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USB Micro Drives are starting to pop up all over but none with a more innovative form factor than the Imation USB Micros Hard Drive.  The USB cable folds over and plugs into the drive for storage, making it look like a little padlock.  Nice secure […] Read more »

You can find those little USB key chain drives everywhere and they have gotten so cheap, even free at tech trade shows, that I have accumulated a few of them at varying memory capacities.  I have mentioned in the past that some people use them as […] Read more »

You can’t turn anywhere on the web without reading about iTunes with the new podcast support.  I am using it and it works well, as you expect from Apple/ iTunes.  What you aren’t seeing mentioned much is the new updated iPod software to take advantage of […] Read more »

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Biometric fingerprint readers are extremely useful security devices that still remain easy to use for the consumer.  Some security experts have been looking for an alternative since these readers use a single fingerprint that has proven to be spoofable (is that a word?).  Enter the BiometricPIN […] Read more »

The city of Houston has deployed parking meters near the downtown courhouse district that accepts credit cards and uses WiFi to verify parking customers’ charges.  The test is nearing completion and Houston’s CTO Richard Lewis will soon select the vendor for the meters and proceed with […] Read more »

Hewlett-Packard has granted $2.1 million to 25 schools as part of the HP Technology for Teaching Leadership grant program.  The program puts Tablet PCs, wireless projectors and cameras in the hands of teachers in the classrooms.  Carnegie Mellon University is one of the 25 schools and […] Read more »

I love using speech recognition and watching whole pages of text appear right from my mouth.  The speech recognition integrated into the Tablet PC is quite good but there are some simple steps you can take to get the highest accuracy possible so I am presenting […] Read more »

Thanks to Gnomedex rumors that Apple would be releasing iTunes 4.9 today users have been watching the iTunes download site to see if the new version is available.  Wait no longer, it’s out and downloadable for both the Mac and Windows platforms, although on the Windows […] Read more »

Josh Einstein, the talented individual who has given the Tablet Enhancements for Outlook (TEO) to the ink gifted just let me know his next version of TEO will support Skype!  I’m a big Skype user and this is great news indeed.  Josh has blogged about what […] Read more »

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If the notion of inking commands in an ink box and having text inserted or macros executed appeals to you then PhatWare’s PenCommander may be the tool for you.  Pen Commander has over 50 pre-defined scripts that can be invoked by inking certain keywords or if […] Read more »

Fondling the Nokia 770 Internet Tabletby Mike Cane Text and photos Copyright © Mike Cane 2005All Rights Reserved. During the recent LinuxWorld Expo in New York City, Nokia surprised everyone by announcing the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. The net was filled with reports about it and […] Read more »

OneNote is one of those programs that you just can’t live without and if you use several different PCs, say a Tablet PC and a desktop, keeping your OneNote notebook synchronized between them is a real concern. Chris Pratley of Microsoft knows the note-taking program better […] Read more »

EverNote Corporation recently announced the commercial release of EverNote™ 1.0 for Windows, a complete note management solution designed to give users a single place to capture, categorize and find all types of notes and content. EverNote innovates by storing content on an endless, virtual, time-stamped roll […] Read more »

Owners of computers with integrated Intel wireless chip sets have complained of problems maintaining WiFi connections for a while and I have been following Rob Bushway’s problems with the wireless connectivity on his brand new Motion LE1600 Tablet PC.  Rob was able to fix his problem […] Read more »

Note:  I am re-posting this to accomplish two things- get my end notes from the Summit in text that is searchable so anyone looking for something here can find it, and to see what others think about inking posts in blogs.  Like many others I think […] Read more »

Kevin and I mentioned the I/O Magic Gigabank portable hard drive on a recent techADDICTION Show and for those interested I4U has published a review of the little powerhouse. Read more »

You probably remember Think Secret, the Mac enthusiast site that Apple sued for soliciting secret information from Apple employees.  Well, they are back with a report that Mac software developers are already receiving Intel-based development systems from Apple and Think Secret has a lot of information […] Read more »

Verizon has announced the release of the Samsung i730 Pocket PC Phone Edition which has integrated EVDO capability making it the fastest wireless Pocket PC.  Dale Coffing of MobilePassion has published a typically thorough review with lots of photos.  The i730 has a sliding QWERTY thumb […] Read more »

Netfront is a nice browser for the Pocket PC platform but Access doesn’t seem to be very interested in the platform anymore.  They have taken an inordinately long time to update to the current version 3.2 and when they released it a few months ago it […] Read more »

Today is day 2 of the Handango Partner Summit in Miami and I was able to attend a number of presentations by various companies and get a feel for the direction we may be heading if the industry leaders are correct.  The Handango Partner Summit is […] Read more »

The techADDICTION Show #13 (MP3 – 19.6MB – 57min) LISTEN HERE It’s #13 for techADDICTION, but unlucky for Kevin as his practical joke on James backfires in the first two minutes of the show! Prepare yourself for mobility galore as the technical twosome cover topics such […] Read more »

I always love to hear about cool gadgets that make it easier for people to do things better and the BrailleNote PK certainly fits that category.  Designed to provide a full PDA for the blind the BrailleNote PK has a slew of features: Bluetooth technology – […] Read more »

This is already up on the Splashblog website as John Chaffee, President of Splashdata, was having me demo my Tablet PC and snapped this photo with his phone and put it immediately on the moblog site.  I was impressed with Splashdata as I could see the […] Read more »

The Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC is undoubtedly the most powerful Tablet PC available to the consumer market currently, competing with many notebook computers spec for spec.  The anticipation for the Tecra M4 to start appearing in owner’s hands spurred a lot of interest on various […] Read more »

I am attending the Handango Partner Summit in Miami and I have to admit surprise at the number of attendees, most of whom are mobile software developers and company representatives who have online stores at Handango.  It has been a good first day with the opportunity […] Read more »

I have been following Rob Bushway’s journey with his new Motion LE1600 Tablet PC with great interest as it appears Motion has raised the bar for slates with this new device.  Rob has spent some time with his LE1600 now and has published a great review […] Read more »

GreenHouse has announced the July availability of their Pocket Speakers in Japan.  Not much is known about these speakers outside of the small dimensions and the 3 watt total output.  But they look cool. (via Akihabara News) Read more »

The ThunderHawk browser has long been my favorite web browser for the Pocket PC as it provides the most "full desktop-like" browsing experience on the small screens of the Windows Mobile devices.  Bitstream has announced a new version 2.1 that offers full Java capabilities making the […] Read more »

Today I am off to the Handango Partner Summit in Miami which I expect will be a lot of fun. It’s a good opportunity to see what Handango is up to and also get to meet some of the Microsoft Tablet team.   I intend to keep […] Read more »

The Tablet PC Show #13 (MP3 – 20.6MB – 59min 54sec)LISTEN HERE This Tablet PC Show, recorded on Father’s Day, is lucky show #13. Why is this lucky? The triumphant return of host Marc Orchant gives us a good excuse to catch up on events over […] Read more »

Cory Doctorow is definitely one of the better known contemporary sci-fi writers publishing today.  This is no doubt due to a few things: his insistence on making all of his novels available for free electronic consumption, his involvement with BoingBoing, and his well documented work with […] Read more »

Collaboration tools can stimulate group participation in meetings better than static presentations ever will but until now there hasn’t been any way to do this easily. GTOCalcomp, a company I didn’t realize was still around, is touting their InterWrite MeetingPad 400 as the perfect thing to […] Read more »

If you live in a region where Father’s Day is celebrated then I would like to wish you a very happy day. Actually, if you live in a country that doesn’t recognize today as Father’s Day I urge you to take this opportunity  to visit your […] Read more »

The first thing you notice about WiFi is the alphabet soup.  Sure 802.11 is a standard but it comes in many different flavors.  Will you be dining on A, B, G, or the new N this evening?  This "standard" has also plagued OEMs who need to […] Read more »

Rob Bushway has been waiting for delivery of his Motion LE 1600 Tablet PC about as patiently as I would in the same situation.   Well, he’s got it, opened it up, and better yet he’s taking pictures to share with us all.  Look at that viewing […] Read more »

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