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The king of long battery life mobile devices, Electrovaya, has released the latest in their Scibbler line of Tablet PCs.  The SC-2200 1.1 WXA is a 12.1" slate Tablet that boasts 9 hours of run-time on a single charge!  Other new additions:  Wide viewing angle screen, […] Read more »

The BBC reports that "A device which allows people with diabetes to inhale, rather than inject, insulin could be licensed for use within a year". This is very good news for Type I diabetics in the UK as the powder based insulin has been given preliminary […] Read more »

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Bill Gates’ keynote address where the direction of Windows will be outlined will be broadcast live on the web from 9:30 – 11:00 PDT.  I’m not going to miss this one with the talk of a mini-Tablet, new Acer Tablet, and other goodies likely to appear.  […] Read more »

Warner Crocker has apparently outgrown his MSN Spaces Life on the Wicked Stage blog and has moved to this new location.  Warner always has interesting things to say about Tablet PCs and I am sure he will be much happier in his new home.  Welcome to […] Read more »

Microsoft and Samsung are pitching a new hard drive technology that uses flash memory in conjunction with the HDD to provide intelligent caching, thus saving battery life and offering shorter boot times.  The new technology, dubbed hybrid hard drive (HHD), uses 1Gbit flash memory which prevents […] Read more »

CNET is reporting today that Microsoft’s Bill Gates will be showing a prototype Tablet with a 6 inch screen that could be available in a couple of years.  The mini Tablet was apparently commisioned by Microsoft and is as thin as "10 sheets of paper with […] Read more »

Wacom Japan has announced a new pen technology that reduces the minimum pen diameter from the current 5.5 mm to a super small 3.5 mm. According to this crudely translated web page Wacom says the new pen technology will allow cheaper and faster production to benefit […] Read more »

I ran across one of the coolest plugins I’ve seen yet for the Media Center PC that lets you check your Outlook information on your MCE .   My Outlook won’t let you create new items (yet) but it has some nice windows into your PIM data.  […] Read more »

Are you the type that needs reference information no matter where you are?  Do you absolutely love the Widipedia and wish you could tap that resource even when you are mobile and not connected to the Internet?  In that case you need to be aware that […] Read more »

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Tom Clarkson is one of those developers who never seems to rest and the list  of new features and fixes in OrangeGuava version 1.2 is impressive: Transparent image backgrounds Areas redrawn during moving/sizing New Area move pen mode replaces area handles Thumbnail images used where available […] Read more »

Brad Isaac is the mastermind behind a great program for the Pocket PC that helps the user focus on all of the next actions needed to accomplish all of life’s goals.  AchieveIt! has just been updated to version 2.0 and is a solid performer in the […] Read more »

The Student Tablet PC has always been one of my favorite stops on the web with lots of good information about maximizing the Tablet experience from a student’s perspective.  They now have added a disscusion forum so head over and check it out.  There is already […] Read more »

Chris Pratley must be listening to The Tablet PC Show as Marc Orchant and I recently discussed the utility of using note flags in OneNote.  Chris has written a typically useful article on his blog that explains how to unleash the full power of flags and […] Read more »

Using public computers presents unique problems for those who surf the web and deal with email and the problem is greatly magnified in our public schools.  The mass production of USB flash drives has driven the cost down to the level that is acceptable for most […] Read more »

It seems I’ve run into more people who built their own PC in the last few months than I have in a long time which leads me to believe that some users are not happy until they can control every component of the system.  Components are […] Read more »

I first encountered Mike on mobile tech community forums and we started off on shaky ground.  Our online relationship was contentious to say the least as we can both be rather, ah, opinionated when it comes to what we’d like to see in mobile technology.  Over […] Read more »

Guest co-host Marc Orchant was AWOL this week so I decided to shake things up a little bit for this special Tablet PC Show. On this show I cover rumors in the Inkernet, talk about the things newbies should think about before getting their first Tablet […] Read more »

This past year has seen an explosion of desktop search tools designed to let the user easily find that lost nugget of information squirreled away on his/her PC somewhere.  These search tools are very useful and quickly become the preferred method for getting your hands on […] Read more »

An article in the Daily Princetonian attempts to enlighten students to the benefits that the Tablet PC brings to classroom note taking but doesn’t even mention GoBinder from Agilix. The article gets it mostly right in its discussion about OneNote but spends a lot of ink […] Read more »

If you are looking for a convertible Tablet with a big, high resolution screen then don’t forget to check out Toshiba’s new Tecra M4.  The 14.1" screen is a high res wonder producing a resolution of 1400 x 1050.  The M4 is definitely aimed at users […] Read more »

Toshiba has announced the introduction of the new Libretto U100 mini-notebook computer in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first laptop computer.  OK, they also mentioned bringing it back is due to customer demand so that’s probably the real reason.  The Toshiba Libretto series of […] Read more »

The old UFO game from years past was one of my favorite PC games.  It was well done, with good graphics for that time, and I must admit I lost hours and hours to this fun game.  A couple of years ago Russian developer SMK Software […] Read more »

I have lamented the passing of TechTV and The Screen Savers show in particular.  G4 ruined a great tech TV station when they dismantled TechTV and I miss the great chemistry between Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton and the others on the old show.  I am happy […] Read more »

April 19th, 2005 by James Kendrick The techADDICTION Show #006- 19th April 2005 (49min 10sec)MP3 – 17.2MB  Kevin and I are back with a new techADDICTION Show and this one is full of cool gadgets, talk about prison, the cheapest M205 ever and much, much more. […] Read more »

I have a ton of MP3 audio files and want to convert them to WMA so I can put more of them on my Sony U and Creative Muvo. I’m looking for a good free (of course) batch converter. Any suggestions? Read more »

I hear from a lot of mobile users who are looking for a good mobile scanner to take with them on the road and use with their Tablet PC or other mobile computer.  The trick is to find one that is so small it is very […] Read more »

Many computer users consider the Nero CD/DVD burning suite to be the best you can get and they are probably right.  Linux users should take note, Nero now has a version of the program that runs on that platform.  The best part of NeroLINUX is that […] Read more »

Seagate has introduced a 120GB notebook computer hard drive which is definitely the highest capacity drive I have seen.  The drive turns at 5200 RPM which some might feel is slower than 7200 RPM drives but this is almost certainly a concession to battery life.  The […] Read more »

Expose is one of the coolest utilities on Mac OS X and I’ve been looking for a Windows equivalent that works just as well.  A good graphical task switcher is useful on any Windows XP computer but especially good on the Sony U since the screen […] Read more »

I admit I haven’t looked at the Zinio Reader for quite some time.  It must have been over five years ago that Zinio debuted their innovative system for delivering and displaying magazines in digital form and I tried it when it first came out and liked […] Read more »

It’s shameless plug time- if you like our techADDICTION Show please vote for it on Podcast Alley. Right now we only have two votes which is probably Kevin and me. :) Here’s a link to make voting for us easy. Read more »

engadget reports on a new Sony Vaio PCG-4E1L that has been detailed in the FCC filing that has integrated tri-band GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth for communications.  This makes the notebook a truly connected device with high speed connections always available.  Not much else is known for […] Read more »

Fujitsu has always produced very nice slate Tablet PCs and the ST5000 series is no exception.  The thoughtful design and included features makes this Tablet a winner for anyone looking for a great slate.  Tablet PC ReviewSpot has published a thorough review of the ST5000 and […] Read more »

Eric Mack is still waiting to take possession of his Tablet PC but in his usual fashion he’s wasted no time in evangelizing the platform on his blog, Eric Mack On-Line.  He has been in conversation with Michael Hyatt who recently switched from the Tablet PC […] Read more »

Dave Ciccone of Dave’s iPAQ is usually playing with neat gadgets and always seems to get his hands on cool smartphones and Pocket PCs.  It looks like he’s upped the ante and is looking at the Sony U71 and has written a full review of the […] Read more »

Paul Thurrott is the Windows guru and source of advance looks at Windows operating systems and Microsoft programs but apparently he is also a closet Mac fan.  His site WinSuperSite has published a very good review of the next version (Tiger) of the Mac OS X […] Read more »

Loren Heiny is to blame for me wasting some time this afternoon.  He got me to thinking about what the screen resolution of the prototype Ruby mini-Tablet PC might be.  I have been playing around with screen resolutions on my Sony U in portrait mode and […] Read more »

The Windows XP registry is the heart of a smooth running computer but unfortunately Windows doesn’t do a good job of keeping it cleaned up on its own.  If you do a lot of program installs and removals your Windows registry can become a minefield of […] Read more »

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