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It seems the first techADDICTION slap that Kevin and I dropped on eReader for the lack of a VGA version on the Pocket PC had a bigger effect than we intended.  MobileRead is reporting a new version of eReader for the Pocket PC that has a […] Read more »

PDA owners take note- Google has launched the mobile version of the relatively new Google Local service.  Google Local provides information and maps of virtually any address and the new mobile version does so in a format designed for displaying on small screens like PDAs and […] Read more »

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You want one of those personal media players but you don’t want to skimp on features.  In addition to playing music and video on the go you want light PDA features and even WiFi so you can do email.  If this describes what you need you […] Read more »

Diabetech’s new wireless glucose monitor could be a boon for parents of diabetic children.  It is never easy to make sure your child is testing their glucose level when they should and anything that makes that simpler is welcome.  The GlucoMON automatically sends test results as […] Read more »

Stretching portable storage to the max, EDGE Tech announced the latest model in its DiskGo! 3.5 inch hard drive series, a 400 GB portable drive that provides both USB and firewire connectivity.  The new drive joins the other models in the DiskGO! line and retails on […] Read more »

Anybody who still doubts that RSS feeds are spreading like wildfire should be convinced now that the New York Times provides obituaries via RSS.  Check your feeds, see who’s gone. (via Jossip) Read more »

Gear Live is always finding cool stuff and these chainless bicycles from Dynamic Bicycles are just awesome.  The bikes utilize a driveshaft system that is totally enclosed in the tubes of the bike and the gears are all in the hub.  Since there is no chain […] Read more »

This week’s Tablet PC Show has Marc and I discussing recovery techniques, snow in Albuquerque, scanning documents with your camera phone and a cartoon monkey. We always have a lot of fun recording these shows and hope everyone enjoys this one. The great music we have […] Read more »

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Most notebooks and Tablet PCs produced today are more than capable enough to be used as complete desktop replacements.  The availability of USB and firewire peripherals makes it a snap to add additional hardware functionality and still maintain a mobile form factor.  Many people add external […] Read more »

Mike Hall points us to an article on MobileTechReview, the first in a promised series, written by a long-time Palm user who has recently switched to a Pocket PC.  It is an interesting read as he makes a detailed comparison of the features of the two […] Read more »

New Scientist is reporting that a number of research organizations are working on methods for detecting speech without the use of microphones.  Very interesting technology and worth a read if you’re interested in speech recognition like me. One system, being developed for DARPA by Rick Brown […] Read more »

Rob Bushway points us to the blog of Jason Hamilton who recently got a HP TC1100 Tablet PC.  He is of course loving the fine computer and has posted his first impressions.  Boy I want one of these babies, really bad!  Look at his photo and […] Read more »

Toshiba was showing off its upcoming Tablet PC at FOSE in Washington DC this month.  The Tecra M4 looks to be a large screen Tablet PC and while full details are not released at this time techsage has spoken to Toshiba and mentions these features: 14.1" […] Read more »

Almost three years ago Microsoft touted a mechanism for bringing magazine type content to PCs, especially Tablet PCs.  I have not heard anything about this service since.  Anybody know what happened to it?  Here’s a screen clip from one of the original articles that mentioned it […] Read more »

Ask engadget is a feature the mega-blog runs occasionally where readers can ask questions they’d like to open up for comment to the general readership.  The questions currently being posed is "Is it time to buy a Tablet PC?".  Head over and add your comments to […] Read more »

The techADDICTION Show #005- 10th April 2005 (56min 30sec)  MP3 – 19.5MB Another good show this week where Kevin and I discuss a lot of Windows Mobile topics, play a few comments from the techADDICTION Skype line, talk about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, lament a […] Read more »

Marc Orchant and I are both big OneNote users and we talked about the tool at length in the last Tablet PC Show podcast.  Marc mentioned Chris Pratley on the show who is far more knowledgable about OneNote than either of us.  When Chris Pratley talks […] Read more »

The GigaBank 6.0 is a USB 2.0 drive from I/O Magic that weighs less than two ounces and should retail for about $200 in May of this year.  The tiny drive is the perfect way to take a lot of files and MP3s with you for […] Read more »

If you’re always on the lookout for good games for your Pocket PC you should note that binoteq has released a beta of a cool looking game, Shark Attack. During the prospecting mission in Bermuda triangle area your fighting submarine has appeared in the epicentre of […] Read more »

SkypeHeadset is an interesting application that simplifies trying to use a Bluetooth headset with Skype.  I am a big fan of Skype and use it all the time but it’s so much trouble to get my Motorola headset working with Skype that I never bother.  This […] Read more »

Microsoft has released the final version 7.0 of the MSN Messenger chat program and are taking Skype on with some of the new features in Messenger.  The ability to make video calls to other Messenger users is now as simple as hooking up a webcam and […] Read more »

Ars Technica has looked at all the major desktop search tools available and written a very thorough review and comparison of the programs.  They review the following search tools:  Google Desktop, Copernic Desktop, MSN Desktop Suite, Yahoo Desktop and Ask Jeeves Dekstop Search.  This a thorough […] Read more »

Looking for portable speakers with a subwoofer?  This review of the Tritton Sound Bite Portable Speaker System seems to like the small, light one piece design of the speakers.  Designed to be used with notebook or Tablet PC computers, the Tritton connects via USB and delivers […] Read more »

I have been following Eric Mack’s process for purchasing a Tablet PC and I am looking forward to seeing what he writes on his blog about the Tablet after he gets it.  In true Eric fashion even though he hasn’t received his Tablet PC he is […] Read more »

In what can only be described as a most timely move, UAddict today reports that the Sony Support Site has posted the drivers for the US U750P.  The new site also has a lot of support information for Sony U owners and is a must stop […] Read more »

My Sony U750P is a brick right now. Yesterday I was doing some partition merging with Partition Magic and it choked in the middle.  I have used Partition Magic for years and never had a problem but my number finally came up.  The process aborted with […] Read more »

MSNBC reports that IBM has released the next generation notebook computer to replace the X40.  The X41 features an updated processor (1.5 GHz Dothan), biometric fingerprint security, 512 MB RAM and a 40 GB hard drive.  The whole package weighs just 2.7 pounds making it great […] Read more »

Mobile technology makes it possible to work productively no matter where the individual might be and more companies than ever before are outfitting their professional workers with the mobile tech gear to make that easier.  The proliferation of BlackBerrys, Smartphones, Tablet PCs, pagers and laptops makes […] Read more »

HDTV is one of those technologies that spoils you once you try it and it is no surprise that companies are racing to the market with products to capitalize on the growth of HDTV.  NEC has developed a small transceiver to go with their new transmission […] Read more »

A new preview version of OrangeGuava is now available for those users who can’t wait to try the new features.  To participate in the beta email the developer at  beta at orangeguava dot com.  Here’s a list of the new features as found on the developer’s […] Read more »

Marc Orchant is back as co-host and Tablet mayhem ensues. MindManager is one of the main topics of the day as we discuss unusual ways mind maps can be useful. OneNote tips and tricks that can be used on any computer are covered including a screen […] Read more »

Skype has released a new version of the VoIP program for the Pocket PC.  New features are going to be well received by Pocket PC users, especially those with VGA screens.  Here’s the feature list from Skype: feature: ability to leave Skype Voicemail feature: SkypeIn support […] Read more »

Microsoft has released the Experience Pack for the Tablet PC (English language only) and all Tablet owners should grab this now.  The Pack brings six programs and every one is a winner.  The new Snipping Tool has been anxiously awaited for a while and it is […] Read more »

April Fools articles ran rampant on April 1 as they usually do, in fact I ran one here on jkOnTheRun.  My intent with a spoof article like the one I wrote is to entertain and not to fool readers into thinking it’s a real story.  I […] Read more »

BeOS was an alternative operating system that was designed from the ground up to be a good multimedia platform.  The OS would boot in 15 seconds on any hardware and was rock solid in performance.  It was a real shame when Be Inc. went out of […] Read more »

When pictures and information about the next version of Windows Mobile, code named Magneto, leaked onto the web many people (myself included) were less than impressed.  A lot of people have been somewhat disappointed with the lack of whiz bang new features that you might expect […] Read more »

Copernic has moved quickly to fix the problem with the Desktop Search application that was having problems on Tablet PCs.  They have given me permission to post the download link to a new program build which fixes the problem with the flickering desktop bar.  It is […] Read more »

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