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CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 33 is 34:41 minutes long and is a 23.8 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick. HOSTS: David Ciccone, James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel TOPICS:Skype […] Read more »

The PBJ Smart Caddie Ultra-portable PC has appeared on the company’s web site. The site promises more information on 3/24 as they are obviously borrowing from the original Origami viral campaign. The unit they show on the site is in white but otherwise looks just like […] Read more »

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Hugo Ortega of UberTablet decided to see for himself how his everyday programs would look on the 800×480 display that is the default resolution for UMPCs. He installed the UMPC Display Emulator on a touch screen Tablet and produced a five minute video showing how the […] Read more »

The GottaBeMobile team has posted an excellent video demo of MindManager on a Tablet PC. Dennis Rice walks us through a planning session using MindManager with ink and takes it all the way to a final outline in Microsoft Word. Very well done but now I […] Read more »

Seamless Integration with World’s Leading On-Demand Collaboration Solution Accelerates Results with Virtual Teams LARKSPUR, CALIF., March 16, 2006-Mindjet Corporation, the leading provider of software for visualizing and managing information, announced today its new Mindjet® MindManager® Instant Meeting, powered by WebEx. MindManager Instant Meeting enables users to […] Read more »

I am all about working without compromise while on the road and to do that you must be confident you have sufficient power to last you all day. I heard about the MFuel Power Banks from the Daily GizWiz podcast and visited the product web site […] Read more »

AcroDesign Technologies Launches New AudioBay, Introducing Podcasting to the Pocket PC AudioBay offers a complete podcasting solution for Pocket PCs—from recording to hosting Colchester, VT, USA (March 16, 2006) — AcroDesign Technologies today released the AudioBay Podcasting application for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.  AudioBay provides everything […] Read more »

A lot, apparently. Kevin, Dave and I (OK, mostly me) had fun on the last MobileTechRoundup podcast and started pronouncing the UMPC acronym “umpsie”. That particular pronunciation is not sitting too well with Warner and Layne and in Warner’s case is even driving him to drink. […] Read more »

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White Electronic Designs Corporation (WEDC) is offering the Motion LS800 Tablet PC with a touch screen. File this in the “why would anyone do that” category since the LS800 is one of the nicest small Tablet PCs around. Here’s what the WEDC web site states: Our […] Read more »

A number of people have let me know the Samsung Q1 Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) has appeared on the company’s UK web site. I didn’t notice anything new in the specs which follow except the quoted battery life of 3.5 hours. Read more »

Seattle radio station KUOW-FM (94.9) recently had a couple of Seattle reporters on the show to discuss the Origami/ UMPC. If you missed the show the station has the podcast version available as archived audio on their web page. The show has a good discussion explaining […] Read more »

The 7 inch screen of the UMPC combined with full Windows XP Tablet capability makes it a device that can provide a wide range of functionality. These are full PCs so any work you do on your computer can be done on the UMPC (except for […] Read more »

The Computer Outlook Radio Show with John Iasiuollo is a nice show that always has some interesting discussion about mobile devices. Recently Chris DeHerrera and Rey Flores joined John to compare the DualCor cPC with the UMPC. It’s an interesting show with a lot of good […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to get the show.MoTR 32 is 37:04 minutes long and is a 25.46 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick. HOSTS: David Ciccone, James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel TOPICS:Dave rushes back from […] Read more »

I haven’t seen anybody really comment on what I believe is the coolest innovation on some UMPCs. A number of OEM devices (like this Samsung) have a stand integrated into the back of the units. This is such a useful feature and I think owners will […] Read more »

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has announced a new UMPC model, the H70. The H70 will be available with either a 900 MHz Celeron or a 1 GHz Pentium M and has an integrated 3 in 1 card reader and a 1.3 megapixel camera. It may just […] Read more »

Podcasting buddy Kevin Tofel has put the latest Vista beta on his Toshiba M205 Tablet PC and according to this post he’s loving it. He has some nice screenshots of the new TIP in Vista and how the Aero Glass has him living clear. Read more »

Rob Bushway of GottaBeMobile has published a thorough review of the PlanOn DocuPen RC800, just as he promised. Rob discusses his workflow while using the DocuPen and includes some different resolution scans for comparison. The RC800 is a bit pricey at $300 but seems to be […] Read more »

This article first appeared in jkOnTheRun over a year ago but I thought it would be a good idea to post it again (updated) since these input techniques are particularly suited for the new UMPC.  I am in the process of going through a lot of […] Read more »

Listen here (20.9 MB, 60 minutes) or Subscribe to the show with this link  (RSS) Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back with a discussion about, what else, the Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC).  We look at what they are and how we think they will impact the […] Read more »

Top Stories: Tracy Hooten reviews the Gateway M280 Tablet PC2 reviews Electrovaya SC-3100 Tablet PC The Sony U- the original UMPC? Origami/ UMPC- the real dirt TabletKiosk provides information about two new devices More details on the TabletKiosk V-700 UMPC New UMPC web site launched Yes, […] Read more »

Layne Heiny of UMPC Buzz has discovered (and translated) some information about the Chinese Founder MiniNote UMPC: Processor Uses Intel® ULV Celeron ® 900MHz Intel® ULV Pentium® 1GHz Operating system Pre-installed legal copy Microsoft® Windows®XP family version Chip group Intel® 915 GMS chip group Memory 256MB/512MB […] Read more »

It is a sad day indeed. Lyn and Olga of Tabletology have thrown in the towel and admitted defeat in their attempt to make HP see the error of discontinuing the tc1100 hybrid Tablet PC. They packed up their tc1100s and headed for London to celebrate/ […] Read more »

Developers are racing to ready programs that have been optimized for the smaller touch screen of the UMPC and GottaBeMobile has some screenshots of one of the first. MobileKinetics is readying a “Today screen” type of program, HandPortal, that can be used as a launch screen […] Read more »

I have been using SplashBlog with my Treo 700w for weeks and have discussed it on the MobileTechRoundup podcast. It is a very nice free service that makes it easy to publish photos taken with a mobile device right to the SplashBlog for sharing with friends […] Read more »

Japanese slate computer makers PBJ Inc. announced today the upcoming UMPC, the Smart Caddie. The new UMPC (aren’t they all?) will be using the Via C7 processor that UMPC makers are adopting in increasing numbers. The Smart Caddie web site will go live with more information […] Read more »

Linda Epstein of The Tablet PC2 has launched a new web site dedictated to the UMPC. A little birdie told me they may have a hands-on preview of a new UMPC coming real soon now. Read more »

It is going to be interesting to see how OEMs step up to the plate with accessories for the UMPCs now that they will be shipping soon. GottaBeMobile points to an innovative fabric keyboard and dock for the UMPC proposed by Eleksen. This is just a […] Read more »

Tablet PC and UMPC ISV evangelist and all around guru Frank Gocinski has posted an article about the UMPC. Frank discusses the UMPC Display Emulator for developers and points out that the source code for the Sudoku game that ships with UMPCs will be released by […] Read more »

Gizmodo has posted a nice video overview of the new Asus R2H UMPC recorded live at the CeBIT in Germany. Looks like a nice device but I’m not sure how I will like those recessed buttons on the front of the unit. The video is worth […] Read more »

I am already getting a lot of questions about whether this program or that program will run on the new UMPC. The simple answer is yes. The UMPC runs full Windows XP Tablet Edition (and later Vista) so it will run any program you can now […] Read more »

Tablet PC MVP Terri Stratton, owner of The Tablet PC, has launched a new web site dedicated to the Ultra-Mobile PC. Terri has lined up a fine group to help with the site: Terri Stratton – Publisher / News Editor Rebecca Crim – Feature Editor Chris […] Read more »

You have seen photos of the upcoming TabletKiosk V-700 UMPC but probably didn’t know what device you were looking at and thanks to TabletKiosk CEO Martin Smekal I can share some new photos and details about the device that is soon to be released. The V-700 […] Read more »

In a thread about the UMPC on jkOnTheRun, Martin Smekal of TabletKiosk commented about two upcoming devices from the slate maker: JK, Thank you first off for the positive words on our systems – our UMPC (V-700) – is NOT the Baja – the Baja platform […] Read more »

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