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Pete Wright has a post about an interesting electronic ebook reader from Philips called the Iliad. Philips has taken an interesting approach with the Iliad in that is is similar in form to a slate Tablet PC. It looks like the screen is about 8-9 inches […] Read more »

One thing I love about Linux users is how devoted they are to the platform and how dedicated they are to making the OS work with every device they encounter. QDevBlog is trying to get KDE working on an unkown Tablet PC and almost has it […] Read more »

Elan Digital Systems is releasing a USB adapter specifically designed to accept Wireless PCMCIA cards for portable devices that have no PCMCIA slots. The U132 will ship in February and allows users to connect 3G PCMCIA cards to Wndows XP devices with a USB 2.0 port. […] Read more »

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Have a happy and safe holiday for those who observe one.   Best wishes from my family to yours.   Unplug, take some time to spend with your friends and family because gadgets are nice but they are not what is important.   Happy Holidays! Read more »

Everybody else is making predictions for the new year that is just around the corner so I figured I’d better jump in with my own. This year has seen some real advancements in both the hardware and software used to power mobile devices and I believe […] Read more »

Search firm has completed the buyout of desktop search company Copernic for $18 million. Not bad for a free search engine. (PR) Read more »

Verizon Wireless and partner Microsoft are set to announce the launch of a new online music store, VCAST Music, at CES. The new service will go live January 16th and offer music downloads a la iTunes. Verizon intends for the new service to extend their current […] Read more »

Podcasting buddy Dave Ciccone of Mobility Today has posted a thorough review of the OQO Model 01+. The timing for me is excellent as I am currently evaluating the OQO for a review and it is interesting to see how his experience compares to mine so […] Read more »

The Hive has posted a great 32 minute video interview of a couple of the OneNote folks who are working on the next version of the note-taking application. Excellent video and if you are as interested in OneNote 12 as I am don’t miss it. Read more »

Kent Newsome, a fellow Houstonian, has declared that jkOnTheRun is the “King of Houston Bloggers”. This is a distinguished award and I am honored to receive this drubbing dubbing. Kent has a nice blog and has posted what he wants for Christmas this year. I think […] Read more »

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Head over to the MoTR web site to listen or download or subscribe below. MoTR 16 is 34:48 minutes long and is a 23.9 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick. HOSTS: David Ciccone, James […] Read more »

Lenovo has won the reddot design award for a concept Tablet PC they have produced that I would love to see. The Yoga uses a super thin convertible form with a detachable keyboard, no doubt to keep size and weight down to a minimum. Great design […] Read more »

Hillbilly Heaven is giving a multi-part review of the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet in ink, complete with diagrams of all the ports and connectors on the device. Check out Parts One and Two. (via Warner Crocker) Read more »

Peter Wright has posted a very entertaining poem on The secret life of an MS Author with a Tablet and Vista bent. Don’t miss it, it’s good fun. Read more »

You know I am always looking for a super-comfy ergonomic work setup that makes it easier to play games work long hard hours at my computer. Just in time for the holidays comes word of the Nethrone, a swivel seat with computer mounts all over the […] Read more »

I think it would be really cool if someone could come up with a way to automatically derive written transcriptions from podcasts. This would work similar to speech recognition programs but it needs to be speaker independent to be effective, kind of like closed-captioning used by […] Read more »

Head over to the show web site to listen directly (5 MB, 7:16 minutes) or Subscribe to jkOnTheRun Audio Edition here (RSS) Today’s show offers up a couple of productivity tips that I think will make your life easier.  One of them is for anybody that […] Read more »

It is not often you get the chance to see a thoughtful comparison of two Tablet PCs head to head so don’t miss Rob Bushway’s comparison of the Toshiba M200 and the Lenovo ThinkPad X41. Rob lays out how he uses a Tablet PC so you […] Read more »

Eagle eye Rob Bushway notes that the discontinued HP tc1100 hybrid Tablet PC has shown up again on the HP online store. HP’s announcement they were discontinuing the popular Tablet has generated laments from all over the Tabletscape and now we are left wondering what the […] Read more »

Lifehacker is a great site for finding things that can make your life easier and increase your productivity. They have been running a contest this month where readers submit screen snaps of their desktops and submit them to Lifehacker for prizes. One of the submitted desktops […] Read more »

Digital TV veteran Hauppauge has released a program that makes it simple to put recorded video on PSPs or iPod Videos. Wing works with my favorite TV schedule website, Titan TV, and recording a show is as simple as making one click on the screen. You […] Read more »

Microsoft ran a contest for developers of OneNote PowerToys and recently announced the winner. Brad Covelle’s Send to OneNote from Word was chosen as a winner and will be available on Microsoft’s site soon. What does the powertoy do? Here’s a description direct from Brad’s mouth: […] Read more »

The idea of providing broadband service over power lines is not a new one but technical difficulties have slowed down the deployment of such services. This is about to change with the report that Texas is about to deploy broadband over power lines (BPL) in a […] Read more »

Smaller devices have to make design sacrifices and usually the PC Card slot is the first to go. There just isn’t enough space to fit the slot in with everything else and it is an easy choice for OEMs to make. Unfortunately, if you are a […] Read more »

Tablet PC veteran Colin Walker has loaded the latest build of Vista on his Acer C110 and has posted about the new Tablet bits that are now enabled in this CTP. He hasn’t been able to get Aero Glass working due to the hardware specs of […] Read more »

Head over to the show web site to and listen directly or subscribe with the links below.MoTR 15 is 32:47 minutes long and is a 22.5 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick. HOSTS: David […] Read more »

Finally, a remote control for the iPod that actually looks really useful. The Griffin AirClick is an RF remote control that will direct your iPod up to 60 feet away, through walls and everything. Hook your iPod up to your sound system and control it via […] Read more »

OnTheRun with Tablet PC listeners delighted in hearing Olga Kits’ poem lamenting the demise of the HP tc1100 on a past show and Olga has posted a unique multimedia version of the poem for your viewing pleasure. Nice stuff! Read more »

Warner is at it again, describing quite eloquently why he prefers high-resolution screens on Tablet PCs. He’s right, screen resolution choices higher than 1024×768 (XGA) are very limited, with the Toshiba M200 the only option I believe in a 12 inch form factor. The Gateway and […] Read more »

If you are a Tablet PC enthusiast you can’t help but be forever envious of Tablet PC MVP Rob Bushway because he’s always playing with multiple Tablet PCs. He’s just posted his first impressions of the Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC and it seems he’s liking […] Read more »

Skype has released version 1.2.089 beta for the Pocket PC. The update comes in two flavors, a Windows installer that goes through ActiveSync and a CAB file that can be downloaded and installed directly on the Pocket PC. There is another version for slower CPUs less […] Read more »

CAD king Robin Capper has pointed to a presentation by Autodesk showing off the capabilities of their latest version. It’s a long presentation but is fascinating to watch what they can do in real-time with complex 3D models. But that’s not why I’m pointing to it, […] Read more »

The DualCor cPC has captured the imagination of technophiles and geeks since word of this unusual device was given by CNET this past week. The idea of having a handheld that can run Windows XP for normal computing tasks yet switch to Windows Mobile 5.0 when […] Read more »

Head over to the podcast web site to download or listen (4.61MB, 6:33 minutes) I just had to talk about the most innovative device to be announced in a long time, the cPC from DualCor Technologies.  Dual-processor, 2 GB of memory, 40 GB hard drive and […] Read more »

The DualCor Technologies’ ultra-portable PC with the dual processors is being discussed all over the web since CNET broke the story a few days ago. Everyone is interested in a WinXP device that is also a full-blown smartphone running Windows Mobile 5.0 and I am at […] Read more »

I love the online retailer ThinkGeek and all the nice geeky things they sell. The Cats Eye USB HD tuner is no exception as it provides some nice functionality to any PC you connect it to. $160. Product Features Watch Free to-air live HDTV Turn your […] Read more »

Head over to the MoTR website to listen MoTR 14 is 31:30 minutes long and is a 21.6 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick. HOSTS: David Ciccone, James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel TOPICS:Hello! […] Read more »

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