, Warner! Read more »

There is not much content on yet since it has just launched but I have a feeling that anyone interested in Tablet use in education should keep an eye on it.  To quote the site: So what is this about? Well, I don’t really know […] Read more »

The program that provides the best way to ink in PDF documents has released a new version 1.2.  PDF Annotator, winner of the Microsoft Tablet PC contest “Does Your Application Think in Ink?” PDF lets you open any PDF document and write on it in ink […] Read more »

Dave Winer and Verisign have confirmed that Verisign has purchased Dave’s for a few million dollars.  Dave says that it’s a good deal as Verisign has the traffic handling capacity that Weblogs desperately needs and it’s good to see him get something out of all […] Read more »

So you have an iPod and would like to use it with the radio in your car but you don’t know the best way.  Have no fear, PC Magazine has published Linking iPods and Car Radios that describes six different ways to join the two for […] Read more »

I am thrilled to announce that jkOnTheRun has been named a Top 100 Blog by CNET’s!  What is a CNET Top 100 Blog? jkOnTheRun has been selected as part of the Blog 100, a feature in which editors and reporters are helping find […] Read more »

Gateway made Tablet news recently with the announcement of the Gateway CX200 Convertible Notebook as it is the first Tablet PC with a wide-screen display.  A lot of people have been waiting for the new Tablet to appear in the wild because it seems like a […] Read more »

TRFJ spotted a unique pointing device from Japan, the Reversible Mouse.  Basically it’s a normal mouse on one side but flip it over and it’s a little trackball of some sort.  Now this is one of those weird devices that might actually be useful. Read more »

Dwight Silverman of TechBlog points to incompetech, a web site that offers PDF templates for all sorts of lined and graph paper you can print yourself.  They also have some cool templates like Cornell Note Taking System paper, Music Notation Staves and Penmanship Paper. Check it […] Read more » is reporting that Weblogs Inc. (WIN), the blogging network founded by Jason Calacanis and Brian Alvey, is being bought out by AOL.  I’m not sure what AOL would want with WIN but they are reportedly paying $20 – 35 million dollars for the network of […] Read more »

One post I thought, weird.  Two posts, strange.  Now after seeing this thing on no less than half a dozen posts I too must contribute to the madness and mention the Sonic Grenade.  It’s only $18US and is capable of emitting three different ear shredding pitches […] Read more »

Yes, I am back from the Redmond visit and while it was an amazing week I am glad to be home.  You’ve probably noticed my blogging slowed down while in Redmond due to a complete lack of time.  Since coming back on Sunday I have been […] Read more »

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