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ASUS Computer International (ASUS), a leading provider of high-performance notebook computers, introduces the V6V notebook.  Available in Canada, the US, and Europe, the ASUS V6V notebook’s carbon fiber composite chassis is lightweight, durable, and sophisticated with its sleek, brushed gunmetal colored surface. The result: a fusion […] Read more »

A post on a Tablet PC Buzz forum claims that a Motion sales representative indicated that Motion Computing will be releasing a Tablet PC with an 8 inch screen in July. I have been unable to confirm or deny this statement but if this holds true […] Read more »

Microsoft has quietly released a sync utility for users of their Outlook Business Contact Manager that allows syncing with Pocket PC devices.  This is big for users of the BCM who previously had no way to get those contacts onto their Windows Mobile device.  From the […] Read more »

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If you have so many gadgets that you need a 21 in 1 card reader then maybe you should take some time off or something.  But, when you need one you really need one and this reader handles 21 different card formats and fits in your […] Read more »

Seldom do we see the release of a device that creates as much excitement as generated by the announcement of the Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC.  The X41 is not only a very nice Tablet PC spec-wise it is also a ThinkPad, and that is what […] Read more »

Microsoft Tablet MVP Terri Stratton is a lucky person.  She’s gotten her hands on the new Motion LE1600 and has published Part 1 of a detailed review of the new slate.  Terri describes a lot of the features of the new Motion and gives us a […] Read more »

Apple has already released their developer Kit for OSX on the Intel platform and an enterprising Tablet PC Buzz member Charles Alexander has installed it on a Toshiba M200 Tablet PC.  Follow his journey here.  His initial observations: Screen rotation, the network card, wireless, the modem, […] Read more »

Electronic Patient Consent Forms signed on Tablet PCs SOFTPRO and its partner, the publishing house proCompliance Verlag, exhibited another “feature in the doctor’s toolbox”- Documented Patient Information using a Tablet PC and the handwritten signature – at the Mobile Insider Forum  ( in Spitzingsee on June […] Read more »

I wonder how much this will cost?  Tohoku’s University from Japan have produced a prototype Microdrive using perpendicular technology that clocks in at 10 GB. (via Akihabara News) Read more »

Wouldn’t it be great it you could answer Skype calls on your cell phone? You wouldn’t even need your PC around but could still take those important Skype calls wherever you are. A new service that has been recently announced may make this a reality for […] Read more »

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Scottevest makes such great gear for the gadget head that everybody has heard of them.   Check out their new iPod parody ad for their gadget storing jackets. I love this ad!  Caution: music will play on open. Read more »

The Podcast Network has really grown with new shows appearing every week and one such show has debuted today that I think is special. My wife Sheri and her friend SuZan are recording The Real Women Show and the first show is now  live.   It is […] Read more »

We’ve survived the server switch on the forums and they are back online!  It may take a little while for the DNS to proliferate for everyone so please be patient. :)  Thanks for the server switch, Kay. Read more »

Mac OS X only comes on DVD and those who don’t have a DVD drive have to pay extra and wait for a set of CDs to be sent by Apple.  Or, if you have an iPod, you can create a boot install image right on […] Read more »

Robert Scoble points to the Optimal Desktop people who posted an article describing how well OD works on a Tablet PC.  I have to be honest and admit that it never occurred to me that the program would work very well on a Tablet so I […] Read more »

Julie of The Gadgeteer has reviewed the Sony U71P and has included a lot of photos in the article.  She took the Sony on a vacation trip and gives us a complete overview of the device and how well it worked for her.  She wishes the […] Read more »

The New York Public Library system is offering 700 electronic audio books through digital downloading beginning this week.  This is the first time the NYPL has offered audio books using MIcrosoft’s copy protection scheme.  The books can be downloaded to computers and portable music players that […] Read more »

Calisto Medical has finished clinical trials of their digital glucose monitor that indicates blood glucose levels through bio-electromagnetic resonance.  The Glucoband is worn like a wrist watch and can indicate the wearer’s glucose levels continuously.  Hopefully this means we will see these hit the market soon.  […] Read more »

HP has announced the splitting of the PC business from the printer business to form two distinct divisions again.  The electronics giant had only joined the two business units together just five months ago so you will pardon me if I slap my forehead at this […] Read more »

Skype has released an update to the VoIP program that adds some new features. Version 1.3 adds the following: Voice mail customers can leave voicemails to all Skype users, online or notSend pre-recorded messages to any Skype userOutlook contact import improvementsNew simpler interfaceImport contacts from MSN […] Read more »

Kevin Tofel and I had a little chat about the rumored Yahoo & Skype merger talks and he suggested a name for the merged venture- Skypoo.  I don’t think that would fly myself, I think a better name is Yipes! Read more »

In case you missed it Lora Heiny’s What is New web site moved to a new server and there is a new RSS feed you may want to make a note of.  I meant to post this earlier but forgot.  :( Read more »

Kathy Sierra has written a great piece about boring presentations.  If you go to the same meetings I do where they always crack open the old PowerPoint presentation you know what she is talking about.  Kathy puts it best when she describes most PowerPoint presentations: Sometimes […] Read more »

Dwight Silverman of TechlLog (Houston Chronicle) points to an IDC study that indicates that people who have home offices want notebook computers.  He goes on to recount how his self-employed wife wanted to consolidate all her computing needs and opted for a notebook computer to handle […] Read more »

The Tablet PC Show #12 (MP3 – 18.8MB – 54min 45sec) LISTEN HERE The Tablet PC Show #12 takes a different turn with the absence of co-host Marc Orchant who is off gallivanting across the country on a vacation while I remain behind to toil away […] Read more »

I decided to create a mind map of a typical work day for the next Tablet PC Show (also an upcoming jkOTR article).   Yikes!   Mind map using MindManager, of course. Read more »

The techADDICTION Show #12 (MP3 – 18.8MB – 53min) LISTEN HERE Tech talk, mergers, and hybrids, oh my! Follow Kevin and me as we take another trip through the world of gadgets and you will almost hear the silence of Kevin’s hybrid engine. Should Yahoo buy […] Read more »

The new Motion LE1600 is no question a sweet slate. Light and thin yet with all the features and ports a body could want (including DVI) .  The specs are so good that several Tablet MVPs are now anxiously awaiting delivery of the new slate. Finding […] Read more »

Microsoft has quietly released a beta version of a new graphics program, code named Acrylic.  The program is available for download and I have been playing with it for a few days.  It’s a little rough around the edges as you would expect for an early […] Read more »

Industry watchers have announced that notebook computers have outsold desktops for the first time. This is not surprising as notebook computers have gotten comparable features as their larger counterparts. Throw in the facts that wireless networks have spread like wildfire and that notebooks now cost much […] Read more »

Karsten Schneider wants a Tablet PC but he wants to see one in the flesh before making his decision.  Yesterday he went to ITEC Seattle with the goal of seeing Tablets being demoed at the exhibit.  He has blogged about what he found there (and didn’t) […] Read more »

Seagate has announced a number of new hard drives and the one that should have the greatest impact for mobile devices is the ST1. This drive is a one inch drive that has a storage capacity of 8 GB, making it a great storage solution for […] Read more »

The newest version of the MSN Desktop Search now provides a toolbar that allows tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer version 6.   Tabbed browsing means you can have multiple web pages open at the same time and switch among them by clicking the tabs. It’s not as […] Read more »

Comparing the Sony U750 with the HP tc1100 I have been talking about a mini-tablet for quite some time and the notion of a small tablet stoked a lot of people’s imaginations when Bill Gates demonstrated the Haiku mockup at WinHEC earlier this year.  A lot […] Read more »

TiVoToGo is the company’s service that lets you download your recorded TiVo programs to mobile devices and a recent announcement says that now includes Windows Mobile devices, such as Portable Media Centers, Pocket PCs and Smartphones.  TiVoToGo lets you fill your portable device up with video […] Read more »

My wife Sheri and her friend SuZan have been blogging for a few weeks about, you know, women stuff.  Coping with men (that’s easy), work issues, kid issues, stuff like that.  Yesterday SuZan took delivery of her very own Dell Axim X50v and she is blogging […] Read more »

It’s no Zaurus but the Magpie is an interesting PDA that offers VoIP with noise and echo cancellation using the built-in microphone.   The Linux-based Magpie uses a Samsung CPU with 64 MB of user memory and 64 MB of flash.  It’s got an SD slot and […] Read more »

The Sharp Zaurus line of Linux-based PDAs are some of the best around and I really liked the clamshell form of the SL-C3000 I recently reviewed .  Sharp has released the next version of the "little laptop", the SL-C3100 and it looks another winner. The sleek […] Read more »

Long-time readers of jkOnTheRun have seen me mention how much I love writing about mobile technology.  I have said in the past that my ultimate goal was to move full-time into writing for various organizations, and I am happy to announce my first paid writing gig.  […] Read more »

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