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Rob Bushway has posted an excellent video that demonstrates the power of using ActiveWords together with Tablet Enhancements for Outlook (TEO) together on a Tablet PC. He recorded the video with Camtasia, no doubt one of the best programs available for recording demos like this. Rob […] Read more »

In the latest OnTheRun with Tablet PCs podcast (#12) Marc Orchant described how office work is changing due to workers having to be able to work in a more mobile fashion. This rings true to me and something I have been living first-hand for several years. […] Read more »

The developer of StyleTap has released a new version of the Palm emulator software for Windows Mobile that supports Windows Mobile 5.0 and the Palm Treo 700w. StyleTap now allows Palm Treo 700w owners to run thousands of Palm programs on the Treo 700w. There is […] Read more »

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TopDesk is a great window manager that has always been my favorite. James Stewart continues to add great functionality and he has just released a new version that emulated the 3D flipping of Windows found in Vista. It is really well done and you can see […] Read more »

Dell appears to be conceding defeat in the marketplace to the Apple iPod and has admitted it will stop the sale of the 20 and 40 GB DJ audio players. The companys says it will still sell flash-based players and will be offering new models in […] Read more »

Head over to the podcast site to listen directly (22.8 MB, 66 minutes) or Subscribe to the show with this link (RSS) Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back with a look at the past week’s big news in the Tabletscape.  Marc explains about his new […] Read more »

Top Stories: Paperless Challenge Podcast Part 2 is available CoPilot live 6 GPS for the Treo 700w Freeware of the Moment- RoboForm Ultramobile Lifestyle PCs announced by Microsoft What is the biggest threat to terrestrial radio? 30 boxes is coming- social calendaring OneNote 12 features- from […] Read more »

Head over to the MoTR site to listen directly.MoTR 23 is 34:09 minutes long and is a 23.5 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick. HOSTS: David Ciccone, James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel TOPICS:Verizon […] Read more »

I had the good fortune to meet John Chaffee last year in Miami. John is the President of SplashData, the company behind a program and service I have been having a lot of fun with, SplashBlog. SplashBlog is a moblogging service that makes getting photos taken […] Read more »

The folks at the SeaMonkey Project have released version 1.0 of the package touted as the “all-in-one internet application suite”. SeaMonkey includes a web browser, email and newsgroup client, IRC chat client and an HTML editor all rolled into one package. It is available for Windows, […] Read more »

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The practice of using a cell phone with high speed internet access as a modem for mobile PCs is called tethering. Most cell phones can be tethered over Bluetooth, a convenient method that doesn’t require a physical cable connecting the two devices. Verizon has the best […] Read more »

The Los Angeles Police Department is scheduled to start a system early this year for handing out speeding tickets created on the Pocket PC. Once the speeder is pulled over the police officer swipes the driver’s license which pulls up the driver’s record. The ticket is […] Read more »

Boxwave has long been a supplier of useful accessories for PDAs and even though the Palm Treo 700w has only been out for a short while they have already released a protective case for it. The FlexiSkin is a form fitting case that offers protection while […] Read more »

The Mac and Tablet PC communities have been buzzing since Hrmpf posted word on the latest patent applications that Apple has made for a Tablet-like device. While most are jumping on the “hurry up Apple and release a Tablet” bandwagon there they are overlooking the actual […] Read more »

Chris Pratley has done a wonderful job detailing how much better the next version of OneNote will handle ink. This is a must read for all OneNote fans. Highlights of the new features: Ink can now be copied and pasted from the clipboard and will remain […] Read more »

I have to admit when I first heard about 30 boxes a while back my initial reaction was “so what”? An Ajax-based social calendar just didn’t seem very useful to me but as I hear more details about how it works I am beginning to change […] Read more »

Tablet PC MVP Craig Pringle has written an excellent article that makes a case for digital versions of books. In An open letter to anyone who writes or publishes a book Craig explains why he prefers ebooks over paper versions and implores authors and publishers to […] Read more »

Matt Smith has recently picked up the HP tc1100 Tablet PC and he is writing about it on his Whatever Comes to Mind blog. Seems like I’m always getting blamed by spouses for inspiring purchases. Read more »

I noticed a large number of referrals to jkOnTheRun coming from an eBay auction so I headed over and took a look. It turns out this is an auction for what is reported to be the original Sony U-70 ultra-portable that I used over a year […] Read more »

First we heard that Sirius and XM Satellite radio was going to kill off regular terrestrial radio. No doubt it has put a big dent in the advertising dollars conventional radio stations bring in, especially with the number of satellite radio customers increasing in numbers. Then […] Read more »

Rob Bushway is attending the Partner briefing hosted by Microsoft, a meeting where MS is sharing information about upcoming products in the Mobile PC (and Tablet PC) arena with OEM partners and developers. There is exciting news coming out of this meeting about “Mobile Lifestyle PCs” […] Read more »

Akihabara News brings word of a new EVDO modem the size of a USB key that will be released in Korea. The CCU-550 is a much nicer form factor than the Elan USB adapter for 3G cards. Let’s hope this card (or something similar) makes it […] Read more »

Orb is a great way to stream audio and video files from your home PC to almost any mobile device you have. The service is just great as it analyzes the bandwidth and video capability of the mobile device and optimizes the stream so you get […] Read more »

I first mentioned the utility PDAnet a few weeks ago as a great way to use the Palm Treo 700w as an EVDO modem for your laptop or Tablet PC. The $30 utility enables Dial-up Networking (DUN) on the 700w getting around the Verizon practice of […] Read more »

Head over to the MoTR website and listen directly.MoTR 22 is 33:29 minutes long and is a 23 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick. HOSTS: David Ciccone, James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel TOPICS:James […] Read more »

Today’s Freeware of the Moment is a utility that is always running on my Tablet PC. RoboForm fills in web forms and passwords with the click of the pen (or mouse) and learns as it goes so you can easily log into secure sites without invoking […] Read more »

On the MobileTechRoundup Podcast that will be released shortly I mentioned my search for a GPS solution for the Palm Treo 700w. Dave Ciccone pointed out that ALK Technologies has just announced the availability of the CoPilot live 6 solution for the Treo 700w. The CoPilot […] Read more »

Eric Mack has released the second podcast in a series covering his paperless challenge on his Tecra M4 Tablet PC. Tracy Hooten of The Student Tablet PC blog joins Eric again to discuss the best practices and challenges they faced trying to go completely paperless. I […] Read more »

Microsoft has cranked the customer empathy up a couple of notches with the We Share Your Pain (WeSYP) program. Take a look at this short video (spoof) and you’ll see what I mean. (via The Secret Life of an MS Author) Read more »

A man was arrested in Virginia for stealing $22,000 of toilet paper. He was tracked down by the GPS fleet tracking system installed in the truck. “The trailer had a GPS tracker on it and when the trailer began moving it started and tracked it to […] Read more »

Head over to the show web site to listen directly (21.4 MB, 62 minutes) or Subscribe to the show with this link  (RSS) Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back with a vengeance with this special show.  Joining us on the show today is Michael Linenberger, […] Read more »

Top Stories: What would you change on your Tablet PC? Win a DocuPen RC800 from Rob Bushway Palm Treo 700w users getting a taste of ActiveSync woes Vista Tablet PC features overview Opera Mini now available Eric Mack Paperless Challenge Podcast, Part One Installing software without […] Read more »

I know, I am woefully behind on listening to podcasts and I just listened to Josh Bancroft’s show recorded earlier this year about his ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC that he recently received. His friend Brian drops by his cube at work and the recorded session is […] Read more »

Uber Tablet is a new blog by Hugo Ortega that promises to chronicle his adventures with the Tablet PC. Hugo is in Sydney Australia and was introduced to the Tablet PC by fellow Aussie and Tablet PC MVP Dr. Neil Roodyn. I had the pleasure of […] Read more »

Mobile TV services have been gathering steam and mobile viewers can get ready for a rash of new TV services from major US phone carriers. While the exisiting services like MobiTV and Verizon’s VCast have already launched the consumer has been restricted to just a few […] Read more »

If you are in the healthcare industry and looking for good information about how to incorporate the Tablet PC into the workflow look no further than the Medical Tablet PC web site. This site has tons of information about hardware and software available to bring any […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to head over to the MoTR site and listen directly.MoTR 21 is 37:05 minutes long and is a 25.5 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick. HOSTS: David Ciccone, James Kendrick and Kevin […] Read more »

Tablet PC MVP Tracy Hooten is giving OneNote “one more shot” this semester. It seems she has been having problems with the GoBinder beta she’s been using and she keeps hearing all this good stuff about OneNote so she’s giving it a whirl. Tracy, I’m sure […] Read more »

I love and depend on my Tablet PC with the nice inking capability to get my work done. The next generation of the Tablet OS is on its way and I think it a good idea to solicit ideas from you about your Tablets and what […] Read more »

The DocuPen RC800 is a pen scanner that is worth $300 and Rob Bushway of CutMeLoose is giving one away. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post that answers this question: How would a pen-based scanner like the RC800 impact […] Read more »

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