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Peter Wright has continued his series covering Vista on a Motion Tablet PC with an excellent overview of the new Tablet PC features in Vista. He’s included lots of screen shots so you can see for yourself how nice the interface looks in Vista. He also […] Read more »

Opera is the best browser on small devices bar none and Opera Mini is now available for cell phones. Opera Mini is free and can be downloaded for a large number of cell phones from the Opera Mini web site. Read more »

The Gadgeteer has published an in-depth review of the OQO ultra-portable computer complete with lots of photos and even a video. The review unit did not have the Tablet Edition installed but the review is a good look at the OQO from the point of view […] Read more »

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Head over to the podcast web site to listen directly (4.9 MB, 7:00 minutes) It’s been too long since the last audio podcast and I have missed doing them.  This show looks at two events that happened at the CES in Las Vegas that has me […] Read more »

Data guardian Iron Mountain this week introduced a new service, DataDefence, that will wipe sensitive data off stolen or lost laptops via a web interface. The service is geared toward corporate enterprise environments that are confronted with laptop thefts in increasing numbers. Corporate workers are carrying […] Read more »

Peter Wright has a lot more guts than I. He is chronicling his experience installing the Vista beta operating system on his Motion LE1600 Tablet PC. It makes me shiver just thinking about blowing the entire Windows XP system away and loading a beta operating system […] Read more »

Eric Mack promised he would be podcasting the results of his recent paperless challenge, a challenge that had him survive an 8 week law course without using paper. I have been anxiously awaiting his podcast since I have been paperless for about six months now and […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to head over to the MoTR site to listen directly.MoTR 20 is 33:20 minutes long and is a 22.97 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick. HOSTS: David Ciccone, James Kendrick and Kevin […] Read more »

Probably the most frequently asked question about Tablet PCs and ultra-portable PCs is how to install software without an optical drive. Many of these small devices do not have internal optical drives and owners are confronted with the problem created when software needs to be installed. […] Read more »

Dennis Rice has launched a blog covering the traveling adventures of the little Tablet PC Guy. It is pretty funny already so if you want to follow the little guy’s (mis)adventures then don’t miss the blog. I’m subscribed. There’s a cool caricature of Dennis that was […] Read more »

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Josh is one lucky geek. He was just given a Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC at his job and he’s loading it up for bear as we speak. He is soliciting advice as to what killer Tablet apps he should be considering so head over and […] Read more »

Chad Essley is a professional artist who has been using a Tablet PC for his artwork for a long time. He has been using Alias Sketchbook Pro so the review he has posted comparing the newly released Art Rage 2 to the Alias product is particularly […] Read more »

One of the coolest programs on a Tablet PC just got better with word from Ambient Designs that Art Rage 2 is now available. The new version comes in both Windows and Mac versions and there are two versions available for each platform. The free version […] Read more »

If you are into portable USB backup hard drives but need the ability to withstand a 300 g shock (hey, you’re rough, right?) then look no further than the CMS ABSmini Backup System. The drives spin at 4200 rpm so they are not the fastest you […] Read more »

The women of Tabletology have posted a nice overview of Office 12 running on a HP tc1100 Tablet PC. After first pointing out in detail that they are not violating the silly NDA that Office 12 beta testers must follow they discuss some nice features of […] Read more »

Peter Wright is a sneaky guy. Buried deep in a post on his blog is a link to a secret project that should go beta in a couple of weeks. Inkudoku is a Tablet PC version of the game Sudoku that is sweeping the world by […] Read more »

A very belated congratulations is in order for new Microsoft MVP David Ciccone! Dave is my fellow podcaster on the MobileTechRoundup podcast and owner of the Mobility Today web site. Way to go Dave, and long overdue (both the award and this post). Read more »

Top Stories: InkGestures beta available for download The one thing I do not like about using the Treo 700w Tablets in education- WIPTE conference announced Marc Orchant appears in American Way Magazine Opera Beta for Windows Mobile is out Pegasus One NoteTaker- digital pen for OneNote […] Read more »

A lot of people like to keep track of how much time they work on their tasks and those that use Outlook can benefit from a task time tracker that will record that time back in the task. Our Freeware of the Moment is a stand-alone […] Read more »

If you have a Tablet PC and you ever work in Microsoft Word then stop what you are doing and go download InkGestures right now. Come back here when you’re done. Good. You now have the easiest and most intuitive way to edit Word documents with […] Read more »

Microsoft Max is the photo album experience based on the WinFX Runtime Components that are a big part of the Vista experience. I just heard that Max now allows inking on the photos which is very nice. The ink is stored separately so the original photos […] Read more »

I have been covering the Palm Treo 700w phone running Windows Mobile 5.0 since picking one up during the CES in Las Vegas. The phone has been everything I expected and it is filling my needs wonderfully. So what is the one (big) thing I don’t […] Read more »

The First Workshop on the Impact of Pen-based Technology on Education (WIPTE) will be held on the Purdue University campus on April 6 – 7, 2006. From the conference web site: The First Workshop on the Impact of Pen-based Technology on Education will be held on […] Read more »

Good buddy (and new Microsoft MVP) Marc Orchant was interviewed about Getting Things Done for American Way Magazine and the article is now online. American Way is the in-flight magazine for American Airlines and the article titled “Time Bandits” is an excellent testimonial to the GTD […] Read more »

Opera is probably the best browser on mobile devices bar none. It is faster, smaller and renders very nicely on small screens. It is good news indeed that Opera has released version 8.5 beta for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs. I have installed it on the Treo […] Read more »

The ability to burn ISO CD images is very useful at times but something that Windows XP cannot do. ISO Recorder is a simple and free utility that adds ISO image burning support for Windows XP SP2 and later. In Vista it adds DVD ISO burning […] Read more »

Eric Mack has been living the paperless life for a number of weeks and he is ready to present his findings about the challenge on his blog. In typical Eric fashion he is going to podcast about the experience and is looking for a co-host to […] Read more »

Digital pens are an alternative for taking digital notes in ink for those who do not have a Tablet PC. There are a number of pens to choose from but the Pegasus One NoteTaker is the only one I have seen that imports the notes directly […] Read more »

Fujitsu announced in a press release today the awarding of a 2006 PC World Innovations Award for the P1500 convertible notebook. The P1500 is the ultra-portable convertible Tablet PC with an 8.9 inch touchscreen. PC World editors awarded the Innovations Award to 25 winners and you […] Read more »

Research in Motion (RIM), the company that gives us the BlackBerry has recently cut deals to expand online features for the owners of the little email boxes. A special version of the IM program Google Talk will soon be available for download to the BlackBerry and […] Read more »

Teaching with Gadgets is a new blog produced by a teacher who has integrated the Tablet PC and other mobile gadgets into the classroom. There are articles about PDAs and the Tablet PC covering how they can be leveraged by teachers to provide an interesting learning […] Read more »

Verizon is well known for disabling Dial-Up Networking (DUN) on their phones with high speed connectivity and the new Palm Treo 700w is no exception. The Verizon Treo has EVDO integrated so it is the perfect modem to connect to a laptop or Tablet PC for […] Read more »

The Acer Travelmate C200 Tablet PC is an interesting one due to the ingenious sliding hinge on the screen. Acer has been shipping them for a while but it is not common to see a user review of the C200. Kevin Thompson of cyperlawcentral has posted […] Read more »

When we first saw you at the Animal Rescue Center it was evident you had already lived a very hard life. The volunteer told us your name was Bradlee and you had been rescued from an abusive situation. It was hard to imagine how anyone could […] Read more »

Head over to the podcast site to listen directly (21.4 MB, 62 minutes) or Subscribe to the show with this link  (RSS) Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back with a look at new Tablet PCs that were announced at the CES in Las Vegas recently.  […] Read more »

Top Stories: New MacBooks- can they dual boot or not? More DualCor cPC photos Freeware of the Moment- New version of GeckoTIP for Tablet PCs Congratulations to the new Tablet PC MVPs! What was missing at CES? Tablet PC users gathering at CES a huge success […] Read more »

Head over to the MoTR site to listen directly. MoTR 19 is 33:41 minutes long and is a 23.12 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick. HOSTS: David Ciccone, James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel […] Read more »

I am still very pleased with the performance and functionality of the Treo 700w smartphone and am uncovering little things that aid in the experience of using it. Here are several tips for owners of the 700w: Tapping the OK button on the Treo works like […] Read more »

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