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  Watch jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #12 here (WMV format, 1024×768, 19.5 MB, 14 minutes) Join me for a day in the life of a copy editor as he edits a document using the newly released InkGestures program from Jumping Minds. The video was recorded totally onscreen […] Read more »

Barry Brahier of has published a review of an innovative scanning solution that uses a camera to capture the images. The Justice Visions Portable Scanner is a camera mounted on a foldable arm that fits in a small bag for transport. The documents (or books) […] Read more »

Head over to the podcast web site to listen directly (12.9 MB, 37 minutes) or Subscribe to the show with this link  (RSS) Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back with a look at the past couple of week’s big news in the Tabletscape.  This show […] Read more »

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Top Stories: GottaBeMobile launches! Origami video? InkGestures 1.1 released Intel planning ultra-mobile PCs Tablet video wins award ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC now at MicroCenter iPod ready stories for kids Freeware of the Moment- the PocketMod Toshiba M400 Tablet PC reviewed in the wild Mobility Today gets […] Read more »

Tablet PC MVPs Rob Bushway and Dennis Rice have launched a great new web site- GottaBeMobile. They already have a lot of good information on the site including some nice video reviews so add them to your feed reader before you forget! Read more »

CLICK HERE to head to the MoTR site to listen directly.MoTR 28 is 33:46 minutes long and is a 23.1 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick. HOSTS: David Ciccone, James Kendrick and Kevin C. […] Read more »

Speculation about the Origami Project is running rampant everywhere and my podcasting buddy Kevin Tofel may have found some hard video via a comment on an engadget post discussing the mysterious project. Kevin points out if you go the the website for marketing firm DigitalKitchen, enter […] Read more »

I am pretty sure I ran across this a long time ago but listening to a recent Daily GizWiz Show brought it back to memory. The patented JetLag Watch is an ingenious analog watch that tries to ease the psychological effects of jet lag. Here’s how […] Read more »

From Loren Heiny: It’s live…That is, InkGestures 1.1 is live. As of early this morning InkGestures was released into the wild. You can download it from TabletPCPost. Thanks everyone that downloaded and tested the InkGestures beta. It made a huge difference. What are some of the […] Read more »

VNUNET reports that Intel is planning a new type of ultra-mobile PC aimed at business users. The devices with screen sizes similar to the Toshiba Libretto are to incorporate extended battery life and feature integrated wireless connectivity capability via cellular carriers. Intel probably won’t produce the […] Read more »

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Greg Hughes has published a thorough review of the Magellan Roadmate 760 GPS unit with voice naviagation. He got it for half price but claims it works so well he’d buy it again at full price. The list of features he’s included in the review are […] Read more »

I have been blogging for ITtoolbox for a few months and the reception that OnTheRun has received has been just great. The folks at Ittoolbox have an excellent site for IT professionals (and others too) that has an astounding amount of information for the community. They […] Read more »

I just received word that the Tablet PC demo video I posted recently has been named the Camtasia Studio Screencast of the Week.  Camtasia Studio is the program used to create the video.  Cool! Read more »

When I first saw the Matrox Extio F1400 I immediately pictured this in Eric Mack’s digital sandbox. He’s been looking for high-resolution graphics to hook up to his Tablet PC and the Matrox certainly fits that description. The Extio F1400 is a remote graphics unit (RGU) […] Read more »

Darren of Tablet Minds gave a demo of the Tablet PC to educators yesterday and as usually happens when you demo the Tablet to those who have not been exposed to the ink and slate he had a successful show! I even had applause when I […] Read more »

I just ran across an intriguing web site that is obviously some kind of teaser. The web site is and it shows 3 weeks on a timeline and ends with “learn more on 3.2.06…” . I’m going to keep an eye on this one. Read more »

Kevin Tofel has been jonesing for a Treo 700w but Verizon’s antics have given him time to look at the XV6700. He’s going to make a purchase decision pretty soon and he needs your help. He has set up a vote on his site so you […] Read more »

From Storynory: Stuck on a car journey with your children? Not sure how to keep the kids amused on a long train ride. Or just looking for something to play during the school run? has the answer. You can download our growing library of classic […] Read more »

USA Today reports that 16% of wireless customers have two mobile phones. Many companies that provide phones or PDAs restrict the usage of those devices to business only so some employees are carrying two phones with them. Many double dialers like the hard division of work […] Read more »

A software package produced by Cybersoft Technologies allows parents to restrict what types of food their children are allowed to purchase at school and monitor it remotely. Parents can make restrictions such as no desserts and if little Johnny slides that sweet treat on his tray […] Read more »

Steve Richards of Adventures in Home Working has posted some of the most innovative mind maps on his site and it is obvious he is a master mapper. His recent post How I use MindManager complete with sample map describes how he uses the mapping program […] Read more »

American Airlines has entered into a technology agreement with Lenovo and have announced they will be putting ThinkPad Tablet PCs in Admirals Club lounges for business traveler use. “We’re pleased to work with Lenovo and IBM to update our Admirals Club echnology and enhance our members’ […] Read more »

Marc Orchant has been writing some of the most insightful articles at his new digs on ZDNet and his recent post 3 ways meetings are broken is a prime example. Haven’t we all been to countless (and endless) meetings where nothing gets done, no action items […] Read more »

Looking for a low cost (as in free) low-tech disposable personal organizer? I didn’t think I was either but since I have been playing around with The PocketMod I am finding so many uses for it. The PocketMod uses one sheet of paper, artfully folded into […] Read more »

Craig Pringle has his hands on a Toshiba M400 Dual Core Tablet PC, what a lucky guy! He has posted a good overview along with some nice photos on his blog. The M400 looks to be a fine Tablet PC and I’d love to get my […] Read more »

Fellow podcaster David Ciccone has picked up a new MacBook Pro running a 2 GHz Core Duo processor and he’s posted his first impressions with lots of photos. The MacBook Pro is a really sweet design like most Apple products and with that dual-core processor should […] Read more »

The SyncMasterMagic CX719TD is a 17 inch flat screen with an electromagnetic digitizer that can be manipulated with a pen. It looks like Samsung is creating the innovative monitor strictly to provide an enhanced interface not requiring a mouse. I can’t think of a use for […] Read more »

Author Scott Sigler first made news when he decided to release his book EarthCore as a weekly podcast last year. Sigler produced the audio book himself and released it a few chapters at a time via podcast and garnered 10,000 subscribers. The innovative author has now […] Read more »

People who currently read ebooks will tell you that they don’t want to go back to paper books. There are many small mobile gadgets like smartphones and PDAs that make excellent ebook readers and users can take them virtually anywhere so the current ebook being read […] Read more »

Call me warped but I find it extremely amusing that Microsoft is giving MacBook Pros and iPods away in a contest to promote Office 2004 for the Mac. OK, maybe it’s not that funny but it sure tickles me. There are actually a lot of cool […] Read more »

A company is hand building Mac Tablets from new iBooks (thus the iTab moniker) and selling 100 of them on eBay. The iTab is built one at a time from modified Apple iBooks. It has the same specs and hardware as the originating iBook (except for […] Read more »

The Mozilla group has just released a new version of their open source web browser Minimo. The new version supports Windows Mobile 5.0 and is optimized to provide a small footprint and a good web browsing experience on small screens. The Minimo website has a picture […] Read more »

I don’t know how useful this might be but Yappernut has introduced the YapperMouse which is a fully functional optical mouse that doubles as a Skype handset. In Skype mode the YapperMouse can either be used as a handset or as a speakerphone and even has […] Read more »

Mobile devices that are centered around cell phones are gaining in popularity in the corporate world as the capabilities of these gadgets has advanced. Many business users now leave the corporate laptop at home and take the smartphone with them on short trips. The ability to […] Read more »

Mark Payton of The Vermont Slate has published the first part of a series, A Thousand Subtle Things, that looks at all the little things that makes working with a Tablet PC so special. His contention is that a lot of little things make the big […] Read more »

When Microsoft released the current version of the Windows Mobile operating system they included a feature that customers had been wanting for a long time, push email. Push email can be described simply as the ability to receive email as soon as the sender shoots it […] Read more »

Inventor David Bubar has received US Patent No. 6,875,913 for his collapsible musical keyboard. The Foldup Keyboard™ is intended to make work a lot easier for musicians who carry a keyboard around on gigs. It seems to me to be particularly useful for musicians who also […] Read more »

I just found this new Yahoo Widget, ShootIt, in the Widget Gallery. ShootIt is a total time waster and all it does is let you shoot your desktop with a mouse or pen. It puts nice bullet holes through your desktop with some nice loud shooting […] Read more »

Kevin Tofel has tagged me in the Four Things meme so here’s my entry: Four jobs I’ve had: Roofer (summer job as a teenager in Houston- permanently fried my brain) Ladies shoe salesman (best job I ever had as a teenager) Seismic Imaging consultant Writer Four […] Read more »

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