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Maxtor and Plextor are big names in the hard drive arena and both have recently announced new families of portable hard drives.  The Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition drive weighs about 7 ounces and comes fully loaded with software to provide automated backups, encryption, data synchronization, […] Read more »

Although it’s an appealing device, I never gave the Palm LifeDrive much attention or play time. I’m probably missing out by not having one, so I’m happy to share this little tidbit to you LifeDrive owners out there. Actually, it’s a tidbit from Brighthand that sounds […] Read more »

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Being a Houston native I have long admired the Houston Chronicle and the way they have approached online tech coverage and blogging.  Dwight Silverman has been with the Chronicle for a long time and always offers sage advice and fair reviews of technology products.  He has […] Read more »

Kevin will be in heaven if the Sharp 904SH ever leaves Japan for a US destination.  Sharp touts the 904SH as the world’s first VGA phone, complete with 3.2 megapixel camera.  The high resolution screen makes the new Sharp perfect for playing games, especially with the […] Read more »

TechWeb is reporting that the Screen Actors Guild is negotiating with networks for compensation for programming provided via mobile download.  This is being driven by the provision of the iTunes Music Store of US TV programming via paid download. Want to bet media downloads will start costing […] Read more »

I noticed this story on a new UMPC device from iRiver along with a supporting story here and realized: we’ve got a naming problem on our hands. Maybe it’s just me, but is every mobile computing device under two pounds gaining the "UMPC" moniker? The new […] Read more »

Los Gatos, CA — April 18, 2006 — SplashData, Inc., the leading developer of security and productivity applications for smartphones, today announced that SplashID and SplashPhoto, two of the company’s most popular products, now support Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5.0, the operating system behind popular new smartphones […] Read more »

As the mobile tech world continues to mumble "UMPC" and "Origami", we don’t want to forget the portable precursors like Motion’s LS800 and the OQO. has a nice mini-review of the OQO Model 01+ handheld computer running the Tablet PC operating system. Some early device […] Read more »

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If you can’t wait for Microsoft Vista’s release early next year, would you consider a piece of Vista this year? Microsoft appears to be running a little damage control over the delayed operating system and expects to release a watered down version of Windows Media Player […] Read more »

April 17, 2006 – VITO Technology updates VITO AudioNotes. Now it’s become easier to make your voice notes on the go and manage them with minimum keystrokes. Recently released AudioNotes has already received a lot of feedback from the avid PPC and Smartphone users and turned […] Read more »

Some cameraphones have a built-in LED flash, but if yours isn’t one of them, you might want to check out the Phlash for under $30. Oh Gizmo! has a review of the unit that’s slightly larger than a quarter and puts out a plethora of illumination […] Read more »

From the Origami Project web site: You’ve read all the product announcements and dreamed about what you’d do with your UMPC, now we want to know, what do you plan to use it for? Tell us why you love the UMPC concept and how you’d put […] Read more »

Wow, what a great day. My taxes were paid on time and I also start a wonderful opportunity working with one of the premiere mobile technology gurus in the blogosphere. For those that know me, this is actually a very logical step as James and I […] Read more »

If you need your television fix while out and about, the two main options are the Slingbox from Sling Media and the freeware application called Orb. Personally, I’m an Orb user because I haven’t justified the roughly $200 expense for the Slingbox and there’s a few […] Read more »

Need your Windows Media Center to look like a Swedish M&M and be small enough to take with you to the neighbor’s massive high-def television? Look no farther than the Kapsel Media Center, which combines that stylistic iPod-ish look in a transportable package with Microsoft’s home […] Read more »

CNET has announced a new video on demand service, CNET TV, that will provide video news and reviews over cable, TiVo, and on the Internet.  The deal was signed with Cox Communications, TiVo Inc., and TVN Entertainment to distribute the videos. Read more »

Word on the street is that Lenovo will soon release the i921 smartphone with a QVGA touchscreen.  Lenovo is a big cell phone OEM in China the i921 is rumored to run Windows Mobile 5.0, have Bluetooth and an integrated 2.0 megapixel camera.  It looks like […] Read more »

The folks at Copernic (or Mamma) have released a beta for the latest version 2.0 of the Desktop Search program.  It looks like they have completely reworked the UI as well as added simultaneous searching of all categories, something sorely needed.  From the Copernic web site: […] Read more »

I am very excited to announce that Kevin Tofel is joining me here on jkOnTheRun.  Kevin will be writing about mobile tech and any other subject he wishes to share with the readers.  I have been after Kevin for a long time to join me here […] Read more »

Top Stories: Watch your back when using laptops in cafes Fujitsu P1510D- TabletPc2 Editors Choice Tiered services probably on the way for Verizon EVDO customers Sena case for XV6700 Google patents voice search The first Tablet PC with integrated EVDO? Two kudos due in the Tabletscape […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 39 is 38:25 minutes long and is a 26.4 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1&Prime by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick. HOSTS: David Ciccone, James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel TOPICS:Speculation […] Read more »

Brighthand is reporting a new UMPC device from Averatec that sports a 5 inch screen and a sliding keyboard.  According to the article the AHI screen will run at a resolution of 1280 x 1024 which I find a bit unbelievable for a 5 inch screen.  […] Read more »

This past week saw the announcements of a couple of innovative technologies that could aid the mobile phone in becoming miniature work terminals.  The first is a patent filing by Samsung that describes a Virtual Display that reads input made with an electronic pen to provide […] Read more »

The Origami Project web site kicked off the whole viral marketing campaign for the Origami devices and since the announcement is a good source of inside information about the devices.  The forums are very active with a lot of information being shared by Microsoft and the […] Read more »

When Apple released the MacBook Pro with an ExpressCard slot instead of the standard PC Card slot we knew it was just a matter of time before OEMs began producing EVDO cards that fit the small slot.  Novatel is readying the X620 EVDO ExpressCard/34 and prototypes […] Read more »

Loren Heiny doesn’t have problems he has projects and when he finally got fed up with the inability to ink natively in Internet Explorer boxes and forms he decided to do something about it.  It’s not ready for prime time yet but Loren has posted a […] Read more »

I am really excited about a change coming to jkOnTheRun next Monday.  I can’t tell you what it is but I believe it will bring a breath of fresh air to the site and provide even more news and reviews of the mobile tech world.  You’re […] Read more »

Australian Long Zheng has produced a nice video review of the Toshiba Portege M400 Tablet PC on his blog.  It is a nice video that shows all the buttons and functions of the M400 and demonstrates the interest in this Tablet PC, which is the first […] Read more »

PlazaLogic has a program, EyesBoard, an on-screen keyboard for Tablet PCs with a touch screen.  Sounds like a good fit for Origami devices to me.  EyesBoard brings the following features: Keypads can be resized to accommodate for stylus and/or finger input Looks and behaves like a […] Read more »

I mentioned the Workshop on the Impact of Pen-based Technology on Education (WIPTE) earlier this year and jkOnTheRun reader Bryan attended the conference and sent me an email about how great the conference was.  It was held last week and there was a full program of presentations […] Read more »

TabletPCPost has racked up over 200,000 downloads in just two years of existence and they deserve a huge congratulations for this milestone.  The site is the best source of software for the Tablet PC and is soon to add downloads for Origamis as the software becomes […] Read more »

The next ThinkPad Tablet PC is rumored to be the X60t and has even appeared on a French online retail shop.  The specs of the X60 include the Intel Core Duo processor which will make the ThinkPad one of the fastest Tablet PCs out there when […] Read more »

Tablet owners long for powerful machines as much as anybody and with the introduction of the Toshiba M400 Tablet PC we can now find all the power we need.  The M400 has a dual core CPU that to quote Barry Doyle of the TabletPCReviewSpot, is “FAST”.  […] Read more »

As a long time advocate of voice recognition I was quite pleased to see Google receive a patent for a voice recognition front end to web searching.  The implications are huge, not the least of which would be voice searching on mobile phones or other mobile […] Read more »

Kevin Tofel let his readers decide which Pocket PC he should buy and is extremely happy with the XV6700 he bought from Verizon.  Never one to carry a Pocket PC without a protective case Kevin has gotten his hands on a Sena case for the 6700 […] Read more »

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