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The hosting provider for both the OnTheRun with Tablet PCs and MobileTechRoundup podcasts appears to be down this morning so anyone having difficulty downloading either show this is the reason. They are normally very reliable hosting service so I am sure they will be back up […] Read more »

Regular readers and listeners know that until recently I was producing two podcasts for The Podcast Network (TPN). I decided to take both shows off that network and take them independent due to some philosophical differences with TPN. No big deal, hosts weren’t making money on […] Read more »

Dwight Silverman mentions that Fry’s in Houston is selling a tower PC for $159 that runs Linspire. The hardware specs are a bit anemic but as Dwight points out the system is upgradable making for a pretty decent base system. Remember when PCs started at $2000? Read more »

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Chris de Herrera has written a review of the new program Active Clipboard that demonstrates how useful this program is on a Tablet PC. Active Clipboard is a fully ink-enable clipboard manager that lets you collect text you use a lot and make it instantly available […] Read more »

GTCOCalComp have been making digitizers and flatbed plotters for decades and I have to admit I was surprised to hear they are still around. They have a product that might be of interest for educators and other groups that wish to control and annotate presentations wirelessly. […] Read more »

Magellan has pulled the journal part out of their excellent MagellanEMR program for medical professionals and now offer it as a standalone product. MagellanWriter is a full blown note-taking program that makes full use of digital ink on a Tablet PC. It appears to be a […] Read more »

Sanyo has announced their new ENELOOP rechargeable NI-MH batteries and the specs on these babies are very nice. The ENELOOP batteries are available in both AA and AAA sizes and ship fully charged and ready to use. The batteries are reported to be recyclable making them […] Read more »

I first mentioned the Samsung M70 notebook computer with the 19 inch detachable screen back in September and the innovative notebook computer is now being demonstrated by Samsung. The M70 is a “hybrid PC” that lets you detach the big screen and use it with another […] Read more »

On the first MobileTechRoundup Podcast Dave Ciccone, Kevin Tofel and I discussed what mobile gadgets we carry around every day to make our life and work easier. A reporter in Argentina asked President Bush what he was carrying around in his pockets and the answer points […] Read more »

I wrote about the Bart PE utility quite some time ago since it gives you the power to build a customized Windows XP boot CD. Today I found a web site dedicated to building the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows with step by step instructions for […] Read more »

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The new Acer C200 convertible Tablet PC with the innovative sliding hinge is now available on TigerDirect. This is the same sliding hinge Tablet that has been shown in the past by Bill Gates. I have played with one very briefly and it is very cool. […] Read more »

Slashdot has long been the web site reporting on the cutting edge of technology and a mainstay on the tech scene. The very concept of the reader submitted story is the basis upon which Digg has been founded and the popularity of Digg proves it’s still […] Read more »

Nothing could be better than a Total Immersion computing experience and the MYPCE delivers on all fronts. Combining comfortable seating with a totally configurable computing environment this looks like the perfect way to attain total geekdom. The MYPCE starts at only $2750 without any speakers or […] Read more »

The TechNewsRadio Podcast took a look at ruggedized Tablet PCs on a recent show. They look at the following devices: Intronix The GoBook Duo-Touch Tablet PC Hewlett-Packard (HP) tr3000 Xplore Technologies X104 family of Tablet PCs Panasonic TOUGHBOOK CF-18 If you are looking for some good […] Read more »

MoTR 1 is 32:00 minutes long and is a 21.9 MB file in MP3 format.  INTRO: Based on "Time v2.1? by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick. HOSTS: David Ciccone, James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel TOPICS:Thank-you BatteryGeek Inc. for sponsoring MoTR!BatteryGeek product testimonial by […] Read more »

Marc Orchant points out that the current version of 3M’s Post-It Note software now has pen input on Tablet PCs. You have to spring $25 for the professional version to get the ink capabilities but I found it useful enough to do so. It is great […] Read more »

It was with great sadness that I got this information from good friend Brad Isaac, owner of Pocket PC Addict. PPCA has long been one of my favorite Pocket PC enthusiast sites and I hope it will survive: Well, I’ve got a lot of mixed feelings […] Read more »

The first notebook computer with embedded EVDO connectivity is scheduled to appear next month in Korea. The X-note Express LW20-EV has been developed jointly by LG, Intel Korea and KTF. No word if this will be sold outside Korea. (AVing via Ubergizmo) Read more »

Marc Orchant, Warner Crocker and I had a discussion on the current OnTheRun with Tablet PCs podcast that touched on how to choose the right type of Tablet PC for you. The expanding number and types of Tablet PCs available today makes the task of finding […] Read more »

OnTheRun with Tablet PCs is the podcast all about ink and slate and show #1 is the inaugural effort of James Kendrick and Marc Orchant.  This show features a special guest- the newest Tablet PC MVP Warner Crocker and covers a range of topics about the […] Read more »

If you are into serious color work you need to calibrate the color profiles so the colors you see on your screen match the colors output by your printer. You also want to make sure your color scanner is calibrated so images you scan in will […] Read more »

Sadly, Roam Magazine is not available in the US but the current issue (#3) has my article titled “Turbocharge your Tablet PC”. It’s a big article by magazine standards so if you are lucky enough to live in Australia or New Zealand check it out. Read more »

One of the most useful utilities on a Tablet PC is the Snipping Tool, provided as part of the Experience Pack from Microsoft. The Snipping Tool is that cool app that lets you draw a circle around anything on the screen and insert it into any […] Read more »

If you have a busy household with older kids it is a nightmare trying to keep track of where everyone needs to be at any given time. Mom and Dad have their own schedules and have to know where little Johnny needs to be for baseball […] Read more »

Globally Popular Mobile Technology Podcast "techADDICTION" Adds Third Host and Re-launches as the "MobileTechRoundup" Show Recognizing the growing public need for mobile technology news, "techADDICTION" co-hosts James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel add another mobile device expert. David Ciccone of the leading iPAQ enthusiast site, "Dave’s […] Read more »

No, I did not pick up a Mac.  I have switched back to the HP tc1100 as my main Tablet PC.  I have been using the Gateway M280 (or whatever model number Gateway is using this week) exclusively for the past few weeks and while it […] Read more »

Eric Mack and Tracy Hooten have presented themselves with a Tablet PC challenge by going paperless for the next 10 weeks. Tracy is a student and Eric is a technologist so no doubt they will each find different challenges in front of them with this attempt […] Read more »

Dennis Kennedy has published an excellent article covering what he feels is the best Mobile Computing Kit for Lawyers which is a must read for those in the legal profession. He not only covers the particular items in his kit but the rationale behind each decision, […] Read more »

The Flybook ultra-portable PC is on display in Japan this week and this new version 3 looks pretty nice. The Flybook is a convertible notebook that is touch-screen based and operates like a small convertible Tablet PC. The Flybook people state that the version 3 device […] Read more »

OnTheRun with Tablet PCs co-host Marc Orchant reports on his blog this morning that he just ordered a Gateway s7200 Tablet PC. The specs on the Tablet he ordered are very powerful and knowing how Marc works the Gateway will be a perfect fit for his […] Read more »

Congratulations to the Chicago White Sox for their sweep of the Houston Astros in the World Series.  Even though the White Sox won all four games in the series I cannot remember a more exciting matchup, with all games very close to the end.  How close […] Read more »

Matt Homann, Chief Thinking Officer of LexThink, sent me an email to let me know that the BlawgThing 2005 is teaming with Mindjet so the entire conference can be mapped.  BlawgThink is a two day conference for legal bloggers in Chicago and will be held November […] Read more »

Why is this mobile tech related?  Earlier this year I mentioned on a techADDICTION Show that I think the easiest way to roll out WiMax in the US is to put the transmitters in every WalMart store.   I have seen it published somewhere (I can’t remember where) that over 90% […] Read more »

There is a problem playing the test podcast released yesterday so this is a new release of the same recording.  The show from yesterday plays fine in all media players except Windows Media Player versions 9 and 10.  I believe the problem lies in the cover […] Read more »

Chicago leads the Houston Astros 2-0 (boo hiss) in the World Series with the next 3 games playing in Houston starting tonight.  Game 3 is already embroiled in controvery here in Houston with a mandate that the MLB officials passed down this afternoon.  Minute Maid Park […] Read more »

We’re baaack!  Well, almost.  This is a test podcast to make sure the distribution system is flawless.  It seemed the best way to test it plus you can hear the sweet new music we’re using for the show (courtesy of TieDye Keith).  Let me know if […] Read more »

Doctors have been saying for a while that if they could get a Tablet PC that would fit in their white coat pocket they would grab one.  Long-time mini-Tablet advocate Mickey Segal has posted a couple of pictures of the LS800 fitting in a pocket that […] Read more »

That is not a term you hear often describing notebook computers but in this case it fits, oh yes it does.  The new LifeBook P7210 is a small, slim piece of titanium and aluminum that has so much stuff packed inside that you’d never believe it […] Read more »

I have mentioned many times before that one of my favorite web sites for productivity tips is 43 Folders with Merlin Mann.  Good tips, well written and a joy to read.  My buddy Marc Orchant points out that Merlin now has a podcast and I am […] Read more »

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