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I love how MSN Desktop Search includes PowerPoint presentations in the searches.  I am constantly searching for a term for work and MSN Search not only scans inside presentations for the term but it returns the entire presentation in the preview window which can be viewed […] Read more »

I was wondering why Pocket PC Addict has been down for a few days and I just got the dirt from site owner Brad Isaac.  PPCA was hacked and the vandals did some serious damage to the server and Brad is trying to get it all […] Read more »

Plantronics has announced a new Bluetooth stereo headset that can be switched from stereo music listening mode to mobile phone operation with the touch of a button.  The Pulsar 590 uses the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile and should retail for about $150 upon availability this fall.  […] Read more »

Upcoming Events is reporting that an anonymous source claims Sony is working on an updated version of the Sony U series ultra-portable computer.  The source also claims the new device has a swivel screen indicating a convertible type form factor is being designed.  As with all rumors […] Read more »

Jenni is in the market for a Tablet PC and needs some advice and recommendations. She has a list of her requirements of a new Tablet so take a look and add your POV on her blog. Read more »

Sheri and SuZan’s Real Women Show #005 is now available for your listening pleasure.   And a real pleasure it is as the ladies are getting really good at this podcasting stuff so check it out if you’re of a mind to. That’s a nice Southern phrase, […] Read more »

A lot of web sites are buzzing about an innovative keyboard designed by a firm in Russia that uses an interesting approach to providing programmable keys.  The Optimus keyboard uses little OLED displays on every key to allow the keyboard to be configured in a number […] Read more »

There is now a simple and elegant solution to the tangled headphone cord problem and it is called the Cordster.  According to the Cordster web site it works with all portable cords and snaps on and off easily using a "Velcro-like fastener".  The Cordster comes in […] Read more »

The techADDICTION Show #16 (MP3 – 15.2MB – 44min) LISTEN HERE Welcome to techADDICTION Show #16! Kevin and I had just started recording the show when I noticed Josh Bancroft of Tinyscreenfuls fame was online on Skype and he graciously agreed to come on the show […] Read more »

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Brad Gibson wants a Tablet PC but his company gave him a ThinkPad notebook instead.  Not to be kept down Brad attached a Wacom digitizer and has recorded a podcast about using ink in OneNote using the combination.  The podcast is completely recorded using the audio […] Read more »

Scott Thigpen has a blog called the Artsy Fartsy Weblog (I couldn’t wait to include that) and he has written a post about what the Toshiba M200 Tablet PC has done for his artwork.  He uses Alias Sketchbook Pro and finds that he can do the […] Read more »

I haven’t taken many photos lately since the demise of my Canon camera.  I reverted back to my old 1.3 MP Sony camera but since it uses Memory Stick (yuck) I had no way to get the photos back to my Tablet. The USB cable with […] Read more »

Ben Schorr knows OneNote and who better to put an excellent FAQ together that covers all aspects of my preferred note-taking and information organizational tool.  The FAQ is a good source of information for those who don’t use OneNote and are wondering what benefits the program […] Read more »

My kids spend 99% of their time on the computer chatting with their friends via IM.  I’ve watched them do this for several years now and it has often struck me as a complete waste of a whole computer just to run the IM client.  That […] Read more »

Tablet PC owners are always looking for a good game to play on their machines, especially those that can be played entirely with the pen in slate mode.  There aren’t that many that play really well but Increment Software is trying to change that.  They have […] Read more »

The citizens of Lafayette, Louisiana vote today to approve the funds needed to build a city-wide fiber optic network for high-speed internet connectivity.  The city won a legal challenge by the two private sector companies that serve Lafayette earlier and if the voters choose to approve […] Read more »

In the small yet capable category the MobiBLUE DAH-1500 MP3 player firmly fits.  The tiny audio player is just under one cubic inch in size yet packs 512 MB of memory and an FM tuner inside.  Anything But iPod has a nice review of the little […] Read more »

Shawn Erdenberg is a student at Purdue University who recently purchased a Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC.  He has written a very thorough review of the M4 and anyone interested in the device should certainly give it a read.  His review gives an in-depth look at […] Read more »

The New York Times has an article about using a Junxion Box with a Verizon EVDO modem card to share the high-speed wireless connection over WiFi.  The Junxion Box is a simple and driver-free way to plug the modem card in, connect to Verizon’s BroadbandAccess network, […] Read more »

You heard me correctly, networking at 500 miles per hour.  Eric Mack and Michael Sampson cracked open their Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PCs on a flight last month and using a crossover network cable were able to create a little LAN while cruising through the clear […] Read more »

I have received some product information from Nyko, maker of accessories for the PSP, that contains details of two new products they are just releasing.  The cooler of the two is the Nyko Theater Experience for PSP that is basically a protective aluminun case that acts […] Read more »

In a ruling that shows how logic is never used in copyright infringement court proceedings, Stephen Cooper was found guilty of copyright infringement in Federal Court in Australia.  Cooper didn’t host pirated music recordings on his site but the court ruled he was guilty for posting […] Read more »

PBS has announced the first downloadable web-exclusive series from a major broadcaster, NerdTV.  The series will be available September 6 and will feature the host Robert Cringely, the technology columnist for PBS.  The show will feature Cringely’s interviews with technology personalities like PayPal co-founder Max Levchin […] Read more »

The email program built into the Windows Mobile OS has never been very full-featured and a number of third party apps have appeared over the last few years to fill the void.  CE Professional is a program that takes the look and feel of desktop Outlook […] Read more »

Greg Hughes is back with his day two review of the Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC.  He is getting more detailed about the specifics of the unit and has some nice photos with his article, which you should go read if you are interested in the […] Read more »

Sharp is proposing one of the most interesting display ideas I have heard yet with their DualView LCD.  The DualView LCD displays two different screens depending on viewing angle.  That is brilliantly simple, isn’t it?  This could be great technology for incorporating into mini-notebooks that would […] Read more »

In the beginning there was Palm, and it was good. Many throughout the land had Pilots, and it was very good. Then a deep malaise descended on the people and the Company lost its way and much market share was lost, and it was not good. […] Read more »

MILFORD, Conn., July 12, 2005 – DataViz, Inc., leading provider of Office compatibility solutions for over 21 years, today announced that its new RoadSync solution for Palm Powered handhelds and smartphones is shipping. Based on the Exchange ActiveSync protocol licensed from Microsoft, RoadSync is the first […] Read more »

Fellow Lockergnome contributor Sven has published a good review of the Samsung i730 Pocket PC Phone Edition from Verizon.  Aside from Verizon’s continued disabling of the Bluetooth DUN profile (already hacked) Sven likes the EVDO speed in the palm of his hand.  You won’t find any […] Read more »

If you have a USB stick MP3 player like the Creative Muvo line of players then listen up.  Our Freeware of the Moment today is Podcatcher on a Stick, a program that installs directly to your USB stick player and turns it into a simple podcatcher […] Read more »

Greg Hughes has something a lot of people would kill for- the Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC.  He is testing and evaluating the sweet ThinkPad that adds inking and has posted about his first day with the X41.  Read his initial thoughts on his blog and […] Read more »

Microsoft Research has brought Outlook Mobile Manager (OMM) back from the dead.  The original version kind of disappeared a couple of years ago but this new version 2.0 could actually be useful for Outlook users.  OMM prioritizes messages and reminders (both task and calendar) and sends […] Read more »

In the OneNote podcasts presented by Amy and Wendy Mack they hinted at how useful web cams would be for recording video for inclusion in their notes.  A message to their father, Eric- Logitech has the perfect solution with the BuddyCam 2-pack which comes complete with […] Read more »

I spent about an hour tonight listening to two podcasts recorded by Eric Mack and I am just blown away by what I’ve heard.  Eric’s 12 year old daughters (I think they are both 12), Amy and Wendy, decided to learn to use OneNote recently while […] Read more »

Way back end of last year I mentioned an interesting service called Amabuddy that lets you get a price check and reviews for books and CDs by entering the UPC or ISBN number on your cell phone.  The only drawback I found with Amabuddy was the […] Read more »

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